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  1. LaPhonso Ellis 2002-2003
  2. In regards to the Titans, I would love to see them ditch the monochrome navy look and go navy on white at home with light blue on white as their primary alternate. White on light blue on the road looks beautiful. I actually wouldn't mind it if they ditch their navy pants altogether.
  3. The Spurs should really switch back to the rounded collar and re-add the waistband striping on their shorts.
  4. The Browns' orange socks with orange pants looks horrible.
  5. Dominique Wilkins during his lone season in San Antonio (1996-97). It is so weird to see another name besides Duncan on a Spurs #21 jersey.
  6. For the Clippers to go back to their pre-Steve Balmer era uniforms from 2010-2015.
  7. The Saints' Color Rush uniforms were absolutely beautiful. I'd love to see these become their full time road unis and paired with gold pants with a black/white/black striping to match their helmets. For their home jerseys, just flip the white with the black and you have a winner.
  8. Dr. J grabbing a rebound against the Spurs during a 1976 ABA playoff game at Hemisfair Arena.
  9. The Bills' uniforms with their white pants are absolute perfection. The only thing I would change would be to have them wear white socks with blue stripes instead of blue socks with white stripes whenever they wear their blue pants.
  10. The kelly-green Eagles throwback unis from 2010 were so beautiful.
  11. I always loved the way the Browns uniforms looked when they wore the orange pants. Really tied the whole uniform together by having the helmet and pants match. Once again, thanks Nike for screwing up another classic!
  12. I can't stand the sleeves or the unnecessary grey for the Bulls.