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  1. As in Eddie Cheever jr
  2. Put the paw print is one of Blue's Clues. We need our handy dandy... Notebook. (Ding) 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Sorry I couldn't resist
  3. Wow. I didn't expect that. Like I said I was just pointing something out. And trust me it's not a knock on your design. It's actually a massive compliment. Will (minus the 49ers owner Jed York because in my opinion as a 49er fan he is a massive donkey) the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Saints, and Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins owners get on board
  4. Now these are awesome and with a few changes. Some of these unis could be used for MLS expansion teams as well (no I am not going to rip off your designs and so forth I'm just giving examples) Like This one all you need is a different crest and a different sponsor and you have Miami Change sponsor to either Mercedes Benz or Popeyes and you have New Orleans Change of sponsor and you have San Francisco And finally Sponsor change to Ford and you got Detroit. I'm not saying make those changes. It's a testament to how good the designs are
  5. Seeing as Colorado is the hub of Coors light. Maybe do a silver kit with the mountains in team colors
  6. Why haven't developers call you yet. Also maybe (seeing as you are the rays intern guy) maybe a reconfig/redesign of the GP or St. Pete might be in order
  7. Is Kimi Raikkonen, and Andy Priaulx in the cards
  8. Wow. Nike take notes
  9. How about the 4 Hendrick Motorsports drivers and/or cars in a group shot. (Will send ref pics via dm if needed). These are awesome btw. And for the Matt ryan one. Thank you for completing the second half (TROLL ALERT)
  10. Almirola drives the 43. Suarez drives the 19. Jk. I see what you were going for and it looks awesome
  11. Does this mean New England blew the lead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 trollollollollooool lol lol lol lol.
  12. First off. Be sure to barricade the doors from angry laker and or Celtic fans wanting to murder you 😂. In all seriousness very creative. Finally With And With
  13. First off. YOU HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF CONCEPTS. Trust me you didn't neglect the thread. Second. Where did you find the number 8 logo for the Haas car. I've been trying to find a decent one myself to no avail. Finally is a customink or something like that for those shirts in the future
  14. team reveal

    My guess is that they play at greater Nevada field