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  1. NHL 2018-19

    This news of all 31 teams getting alternate jerseys next season is quite facinating. I have to suspect that the 8 franchises getting new looks for 3rds are MTL, VGK, NJD, FLA, DAL, ARI, NSH, and DET. Unless im missing a 3rd from the pre adidas look.
  2. @FrontsInGame Going out on a limb. Big Eemeli Räsänen bring his big shot to BEAR!

  3. @CBPellow @pluralsight Way to go bud, that looks great!

  4. @SuperJetsFan @JSportsnet @JeffMarek The original 6 is the title given to the 6 franchises who stabilized the leagu…

  5. @ohltothepoint @FrontsNation Peccia is well equipped to carry the load in the event of a Helvig trade. Hopefully a…

  6. @NHL @CanadiensMTL @Senators What kind of dumpster fire did you pull those out of. @Senators @CanadiensMTL you two…

  7. @ohlarenaguide any word on weather or not a new lease is in the works with the Steelheads. I can't help but notice…

  8. @ohlarenaguide Unless they find a home in cornwall. It would balance the east divisions

  9. @timandsid Trade Him to FLA, NYI or NSH. in return get a top prospect and top goalie to offset cap hit along with p…

  10. @YGKTraffic big comotion downtown Napanee, by Timmies. Heavy Police presence, any ideas as to why?

  11. New season starts tonight!!! #GoLeafsGo #TMLtalk

  12. @JSportsnet I vote yes with a caviot, the tradition of anthems before games is symbolic and as such should be done.…

  13. @KingstonFronts with a full lineup for friday night, will the Leadership be revealed prior to the game or wait until the season is underway?

  14. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Anyone in the know about the Hamilton thirds know if they are still a go or not?
  15. Just saw 🚑🚒🚓 heading for 401EB at HWY 41 in Napanee...