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  1. FBS Concept Uniforms

    North Dakota State looked great in this thread
  2. Good to see Milwaukee on the rise.
  3. National Floor Hockey League

    Great work so far.This reminds me of that Dodgeball thread from awhile back.
  4. Packers said they will wear they're Color Rush uniforms against the Bears at Lambeau Field on Thursday...again....
  5. How/What do you use to get the results?
  6. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Hamilton should get rid of their yellow pants. Black pants make their uniform look better.
  7. When do you think the AFA will play international games? To like England or Canada or Japan.
  8. Road Gray vs alternates: All-star game

    How about what the Triple A All-Star Game did this year and just have a jersey with the leagues name on them.
  9. 2017 CFL Season

    That Eskimo game was incredible last night. Mike Reilly to Zylstra for 76 yards and then the kick to end it. Very Aaron Rodgers like last night from Reilly and Duke Williams with an impressive first CFL game. The defense played great, looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Glad to see the SCAA back on the forums! It was fun the first time around. Hopefully my Wisconsin State French can make a comeback in this sometime in the future.
  11. 2017 MLB Season

    How 'bout them Brewers!!!
  12. 2017 MLB Season

    Coop's 2017 MLB Predictions American League: East: Toronto Blue Jays 2, New York Yankees*, Boston Red Sox*, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays Central: Cleveland Indians 1, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins West: Houston Astros 3, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics National League: East: Washington Nationals 3, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies Central: Chicago Cubs 1, St. Louis Cardinals*, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds West: Los Angeles Dodgers 2, San Francisco Giants*, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres Wild Card: AL: BOS over NYY 1-0 NL: SF over STL 1-0 Divisional Round: AL: CLE over BOS 3-1 TOR over HOU 3-2 NL: CHI over SF 3-0 LAD over WSH 3-1 League Championship Round: AL: CLE over TOR 4-3 NL: CHI over LAD 4-1 WORLD SERIES: Cleveland Indians over Chicago Cubs 4-2
  13. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    At least it looks like the Turkey Day Unis might be back.
  14. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    He only threw 2 passes that entire 2011 season
  15. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Since we're on the CFL I'm gonna say current Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Mike Reilly as a BC Lion
  16. I tried this early last year but it never really panned out. I made this this league a couple years back and decided I'd make the logos of the teams present in the league. I use OOTP Baseball for this fictional league because of how well you can design and map out your own league. Without further ado, the Baseball in America Association ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Baseball in America Association began in 1983 when the Frontier League (Renamed the Rocky Mountain League after 1983) merged with the Mississippi River League. Reginald Barron was the creator of the Mississippi River League which played its very first season in 1937 which saw the Brooklyn Mobsters take home the championship over the Midwest Baseball Club (Now the St. Louis Arches). In 1950, the Negro Leagues era came to an end when Boston Black Wonders Second Baseman, Norm Barraclough, was sold the the Boston Wonders to become the first black baseball player in the Mississippi River League. The Negro Leagues were disbanded the following year. 1963 rolled around and Ken Deal, the wealthiest man in Kansas, believed that baseball should have more of an influence out west then to the Mississippi. Ken and other wealthy men across America joined together to form the Frontier League. “Expanding to a new frontier of baseball” was the motto of the league as it entered its first season and is still the motto to this day. In 1967, a new league arrived as an independent league. The Great Lakes Legion had a small U.S. following but a huge Midwest following. In 1974, it was decided that a merger would be done and the Milwaukee Wheaties and the Minneapolis Meat would be absorbed into the Mississippi River League. The MRL was at its lowest point in 1976, when the league and the Players Union couldn’t agree on a deal. The Players went on strike. Some looking for new deals went to Canada, but most went west for the Frontier League. Reginald Barron was on the hot seat. He went looking for ideas. He thought up an All-Star Game between his league, and Deal’s league. Deal said the only way he’d take the deal if the game would be played in a Frontier League ballpark. Barron accepted the deal and the 1977 All-Star Game was played in front of 30,000 at Johnson Field in Memphis, Tennessee. With the hit of the All-Star Game, Barron and Deal decided that the two leagues would merge in time for the 1983 season. The contract stated that the MRL would only take 4 FL teams, the two leagues wouldn’t play each other in regular season games, and that the All-Star Game would remain. The World Series era began as in the first BAA World Series, the Boston Minutemen would knock off the San Francisco Pirates in 7 games. Barron died in 1989. Deal decided that the World Series trophy would be name after Barron, and the name changed from the American Cup to the Barron Bowl. Deal passed away in 1992. Barron’s son, Danny Barron has the President of the BAA since 2001. The Association now has 32 teams that spans from Boston to Vancouver. The latest expansion came in 2016. There are 4 divisions in each league each named North, South, East, and West. Both RML and MRL have the DH rule. 158 games are played a year. Hope you all enjoy the BAA
  17. History of the Baseball in America Association

