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  1. Love the backstorys of the team's
  2. US Super League (35/64)

    Really like the simplicity of Bakersfield
  3. High school football posters

    Can't wait until the Burnsville game
  4. Great job so far i have a question what did you use for Starbucks stadium And is it a single uniform provider or multiple?
  5. US Super League (35/64)

    I like it
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    Great job im working on a concept of mine with your templates
  7. College Football Concept Helmets

    thanks dude
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    Very well done so far i can't lie i read Lithonia at first but great job with the uniforms and logos
  9. College Football Concept Helmets

    How about st Louis university
  10. Ballpark Mashup

    You could have it set back a bot
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    Very interesting will be watching this thread
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    Great work
  13. High School Redesign: The Gators

    Wow that's a good logo you made but jezz the school has bad taste
  14. a new stadium

    So how is the scoreboard going to be in then?