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  1. Who's Gonna Call The Shots? Oracle is reporting that several clubs have made official hires to fill staff positions. Lenny Knox will coach the Waterdee Ducks and Wilson Gibbs is now at the helm for Cobantle. The Perna Whitecaps landed the fiery personality Doyle Holloway to fill their top coaching spot. The Maroons appear to have a deal in place with noted stone-face Ron Woolridge. In Moriga, the Blackbirds' search finalized with Van Buchanan being chosen over Warren Miller who was instead offered a contract by Engor. In Maienzona, both San Ferrio and San Estas took some extra time to decide on candidates, ultimately seeing Cliff Marshall heading to the Tars and John Dawson being chosen by the Seals. The Best For Last? The Flying Tigers choose orange and black as their flagship colors, paired with plenty of white and occasional Vegas gold. Quick Facts: City: Engor, Cabriga Isles Nickname: Flying Tigers Colors: Orange, Black Owner: Rupert Rocha Home: Memorial Expo Grounds (Cap. 31k; Built: 1929; Field: Grass; Owned by City of Engor; Nickname: "The Meg") Sponsor: Meltwater Financial Mascot: Erwin the Tiger Engor has always been a military outpost from the very beginning days of immigration to Torland. An old fort still stands on the hill just west of the Engor River overlooking the shallow ford that eventually turned into a city. Engor is a small community with a big reach due to the amount of pilots and airlines that call it home. Fort Woodward, so named for the original Flying Tiger (Torland's famed bomber squadron) Erwin "Ace" Woodward who was famous for his innovative air support tactics, is part of the massive Engor Air Base installation. The Flying Tigers were one of the few units to participate in the world wars, part of combined Allied forces on loan to the United States in the Pacific Theater. The "tiger" motif is prominent throughout the city and region. The city also houses a substantial rail yard and railroad facilities that service most of the north island. Outside the city, agriculture and small-scale ranching are the other primary industries. The northern part of the island is fertile but rarely green or vibrantly colored, which led to Engor being nicknamed "Dity City." The county's expo center, the Memorial Expo Grounds, (known as the "Meg") is the both the oldest and smallest facility in the league but has been well maintained for its age. New owner Rupert Rocha, originally from San Antoza, pushed hard to get a bid for a club in the fledgling league, choosing the smaller city of Engor with a ready-made facility despite no actual ties to the community to leapfrog some of the other bids for the eighth franchise who required too many variables to establish themselves. Rocha's salesmanship won over, selling Commissioner Gossett on Engor's tight community and rabid fan base potential. Rocha's deep pockets and affable personality aside, questions remain on the viability of a long-term club in Engor, especially with Rocha's ties to other cities and Engor being regarded something of a step-sibling to the bigger cities in Malvaton and Moriga. The actual residents for their part have been receptive and excited about bringing baseball to the area.
