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  1. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    94 throwbacks with 3 stripes!
  2. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    Heres my Lions uniform concept. I liked the look of the throwback jerseys with the regular helmet and pants so I decided to simplify the uniform. For the helmet I decided to switch to a blue mask because I like how it looked during the Sanders era. I also got rid of the stripes and the detail lines on the logo giving it a more basic look. Striped socks were also needed to break up the yoga pants look. Wordmarks are removed to let the stripe design stand on its own. The number font was designed by @HRC4 and based off the lions current wordmark. I think his font gives a unique and classic look that looks better then the current font IMO. Other than that nothing too crazy here.
  3. Exactly how I would do it. This is a great concept and I love the away stripes because there unique. Not a fan of the black uniforms, but Im excited to see what else is to come.
  4. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    As long as they bring back the 3 stripes I'll be happy.
  5. Unpopular Opinions

    This is the best the Jags have ever looked. I prefer the block font rather than the custom. Also the pants stripes also look better than the thicker black stripes on the later uniform. I wish the new uniforms were a little more like this design.
  6. Steelers Set to Unveil New Throwback Alternate Uniform

    Thats my favorite font the jags have had. It looked great on their OG uniforms. Also to get on track, the "batman" uniforms are great but can nike replicate the shoulder yoke? They weren't able to make an accurate look for the Packers.
  7. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    Thanks for the advice! I'll update the concepts soon but heres a look at my Falcons uniform concept. As much as I love the black helmet look I decided that going back to the red would be a greater change and more unique as an NFL team, too many teams have black uniforms and helmets IMO. I based the uniforms off of the success of the 1977 defense which is arguably one of the best defenses of all time. For the helmet I used the amazing logo created by @Artist4Adonai which has a modern take on the classic logo. I also really like the look of the colorush uniforms so the numbers black with a white outline. I also couldn't decide on whether to use black or red numbers on the away but I think black may be the better option.
  8. As a Vikings fan I love them. They work really well too because the yellow is surrounded by purple, unlike how the modern jerseys are.
  9. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    For the Redskins I wanted to combine eras of their uniforms I like. I decided to darken the colors to how they were pre 1969. I'm not the biggest fan of the current logo so i combined the classic spear helmet logo with the feather helmet logo from 1958. The classic 80s stripes are on the sleeves rather than the cuff for a cleaner look. I'm a big fan of how the uniforms during the earlier Jurgensen era so I used that as the basis for this concept. I would love feedback or advice for improving these concepts.
  10. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    Which version? I like when they had the darker helmets before 2002.
  11. NFL 2018 changes

    Well I assume they would get rid of the other numbers. I thought that would be obvious.
  12. NFL 2018 changes

    The biggest changes I would like to see is to: Fix the inconsistent stripes Get rid of the logos on the pants and jersey (replace with numbers i.e raiders)
  13. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    Since there is no replies, here is my take on the Patriots. I wanted to keep the helmet and colors the same because of all the success they've had. I also based it on the color rush but added more stripes to look look more patriotic. I had trouble with the silver pants so I kept them the same and although I may change them based on recommendations. Striped socks are also essential because of the lack of striped socks in the league.
  14. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    Thought I'd post my take on the seahawks. Nothing too special here, incorporated the old colors and tried to keep some modern elements too.
  15. DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 7/32 - Lions

    Heres the updated Titans concept based on the recommnedations