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  1. You're correct. These beauties have yet to make a comeback.
  2. These are so much better than the red patch. I would still prefer it if the patch color matched the jersey color.
  3. Avery Johnson wore #15 during the 1991 & 1992 seasons. He switched to #6 in 1993.
  4. I always think it's hilarious when teams try to over dramatize their explanations as to why their logos have certain features in order to make it seem like it's the greatest logo ever created. Such as, "the mountains represent the highs and lows a team experiences during a season and the steep climb one must reach in order to get to the top." Like, no...they're just simply mountains because you play in Nevada. Idiots.
  5. Plus, there are currently 9 teams with navy jerseys so another team adding dark green wouldn't be a problem.
  6. It's Disney-ception!
  7. The Orlando Magic have signed Disney to a jersey patch deal for next season.
  8. The Bucks' home jerseys' font from 1968-1971 featured green font with red a red outline.
  9. IDK if it's just my screen or what but it looks like there is some red trim on the Bucks' 1986-93 away jersey when there shouldn't be. It could just be my eyes playing tricks on me or something. Just wanted to double check and make sure.
  10. The Nuggets' jerseys from 2003-2008 did not have any navy outlining the numbers & letters or outlining the yellow stripe down the side. The Nuggets' uniforms that @PepMan33Conde posted earlier were their uniforms from 2008-2010, which feature navy outlining the letters, numbers, and yellow side stripe. When Adidas introduced the Revo 30 template beginning with the 2010-2011 season, the Nuggets' unis were tweeked again. This time featuring changes to their collar and their sleeve stripe on their away jerseys going from yellow to white.
  11. The Pistons also wore silver home uniforms from 1981-1983. I also came across this old basketball card of George Yardley from the Pistons' inaugural 1957-58 season where the numbers and letters on the jersey are blue.
  12. The 1999-2000 76ers blue alternates were mesh and featured trim on their sleeves that matched the collar trim. I can't find any game pictures of the Sixers wearing their blue alternates during the 99-00 season but here is a picture of Iverson wearing it during a photo shoot. The black armband on the left shoulder was in honor of Wilt Chamberlain. The sleeve trim was removed for the following 2000-2001 season and the jerseys were made of a shiny material. 1999-2000 2000-2006
  13. It looks like you're also missing the Bulls' black alternate from 2003-2006.