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  1. The orange/blue seems like the most logical color switch to me. I'm a fan of the orange/red scheme, but not for a Jersey team named the Sharks. Orange and Blue is extremely New York historically (Cooper's ploy at getting some NY fans over?) and with the Imperials nearby it seems odd to put even more red on a uniform after the move, despite the different shade. Couldn't you stick with an orange helmet and make the shark mouth blue? That would also seem like a logical carryover from Buffalo. Then in 10 years, like you said, they can drop the orange to a third color and hit up the black like everyone else. I'm not even sure if you need to go that bright with the orange yet-- that seems like a more modern shade to me. Perhaps a slight brightening of Buffalo orange in combination with a blue would be a good bet. Lots of good ideas here. That orange/red scheme should def be saved for a future expansion/relocation team.
  2. That Cent defense allowed a grand total of 9 points in the playoffs. Pretty incredible. Also, can't remember if I mentioned it before. That VB logo is super clean. Excellent work there. The updated playoff tree graphic is interesting, not something I'd expect from you, but creative nonetheless. I found the big red X's to be a little off-putting for some reason. Maybe grayed out logos would be better? But I see where the painted X's come into play with the brick wall. It all doesn't seem particularly 80's to me, seems more like a 90's grunge style. But it's a fresh look so I generally like it.
  3. Excellent job on the write-ups for this season's playoffs, @Veras! Very entertaining and easy to follow.
  4. 1981

    Well, I for one am very sad to hear that. But thanks for a great, albeit short, ride. It was a great series of concepts and execution.
  5. I like the new graphic. I think I would prefer thicker lines if you're going to stick with the team colors on the lines. It's pretty compact as-is, so if you wanted to let it breathe a bit more you could stagger the first row of matchups a bit so each matchup is on a slightly different plane. My eye wanted to immediately identify scores. Like, 1 and 8 on the current plane. Drop 2 and 7 down by half the height of the scoreboxes, and so forth. Just an idea. Should the VB matchup have a centered up-line, since neither team can advance? Or would you switch the line to the other box if the lower seed won? (layout design guy coming out, lol) But I agree with Raymie, as long as there is still a text description, it simply illustrates how each team would have to progress to win a VB.
  6. Glad the AFA is back! (especially to soothe my wounds from that real life Pittsburgh loss to New England...) Good to see SD back in the hunt again. I noticed you didn't put the seeding numbers in the standings table which you normally do. Easier to digest who's-who without reading the descriptions.
  7. Just kidding about the whole Hammer dynasty talk. Ummm, yeah apparently we've been admitted to whichever basement @MSO94 and @BostonStrong13 's teams were sent to...eeks.
  8. YES! #HAMMERTIME This is what I had in mind when I rebuilt this squad, a deep run into the playoffs! I knew we were destined to go to the top. Here's hoping for a few more! I would also like to see the standings and team/top player stats if you're still tracking them. Adds to the story.
  9. Ugh, I gotta relive that ugly loss to Cologne all over again?
  10. Now this is something unique and creative. I like what you've done to set it up. Just off the bat, I think your league logo could be tightened up. I thought the player in the main was throwing a discus or a Frisbee. It's hard to tell he's a racquetball player. The circular text is not quite on axis and also feels lost in the roundel. Your conference logo is much stronger and more visually appealing. I would consider making a version of it your primary league mark instead of for conferences. On to the team. I like this a lot. The overall design of the uniform design and template is excellent. I like the large front logo. I feel the three elements in a row at the top is a bit much though. As-is, the Head logo and jersey number seems sufficient, especially with the logo on the back. If this league has numbered players, it seems odd that the back would not have a number as well. Especially for a sport where I'd assume the viewers would be primarily from the back and top/side angles. I would consider adding a back number and flipping the logo and the nameplate, so the logo is centered just below the collar. I like the headband and gloves. What if you added the number to the wristbands as well? Anyway, just a few thoughts. Seems like this will be quite an interesting and creative series. Props.
  11. 1981

    A little more off the wall for Hamilton, what about something more specific in relation to their steel industry, where the central point of the industry is a giant furnace and molten ore. Some idea fodder: Blazers, Heaters, Inferno, Torches(ers), Firecats, Firehawks, Firebrands, Blasters, Hellions, Flames.
  12. 1981

    Couple ideas: Halifax: I second the Narwhals idea...but not totally sure if it's a perfect fit for a large team; Armada has a real ring to it though. Citadel. (See Quebec) Kingfishers, (from coat of arms) Hamilton: Warhawks. I don't have a reference, but I've always liked the name. Quebec City: Citadelles (or make it more French Canadian sounding, but essentially referencing this); Voyaguers is also a great name. Regina: I like Buffaloes. Playing on the wheat theme, Harvesters could be an option. It's an unusual one. Crowns, since it's known as the "Queen City." Horsemen, Riders, or perhaps Sentinals to reference it's home of the Mounties.
  13. 1981

    Stan Hudson is a Toronto-born media giant, who has lived and worked in nearly every province covering news and creating better broadcasting networks for the better part of three decades. He developed a sterling reputation as a fixer from multiple instances of resurrecting failing networks and programs. With the rapidly growing prominence of nationally televised sports in Canada, Hudson's services have been in high demand. His understanding of the uniqueness of each region and province on a broadcasting level give him a rare inside take on how a league such as the NFA might expand and he also hopes to be able to lend his services to the league in the future. 1. Hamilton - Despite lack of many additional fans, this situation appears to be a win-win for the league and the Neidrauers are people you want in the leadership mix. This is a move for league strength more than anything else, but is a solid bet nonetheless. 2. Quebec City - The city deserves a team and some of the concerns about ownership stability can be mitigated by early success. Capitol city teams tend to be up and down but supported tirelessly, especially by the white collar sector who like to schmooze their clients. 3. Halifax - Having one stinky onion in the box isn't always bad, as any press coverage is sometimes better than none at all. The bid itself has enormous potential and should be explored. Having a team that the rest of the country loves to hate is also enticing and shouldn't be overlooked. 4. Regina - Commandeer's health aside, perhaps finally owning a team will be the antidote to aging that he needs. The bid is very strong and the NFA would be wise to pursue it.
  14. #HAMMERTIME is back! Hell yeah! That psychedelic set was pretty trippy, but loving that Penguin-esque uniform history. New logo is boss, and exactly what I had in my head if we'd gotten to that point to update it. Well done!
  15. Well this is a fantastic follow up to the Florida League logo. (Good Lord...don't think I'd ever seen that original Pioneer League "logo" before...) I think this logo, shape in particular, captures that Rocky Mountain feel very well. (Though I kept wondering if it was fully centered, is that just the text playing games?) The super simple half ball struck me as a basketball at first, but could be just me. These leagues really like to be noticed in the "been a league since ---" department so I'm missing that 1939 on there, but it looks clean as-is so I'm going to assume it just didn't look right. Basically this is a great revamp. Enjoying this "series"!