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  1. The linework is wobbly and it could use some polishing, but it looks pretty original to me.
  2. Just decide which lady you like better and go from there.
  3. Yeah, changing fonts isn't rocket science. I suggest you browse through sites like DAfont and look around for a while. There aren't as many fonts available for commercial use, but there are some gems out there if you look for them. May I ask what field his business is in? That could help you narrow down typeface ideas.
  4. Genius homage to the old New England flag in the third kit. All of these look great, no complaints from me
  5. If you browse through font sites like 1001Fonts and such, they should tell you whether or not the font is free for commercial use. Do you have any particular font in mind you want to use?
  6. That grey color rush rocks! I would be totally open to the Lions using these jerseys.
  7. Oooo man. I really like what you have here. I think you have a good balance between old and new.
  8. Looks like my concept on the boards. Yours is executed better than mine. I would take your look any day for the Lions. Love the font too. It deviates from the original, but still keeps some of the flair of the current font.
  9. This is a fantastic redesign. I think simplifying the outlines made all the difference on this one. Good call.
  10. I think I like C the best. Honestly I like the red Thunder font. Adds some contrast. Either way, these are miles better than the original logo.
  11. Looks better yes
  12. I feel like the ball needs to be simplified and the outlines on it could use to be bolder. I like the direction it's heading in though. Perhaps you should make FC white.
  13. Oh Christmas Tree..Oh Christmas Tree...How lovely ist thine striping.
  14. Is your city owned by Olive Garden by any chance?
  15. That look the owl's giving screams...er...hoots "I am fabulous"