  2. Thanks so much! That's exactly what I'm going for, or attempting to anyway. Finding a good starting place for a fictional league is much more difficult than I thought it'd be. Eight You're Great New announcements today by TSL league commish Bo Gossett confirm the final city and owner selections for the 8-team league. It is unknown which other cities were in contention but better deals were not completed so the smaller city of Engor was awarded a franchise with Rupert Rocha who will call them the Flying Tigers and use the serviceable Memorial Expo Grounds (known as “the Meg”) as a home park. Gossett also talked about the league being organized into two unnamed divisions but said that talks were ongoing as a consensus hasn't been reached by the owners for an alignment. It is unknown if official divisions will exist by the beginning of regular season play. Several sportswriters are blasting Gossett for not being more forceful on the issue, stating that the fledgling league is losing an opportunity for rivalries and playoff matchups with divisional races. San Ferrio Nails Down Their Style The Tars employ a classic black and gold color scheme and play on the deep history of San Ferrio and the Iron Coast with ironworkers and sailors. The anchor-anvil tattoo is a classic mark in the area. Quick Facts: City: San Ferrio, Maienzona Nickname: Tars Colors: Black, Gold Owner: Jerry Brandenburg Home: Hallcedony Park (Cap. 48k; Built: 1944; Field: Grass; Owned by Jerry Brandenburg; Nickname: "The Quarry") Sponsor: Hallcedony Mining Corp. Mascot: (none) San Ferrio has an almost reverential mystique as the king of the Iron Coast, a city with a deep heritage of hard work and innovation. Historically, the main professions are the iron ore mines in the nearby foothills and canyons between the Zent and Capino rivers and the cargo ships in the vast shipping yards in the local sea ports. With a blue collar mentality, San Ferrio became known as a place where anyone could go and establish themselves if they worked hard enough. There's a unique feeling of tight-knit community and lack of an upper class despite big money tied up in some of the largest businesses in Torland. San Ferrio built its reputation on year-round work availability with men and even women known as "tars" who worked the iron ore mines and steel mills during the fall and winter and shipped out on cargo vessels during the spring and summer months. The tars are a special breed who are held in high regard in Torland, often given the same respect as those in the military or law enforcement. They have trade union chapters in many cities and are invested in community development. The owner of one of the largest mining companies in Torland, Hallcedony Mining Cop. (HAL-CEH-DONNY), Jerry Brandenburg is a former tar before he turned exclusively to the extraction side of the iron business, and even played baseball off an on in high school and college at the University of Maienzona. Brandenburg owns a baseball stadium on the north side of the city along the Zent River which is 16 years old but still in good condition. Hallecdony Park is known as the "The Quarry" due to it being part of a former retired rock quarry which created a natural bowl to build a baseball field within it. Brandenburg has a prestigious reputation but is also known to waste tons of money on projects instead of more organized, calculated approaches. It is hoped that his baseball experience and deep pockets will be an asset to the league. Note: I purchased this graphic of a retro ironworker and modified it for this secondary logo as I thought it really fit what I was looking for on this one. Sort of my take on a White Sox-esque "Batterman" for this league. One more team and then on to the draft and uniforms!
  3. I loved the branding thread, got some super cool concepts in there. I like your premise for this simulation, should be a lot of fun. Are the managers/GM's also former big league managers? Who are the owners of these clubs? Fun fact, I was actually born in Largo and grew up in Clearwater til about 8 years old. I really like the Plant City identity and with it also being close to my place of birth, I'm officially a Fruit Bats fan!
  4. Thanks. That's a good idea, I've been messing around with some Cardinals-esque shirt arrangements. Thanks. I made some adjustments.
  5. Birds Find a Nest in Moriga The Blackbirds had a snafu with the fabric dye and received a dark brown and light blue instead of the off black and teal that Kip Christy had requested. Because of the last minute nature of his franchise agreement, Christy decided to go ahead with it anyway. Quick Facts: City: Moriga, Cabriga Isles Nickname: Blackbirds Colors: Dark brown, light blue, cream Owner: Kip Christy Home: Alliance Center (Cap. 32; Built: 1940; Field: Turf; Owned by the City of Moriga; Nickname: "The Shack") Sponsor: Antler Entertainment Mascot: (none) The city of Moriga (MOR-REE-GAH) is the rebellious, brash little brother to Malvaton across the bay. Moriga is mixture of Oakland and New Orleans in the States. As the primary city of the southern Cabriga Isles, the people are not keen to outsiders but also don't mind the flocks of people who frequent the many casinos along the coastal ferry ways in the area to keep the economy flush with cash. The local municipal government is poorly run and the crime rates are among the highest in Torland. Nearby Devilshy Mountain which carries an imposing figure in the center of South Cabriga Island, was according to folk lore so-named due to the Devil himself being too shy to participate in the sheer revelry going on during the Golden Pirate Era in Moriga. The city has attempted to curb its reputation and keep business taxes low to attract new big business but it also constantly battles the ingrained mob nature of its politics. Blackbirds owner Kip Christy was born in a low-income neighborghood in Moriga before leveraging a track and field scholarship to attend Cabriga Tech (where he met Maroons owner George Kidwell) and relocate to Malvaton. Christy doesn't take no for an answer, evidenced by his strong-arming commissioner Bo Gossett into granting him a franchise despite not meeting many of the requirements. The projected home for the Blackbirds is the Alliance Center (referred to as "The Shack") in Moriga which is 20 years old and in decrepit condition and barely functional as a baseball stadium. The patchwork roof leaks and though it's manually removable, is too beat up to be opened regularly and the early-generation turf is in a bad state. Along with the colorway snafu with the printing company, Christy's foray into baseball hasn't gone well so far. There are concerns among the other owners that Christy's whole arrangement is a major liability for the stability of the new league and his war with George Kidwell isn't the type of publicity they need.
