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  1. National Floor Hockey League

    Some thoughts: Jazz: I like the logo but I'd prefer the yellow outline to be thinner. It dominates the logo a little too much for my taste. Braves: With the logo on the shorts, I kinda felt like this team could be super unique and not carry a logo on the shirt. Seemed redundant to me. You could instead put a northwestern stripe on the shirt like the socks. Totems: This is my favorite logo out of the bunch. Great look. This is weird but the V striping on the alt jersey turns the focal point to the crotch... Plus I think I'd do more of a scoop like the shapes in the logo than the sharp V shape. Pioneers: I was super confused for a minute because it says Seattle Pioneers above it. Lol. Good look though. Nationals: Great look.
  2. National Floor Hockey League

    I actually really like the Vipers logo but the fangs don't work for me. They look like tusks imo, I think if you made them pointier and more fang-like the logo would work much better. Quite an interesting concept and series, keep up the good work!
  3. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    Rangers fan here. So I'm just gonna shoot from the hip. First thought was, I like the color scheme and could get used to it. The brick made me sad that Globe Life is being discarded, it is a beautiful brick park. But I also wished the brick red was more red. Us Rangers fans seem to like our bold red. I think you could split the difference and not make anyone think of those dadgum Astros. The slate blue is perfect. I dig the refreshed primary. With the addition of sand (which I like) the white seems weird though. Like too many colors on that logo. Same goes for the tertiary, I'd ditch the white outlines for sand and go for a simplified look on logo and patch. Just initial impression. Not sure I like the double outlines with this scheme, though I can tolerate it. I appreciate the deletion of the shadow on the T though. Texas is a prideful place, so I guess we're required to wear Texas on our jerseys at all times. But I like your addition of a Rangers wordmark at home, makes a lot of sense and looks good. I really like the striping. The first set of secondaries are nice. On point with what Rangers fans have come to expect for the home stand jersey rotation. (I'd buy your Friday home alt) For your second set of alternates, I really wished you would have scaled back for more of a retro vibe with the Nolan style Heritage uniform. I don't think the double outlines work here. I actually like the cream but I guess I was wishing for a powder blue. The script would look better with a simple red/brick outline. It's cool as-is but I don't think it really screams the heritage vibes you're going for. Overall, nice set. I dig it. Looking forward to your alternate take!
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder x Nike Concepts

    Man there's a ton to like here. I really like the Loud City in C1. but C5 overall might be my favorite. That black/gray athlete set is gorgeous. I really love the clean look in C6. Lotta great stuff here. Not your typical lazy OKC takes either. Nice work.
  5. MLB | Texas Rangers Logo Modernization

    As a Rangers fan I dig this a lot. The northwestern stripe on the roundel gives the modern set a retro vibe which is pretty cool. I think my only quibble might be that the stroke on the T seems too thick for my taste, but man, I'm not even sure if it's just because I've seen the previous logo my tenure as a fan. Excellent work here.
  6. I like the new hue of green. The additions of gray and black feel good too. With the sleeve stripes being as thin as they are, the white/gray combo seems a little muddled. I'm not a fan of the front helmet numbers, but they're unique. I'd imagine that particular look won't through the decade though. Seems like the MAC might be better served on the front instead. "Always forward, like the Captain" or something like that. It seems like the stroke on the front home jersey number is thicker than the others. Otherwise, a solid update for the Caps.
  7. MLS | Expansion team Detroit Motor SC

    Lovely logo set. I dig it a lot. Only quibble is I wished the 'chrome' was a few shades lighter and you ditched the white. Personal preference I guess. That winged bird and the typography are on point. Nice work.
  8. Literal reaction as I read the post: Wow. Oh Wow. OH WOW. Incredible playoff series already. I guess Cleveland has the best chance but seems like literally anyone could take it. Rooting for Texas here.
  9. MiLB | California League Logo Rebrand

    I like the design, but I'm not feeling the orange. Honestly the gold in the original might be a unique pairing with the new gold, white and red. Certainly a nice design. Good work as usual.

    That War Party helmet is dope, @sleuthpanther!
  11. Vulture Logo

    I think you did really well on the bird itself. I think where I'm having trouble is with how it interacts with the coffin shield. I like the general shape but they don't connect well. The gray threw me off and the large open space top-right looms empty and over shadows the bird. It feels like it's missing another element between the shield and the bird but I can't quite place what exactly. Fun project idea! I've often thought about creating a fictional league of the "forgotten" animals.
  12. The orange/blue seems like the most logical color switch to me. I'm a fan of the orange/red scheme, but not for a Jersey team named the Sharks. Orange and Blue is extremely New York historically (Cooper's ploy at getting some NY fans over?) and with the Imperials nearby it seems odd to put even more red on a uniform after the move, despite the different shade. Couldn't you stick with an orange helmet and make the shark mouth blue? That would also seem like a logical carryover from Buffalo. Then in 10 years, like you said, they can drop the orange to a third color and hit up the black like everyone else. I'm not even sure if you need to go that bright with the orange yet-- that seems like a more modern shade to me. Perhaps a slight brightening of Buffalo orange in combination with a blue would be a good bet. Lots of good ideas here. That orange/red scheme should def be saved for a future expansion/relocation team.
  13. That Cent defense allowed a grand total of 9 points in the playoffs. Pretty incredible. Also, can't remember if I mentioned it before. That VB logo is super clean. Excellent work there. The updated playoff tree graphic is interesting, not something I'd expect from you, but creative nonetheless. I found the big red X's to be a little off-putting for some reason. Maybe grayed out logos would be better? But I see where the painted X's come into play with the brick wall. It all doesn't seem particularly 80's to me, seems more like a 90's grunge style. But it's a fresh look so I generally like it.
  14. Excellent job on the write-ups for this season's playoffs, @Veras! Very entertaining and easy to follow.
  15. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1981

    Well, I for one am very sad to hear that. But thanks for a great, albeit short, ride. It was a great series of concepts and execution.