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  1. Who's ready for the annoying ball family
  2. Interesting with that configuration hopefully they add stands in the outfield
  3. Keep it up
  4. How about Wisconsin one with the white helmet on red background
  5. I like this so far really out of the norm
  6. I love these especially the food alts
  7. Also known as poor judgement
  8. If this is what they wear I'm buying one
  9. Sketchup 2017 it's a free program
  10. And here's there rivals stadium basically the kingdome
  11. Yeah there's a roof it's just off for photos
  12. Rip Adam west
  13. After a long hiatus I'm back with a newish stadium That I modified to fit both football and baseball it's for a fictional university me and one of my friends are doing.
  14. Wisconsin really needs a facility for soccer because the only stadium capable of fifa regulations is miller park now miller park is nice and stuff but it's a baseball stadium either camp Randall remove some of the side line seats and switch to what greenbay has for a field or Lambeau field does the same by expanding the playing field and other miscellaneous things