  6. As I continue to introduce new teams and identities, I'll be adding in pieces of Torland history and other pertinent information. Torland has a vast collegiate athletic system, which is part of the reason professional sports have taken off in the country. (Other than baseball, American football, hockey, and soccer are all popular. Basketball hasn't quite caught on yet but it's growing slowly) Here is the collegiate system, comprised of two overall governing commissions, each with a unique configuration of conferences and divisions. The UAC is considered the more elite of the two, featuring larger universities, budgets and facilities. Below is a map and list. Trouble in Paradise? Kip Christy of South Cabriga, rumored to also want a Malvaton-based club has publicly denounced new Malvaton Maroons owner George Kidwell, saying that his own franchise proposal was decidedly better but Kidwell forced him out. Kidwell hotly denied the accusation, saying that Christy is an incompetent, petulant child. Christy is reportedly now seeking to establish a team directly across the bay in Moriga despite the lack of a suitable facility in the city, the only one being the Alliance Center, which is a ramshackle structure in bad condition and almost 20 years old. Kip, Kip, Hurray? Kip Christy appears to have gotten his wish to start a team in Moriga, much to the chagrin of the other new owners. In a jab to Kidwell, Christy has decided to stake his claim on the whole Cabriga Isles and call his team the Cabriga Blackbirds with the Alliance Center (now known as “The Shack”) as home park. Also officially announced, though with much less fanfare and drama, Joe Cardoza will own the San Estas Seals, playing at Ferryman Field. Malvaton Is Swaddled in Maroon Malvaton keeps things simple with primary use of their namesake color which they pair with cream and occasionally powder blue. Quick Facts: City: Malvaton, Cabriga Isles Nickname: Maroons Colors: Maroon, Cream Owner: George Kidwell Home: Rhymorkin Park (Cap. 46k; Built: 1954; Field: Grass; Owned by Rhymorkin Family Trust; Nickname: "The Rhy") Sponsor: (none) Mascot: (none) Malvaton is an interesting city because of its prominence as an island port and a gateway to other areas of Torland. The Cabriga Isles in general (pronouced KUH-BREE-GUH) have a deep, tumultuous history, perhaps only slightly underscored by the bitter feud between Maroons owner George Kidwell and Blackbirds owner Kip Christy, who were dorm mates and classmates at Cabriga Tech. The island state's nickname is "The Land of Leaping and Joy" or "The Leaping State" comes from the large herds of wild goats on the island before it was inhabited, which is also the inherent meaning for "Cabriga." It's people are hardy, boisterous and known for both working hard and playing hard. They will bicker and backbite among themselves (Malvaton, Moriga, and Engor being the big three) but if there's a state issue, the islanders are fiercely loyal to protect their state. The addition of several air force bases only further flavored the bravado that these islanders carry. The term "maroon" is from a special forces unit based out of nearby Fort Barrows and Joint Base Hauser which became famous for its elite roster of sea and air warriors trained by General Daniel Hauser. These soldiers had to undergo intense training and complete a handful of dangerous missions before earning a special maroon beret, which itself was a nod back to the old pirate days of Malvaton when a certain notorious Captain Cetta wore a white cap that had been fully stained into a dark maroon-ish color from the blood of his slain enemies. It is said that the "Spirit of Cetta" still lives on in the people of Malvaton, and many still call themselves the "Sons of Cetta." The Maroons play at Rhymorkin Park (the venerable William Rhymorkin being the founding father of the city) which is owned by the Rhymorkin Family Trust which has built and maintains dozens of facilities and municipal improvements in the city. (A modern comparison to the park would be AT&T Park in San Francisco). New owner Kidwell made his money in offshore oil investments and several big dollar defense contracts for the air force. Kidwell infamously carries himself with a particular ease in front of the camera but off the record is just as temperamental as his rival Kip Christy. If any of the new owners in Cabriga can survive themselves, the potential for a loyal fanbase is extremely high. (Note: I'm not super keen on the secondary mark as it looks too collegiate. I was working on a more unique mark with a maroon beret but haven't come up with something I feel good about yet. What do y'all think, any ideas?)