    Next up: The Mobsters of New York New York Mobsters EST. 1929 Ballpark: New York Stadium Championships: 5 MRL Titles, 1 World Series Title Owner: Allen Morton Rivals: Boston Minutemen, New York Blue Jays, Atlanta Heat The Mobsters started out as the Brooklyn Mobsters in 1929 when they were in the Inter-New York City Baseball Clubs playing against the multiple boroughs in New York. They were the third of eight teams admitted into the MRL. The Mobsters were always presumed to be owned by Tommy Lucchese. This rumor was never confirmed.With Brooklyn having the strongest roster in the MRL at the time, they were projected to win the championship in the inaugural season. They ended up winning 90 games that year, 9 games above the Philadelphia Pirates. The Mobsters, lead by Bertolameau Torre, a hard throwing right hander from Brooklyn. He won Pitcher of the Year and Reliever of the Year in 1939 and pitched a complete game shutout in game 5 over the Midwest Baseball Club clinching the first ever Championship Classic. They went on and did it again the following year over the Milwaukee Bulls in 5 games. The 1939 season for the Mobsters was one to remember but, not for the right for the right reason. The Mobsters were up by 12 games heading into the final month. It seemed that the Mobsters would go to their third championship in three seasons. Their cross town rivals at the time, the New York Whalers wouldn’t let that happen. The Whalers got hot and forced a one game playoff against the Mobsters. Torre took the mound for the Mobsters as his counterpart Mark Miles. The Mobsters had a two run lead heading into the 9th inning when Whalers right fielder, Tanner Valentine hit a 3-run homerun off of Torre which would give the Whalers the lead and the win. The Whalers went on to lose to the Bulls in 4 games. The Mobsters would bounce back and go to the Championship Classic the following year and lose. Their next title would be in 1943. In 1964, the Whalers left for LA leaving New York to the Mobsters. They changed their name to the New York Mobsters and keeping the classic black and red look that they’ve had since the 1947. The black and red look would be changed to red and blue in 2002. New York Stadium is the oldest professional ballpark in North America dating back to 1929. It’s held football, baseball, soccer, rugby, and even hockey games making it the world record for the most sports events in one sports stadium. Until 1994, the Mobsters where the only major league baseball team in New York other than some minor league and independent league teams. During those years, the Mobsters became a mediocre team making the playoffs only 7 times in 47 years. They got hot in 1969 and made the playoffs 5 times in years after. In 1996, the luck of the Mobsters changed when they took first place in the East Division when, a year earlier, they finished fourth place. The 1996 Mobsters team was an All-Star team. Compared to be one of the nest BAA teams of all time. Willis Goff, All-Star first basemen who lead the team with his batting average at .362. Bobby Woodard Hall of Fame centerfielder who lead the team in runs, triples, and stolen bases. Jesus Chavez, All-Star starting pitcher who lead the team in complete games and ERA. The list goes on and on. The Mobsters were projected to get fourth place again. They surprised the nation winning 92 games and making the playoffs. They played the Minneapolis Saints in the first round. The Mobsters won 3 games to 1. The League Championship had the Chicago Jumping Fish taking on the Mobsters. In one of the best games in League Championship history. The series was tied at 3 games heading into O’Hare Field in Chicago for game 7. Nick Bader took the mound for the Fish and the Mobsters throughout Jesus Chavez to pitch that night. It was a pitching duel heading into extra innings. Each pitcher had only given up 1 hit. The first mistake happened when Bader gave Luis Miguel Ruiz, starting catcher for the Mobsters, an inside fastball and hit it out on a line drive home run. It gave the Mobsters the lead and the win. They went on to the World Series and swept the Houston Lone Stars in 4 games. Since then, the Mobsters have not been back to the World Series since. The Mobsters this year are projected to finish first place in the East Division, 17 games over the uptown rivals, New York Blue Jays. The Mobsters this year will be lead by Paul Johnston, who lead the team in total bases last year and look to help the Mobsters back to the World Series. Along with Johnston, John Wood looks to lead the team this year. After starting his 2016 season in Canada, his contract was purchased which brought him to New York where he would lead the league and the team in home runs with an astonishing 50 home runs. Projected to make the Opening Day start this year is 5 star pitcher, Matt House, who had his second best season last year with 16 wins in 33 games. The Mobsters look to stay on top after last year. In BAA/BCA news, the BAA Spring Training games started today with a full slate of 16 games. The BAA and the BCA announced that they would start the Great Britain Baseball League consisting of 15 teams from Wales, Scotland, and England. The GBBL season will begin in May
  18. History of the Baseball in America Association

