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    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Maybe the NFL doesn't want riddell to have decals of their brand.
  2. DouglasQuaid

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    They should make a modern version on the vsr4 with better technology. I think the NFL needs to preserve that classic helmet shape. The vsr4 is my all time favorite and its sad to see it go.
  3. DouglasQuaid

    does the Colts' striping inconsistency bother you?

    The stripe matches the jerseys because its a blue stripe in between white. I know its a stretch, but in a way it works.
  4. I love that match up, but I feel like they will continue to wear all black.
  5. DouglasQuaid

    does the Colts' striping inconsistency bother you?

    My suggestion would to keep them as is. The only thing i would add is sock stripes. Maybe only add one stripe to match the helmet. Ex: Jerseys and pants match, helmet and socks match. A Grey facemask is the best option when compared to white or blue (even though i used to be a fan of the blue).
  6. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  7. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 16/32 - Vikings v2

    After some time I decide to tweak my Vikings concept. I thought about going full throwback with some tweaks, however I instead tweaked the current vikings design and fixed the main issues I have with the uniform. The main changes are switching to a grey mask instead of white and making the stripes on each jersey more consistent. I also tweaked the sock stripes and added some to the home socks.
  8. I agree it was a great look last year. They need to incorporate red more.
  9. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 16/32 - Vikings v2

    Sticking with LA next is the Chargers. As much as I love the old chargers look with a emphasis on yellow, I decide to lean towards white to differentiate them from the Rams. To give them a new look I decided to go back to a blue helmet and based the uniform on the previous design. I also dropped the navy because the powder blue looks better and is more unique. Another difference is I went with solid retro looking numbers because I like the look of the 1960s uniforms.
  10. DouglasQuaid


    This is a great idea for uniform concepts. It would be amazing to make every team in the game look perfect. I now need to try this myself. Keep this thread going.
  11. DouglasQuaid

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    What a great look. I love the Vsr4 and the facemasks of that era. Its sad to see that they are on the way out.
  12. DouglasQuaid

    Unpopular Opinions

    (the only thing I would change is number font and matching helmet stripe).
  13. DouglasQuaid

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 16

    Red Socks.
  14. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 16/32 - Vikings v2

    Here's my my take on Rams. I decided to base the concept on their classic LA uniforms but used yellow as a primary to give them a unique look within the league. For the sleeves I wanted to use thicker horn shape that fits on the jersey template better and is reminiscent of the patriots stripes. I decided to use a dark royal instead of sticking with navy.
  15. DouglasQuaid

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 16/32 - Vikings v2

    With all the talk and discussion of updating the bucs I decided I'd put out own my concept. For the colors I used the darker red from the previous set and used the throwback orange. I decided to drop pewter because I want the throwback uniforms as an alternate (although I could try replace black with pewter). The set obviously sticks to the classic 1997 look, with the pants stripe, numbers, and jersey design. I also prefer the look of the white pants over the pewter pants.
  16. DouglasQuaid

    Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Titans concept added 1/18/19

    These are great! I like the current uniforms but they are lacking that old school vikings feel (like your name). I would take these instantly and never look back. I love the gray facemask, no black in the logo, and the pants stripe change works really well. I like the dark purple too, the vikings current uniforms seem too light at times. The only changes I would make is to have home striped socks and no wordmark on the chest
  17. I just noticed Miami's throwbacks have different striped socks this year.
  18. Yeah I thought numbers would work like they use to on the throwbacks, but I now think they look fine the way they.
  19. It would be interesting if Nike tried these kind of designs with new NFL uniforms. It looks unique without having any major gimmicks.
  20. DouglasQuaid

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I dont think it matters too much, but they could always put a thick yellow stripe on the navy socks.
  21. What do people think of the vikings helmets that are wet and look glossy.
  22. My favorite thing about the previous uniforms was the away numbers.
  23. DouglasQuaid

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    As much as a love the mono white ucla striped vikings, I think this is the best road look for them.