  7. Ok, this is not hand drawn, I took various free art from around the internet and spliced them up to get what I needed. I kind of like it and it can be a base for now until I can hand draw my own version. What do you guys think of this direction? I'm not sure if it's too cute or if the cap is enough to make the duck look baseball-ish. If I stick with this new duck, should he be named Webby or Dubby? Thanks for your thoughts! The hand drawn lettering is being reconsidered as they matched the uniform scripts but I'm reevaluating each look to stay era-appropriate as I don't want to get too modern too early. I tend to jump the gun sometimes.
  8. Thanks. I struggle in the freehand drawing department so those types of logos are difficult for me but I really dig the idea so I'm gonna give it a shot. No telling on how it'll turn out so I think it'll become an alternate logo that could turn into a primary, similar to the Orioles. Good idea. Thank you for your thoughts, always appreciated. I think I wanted to start fairly simple and work my way up from there. Torland will be a breeding ground for many leagues and there will be some pretty crazy identities in the future. I agree some of these initial nicknames could be somewhat common but they were all chosen carefully based on my (still-growing) understanding of each city. In some respects, I'm still learning about Torland too. But that is definitely something to continue keeping in mind, especially with juggling the magnitude of a huge new world. I'm glad you asked about the capital. The capital city of Torland is Vensessor, situated just north of Prestonburg in New Dosa at the geographical center of the island. It is a small city, more similar to DC in it also being an independent district apart from the state, but it's laid out more like Canberra in Australia. It's near the headwaters of the Cauldron River and many of the government buildings are built into the cliffs and foothills of the northern Wilder Mountains. Victory Station is the central military headquarters for Torland's armed forces, including the NDA (National Defense Agency, Torland's version of the CIA) and the historic Fort Renfro, which was named for "Mad" Sal Renfro, the most famous military leader in Torland's history, known for his fearless style and demeanor.
  9. Thanks for the critique, I'm inclined to agree with you. Torland being fictional gives me a little wiggle room on modern looks but I went back and compared to other big ball teams of the era and made some adjustments. I just love roundels and baseball so I'll keep that general aesthetic for this series but hopefully some of these are more simple and appropriate for the time period. Updates: What do y'all think, better looks for the era?
