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  1. Amazing job are you thinking about doing an expansion of the Navy stadium
  2. Is ruessv the mascot but in all honesty great job with the team's
  3. Best thing this week
  4. Two more
  5. If you had to pick one thing that the dolphins could change what would it be?
  6. I have a dump of metrodome ones
  7. I was thinking this
  8. I hope you know stade is french for stadium right?
  9. Your answers have been really helpful I'm going to be at El classico Miami. (Go real Madrid ) are you looking forward to seeing how the city & state has to offer for potentially a wc bid? Also isn't their a tarp for the canes games btw are you a season ticket holder?
  10. "But Vegas baby " honestly I think the best way to rebuild it would be a modern shared stadium with the usl team or the athletics
  11. Wasn't also the plan was to have the Raiders move there such a shame that never happened
  12. If you could change one thing about the NFL in general what would it be and why Also do you >remove kebab<
  13. Interesting who's your favorite hockey team in Florida
  14. They have outdone themselves this year
  15. Too bad that the Rockies can't be that successful