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  1. I'm stuck with NHL 15 (pr 16 idk), now that I know they have a team creator now.. now I'm interested
  2. EA Sports just needs to step up their game. I remember always creating team and players on Madden 03 or even one of their NHL games, and while yea they didn't have the most options it was still a thing. If they added options that allowed you and Veras to upload your teams and play/watch games that'd be crazy and id subscribe on any youtube or whatever you Ould put it on #ComeOnEA
  3. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (PHI added!)

    As a sharks fan, I actually don't see very many unique concepts, usually just modern/retro stuff. I like this idea, and would probably even buy a jersey of it, I don't see it working well in modern NHL. Cant see to see the rest
  4. I was wondering how do you pick player names? I've worked on multiple fictional leagues for myself, but I just used to simulate and was thinking about doing something similar to how you simulate but I'm not sure how to pick player names. Also can you please elaborate what you mean by the Random Occurrence when you simulate? thats the only part about it which I'm confused
  5. I think it is because Jerry Jones is color blind, and a little senile #WordsFromACowboysFan
  6. “Windsor started as a small equipment company in Nova Scotia”......., DID SOMEBODY SAY NOVA SCOTIA??????? I think Windsor would be the better sponsor, I have that feeling they’ll go with Duke and something similar to the hem/piping/bull crap of the 2000s will start, and then theyll sign Windsor and some team say will start going back to classic colors and designs (cough LI and Denver cough) also that McNair signing was surprising, I personally hoped that the Bayou witch doctors would’ve cursed the Sound and he would try to leave NO instead of signing for 10 flipping years, though it’s good to see them and Miami continuing to develop..l even though I wish the Sound never became a thing....
  7. Not sure if you're still doing these, but; Cowboys Super Bowl's (71, 77, 92, 93, 95) Phillies Word Series (80 and 08) San Jose Sharks Western Conference Championship (16) (trophy is called the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl) New York Lizards (lacrosse) Steinfeld Cup (01, 03, 15) Toronto FC MLS Cup (17) and Canadian Cup (09, 10, 11, 12, 16, and 17) And if possible my favorite AFA and PHL teams from the forums here Nova Scotia Claymores Lewis Cup (1967) Cleveland Ghosts Victory Bowl (59 and 84)
  8. Congrats to Seattle, I find it ironic how Seattle's doing good in the PHL and rumors have it that Seattle will be the next NHL team.
  9. The Battle of Seattle

    I was thinking the same thing with the Evergreens and Sawbucks, though the Sawbucks identity is my favorite out of the current designs shown, I couldn't take a team called that seriously.
  10. Should Roberto Clemente's number 21 be universally retired by the MLB? Why or why not? Information, in case you don't know Currently there are only 2 numbers in sports universally retired (Wayne Gretzky #99 in the NHL, and Jackie Robinson's #42 in the MLB) Gretzky's because he is the undoubtably best hockey player all time Jackie Robinson's because he was the first black player in the MLB (or at least since the AL was created) Clemente while he wasn't the first hispanic player in the MLB, he was the first great one. He had over 1,400 runs, .317 average, and is one of the few 3,000 hits club (with 3,000 exactly). But despite his great play, he is remembered more for his off-field performance, he was known for helping out the needy and spending lots of time with fans and the less fortunate. It was this that lead to his death in 1972, during Christmas a earthquake hit Nicaragua and Clemente organized a plan to send supplies, he would hire a pilot and a plane and fly the supplies there, as well as himself. The plane crashed on New Years Eve 1972, Clemente's body was never found. The argument against is that he has 'already been commemorated enough', MLB celebrates Roberto Clemente Day every year, as well as handing out the Roberto Clemente Award to the best humanitarian in baseball. And that if they did wouldn't then other players numbers get retired? Babe Ruth was the best player (batter and pitcher), Gehrig, Mays, Aaron, Cobb, Jeter, or even Ichiro being the first great (and really only potential HOF) to player in the MLB The argument for is that, while he wasn't the first hispanic player, he was the first great one and his contributions outside the sport will be unmatched, and that the league retired Robinson's number due to breaker the mold of the 'color barrier'. They say "Robinson opened a door for non-whites to play in the MLB, and Clemente created the bridge between whites and non-whites" So if the league is going to retire Robinson's shouldn't they retire Clemente's as well? My opinion, the league should, but I can see why they wouldn't. But, I also feel that they should even if #21 is only retired by the NL
  11. What a digital dummy... this reference stands a ghost of a chance at being recognized
  12. Grey Wolves fans: Kansas City, thats a nice 3-1 lead you got there... be a shame if someone... came back... this is a tough one, I like both teams, ill go with Seattle since the popular pick is Miami
  13. I was wondering how Atlanta and Portland did with their 'rivals' their first season. Obviously since they're both new teams I'm guessing only have geographical rivals such as Seattle or Carolina. Its nice to see teams like Dallas and Miami improving, though I won't mention how I feel about the Sounds... You've mentioned Houston, Ottawa, and Memphis are prime relocation spots, I was wondering if more uncommon spots such as Salt Lake City, OKC, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Vegas, and Phoenix have any potential momentum for a team (though I doubt Phoenix will get a team since everyone seems to dislike the Coyotes in the NHL) Minnesota seems to just keep improving, I can't remember the last time I saw them not make the playoffs, I'm choosing them to win the Cup this season
  14. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    interesting.... this looks promising and reminds me of the PHL, but maybe you'll do something different with it later down the line. I do have a few pieces of constructive criticism for you though. 1 while you posted league standings you didn't have the games W-L on their, which is can be hard to do those sometimes, it helps the reader see just how good or bad their team was, while just saying "my team was 7th and yours was 4th" could mean anything from a few wins to 20 wins. 2 Why Winnipeg Mountains? While my geography skills are lacking, I believe Winnipeg is on the Canadian Prairie region, which is notably flat. Also in the 1910s Winnipegs population was in the very low 100,000s. Though I like the city of Winnipeg and think they deserve a hockey team, it might be a little early. Other than some of those smaller things, call me a Minnesota Moose fan, and lets gooooo