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  1. I kinda like the 'Sota on the jerseys, but I think Wolves would look better. Also as much as I like Lime Green, I think black would work better for an alternate
  2. So close!!!! Good game Minnesota, we'll get them next year
  3. Definitely one of the best Coyotes concepts I've seen. I've actually thought of doing something like that for the Diamondbacks. Teal doesn't seem to contrast to well the with the dark red, maybe try a purple instead?
  4. Seeing as Nova Scotia choked in the first round to the Bullcraps, I'm guessing their chances at a cup are dwindling and their chances at a relocation are rising?
  5. #Believeland!!! Let's win the Victory Bowl!!!
  6. What are pros and cons going in the 90s for Nova Scotia? Also any news about the stadium situation and relocation?
  7. "Win one for Zeke"!!!! This is our year, we're going to take the Victory Bowl!!! my picks Pittsburgh old guys over Gladiators la Roma Go Diego Go over Chokers of Cincinnati
  8. Definitely not what I was expecting when I saw the name 'Braves'. But these are really good, the colors work well. If this is supposed to be the 'Caribbean' team, then yes sand would work a lot better than grey.
  9. Set 1 is the best to me. If Milwaukee ever got an NHL team I would be 100% with them looking like that
  10. I kinda want to see Norfolk/Virginia Beach get a team. Considering irl they are the biggest city with out a pro sports team.
  11. I like the 'newer' logo but I prefer the way the old helmet looked
  12. Much better, I'm not very fond of the font for "UTAH" "BASKETBALL". I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but a block/sport font bight actually work better
  13. The inner part of the logo just feels a little busy, I think it's the slight basketball within the mountains along with another basketball in the J-note. Maybe get rid of the lines on the mountains and it might work a bit better. Also as a side note, the colors seem a bit unbalanced. But I'm not a big basketball fan so I dont know what colors they are also welcome to the boards
  14. Hurricanes are perfect, something like that would be an amazing 3rd jersey right now. The Caps are outstanding as well. I wonder what the Sharks will be
  15. Already a great start. The Leones look like the love child of the Yankees and Dodgers. My only opinion is that of jujubeans ^^ that a more Pittsburgh Pirates font looks a lot better. I would also like to see a yellow alternate instead of the blue