  10. Since it's a fictional world I am definitely going to attempt something along those lines at some point. There will be other independent and major-level league competition to spring up over the course of this series so there will be plenty of opportunities, not to mention minor league systems. I'm a bit of a traditionalist and by no means a great designer but it'll be a fun way to practice. San Estas Gets Seal of Approval The Seals colors borrow heavily from the Seals team in San Francisco, with navy blue and orange. A Torland staple of creamy off-white completes the scheme. Quick Facts: City: San Estas, Maienzona Nickname: Seals Colors: Navy, Orange, Cream Owner: Joe Cardoza Home: Ferryman Field (Cap. 38k; Built: 1953; Field: Grass; Owned by City of San Estas; Nickname: "The Big Wharf") Sponsor: Klibecraft, Inc. Mascot: Sandy The Seal San Estas is a navy town, through-and-through, and carries a certain swagger that is unmatched by other cities. The shipyards and the night life in The Sunny City are both quite extensive and contribute to their wild reputation. The San Estas Naval Base, Navy Academy, and Fort Cardona are an integral part of the culture and commerce of the area and create a thriving, constantly shifting landscape that is especially appealing to the younger generations and also to the big defense contractors vying for government business. One of the largest manufacturers in Torland is Klibecraft, a vehicle maker, originally for military-grade motorized vehicles but now mainly produces naval aircraft and commercial truck fleets, and is the sponsor of Ferryman Field. The park was built alongside one of the original ferry wharves (thus its other nickname of "The Big Wharf") on the main seawall in San Estas and has gone through several generations, most recently in 1952 when the park was expanded to a capacity of 38,000. The city owns the park but local businessman Joe Cardoza brokered a deal with Klibecraft and his own finances to lease the park indefinitely. Cardoza, himself a former navy man, borrowed (read: stole) the name and colors from the baseball team in San Francisco to public outcry from California but the people of San Estas turned it into a victorious coup and have publicly fired back at California. Cardoza let it run as it created an instant bond with the new team and fans. The city mayor was forced to denounce such outcries as it negatively affected American tourism to the area and threatened to pull out of the Ferryman deal but the people still remain staunch in their own defense. The Lanterns Are Lit in Perna The Whitecaps keep things simple with a color scheme of dark navy and cream. The only team without a roundel and the secondary mark is rarely used. Quick Facts: City: Perna, Granago Nickname: Whitecaps Colors: Dark Navy, Cream Owner: Robert Goforth Home: Lantern Park (Cap. 34k; Built: 1955; Field: Grass; Owned by Robert Goforth; Nickname: "The Light Yard") Sponsor: (officially none) Goforth is part-owner of Terra Nova Mines, which finances the park Mascot: (none) Perna is a quiet mining town situated in the Ghost Valley in the eastern arm of Ghost Lake. The shape of the lake is truly iconic and permeates every part of Perna and their culture. The name Whitecaps refers both to the ghosts and a special militia force by the same name who wore squares of white cloth on their caps in the early settlement days of the area when relations with the natives and other settlers were tenuous. While mining, most notably Terra Nova Mines, is the dominate occupation, fishing and logging are other exports in the area. Known for its stable economy and leadership and tight-knit community, Perna has long been lauded as a model for efficient municipal government and economic growth, despite the presence of several big businesses. Robert Goforth owns the Whitecaps and Lantern Park, a small but very quaint stadium (ala Wrigley Field) that has been Perna's main sports and entertainment source for decades. The name came from when the park first opened and a scheduled night game almost had to be canceled because the stadium lights were not installed in time. Instead, most of the city showed up and brought every lantern they could find and lit the park themselves. Goforth is a stoic presence and admitted traditionalist, but has stated he wants to build a team that will be perennial contenders for a long time. Up next: Trouble in Cabriga? Note; I suppose most of you are waiting to see actual uniforms but I wanted to unveil them after the draft so you'll have the main players of each new team on them as well. Thanks for being patient and supporting this series in its infancy. I appreciate ALL critique and thoughts on these designs, so please fire away. I can't wait to see which teams people end up supporting. I'll have signatures available after the reveals are over.