    Next up: Le Clcohers de Montréal Montreal Clochers EST. 1964 Ballpark: UNESCO Park Championships: 0 Owner: Don Brooks Rivals: Boston Minutemen, Pittsburgh Pelicans Montreal was awarded a franchise in 1964 along with Oakland. This, of the two cities that were selected, was a major conflict at the time. Montreal was a Canadian city in an american league. The CBL (Canadian Baseball League) wasn’t to keen of this move by the MRL. This was before the Canadian Baseball Act of 1969 which stated that the MRL couldn’t place an American franchise in Canada. A lot of money was dealt for Montreal to have a MRL franchise. Once the fog was all cleared up, the owners decided to a name the team contest in the local Montreal newspaper. The final two candidates where the Rivermen and the Clochers. Clochers was chosen because of the french name which stands for Steeples. After all, Montreal is the city of a hundred steeples. In the early years of Clocher baseball, they were nicknamed the Montreal Clowns because of their poor play. They didn’t get to second place in the MRL east standings until 1978. The Clochers didn’t make the playoffs until 1982 where they were swept by their rivals, the Boston Minutemen. The Boston-Montreal rivalry crossed over from the hockey rivalry which has lasted for over 75 years. The Clochers would make the playoffs 3 times in the next 5 seasons. The 1990’s became the turn of the Clochers team for a couple reasons. The main reasons, Starting Pitcher Butch West and first basemen Trevor Wakeford. In 1989, Butch was drafted by the Minneapolis Saints. He failed to sign with them. He went to the Clochers in the first round the next year in the 1990 first-year player draft. He stayed in the minors until 1992 where he got called up for an injured pitcher. He started his first game on the road in Jacksonville. The front office had high hopes for the 28th prospect in America. His first and only start of 1992 ended with 9 hits allowed 8 runs scored and an 18.00 ERA. That was only in 4 innings. He didn’t see the show until 1993. From there he would become a 5 time all-star, and holds the team record for wins and strikeouts. His counterpart, Trevor Wakeford was drafted in 1993 with the 11th pick in the draft. He made it to the show in 1996 where he lead the league in hits with 235. He would become the Montreal Clochers all-time hits, games played, and home run leader. He was inducted into the BAA Hall of Fame in 2015 and his number was retired. The 2017 Montreal Clochers look to have another basement season. They signed 4-star pitcher Phillip Lawson who played last season in Albuquerque and had 2.39 ERA in 45 games. Resigned 4-star pitcher Malcolm Britt. Who had 29 saves last season. They traded 5-Star center fielder Phil Martinez for 4-star left fielder Marcos Hernandez from Louisville. They got rid of their most dominant pitcher, Winston Hamilton. Montreal is happy to see as they head into the 2017 season with the face of the franchise, Tomas Salazar. Who happens to be the 5th best center fielder in baseball at the moment. Don’t expect Montreal to take home a title this year.
  19. History of the Baseball in America Association

