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  1. RT @AP: BREAKING: ABC Entertainment president says the network has decided to cancel the 'Roseanne' reboot.

  2. Thanks @FOXSports for RUINING the #UEFAFinal with horrible announcers.

  3. @AsminthiaX Definitely!

  4. @Kytheguy1991 I definitely Am.

  5. RT @eugenegu: Not even America’s best hospital can handle 2000 patients critically injured by live ammo. A triage situation would be in pla…

  6. RT @mikepiyp: I'm watching Cobra Kai and so far it's pretty good but, I have one major problem with it. It starts off as this original spin…

  7. RT @eugenegu: Gina Haspel oversaw the torture of a pregnant woman. They punched Ms. Boudchar in her gravid uterus and chained her to hooks.…

  8. RT @M_CPFC: 1 spare for stoke needed #CPFC https://t.co/tRBYMNarY7

  9. RT @FYPFanzine: Looking good, Charlie! Keep going! ? https://t.co/BSn4XerVsm

  10. @bjaysowavy @BostonStrong_34 How did Kelly start everything??? Did Joe Kelly slide into second base spikes up? No t… https://t.co/G3Xszo6zd7

  11. RT @BBCSport: Crystal Palace have asked fans to sign a petition on safe standing. They want it debated in Parliament. https://t.co/fnOCqU…

  12. I know why you're happy @billmaher is it because you BLEW @jordanbpeterson ???

  13. RT @stevetrendall: Which cross is better... Rt for Luka Like for Trent Alexander Arnold https://t.co/U6oDAUpj7G https://t.co/U5m8VwmhKg

  14. RT @Clapham_Grand: Can’t even begin to describe the scenes in Block B right now!! #cpfc

  15. RT @CPFC: “I demand a lot from myself!” @wilfriedzaha has very high standards when it comes to his own performances... Watch more: https:/…