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  1. Jimmothy Michels Silver. A multi-millionaire from Portland, made his money on selling overpriced sporting ware called "QuickSilver". Known world wide as eccentric, his love of sports stems from his enthusiasm. He hopes one day to own many teams in Portland, but for now he'll settle for being on the consul for expansion. 1 Los Angeles 2 Minneapolis 3 Dallas
  2. Denver is woah... definitely prefer the retro, but I think it fits the time period very well... but that logo... yikes...
  3. Looks like the New Jersey Sharks got a... NEW JERSEY
  4. Hey he's back! Don't worry about the delay, I know what its like to be struggling with depression, so take as long as a break as needed, though I'm looking forward to all the new uniforms and stories, and hopefully a few more Bowls for my Ghosts!
  5. Feels bad for Edmonton, was hoping they could make their first Cup. ok, I mustve missed that
  6. its been awhile, excited for the playoffs. I forgot, what are the leading cities to land the Sound?
  7. I think that it worked when I used my iPad when he first started this thread, but RIPmyiPad. But ever since I started using my computer I haven't been able to see any photos he posts for some reason. Its probably just apple problems
  8. ok, I know when you first started there was a way I could view the photos but I don't remember how. Thanks for trying and the Google drive so I can see the teams and stuff
  9. I haven't checked this thread out since the beginning, and for some reason I still can't see any of the photos
  10. CodeG

    American Premier League

    Atlanta's away jersey is amazing. I was not expecting San Antonio to be in here, was thinking either Dallas or Portland, so I'll go with both of those as my guesses for the final team.
  11. I world where Vancouver hockey fans don't riot???!?!?!?! what is this madness
  12. CodeG

    A couple MLB TATC concepts

    oh dear sweet baby Jesus, what ARE those???? actually compared to what was worn a few decades ago for TATC these are a much better improvement
  13. you're sure about that?
  14. with New Orleans future in jeopardy, is there any chance that they will relocate back to Nova Scotia? Or an expansion, similar to Winnipeg in the NHL