    First team, the Boston Minutemen: BOSTON MINUTEMEN EST.1937 Championships: 8 MRL Titles, 2 World Series Titles Ballpark: Hancock Park Owner: Ramon Espinoza Jr. Rivals: New York Mobsters, Montreal Clochers, Louisville Sluggers The Boston Minutemen began in 1937 being the second team to be admitted into the MRL. They were placed in the East Division along with their New York counterpart, the Brooklyn Mobsters which made them instant rivals. The rivalry began April 10, the first game the Wonders and Mobsters played against each other was on the first day of the league. A hard fought game was tied at 5 at the end of 9 and went into extra innings when David Smith went yard out of Hancock Park over the left field wall and out of the stadium. That home run would win the game for the Mobsters. It just so happened that the ball landed on Wonders owner, Sam Johnson’s car and broke the rear windshield. Jackson saw what had happened to his car and walked to the Mobsters clubhouse after the game and demanded that David pay for the damages. David said he wouldn’t pay the damages to Sam’s car. Sam was irate. He went over to the Wonders club house and demanded that the next day, whenever David Smith was up at the plate, that whoever was pitching would hit him. The next day, Smith was hit twice before in the 7th inning. In his third plate appearance, he was thrown at again. He then proceeded to rush the mound. Smith later stated that, ”Sam Jackson better watch his back the next time the Mobsters come to town.” Sam Jackson never took another step into the other team’s clubhouse again. When 1950 rolled around, the Wonders decided to take a chance on a 2nd basemen from the negro league, Boston Black Wonders. The 2nd Basemen they decided on was Norm Barraclough. The club was scrutinized for taking a black player over the many other white players in the free agent pool. Brian Quinn was told he wasn’t going to start Opening Day. He and other players on the team decided to go on strike. Sam Jackson said to Quinn,” Either sit on the bench inside (the stadium) or sit on it outside (the stadium) cause that’s where you’ll be sitting if you don’t shape up.” Quinn played 66.2 innings in 38 games that year and only managed 9 hits. Norm on the other hand started 149 games that year with 178 hits, 52 RBI’s, and 3 home runs. Norm ended his career in Brooklyn with the Mobsters and his number was retired by all teams when he passed away in 2014. In 1963, the Wonders name was dying. Fans weren’t going to games and the Wonders weren’t winning. Sam Jackson sold the team to a bunch of businessmen from upstate New York and the team was renamed the Minutemen. The Minutemen new look featured a the logo that showed the North Church in the foreground and land and water in the background. The logo was ended in 1976 after the strike and was replaced by the infamous Miles the Minuteman logo which lasted from 1977 to 1996. The Original logo came back in time for the 1997 season and is still the logo to this day. The Minutemen ended up making the playoffs 3 times from 1964 to 1966.They won the 1966 MRL Championship. The Minutemen became the first MRL team in the World Series in 1983 and they would take on the San Francisco Pirates. Game 6 of that series would end up being the biggest game of the series when Hall of Famer Paul Goodwin doubled into the right-center field gap in the top of the 8th which would give the Minutemen the lead and the game 6 win over the Pirates. The Minutemen won the next day in game 7. 32 years after that game the Minutemen were in the same situation when the Dallas Bulls came to Boston with a 3-2 lead in the series. Bottom of the 10th inning when Juan Rodriguez of the Minutemen hit the game winning home run off of the Dallas Bulls Pitcher, Haden McElroy. It became one of the most iconic images of American sports. The photo shows Rodriguez, bat in one hand, raised over his head as McElroy kneels at the mound in disbelief of what just happened. Boston would win the next night 7-2 and Rodriguez would make the final out. The Minutemen head into the 2017 season with their heads high. With the loss of their star pitcher Rick Harrigan to the BCA, it sets up an odd pitching situation. Quentin Holster, 4-star Dutch Antillean pitcher who’s projected to start opening day in 2017. Joe Cameron, Juan Rodriguez, and Zander Moore load the outfield with incredible play and phenomenal hitting and look to bounce back after not making the playoffs in 2016.
  20. After hearing the news of the Oakland Raiders plans of moving to the bright lights of Las Vegas, I decided to try to create a new logo. Hence forth, the logo: I based it off the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Let me know what y'all think. Done in paint.
  21. PDFL Pro Developmental Football League (Made-Up Football League)

