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  1. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Really quick. I don't know if this is allowed I actually took the field with the stadium "outline" for lack of a better term (no seriously I don't know what term you use Pitt) swapped out all the Field stuff for dirt and layed out supercross tracks. I don't know if that's legal but yeah
  2. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

  3. What no SF. The demons were in the championship game for crying out loud. In all seriousness this I feel is 10 times better my attempt so I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Suggestions Boston Malitia (I know I just spoiled my AFL stuff but you can go ahead and use it) St Louis Attack. Keeping all the original cities teams the same
  4. The revamp of Arena Football

    Just to point out that the Destroyers will probably not go 0-16 like their NFL Counterparts
  5. The revamp of Arena Football

    And we are back with set number 2 Winnepeg Command Tampa Bay Storm (Having Trouble with Philadelphia so here is the backup Detroit Fury Colorado Crush Cleveland Destroyers And a revised LA (Swapped out silver for white
  6. The revamp of Arena Football

  7. The revamp of Arena Football

    What NHL team has a similar logo to the command
  8. The revamp of Arena Football

    Columbus (In same state) Philidelphia ✓ Colorado✓ Montreal: Remember the Command's theme
  9. The revamp of Arena Football

  10. The revamp of Arena Football

    2/4 correct
  11. The revamp of Arena Football

    Will change the silver on Los Angeles. Next will be a FURY of new teams that will DESTROY and CRUSH your SOUL and will COMMAND your attention Use the all capped words as clues to guess the cities. The last one is the first of the Canadian teams
  12. City/State Color Identities

    I'd just stick with the chargers scheme as a whole. You are really (just my most likely "too early to judge" opinion) killing the look. Also seeing as the warriors are in Oakland and San Francisco how will you split that area up
  13. The revamp of Arena Football

    Well with the limitations I have I kinda wanted to make the unis look like a superhero (Avengers pun) also I'm not positive how many as of yet. However it will be most of them who do have a white away
  14. The revamp of Arena Football

    Found a better uploader and adjusted the copper a bit. I have a few more teams done Los Angeles Avengers Houston Wranglers (Move from Austin (in my opinion that's what should have happened from the Get go)) Dallas Desperados Jerry Jones owned them so a change to a silver helmet and cowboy blue was inevitable
  15. The revamp of Arena Football

    It's mostly going to be recycle but like in the Blaze's, Command's, and Blizzard's, case it will be a relocation. I do have expansion on hand with Boston, Miami, and Montreal. I do plan on giving some teams a complete rebrand though