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  1. Here is Florida St. and Miami. Next up is Notre Dame and Ohio State C&C Appreciated
  2. I was just messing around with Photoshop and I created a fauxback uniform for Michigan State. I used only cream and green for the uniform. I don't really have a list of teams in mind so I am down to take requests.
  3. First of all, thank you for help and constructive criticism through this project. I have four options to chose. In all four, the yellow is a bit darker. Two versions have an extended "Hawaii" and two have a standard. Two also have a dark ball. I don't necessarily like these versions but it might be a cool alternate. I have decided to call those versions the "Over-The-Top" versions. I didn't use "Volcanoes" because of the V in the actual logo. I also didn't stop the lava because it just didn't look very good IMO.
  4. I changed the Hawaii to yellow and instead of filling the background, I put baseball stitches.
  5. Haven't had internet this weekend so this one is a bit late. I could not make the lava "Hawaii" work so I just ditched it.
  6. Here are two very rough sketches of new roundels. They are in an early stage so dimensions and other elements are not going to be perfect. I just wanted to get some feedback on the shape and concept. For this one, I decided to play with the idea of spelling out Hawaii with the lava instead of abruptly end it. I know it doesn't look good now so I just want to know if I should look into it digitally (and much cleaner) or do something different. Again, on this one there is a lot of cleaning up to do especially with dimensions. Also, "HAWAII" will not really be that bland and generic. I will try and have either more sketches or digital art by Friday or Saturday. Thanks for all comments and suggestions!
  7. The roundel was hard to make look good and I don't think I nailed but I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
  8. I have changed the color scheme and made a Hawaii wordmark instead of Seattle. I also *think* that I have cleaned up the lines. Honolulu is too long so I just went with Hawaii. I don't know how I feel with Hawaii under the primary so feedback on that would be nice.
  9. I decided to continue with Northwest fictional baseball teams. The Seattle Volcanoes. The team name Volcanoes I really liked and I created the primary logo. I needed a city and I was deciding between Seattle and Honolulu ultimately going with Seattle because of the color scheme. Unlike my Portland team, I do have the files and I can update so C&C is very much appreciated. *Uniforms soon to come*
  10. In my graphic design class, we got to do a choice project so I decided to create a baseball team. I just want to post it on here and get some feedback but won't be updating it due to me not having the correct files at my house. So without further ado: *The gray and white pants indicate they can be worn home or away
  11. The Illinois logo is out of date. This is the current one:
  12. You left some A&M on the sleeves of the first one
  13. Here is the new NY logo in three different color layouts,
  14. Here is a fictional baseball team concept for a team called the New York Classics. I am using Inkscape for the first time so I wanted to choose a name that I could make a simple logo for. The whole goal is simplicity while still having a good logo set. Please tell me what you think. Uniforms are to come.
  15. IMO, the alternate logo is too vertical. I think the letters should be stretched a little more to give it a good ratio. Still a great job. I am a fan of the sublimated stars and I like the drop shadow on the white but not so much on the gray. Maybe try inverting the red and blue on the away uni's logo. Great start!