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  1. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    ouch, 6-9, I need to step up my game Denver over Indy Detroit over Chicago Chargers over Kansas City New Orleans over Jets Jacksonville over Houston Washington over Arizona Miami over Buffalo Minnesota over Cincinnati Baltimore over Cleveland Philly over Giants Green Bay over Carolina Seattle over Rams New England over Pittsburgh Tennessee over San Fran Dallas over Oakland Atlanta over Tampa Bay
  2. United States Cricket League

    Glad you're back. I can imagine all the 6-pointers (forget the actual name) for any team playing in Denver, like the Rockies on steroids.
  3. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    This is a little late but I’ll take it cincinnati over Chicago Buffalo over Indy Dalas over Giants Green Bay over Cleveland Detroit over Tampa Minnesota over Carolina Houston over San Fran Oakland over Kansas City Chargers over Washington Tennessee over Arizona Jets over Denver Rams over Philly Seattle over Jacksonville Pittsburgh over Baltimore Nee England over Miami
  4. City/State Color Identities

    These are awesome, I've always wondered how it'll look if every city was like Pittsburgh. May I suggest Philadelphia and Tampa Bay?
  5. Dallas Desperados and Atlanta Threshers stand out to me, and a little bit of Choppers and Avalanche. New Orleans and Coyotes, both completely stupid relocations that ruined both franchises. Probably a lot more when it comes to the original teams, but those three are pretty obvious
  6. 2 questions one when do you think you'll have Atlanta and Portland posted? two, when or who will go through a rebrand first, Denver or Dallas? I keep having trouble telling them apart, I figured Dallas would just relocate but it seems to not be the case if they continue to have success.
  7. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    I completely forgot about this, well might as well start now. Dallas over Washington Detroit over Baltimore New England over Buffalo Chicago over San Fran Jacksonville over Indy Denver over Miami Tennessee over Houston Kansas City over NY Jets Atlanta over Minnesota Green Bay over Tampa Bay San Diego over CLeveLand St Louis over Arizona Oakland over NY Giants New Orleans over Carolina Seattle over Philly Pittsburgh over Cincy
  8. Congrats to KC, can't wait to see Portland and Atlanta. And also curious to see what will happen with NO and Dallas (cough NS).
  9. Minnesota was so close. What’s with them changing to their alternates partway through the playoffs?
  10. Denver Gunslingers and Calgary Wolverines, while Broncos or something Stampede themed would make a lot of sense, every other team seems to do that already in Calgary. and Southern Alberta has a lot of wildlife other than horses (Banff National Park is only 100 miles away I believe)
  11. A few twists, nothing too surprising except Dallas and Carolina making the playoffs, a little bummed that Winnipeg won’t make two big runs in a row. I’m gonna cheer for the ‘Jacks in the playoffs (at least until NS gets a team back or if an expansion team peaks my interest)
  12. Cascadia Rapids Atlanta Copperheads I'm down with that
  13. Copperheads would be a really good name for Atlanta, though I like the suggestion of Georgia Battalion by someone on here. There are so many options for Portland rn, I'm thinking more along the idea of Cascadia, maybe even using that as there name. Cascadia Grizzlies, Redwoods, Platypuses, Spirits (a nod to the spirit bear, an albino grizzly) or just Portland Cascades with a bear logo
  14. Most likely it would be the teams with multiple bad seasons which entails low attendance and a higher chance for relocation, I havent read the last 3 seasons so I don't know, plus generally the creator figures this on his own.
  15. Its nice to see my votes were correct, though I see NO or another team relocating to Houston soon, or even the next council if you expand past 30, 36 is a nice round number for teams. Portland and Atlanta have always been two of the harder teams for myself to name in my own fictional leagues. For Portland I suggest, Redwoods (state fossil of Oregon and a known symbol), any sort bear such as Grizzlies, Spirits, or even Cascades with a bear logo (it could bring a neat rivalry with Seattle because bears are bigger and somewhat fiercer than wolves), Cascades with a mountain logo as well, Beavers (bringing Ottawa to the PNW), Chinooks (state fish, but the new fictional drive ball league uses that name), Explorers/Pioneers, Herons (city bird). For Atlanta, first thing I thought of was Firebirds or Phoenix, but Veras uses the name Firebirds and they might be to similar to the Flames, Turtoise and shark teeth are also state symbols but don't think any names could work with Atlanta, maybe a native name like what the Braves did (even though they were called that for decades before Atlanta) such as Tribe, Cherokee, or Eagles. Thats really all I can think of for Atlanta. Cant wait to see your designs and takes on these cities.