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  1. NHL Adidas Concepts

    Edmonton Oilers Vegas Golden Knights Nashville Predators
  2. NHL Adidas Concepts

    Philadelphia Flyers A new take on the Flyers uniforms featuring sleeve stripes are inspired by the 2012 winter classic sweaters
  3. NHL Adidas Concepts

    Ottawa Senators Stripes based on 1922/23 and 90's jerseys Colorado Avalanche Based on the Colorado flag and their inaugural uniforms LA Kings Stripes based on the stripping in the middle of their shield
  4. NHL Adidas Concepts

    Columbus Blue Jackets Stripes inspired by Ohio Flag St. Louis Blues Based on their 2017 winter classic jersey Washington Capitals Features 13 stripes on the front of the jersey
  5. USMNT 2018 World Cup Jerseys

    Here is a look at the blue jersey with blue sleeves
  6. Valencia CF Logo Concept

  7. Rutgers Football Adidas Concept

  8. Western Michigan Concept Football Uniforms

    The helmets would look similar to these
  9. A simple take on Western Michigans Uniforms
  10. Adidas is having a contest to design a 3rd jersey for multiple teams here These are two of my designs http://www.adidas.com/us/creatorstudio/en_US/ac-milan/gallery/12104 http://www.adidas.com/us/creatorstudio/en_US/fc-bayern-munich/gallery/12147 Share your thoughts and your own here.
  11. NFL Europe / "If Soccer Clubs were NFL Teams..."

  12. NFL Europe / "If Soccer Clubs were NFL Teams..."

    ARSENAL Home Away
  13. NFL Europe / "If Soccer Clubs were NFL Teams..."

    INTER MILAN Home Away