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  1. Steelman

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    Jordan, massive props on the creativity here! I always enjoy your work. You definitely killed this presentation.
  2. Welcome back, Veras! I never dealt with anything remotely related to depression and anxiety until very recently so I have a new respect for those who've dealt with various forms of it for their whole life. I really dig this whole new package for New Jersey. The new color and design are fantastic. That wordmark is an A+ for sure. Only tweak that came to mind is the eye on the helmet. Did you try an orange outline/pupil to make it pop more?
  3. Steelman

    The Battle of Seattle

    That frog is incredible. You're a brilliant designer, Sparky, so I hesitate to even say anything. Incredible series. I'm not a fan of the monogram gemstone. It looked like an FC to me and doesn't have a ton of panache. The frog, however, does. Super unique identity. Having been to Seattle many times (family), I feel like it's an identity they could get behind. I think I'd rework this concept around that frog. I still like Emeralds but their may be other options that tie directly to the tree frog. Nice work!
  4. Steelman

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Admittedly, the logo concept wasn't my favorite (hard to please Pittsburgh fan here) but man those wordmark concepts are great. The I-beam Pitt is brilliant. Bravo. Made this ol' senile Steelers fan happy.
  5. That's just gotta be the new butt of a league/fan joke. "Philly Blue"-- when something unfortunate happens despite good intentions.
  6. Steelman

    The Hockey Project

    Ambitious project! Kudos. Nice start here. I think the tan and gray are too similar on the color wheel. If you don't want to darken the primary color, then it looks good where you have the logo stroked in black, I would bring that motif throughout the rest of the design for contrast. The dark red on the eye is cool and fierce-- I think you there's an opportunity to use that elsewhere to tie it all together. I would either make the wing feathers on the alternate black or also stroke them. They get lost imo. Looking forward to the rest of the project.
  7. Steelman

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Just dropping back in to say congrats on a fantastic series, but especially that Titans logo. Damn that's incredible. They need to buy that from you asap.
  8. Steelman

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I hate the Ratbirds, but that's a beautiful take on their logo. One of your best in this series. Nice work!
  9. Steelman

    Seattle Sea Lions NHL Brand Exploration 2/1 Dark/Light Unis

    Quite a cool concept. I'm neutral on which direction is better. They both have possibilities. I think the second one looks more like a wolf figure though. If you flip the stick and point it down, it becomes an immediate "L" though; SL-- Sea Lions. Just a thought.
  10. I'm also interested in the player sheets. Houston has the worst playoff luck, man. I was kinda hoping they'd avenge some of their awful playoff defeats, but alas. I believe the last playoff tree graphic is not updated, btw.
  11. This was a fantastic project that I enjoyed following. You came up with quite a few unique designs and team brands that I've not seen before. It all felt coherent like it was a real international league. Definitely some inspiring stuff. Great work.
  12. I like the Brawlers logo and color scheme. Only thought was a future update where one arm is cradling a football. Otherwise, nice work and great way to end the set.
  13. I didn't have a problem with the original font choice, I saw the same Rangers patch you modeled, but the new font choice does fit the era better IMO. Can't wait to see the last team and see how the season goes!
  14. Not to bash the original, but your final Privateers logo compared to this one is a serious "wow." Kudos again for digging deeper on it. Looking forward to the Swamp Monsters!
  15. Honored you chose my character! I just might have to root for the Privateers now. Loving that logo, it's really sharp. You definitely outdid yourself on that one. The triple blue is cool also, overall a really nice look. The summer white jersey is my favorite out of the three. Nice work.