    My team would be called the Midway Monsters and are affiliated with da bears. They play in Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa. The colors would be Blue, Orange, and grey.
  22. I started a fantasy football league with some of my friends,and me being me, I tried to make the logo for the league. The League is called the United League of Fantasy Football. The 8 stars stands for each team.The 3 differently colored stars stand for the divisions, Black for the American Division and Red for the National Division. Expect the first uniform and logo soon. Original:
  23. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    The ULFF Playoffs are upon us with one of the greatest games ever played. 2 Teams punched their ticket to the first Mega Bowl, and 2 teams seasons ended. First Round Scores: Upsets are one of the best aspects of sports. A 4 seed over a 1 seed. Albuquerque rolled into the playoffs with a 12-3 record and being 8-2 in the last 10 games. With Albuquerque at home, it wasn't going to be easy for Boise. And easy it wasn't for them. Albuquerque jumped out to huge lead. But, with Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant, and Jay Ajayi all scoring over 20 points for Boise, they were surely on they're way to a Mega Bowl. Next stop for Boise, Mega Bowl. Player of the Game: Aaron Rodgers - 49 / Albuquerque Jets A heated rivalry ever since the inception of the league, Florida and Milwaukee. Florida being 11-2-1 at the end of the season walk in to the cream city looking for an easy win over the 8-7 Creamers who'd only beat them once. Milwaukee being a division champion got the higher seed. Milwaukee, like the Jets, jumped out to a huge lead, leading by 40 points. A Christmas Miracle came to Florida in the form of Justin Tucker with 19 points and Le'Veon Bell with 25 which brought them into the lead. But it wasn't enough with Spencer Ware starting later that night for Milwaukee gave them the lead with an astonishing 6 point game. Milwaukee was on their way to to the Mega Bowl. Player of the Game: Kirk Cousins - 36 / Milwaukee Creamers Boise and Milwaukee meet in U.S. Bank Stadium for the first ever Mega Bowl. Milwaukee leads the season series at 2-1. See you all next year for the results of the Mega Bowl.
  24. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    The final week of the ULFF season ended with Albuquerque losing its win streak at 8, tying Florida's record. Drew Brees being named Player of the Year along with Player of Week 15 with 49 points in the win over Milwaukee. Week 15 Scores: Player of the Game: LeSean McCoy - 31 / Madison Marines Player of the Game: Devonta Freeman - 34 / Boise Taters Player of the Game: Drew Brees- 49 / Florida Spaniards Week 15 standings look like this with Boise taking the final playoff spot. Minneapolis and Madison end with the same 4 and 11 record. Week 15 Standings: The Playoff Bracket looks like this. The Albuquerque Jets take on the Boise Taters in the first round. The Florida Spaniards head into Miller Park as they take on Kirk Cousins and the Milwaukee Creamers. Playoff Bracket and Schedule: Happy Holiday's to you all and see you all next week for the Mega Bowl Preview.