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  1. Is it true that Nike doesn't want the Niners to have 3 stripes on their sleeve since the 3 stripes also represent Adidas?
  2. Michael Jordan's first and only time playing at the AT&T Center (then SBC Center) on December 21, 2002.
  3. Drew Gooden wore #90 with the Spurs in 2009.
  4. I really like this concept a lot. The only things I would change would be to just have a single grey outline on the number instead of a double outline so it will match the wordmark, and to put the Spur U logo on the shorts. Also, I'm pretty sure that H-E-B is going to be their sponsor instead of Toyota since their logo is already on The Coyote's jersey. Great job!
  5. Homer pick: San Antonio Missions
  6. Any word yet on if the Spurs will be making any uniform changes/modifications? Personally I'm hoping that they will go back to the rounded collar and re-add the waistband stripe. Basically just go back to their uniforms from 2002-2010. I'd also like to see them ditch their current grey unis and make their grey ABA home uniform their new alt.
  7. Ahman Green. Right team, wrong uniform number.
  8. I agree. The black never bothered me since it was mostly used as an outline on their numbers and stripes (2009-2016 uniforms). All they had to do was change their facemask back to blue and it would've looked so much better. Black can be used to enhance a team's identity when used correctly and I thought they did that when they updated their set in 2009.
  9. Yeah, it was Shockey.
  10. Garrett Temple 2010-2011
  11. Dr. Cox also loved the Giants