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  1. You have Clearwater above Dunedin when in real life it's the opposite, can't really see any other mistakes. Great work
  2. What are the Ghosts chances to make it back to the finals?
  3. A cow skull? What about Dallas Desparados or Dallas Steer? Can't wait to vote for Cleveland
  4. I missed an entire season, the future looks very dim for the Claymores in NS, oh well, guess I just gotta hope and see if they'll be like the Jets in real life. For expansion names, why not do a Name the Team Vote, like how NHL teams started to do it in the 90s? If not my votes are the Dallas Desperados, give it a southern feel, kinda like how the Coyotes did. For Cleveland, first thing I think of is Centurians but that's to similar to the Senators, so maybe with Cleveland Lake Monsters (sounds 90s-ish) or Cleveland Comets, Cannons, or Cougars
  5. I prefer the colorings of the top left one. But I prefer wordmark to be like the bottom ones, also the top left one needs a pupil. Will you be doing any jerseys?
  6. I'm voting Hillsborough, not only because that's who I would support, it they are one of the best on here
  7. Now that the Claymores missed the playoffs for the first time in ever, I'm guessing it's pretty much confirmed they will relocate
  8. If the Claymore move I hope they change the name, not because it's bad. But because if Nova Scotia gets another team in the future I think they should bring back the Claymores name instead of choosing another one
  9. I kinda like the 'Sota on the jerseys, but I think Wolves would look better. Also as much as I like Lime Green, I think black would work better for an alternate
  10. So close!!!! Good game Minnesota, we'll get them next year
  11. Definitely one of the best Coyotes concepts I've seen. I've actually thought of doing something like that for the Diamondbacks. Teal doesn't seem to contrast to well the with the dark red, maybe try a purple instead?
  12. Seeing as Nova Scotia choked in the first round to the Bullcraps, I'm guessing their chances at a cup are dwindling and their chances at a relocation are rising?
  13. #Believeland!!! Let's win the Victory Bowl!!!
  14. What are pros and cons going in the 90s for Nova Scotia? Also any news about the stadium situation and relocation?