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  1. Not to bash the original, but your final Privateers logo compared to this one is a serious "wow." Kudos again for digging deeper on it. Looking forward to the Swamp Monsters!
  2. Honored you chose my character! I just might have to root for the Privateers now. Loving that logo, it's really sharp. You definitely outdid yourself on that one. The triple blue is cool also, overall a really nice look. The summer white jersey is my favorite out of the three. Nice work.
  3. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 3 S: 10 B: 14
  4. Steelman's Logolympiad Portfolio

    Thank you. Yeah, I agree about the color palette. I think I got stuck on it and looking back it looks too much like the Titans and less of a league. I guess I was trying to avoid a classic red-white-blue combo. Thanks, Pulv. That makes a lot of sense. I was originally looking for a shield shape but it kinda went on its own direction. Thanks guys!
  5. Love the Cyborg's look. The gear pattern is a great touch. I like the color palette too, seems like it will offer a lot of options for uniform designs along the way. Nice work!
  6. Steelman's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I've always been too scared to get critique because everyone on here is amazing, but since I'm going to try to hit every event this year I thought it'd be helpful to get some real feedback this time. Please give it to me straight. I've been out of the professional game for a little too long and I feel like what little skill I had/have is slipping. I've always been more of a league-creator type guy, but I really want to get better at logos and designs. I already missed the 2nd event, so I'll post what I would have submitted after the voting is over. Until then, here's the first event. Event 1 Of course the event had to start off with a scratch logo, my super weak point. What could I have done better?
  7. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    I forgot when the deadline was so I wasn't able to submit mine, but man these are all awesome. G: 2 S: 9 B: 6
  8. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 8 S: 15 B: 13
  9. I really like the primary logo. I think it would look nice on an alternate white helmet if this league does that sort of thing in the future. While I do like the wraparound hammer, I think the red gets lost on the blue. It loses the "we're gonna hammer you" effect. I'd either do a full white outline or put it on a white helmet. Just a thought. Nice uniform set as well. Are all of the USFA teams going to feature unique shoulder patches or emblems? I think that's kinda cool and different from the Mothership.
  10. Awesome design. Really screams Nashville in a modern way. I can dig your explanation of the SC mark, but it really distracted me. I think if you're wanting to implement the letterpress variance, you'd have to do it with the Nashville wordmark as well. Otherwise it looks way too out of place. Combine the two font styles for more of a vintage lettering on a modern logo. Overall design is top notch!
  11. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    I think I only commented once or twice but this was probably the most inspiring series I've seen since I've been lurking these boards. Your diligence in each design truly paid off. Hat's off, sir. Fantastic series. Enjoyed every bit of it.
  12. Dude, this is one hell of an improvement. It's a shame it doesn't work on the helmet. This turned out fantastic though. I like the primary on the white helmet better, but I like the red helmets for the new set overall. I think the logo on red reminded me of the Ravens styling; black on black. I don't think it's too big of a deal to be honest. Is having two helmets out of the question?
  13. NCAA Football Super Series

    JCR, you're a freaking beast. Massive project, off to a hot start! Really digging that Dallas State concept. Nashville's logo is super nice too. Good work.
  14. I dig the Firebirds' update. Feels like a nice progression in how they would evolve their look. It's more of a muted/darker scheme than previous. Not sure that I like it better, but again it's a nice progression. I really like the uniforms. I've never been a fan of double outlines on numbers but it works for the set. Only thing that falls short, as a few others have mentioned, is the secondary. It just looks too much like a snake/alien hybrid to me. I hesitated to comment because I didn't have any thoughts on alternative looks for it, but I'm now thinking that perhaps you should continue with the sharp angles the team seems to be adopting. (chevrons, sharp angles on the primary bird, etc) To me the best part of the logo isn't the head, it's the sharp star-pointed wings of it. I think you should explore that, and with due deference to the Atlanta Falcons, possibly in a side-profile version similar to the original secondary with all those glorious points and angles instead. Overall I dig this because it's way out of the box compared to the previous look. AND a tasteful BFBS (if that exists). Kudos for that. Looking forward to your Bobcats and Destroyers updates.
  15. Cleveland Browns Bulldog Logo Refresh

    This is a fantastic update, Zion! Excellent work. I really couldn't find any critiques to offer.