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  1. Honestly all they need to do is renovate and then make the seating more friendly to soccer and football plus team USA can now play in a stadium that's in the capital
  2. I never noticed how obvious the football field was
  3. What stadiums/arenas do you think are in need of a renovation or one that should have one Mine would be the carrier dome images credit is the Syracuse sb nation site
  4. Could always email it to them
  5. Love the realistic template
  6. Iihf white
  7. Burnsville blaze & Germany
  8. I kinda wish Nascar would have exotic cars racing like Lamborghinis,McLaren and such
  9. Amazing job are you thinking about doing an expansion of the Navy stadium
  10. Is ruessv the mascot but in all honesty great job with the team's
  11. Best thing this week
  12. Two more
  13. If you had to pick one thing that the dolphins could change what would it be?
  14. I have a dump of metrodome ones
  15. I was thinking this