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  1. Rebranding the Braves?

    I foresee the tomahawk being phased out in time. No Braves logos on the surrounding facade of SunTrust Park have a tomahawk. Heck, even the big neon tomahawk in the new ballpark doesn't seem to work in the games I've been to this year. The chop, however, is still alive and well. I think the current digs are top notch, though I'd love to see the 80s unis make an appearance.
  2. NFL 2017 changes?

    Falcons definitely need to dump the set they have now. Maybe a cross of the retro with the new logo. Jags overall look ok minus the helmet. Bring back teal.
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Keep hearing the rumor UGA will don an updated template next year sans that flywire crap. Honestly would like a return of the old block font as opposed to the "Bulldog Bold" Nike font, but that won't likely happen. Here's to 2017!
  4. UGA Mach Speed for 2017

    Love these. Not sure about the collar matching the jersey color set, they look nice, but I like the contrast between the collars, etc.
  5. #Love :censored:ting

  6. @MunkyGurl_Mari 3 weeks. Remember when it was 12?

  7. Just posted a photo @ Cartersville, Georgia

  8. Floridians.....wait, I'm one too.

  9. RT @BravesOptions: BREAKING: MLB will revert back to 154-game season, beginning with 2016 & starting tonight. #Braves, and everyone else, a…

  10. How many games will the Braves win this season?

  11. Worst season win total in #Braves history is 38. Let's set a record guys.

  12. RT @notquitenarwhal: I heard it was #NationalUnicornDay!

  13. RT @notquitenarwhal: I heard it was #NationalUnicornDay!

  14. @rubytuesday all of them

  15. RT @skinnyqb10_pls: FUK AU & GT