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  1. DouglasQuaid

    Uniform / Logo Predictions For NFL's 100th Season in 2019

    Yeah I'm aware, I just wrote it poorly.
  2. DouglasQuaid

    Uniform / Logo Predictions For NFL's 100th Season in 2019

    The Vikings should definitely get 1969 throwbacks for the 50th anniversary of their first NFL championship. I dont even care if they use their regular helmets, this look would be great.
  3. DouglasQuaid

    NY Jets wordmark and numbers

    You should make the numbers unitalic on the jerseys if you make a uniform concept.
  4. DouglasQuaid

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    These look uniforms look great! I also love the stripe on Birmingham helmet hope and wish the matte was sore satin. The logo would look great for the jets, they should take notes.
  5. DouglasQuaid

    Unpopular Opinions

    I too thought the same, but then I thought how good it would be with the current color rush jerseys and silver pants. It's also a nod to their original uniforms. (The Giants look great here by the way, gray pants are way better).
  6. I would also remove the logo and put the tv numbers in its place.
  7. DouglasQuaid

    NFL changes 2019

    How I look at it since both teams are in LA is that the Rams should go with a yellow primary with dark royal as the secondary color. For the Chargers they should be powder blue and white with yellow accents. Theres an example of what I mean in my concept thread.
  8. DouglasQuaid

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    It does, but its on the nameplate.
  9. DouglasQuaid

    NFL changes 2019

    The best look is to use the 60s throwback pants with this set in madden.
  10. DouglasQuaid

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Maybe the NFL doesn't want riddell to have decals of their brand.
  11. DouglasQuaid

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    They should make a modern version on the vsr4 with better technology. I think the NFL needs to preserve that classic helmet shape. The vsr4 is my all time favorite and its sad to see it go.
  12. DouglasQuaid

    does the Colts' striping inconsistency bother you?

    The stripe matches the jerseys because its a blue stripe in between white. I know its a stretch, but in a way it works.
  13. I love that match up, but I feel like they will continue to wear all black.