  11. Steelman

    Lewisville Fighting Farmers logo refresh

    Same! (I'm in Weatherford, btw) I haven't been around Lewisville in a minute but from what I recall the pitchfork is somewhat iconic. I'd try to keep that element in your redesigns. Saw this on Google search, may help in your decisions:
  12. I haven't seen or heard of that thread but it sounds awesome! I'll probably check it out after I've got this one fairly established. (ignorance is bliss! haha) If you mean the name Torland itself, it's from a very old Gaelic word 'tor' or 'torr' which essentially means "rocky pinnacle." In the northern coastal region of Lismane there's a huge rocky outface that was a landmark for North Pacific whalers taking refuge in the area on their way to and from San Francisco. All of the other names are typically randomly generated from a wide variety of resources, I keep tons of lists of potential names and then I do etymology on each to determine what it could mean or represent. For instance, San Ferrio became "Iron City" because 'ferrio' comes from a root latin word which essentially means 'iron' so it sort of evolved from there. I haven't yet. I do plan to do so but it's not a focal point at this time until league sponsorship continue to rise. I like that. I didn't know much about that city, thanks for bringing that up! New Bears Logos Emerge From The Cavern The Bears colors are red and navy, a prominent scheme among all Cobantle-based teams. Quick Facts: City: Cobantle, Granago Nickname: Bears Colors: Red, Navy, White Owner: Arlie Penny Home: Dominion Field (Cap. 40k; Built: 1952; Field: Grass; Owned by Penny Enterprises; Nickname: "The Cavern") Sponsor: Dominion Bank & Trust Mascot: Penny Bear (unofficial) Cobantle is a blue-collar city with similarities to Cleveland, Memphis and Detroit. Originally a mill town due to the heavy presence of mills along the Penny River, Cobantle continued to grow as a center for handmade craftsmanship. Textile manufacturing is still the largest sector but the area has embraced all trades, especially anything opposite of what Waterdee offers. The people of Cobantle have a fierce rivalry with Waterdee and relish their underdog status despite the growing size of their city. The Penny family is old royalty, evidenced by how many things are named after them and they are major contributors in a wide slew of business fields. Arlie Penny came up in real estate and then delved into banking. The current Dominion Field is 8 years old and every stadium in its location of a natural valley bowl just outside the city south of the river has always been known as "The Cavern." Legends and myths abound about the bears and caves and underground shafts in the area, something the citizens are never shy about scaring tourists with the stories.
  13. Just Add Hotdogs? Seemingly overnight, new and overhauled baseball stadiums have popped up all over the eastern Torland. Union Park in Waterdee has been retrofitted into a beautiful ballfield. “The Yoop” as it is known to locals, now seats nearly 50,000 and looks to be a central figure in a plan to bring major-level baseball to the eastern shores of Torland. Other parks recently overhauled and updated include Dominion Park in Cobantle, Ferryman Field in San Estas, and Rhymorkin Park in Malvaton. That brings four potential cities to light as locks for new teams. Who's On First? New reports have surfaced detailing nearly a dozen ownership groups are fighting for clubs in the new baseball league. Bo Gossett has been tight-lipped but has said that there will be official announcements about the new league soon. We have done our own research and found credible sources who say San Ferrio's Jerry Brandenberg and San Estas' Joe Cardoza are leading the charge for bringing franchises to Maienzona. Both cities have prominent ballpark facilities. Show Me What You Got? A new announcement today by Bo Gossett of the upcoming Torland Star League shows the fledging league is getting serious, as they called for a nationwide talent tryout in preparation for a short developmental season of play to help teams evaluate players before an inaugural draft takes place. Gossett also announced that regular league play would begin in the spring of 1960 and felt confident that owners, teams, stadiums and rosters would all be in place by that time. Have Stars Will Travel? Over 700 prospects auditioned for a chance to participate in the TSL short development season. That number was reportedly whittled down to approximately 250-300 prospects, in line for an 8-team league with 25-man rosters. It is unknown if there will also be any lower level team systems attached to the TSL but the nationwide audition has created a buzz about the new league. If It Looks Like a Duck... The first four official teams have been announced by TSL: The Waterdee Ducks are owned by John Rosenthal and will call Union Park home. The Cobantle Bears are owned by Arlie Penny and will play at Dominion Field, also known as “The Cavern.” Heading across the bay, the Malvaton Maroons are owned by George