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  1. DouglasQuaid

    NFL 2018 changes

    Now I want pizza and pant stripes.
  2. DouglasQuaid

    Favorite jersey number?

  3. Great look, although vikings need white striped away socks.
  4. DouglasQuaid

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    These need to come back. They look so much better than the drab they currently wear.
  5. DouglasQuaid

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Jags look great. Its a huge miss that the teal isnt the primary home set. I also dont think the pants look that bad.
  6. DouglasQuaid

    LA Rams 2018 Uniform Discussion

    Make the horns thicker in the front like the old horns.
  7. DouglasQuaid

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    One of the things I would tweak is the vikings pants stripes. I think they looked way better when they debuted on the elite 51 pants template rather than what they look like now. This is a very minor tweak but I thought I would bring it up to see what others think. The tweak that I would want to happen the most is white striped away socks. 2013: (Horrible game btw). 2017:
  8. DouglasQuaid

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I'm guessing nike will get rid of the striped socks and will go yoga pants look for the road set (like the vikings, lions, and etc).
  9. DouglasQuaid

    Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - New Falcons concept added 8/13/18

    I love the idea of using the shoulder yoke. It gives an old school look but seems very modern for 2018. I also love the pants stripe and love that you dropped the "B" from the logo. Great concept!
  10. DouglasQuaid

    One Year Uniforms

    Thats why the Panthers uniform bugs me. Having logos on the helmet, jersey, and pants is too much.
  11. DouglasQuaid

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    You cant be that ridiculous. Its a football uniform, with a classic look.
  12. DouglasQuaid

    Stars and Stripes Across MLB, Patriotic Uniforms for July 2-3-4

    I'm never a fan of these special day jerseys or holiday uniforms but why are people being harsh on these?
  13. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    My Packers concept is basically a recreation of their Lombardi era uniforms. The mask stays green and the logo is the old oval shape. Collar stripes are also removed.
  14. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  15. DouglasQuaid

    A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)(Carolina posted 8/7)

    I like these a lot. Much more creative than my version. I basically had the regular uniform but kelly green and air force number font. I would love to see these adopted as their real uniforms.
  16. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    Nothing special for the Colts. The uniform has been classic for so long it needs to stay relatively the same. From Unitas to Manning it still looks great. I basically just added striped socks and threw in alternate white socks if they ever wanna go full white. Also thought about adding blue pants and a blue facemask but the colts are another team that works great with the gray mask.
  17. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    I decided to go the throwback route with the Dolphins because of their great throwbacks. I also prefer the old logo even though the new one is growing on me. I like the look of the white mask too and most teams need striped socks.
  18. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    Heres my take on the Panthers. Nothing too crazy and much of this concept has been done but I decided to put my spin on it. I really like the idea of the black helmet with the logo enlarged. I feel that it gives the panthers a great and unique look. I also really wanted to keep silver but it didn't look good because I wanted one color numbers. I also think the panthers alternate blue looks great and I like the blue pants too. Originally I had silver pants instead of white, which look good but as I said earlier I had to drop silver from the color palette. I also tried the block font and the 2013 jags font but instead I used the Hornets font (this may be changed). If anyone wants to see my panthers concept from last year heres a link.
  19. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    For the Browns its all about going classic and returning to their best look IMO. This means its back to the old colors, simple font, and bold stripes. I based the uniforms on the Otto Graham and Jim Brown days. I also feel the Browns can rock the brown mask, however I wanted the oldschool feel with the gray mask. I debated on whether to include orange pants because I love the look, but I think the browns look amazing when they wear all white. I also thinned the pants stripe to match the older style.
  20. DouglasQuaid

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I dont have a twitter but I'd vote #4 because that throwback looks great.
  21. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    Again another concept with nothing too crazy going on. For the Jets I used kelly green uniforms brighten up their current look and also an altered version of the "NY" logo. I also based the uniform on when they wore all white and a white facemask against the Jaguars. Stripes were also fixed on the template and the font relates to the jet aspect with a air force vibe.
  22. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    Not many changes for the bears. However I got rid of the home sleeve outlines to make the uniform more bold, like the uniforms in the 50s. I also did the same to the logo which brings back the look of the one color logo but in orange. The away uniform stays the same because its one of the best uniforms of all time.
  23. DouglasQuaid

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    I love the 3 stripes. Just put them on the current uniforms and go back to the throwback logo. Also put them on the socks too.
  24. DouglasQuaid

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    94 throwbacks with 3 stripes!
  25. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    Heres my Lions uniform concept. I liked the look of the throwback jerseys with the regular helmet and pants so I decided to simplify the uniform. For the helmet I decided to switch to a blue mask because I like how it looked during the Sanders era. I also got rid of the stripes and the detail lines on the logo giving it a more basic look. Striped socks were also needed to break up the yoga pants look. Wordmarks are removed to let the stripe design stand on its own. The number font was designed by @HRC4 and based off the lions current wordmark. I think his font gives a unique and classic look that looks better then the current font IMO. Other than that nothing too crazy here.