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  1. you're sure about that?
  2. with New Orleans future in jeopardy, is there any chance that they will relocate back to Nova Scotia? Or an expansion, similar to Winnipeg in the NHL
  3. You forgot Nova Scotia, the best darn franchise in this league
  4. Hm, like the inspiration of the uniforms and logos for LA, but I feel like the pentagram on the alternate would receive a lot of negative feedback, similar to the Devil Rays
  5. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    wow both teams I was cheering for lost, guess I have to go with Detroit
  6. City/State Color Identities

    Since Colorado looks similar to Philly, what if you do purple and Burgundy? since the Rockies use purple and its a color usually associated with Colorado due to Pikes Peak and purple mountain majesty (which can also be used for Canada but also used with Colorado)
  7. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Sacramento and Pacifica in the finals
  8. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Charlotte Sacramento Pacifica Detroit
  9. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Commonwealth Charlotte Sacramento Miami Pacifica Santa Monica Venice Beach Brooklyn
  10. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Sacramento with Daytona as runners up Venice Beach with Salt Lake as runners-up Pittsburgh with Brooklyn as runners up Miami with Fort Pitt as runners-up
  11. How could the Ghosts lose!!! Well, my predictions Roman Gladiators beat the Milwaukee Wolf-Badgers Houston Harveys stomp the Florida Generic-Katz
  12. Two teams stacked with history in the finals? oh heck yes! I'll show some American pride and cheer for Chicago this time around
  13. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Pacifica with Austin as runners up Willis and Harlem as runners up Santa Monica with Charlotte as runners up Lubbock with Scranton as runners up