Kidwell and home field will be Rhymorkin Park. The San Ferrio Tars are owned by Jerry Brandenberg and will play at the newly renovated Hallcedony Park, affectionately known as “The Quarry.” Waterdee Ducks Leak New Logos The Ducks officially adopted Waterdee's own colors of red and green along with cream as their scheme. A stylized serif W with a duck head imposed upon it comprises their main mark. It is rumored that teams will unveil uniforms after the draft. Quick Facts: City: Waterdee, Granago Nickname: Ducks Colors: Red, Green, Cream Owner: John Rosenthal (Rosenthal Engineering Group) Home: Union Park (Cap. 50k; Built: 1957; Field: Grass; Owned by John Rosenthal; Nickname: "The U.P." or "The Yoop" Sponsor: Union Medical Network Mascot: Dub The Duck The city of Waterdee is the miniature New York City of Torland but with more of a Boston / Portland, OR flair due to the high number of Irish-American immigrants that first settled the region. It also has a large amount of canals built into the area which facilitated shipping in the earlier years which is how the city got its name, also known as the "Water City" and "Watertown". Waterdee is now home to many large businesses and is a top commercial and financial hub of Torland. It is also the home of Oracle Sports Network, the primary coverage of TSL baseball. The city has a deep rivalry with nearby Cobantle due to the presence of two state universities, the University of Granago in Waterdee and Granago State in Cobantle. The Ducks are the inaugural team in part because of Waterdee being the flagship and also partly because Rosenthal already owned the team rights, which has competed independently at various levels for many years and already has a devoted fan base. I'm still figuring out a presentation style that will suit my needs for this series, so any suggestions on what to include or not include are appreciated. I don't want to overwhelm with too many details as the point of all this is obviously graphics and design, so hopefully I can strike a good balance as we progress. I always appreciate all graphical critique and criticism as I am also using these concepts to continue improving my skills. Freehand drawing is not my strong suit, so you'll see plenty of open source graphics and clipart as the series begins.
  14. Plenty of large scale companies, many of which I will introduce soon due to ownership and sponsorship connections. One of the larger manufacturers is Klibecraft, a vehicle maker, originally for military-grade motorized vehicles but now also produces aircraft and commercial truck fleets. Due to Torland's location in the Pacific ocean between equatorial currents near Hawaii and the sub-arctic currents in the Alaskan Circle, the flora and fauna vary greatly depending on the region. It's pretty much the best of several worlds, with Alaska, Hawaii, California coast, Oregon coast, eastern Asia, and Russia all colliding. It's a bit like the center of the compass and wildlife mirrors which direction you go. Thanks! I'll go back and take a look at that, I'm thinking it's a layering issue but it wasn't intentional. As it stands it looks hand drawn but like you I'd prefer a more precise roundel. Good eye. Maienzona is an interesting state and region. It's nickname is "The Noble State." It's largest city, San Ferrio ("Iron City -- every major city has at least one nickname btw) is a more technology-inclined coastal version of Pittsburgh, with iron ore and steel being it's main backbone, but also carries heavy harbor trade through it's port system. San Estas ("Sunny City") is decidedly a naval city due to Fort Cardona and the San Estas Naval Base, much like San Diego but with more of a Miami flair. The state relies strongly on the tourism to their many beaches, especially along the southwest peninsula because the rest of the state is home to some of the only ranch land (horses, cows) in the country. Baseball in Torland will begin in Waterdee and graduate westward, but there will be other independent leagues to spring up as well. But I can confirm Maienzona will be well represented in the initial crop of teams. Thanks! I hope so too.
  15. Thanks! McDonald's is obviously hard to beat on a global scale, but Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out have recently made a big push into the area. A local seafood chain called Honey Whale is the top Torland-based chain and is an iconic part of Torland culture. Torland is not a US territory but has had a relationship very similar to the Philippines as a functional colony and subsequently an independently recognized nation. Torland enjoys a very close open-border relationship with the USA. Torland's top exports are ocean-related. The northern regions are on par with Alaska in fishing and seafood exports. The eastern regions have transitioned to primarily manufacturing parts and machinery, similar to Japan. The southern and western regions have more overall variety but the inner valleys produce some of the finest specialty crops such as almonds, grapes, strawberries and other nuts.