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  1. Wiffle Ball League America

    I thought about it but I felt that that cannon was way different than the one the Arsenal use and I like the amount of space it takes up.
  2. Wiffle Ball League America

    Ooff that was a bit of a hiatus but here are the rest of the teams: Portland Pines Hartford Gunners New York Classics Boston Freedom Miami Tropics Atlanta Wings Houston Orbit December 16, 2016 (P3) Favorites, C&C? All appreciated I am going to be doing uniforms next and then play can start
  3. Wiffle Ball League America

    December 16, 2016 (PT2) Next group of teams in the Colorado 14ers, Seattle Thunder, and Minnesota Blue Ox. Portland was done but I didn't save it so...
  4. Wiffle Ball League America

    Here is the Los Angeles Stars and San Francisco Convicts: December 15, 2016 (PT1) LA is very pixelated and I am going to try and work on it over the coming days. Also, for Colorado, they were going to be the Miners but a different Denver Miners was released not too long ago so 14ers will be the name. They will be released with the Northwest. Shooting for Sunday or Monday on them.
  5. Wiffle Ball League America

    UPDATE: It seems as if I am not creative enough and don't have enough time to do twelve teams in four days, so tomorrow I will release the Southwest and we will go from there!
  6. Wiffle Ball League America

    Hey! No spoilers .
  7. Wiffle Ball League America

    Sure here's the theme for each city: Houston - Space Hartford - Military San Francisco - Alcatraz Portland - Outdoors Minneapolis - Colored Animal (gives it away, didn't know a good hint) Denver - Mountains I feel like these hints don't give too much away but it narrows it down a bit. The SF logo is done so only 11 left
  8. Wiffle Ball League America

    Perfect, thanks for all the suggestions. Now to fit the timeline. December 1, 2016 The league announces that all logos and team names have been approved and all will be revealed in a very short time. Obviously referring to the league meeting/introduction on the 15. Tickets are also on sale for the event. The next post will be hopefully no later than Wednesday with all logos and names so stay tuned!
  9. Wiffle Ball League America

    The Votes are in! Here are your 12 Inaugural Teams: October 10, 2016 The 12 winning cities are as followed: NORTHEAST: New York, Boston, Hartford SOUTHEAST: Atlanta, Miami, Houston NORTHWEST: Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland SOUTHWEST: Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco November 2, 2016 The owner of every team is announced with six being owned by the city for the time being. The six teams with owners are: Bobby Morgan (NY), Brandon Wilson (Bos), Philip Anderson (Atl), Wayne Sanders (Mia), Paul Lewis (LA), and the league’s only female owner in Carole Moore (Sea). November 19, 2016 Seemingly out of the blue, the league releases the official league logo: C&C Appreciated on the logo. Taking Team Suggestions for: Hartford, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, and San Francisco
  10. Baseball in the Future - League Start

    Raleigh Oaks Chicago Fusion Louisville Sluggers Nashville Neon Columbus Cannons Charlotte Monarchs Atlanta Jets Indianapolis Concords Side Note: When using MS Paint, I highly suggest that you use the line tools. It will make everything smoother if you are able to get the hang of it. The Jets logo is solid and I like the mismatching letter sizes.
  11. Wiffle Ball League America

    At the end of day 2, here are the current city vote standings: NORTHEAST New York - 4 Boston - 3 Pittsburgh - 2 Hartford - 2 Rochester - 2 Providence - 2 Baltimore - 1 Chicago - 1 Columbus - 1 SOUTHEAST Atlanta - 4 Houston - 3 Miami - 2 Jackson - 2 Nashville - 1 Orlando - 1 Columbia - 1 Montgomery - 1 Dallas - 1 Norfolk - 1 Gainesville - 1 NORTHWEST Seattle - 4 Minneapolis - 4 Portland - 2 Billings - 2 Omaha - 1 Fort Collins - 1 Casper - 1 Salt Lake - 1 Des Moines - 1 Denver* - 1 SOUTHWEST Los Angeles - 5 Denver - 3 San Diego - 2 San Francisco - 2 Wichita - 2 Fresno - 1 Bakersfield - 1 Albuquerque - 1 El Paso - 1 I'll leave it open for a day or two more until the winning cities are clear. Thanks to all who are voting!
  12. Wiffle Ball League America

    I will definitely keep updating and continue the story line. For now, I will roll out posts when a post calms down or the info I need from you, the readers, is all there. For instance the city voting. Once I get enough input to choose cities, the next set of events will be rolled out. Thanks for everyone's interest!
  13. Wiffle Ball League America

