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  1. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    I think I only commented once or twice but this was probably the most inspiring series I've seen since I've been lurking these boards. Your diligence in each design truly paid off. Hat's off, sir. Fantastic series. Enjoyed every bit of it.
  2. Dude, this is one hell of an improvement. It's a shame it doesn't work on the helmet. This turned out fantastic though. I like the primary on the white helmet better, but I like the red helmets for the new set overall. I think the logo on red reminded me of the Ravens styling; black on black. I don't think it's too big of a deal to be honest. Is having two helmets out of the question?
  3. NCAA Football Super Series

    JCR, you're a freaking beast. Massive project, off to a hot start! Really digging that Dallas State concept. Nashville's logo is super nice too. Good work.
  4. I dig the Firebirds' update. Feels like a nice progression in how they would evolve their look. It's more of a muted/darker scheme than previous. Not sure that I like it better, but again it's a nice progression. I really like the uniforms. I've never been a fan of double outlines on numbers but it works for the set. Only thing that falls short, as a few others have mentioned, is the secondary. It just looks too much like a snake/alien hybrid to me. I hesitated to comment because I didn't have any thoughts on alternative looks for it, but I'm now thinking that perhaps you should continue with the sharp angles the team seems to be adopting. (chevrons, sharp angles on the primary bird, etc) To me the best part of the logo isn't the head, it's the sharp star-pointed wings of it. I think you should explore that, and with due deference to the Atlanta Falcons, possibly in a side-profile version similar to the original secondary with all those glorious points and angles instead. Overall I dig this because it's way out of the box compared to the previous look. AND a tasteful BFBS (if that exists). Kudos for that. Looking forward to your Bobcats and Destroyers updates.
  5. Cleveland Browns Bulldog Logo Refresh

    This is a fantastic update, Zion! Excellent work. I really couldn't find any critiques to offer.
  6. I never thought I'd say I like a pink and brown color scheme, but I'll be damned... I do. It's weird and funky but it doesn't feel contrived either. I dig it dude. I like the uniforms a lot. The only thing that fell short for me was the wordmark. I think I was hoping for something a little bolder and more aggressive, all-caps and italicized and such. But otherwise, super unique concept.
  7. Literally all of this is huge improvement, excellent adjustments and work! Everything looks much cleaner. I double-taked the league logo because it looks so much more like it belongs in this league. Love the way it's like the other major league logos and could be a player in both directions, nice!
  8. Heck yes to the Wasps! Honestly was not expecting that when I scrolled down, but definitely surprised in a good way. Fantastic bold new look for the team. I really dig the primary and secondary logos. (especially the secondary, the interlocking thing looks way better now) The wordmark is the only part I think falls short. I could tolerate the WASPS in that font, but I'd change the Washington to something more legible at smaller weights. First thought (just being honest!) was the W in Wasps looks like it was giving the middle finger. The font feels a little too 90's digital to me, I think I'd make it heavier and little more squared instead. Jerseys are fantastic. Just a super sharp look that I was not expecting. I actually didn't think Bengals first, I thought about the Miami Suns first, so I think the look is different enough from both to stand on its own.
  9. National Floor Hockey League

    Some thoughts: Jazz: I like the logo but I'd prefer the yellow outline to be thinner. It dominates the logo a little too much for my taste. Braves: With the logo on the shorts, I kinda felt like this team could be super unique and not carry a logo on the shirt. Seemed redundant to me. You could instead put a northwestern stripe on the shirt like the socks. Totems: This is my favorite logo out of the bunch. Great look. This is weird but the V striping on the alt jersey turns the focal point to the crotch... Plus I think I'd do more of a scoop like the shapes in the logo than the sharp V shape. Pioneers: I was super confused for a minute because it says Seattle Pioneers above it. Lol. Good look though. Nationals: Great look.
  10. National Floor Hockey League

    I actually really like the Vipers logo but the fangs don't work for me. They look like tusks imo, I think if you made them pointier and more fang-like the logo would work much better. Quite an interesting concept and series, keep up the good work!
  11. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Rangers fan here. So I'm just gonna shoot from the hip. First thought was, I like the color scheme and could get used to it. The brick made me sad that Globe Life is being discarded, it is a beautiful brick park. But I also wished the brick red was more red. Us Rangers fans seem to like our bold red. I think you could split the difference and not make anyone think of those dadgum Astros. The slate blue is perfect. I dig the refreshed primary. With the addition of sand (which I like) the white seems weird though. Like too many colors on that logo. Same goes for the tertiary, I'd ditch the white outlines for sand and go for a simplified look on logo and patch. Just initial impression. Not sure I like the double outlines with this scheme, though I can tolerate it. I appreciate the deletion of the shadow on the T though. Texas is a prideful place, so I guess we're required to wear Texas on our jerseys at all times. But I like your addition of a Rangers wordmark at home, makes a lot of sense and looks good. I really like the striping. The first set of secondaries are nice. On point with what Rangers fans have come to expect for the home stand jersey rotation. (I'd buy your Friday home alt) For your second set of alternates, I really wished you would have scaled back for more of a retro vibe with the Nolan style Heritage uniform. I don't think the double outlines work here. I actually like the cream but I guess I was wishing for a powder blue. The script would look better with a simple red/brick outline. It's cool as-is but I don't think it really screams the heritage vibes you're going for. Overall, nice set. I dig it. Looking forward to your alternate take!
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder x Nike Concepts

    Man there's a ton to like here. I really like the Loud City in C1. but C5 overall might be my favorite. That black/gray athlete set is gorgeous. I really love the clean look in C6. Lotta great stuff here. Not your typical lazy OKC takes either. Nice work.
  13. MLB | Texas Rangers Logo Modernization

    As a Rangers fan I dig this a lot. The northwestern stripe on the roundel gives the modern set a retro vibe which is pretty cool. I think my only quibble might be that the stroke on the T seems too thick for my taste, but man, I'm not even sure if it's just because I've seen the previous logo my tenure as a fan. Excellent work here.
  14. I like the new hue of green. The additions of gray and black feel good too. With the sleeve stripes being as thin as they are, the white/gray combo seems a little muddled. I'm not a fan of the front helmet numbers, but they're unique. I'd imagine that particular look won't through the decade though. Seems like the MAC might be better served on the front instead. "Always forward, like the Captain" or something like that. It seems like the stroke on the front home jersey number is thicker than the others. Otherwise, a solid update for the Caps.
  15. MLS | Expansion team Detroit Motor SC

    Lovely logo set. I dig it a lot. Only quibble is I wished the 'chrome' was a few shades lighter and you ditched the white. Personal preference I guess. That winged bird and the typography are on point. Nice work.