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  1. So, giving my opinion is "trollin"?
  2. This current group of NCAA logos used across the board are hideous. They're difficult to view and don't flow in any way. They look piled on and strained. The only one that looks halfway decent is the one for the final four in Arizona because it fits the southwest in many ways. Otherwise they paid a lot of money for garbage.
  3. I was just on the Lowell Spinners site. They have a "major" announcement for Feb. 1st. I go to their games. I have no idea what it could be.
  4. I think it's better than the current twolves logo. The trees in the current twolves logos look to stiff. I like this better. It's no busier than the curretn twolves logo.
  5. They had a contest on 99design to redesign the Timberwolves logo. This is the one that won. Very cool.
  6. Massive upgrade! Solid. I don't understand the comments regarding secondaries. What difference does it make how many secondaries they have? They can have a hundred if they want, it's up to them. I wonder who designed this?
  7. Speaking of rebranding. My school, Centre College, just rebranded.