    A new sports fan fiction series is here with a sport that doesn't seem to have an active topic. That sport is wiffle ball. So here is some background on the league starting with the first few months of the leagues birth in June of 2016: June 14, 2016 A group of six entrepreneurs come together to announce a new professional level sport: wiffle ball. Known as The Big 6, they are Aaron Foster, Peyton Harland, Benjamin Tennyson, Darrel Parker, Elizabeth Roderick, and Riley Norman. Mr. Norman and Mr. Foster were the original founders but needed funding and turned to various colleagues in their field. Norman and Foster will act as the head and commissioning party for the league while the other four are responsible for compiling three team divisions with each representing a different division. Mrs. Harland will represent the Northeast, Mr. Tennyson will represent the Southeast, Mrs. Roderick will represent the Northwest, and Mr. Parker will represent the Southwest. At this point in time, whether or not there will be two conferences has not been decided. There is also a very rough league logo sketch: (Notice: Yes, the league logo is very rough. I have another version ready to post when we get there but I want to make this a little more realistic.) June 31, 2016 The Big Six officially announce the league will be named the Wiffle Ball League of America or the WBLA. The official tagline for the league is, “America’s backyard pastime turned professional”. July 11, 2016 Mr. Norman announces that the league will place its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Norman also announces via Twitter that city bids aren’t far from being open. July 20, 2016 Every member of the Big Six tweet about a huge event on December 15, 2017 which will detail various aspects of the league including: stadium locations, the league logo, team logos, and much more. WHO: The WBLA and its affiliates WHAT: Official reveal and WBLA launch party WHEN: December 15, 2016 WHERE: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA July 25, 2016 The official Twitter of the WBLA is opened and announces that city bidding is officially open. The bidding process will include team names, stadium locations, color schemes, fan base, fan loyalty, and if the city will put forth efforts towards a professional wiffle ball team. The league also announces that bidding sign-ups are open for all divisions and that sign-ups will close on September 1. 50 spots are open for each division and it will then get narrowed to 15 finalists to be decided during a meeting in October The league asks chamber of commerce presidents of finalist cities to have a free weekend from October 5-8 to give their bid. Bids will happen at divisional headquarters which have yet to be decided on besides LA. August 11, 2016 The three remaining bid meeting locations are revealed in New York (NE), Atlanta (SE), and Seattle (NW). Many speculate that the bid meeting locations are in correlation to where teams will be located. The league defended the decisions saying they are based on high population centers in the region and at the current moment, have no connection to team locations. September 1, 2016 The league announces that sign-ups are closed. The WBLA also discloses the amount of sign-ups each division had with the Northeast getting 50, the Southeast getting 50, the Northwest getting 34, and the Southwest getting 47. The final 15 cities for each division will be revealed on September 5. September 5, 2016 The finalists are: NORTHEAST: New York City, NY Boston, MA Hartford, CT Baltimore, MD Washington D.C. Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Providence, RI Columbus, OH Cincinnati, OH Indianapolis, IN Rochester, NY Grand Rapids, MI SOUTHEAST: Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Gainesville, FL Orlando, FL Louisville, KT Charlotte, NC Columbia, SC Montgomery, AL Richmond, VA Norfolk, VA Houston, TX Dallas, TX Nashville, TN Memphis, TN Jackson, MS NORTHWEST: Seattle, WA Portland, OR Salem, OR Boise, ID Reno, NV Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT Billings, MT Casper, WY Cheyenne, WY Omaha, NE Minneapolis, MN Des Moines, IA Fort Collins, CO Tacoma, WA SOUTHWEST: Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Denver, CO Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ Tempe, AZ Tucson, AZ Oklahoma City, OK Colorado Springs, CO El Paso, TX Wichita, KS Albuquerque, NM Fresno, CA Bakersfield, CA September 25, 2016 In the midst of important events, the league releases a rough scheduling plan outlining pre, during, and post season. Preseason will take place from May 1 through June 1 and the inaugural season will begin on June 4 of 2018 and wrap up on September 21. Playoffs will take place from September 25 through October 15 or wrap up sometime in between based on how long series take. Nothing is set and stone but this is what the Big Six have decided to release for the time being. When asked about the plan, Norman said, “Nothing is for sure set and is subject to change anytime between now and January 31 of 2018. That’s the day all will be finalized including game times schedule, amount of games played in a season, playoff series lengths, and every other scheduling aspects. October 5-8, 2016 Division meetings Please comment the three cities of each division you would like to see. Hope you enjoy and stick around!
  14. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Maybe for Chicago something about Windy City. On an unrelated note for the color scheme, maybe a simple navy-white, navy-silver scheme.
  15. An Arizona Cardinals Concept

    I think something has to be done about the logo to fit this concept. The Cardinals' logo has both black and yellow, neither which are found on the rest of the uniform. I like the uniforms and the fact that the Arizona flag pattern isn't up and down the uniform is a huge plus in my books. Maybe recolor the beak to the vegas gold color you are using and maybe add a black collar or cuffs or both. Might not look as good as I think it will but I think black would be too hard to remove without adding a darker color.