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  1. This league is by far one of the best concept of an alternative development of soccer in the States. You're making it so real. Carry on to see how it's going in a simulation.
  2. Just imagine a Scottish-English match in a kind of the same situation that a Catalan-Spanish rivalry (Barcelona-Madrid). That would be awesome, mate.
  3. Yay!!! I fancy to have some Scottish clubs in this brad new version of the English championship, don't you feel like to do it?
  4. What if Man City had been moved down to France XD Fab league, so great so far. I bet for Metz or Dijon for the last one. Am I right?
  5. A looks better, but anyway, two nice choices here. Wonderful logos all over your concepts.
  6. Can't wait for the next one!
  7. Love the name! Even of that, I have to say that the crest is probably the worse one though. About Stade de Paris, everything is just perfect with that concept, nice one. Congratulations, mate, it's always a pleasure to keep seeing more, carry on! PD: Btw, what about next series? Fancy Spain?
  8. That last three teams are gold!! This league is becoming in one of my favourites topics, congrats for the work. PD: I have to say that I'm a real fan of the sponsors
  9. Really nice one this Marseille, kind of a mix of America MX and PSG tho, but quite original compare with the rest of your French teams. Carry on with the league, mate, can't wait to see them all.
  10. Love the home jersey
  11. Oi mate, really love that film and the league, and I have to say that you're doing very well with your concepts. Congratulations!
  12. Aren't you gonna carry on, mate? Hope to see what happened with your leagues.
  13. Well, the local concept looks alright, but it's kind of the same that the actual one. The second, you can try with a camel colour or something like that instead of Real Madrid white. And about the third one, its nice, but nothing special. Nice work anyway.
  14. You're just doing fantastic catching the essential things of the french teams, pal. Carry on with the concepts, please, I really like them all.
  15. Really cool league, fella! I just was wondering... Doesn't fit better if the Nuremberg team was called Franken instead of Bayern? First of all, because the regional problem that was mentioned previously, and also cause the Munich crest has a Bayern flag inside of it. Anyway, my congratulations for all the concepts, one of the best leagues created here.