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  1. No no, mine is a thread of a different sort. A logo and jersey concept thread. I just thought it was neat that you have this thread, I'll be able to use it to come up with more of mine if I need info on the actual league.
  2. Great, now I know what expansion teams to do in my CAFL thread
  3. That's a really awesome process. Don't you love it when you have a logo set aside that ends up being exactly what you need ? Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near NM. Maybe they'll have an NY team near me. I appreciate the offer for help. Only thing is, I don't think I'm old enough to join up anyway But it'd be nice to know so I can consider it for the future. I highly doubt there are any teams near me, I live in the middle of nowhere. The closest place to me would probably be Buffalo or Rochester. Do you know if they have any teams around there?
  4. BEIJING LIONS: Next team on the agenda, the champions of the 2016 China Bowl. Here is their current logo: Not the worst I suppose, but it's far from good. This time around, I was maybe being...a bit lazy I didn't think the team really needed any alternates, so I essentially just have a primary: For their new primary, I wanted to create something aggressive, yet distinctly oriental. I decided a head on logo would be the best option. I based the face off of the stone lion statues as opposed to the parade float style. I have an unshaded version, because the shaded looked a little busy on the helmets. I also chose yellow as the main color as opposed to white, since I feel that's a stronger color. For the wordmark I chose a block font that I thought was more effective and athletic. Now onto the jerseys. I actually think that there's a pattern of monochrome home jerseys in this league, because every team I've looked up has them. Honestly, it almost seems like the jerseys came from a cookie cutter, the only difference being colors, fonts, and patches. This was the only picture I could find of their away unis: It appears to me that colored shoulders paired with white is the norm for this league. (Big thanks to @Pulv! for a cleaner template.) Before I start, you know how I said the Dragons were the Carolina Panther jersey equivalent? Well now we have the Steelers Alrighty, I think I'm taking a huge risk with these uniforms. The wild striping was inspired by the patterns in the Lions eyebrows. I think this league should go for more original designs as opposed to traditional (even though I might make some teams more traditional, we'll see). I wasn't sure if I should have continued the pattern on the socks, if you guys have any suggestions for that let me know. Probably the only significant thing you'll notice aside from the striping is the beanie hat thing. I wanted to have some kind of alternate logo, so I made a really simplified version of their current logo. I'd love to know your thoughts as always, the Shenzhen Naja are next!
  5. Thank you for your suggestions and the sketch. I plan to explain myself in this manner. I don't think it would be a good idea to make the shield jagged like that. Mainly because I have these on the jersey collars, and I feel that it would be better to have a symmetrical crest. Not that your concept is bad by any means, I just don't think it would be practical. I hope that makes sense. Thanks man. I always appreciate your feedback Good idea, thank you for bringing that to my attention. Here is the fixed logo: I know I know I really was wondering if removing the yellow would be a good or bad move, and in the end I decided that since I was moving so far away from the original identity, that it wouldn't be too bad. Thank you! I'm pleased to know you like it. I'm going to post the Lions now in a separate reply. Thank you all for the feedback so far!
  6. Another fantastic rebrand Ren. And I love the direction you went with it too, didn't see it coming. On another note, a women's football league? Where do I sign up ?
  7. We specifically asked for the go ahead from the mods before starting again.
  8. I'm really honored that you would even comment on one of my threads, I appreciate the feedback! And I definitely agree on the wordmark. Per your suggestion, here is the new league logo : Any thoughts? I should be posting the Beijing Lions soon, so stay tuned!
  9. Alright, I think I can manage that.
  10. Another darned cheesehead? Man, now I'm sure I don't like you (Jk, no hard feelings). I should be able to get you a Wisconsin one when I do it for @StaatsBrett
  11. Disgusting ! But I'll be sure to do that for you
  12. Alright guys, I just finished up a lot of requests. Thanks for your patience. @RyanB03Here is your request. I kind of botched the wing pattern, I was struggling with how to make it. Hopefully it looks alright. @mamiller99 Go Pokes! @JMtexan09 Does this work for you? @PD13 I hope this looks like what you had in mind. @FightingGoldenDevil I wasn't sure about the shade of blue to use, but here you go: @KRZYBDGRZ I wasn't thinking of adding the highlights originally, but I wanted to add the gold somehow. @JosiahWVU I hope this is alright. @StaatsBrettFor some reason I missed you, I'll try to get to you as soon as I can. @DouglasQuaid I think this is my favorite out of the bunch. @Sk2k I went with the grey helmet like the one in your avatar. @TJSC Here you go! Requests are still open!
  13. Thank you! I'm pleased to know you like the thread and my work so far. (Oh man, the skywalkers are the ones I'm not looking forward to ) Yeah, the uniforms definitely need some work. I've never been able to find a template that looks clean. I use paint.net for the main colors, and PowerPoint (the program I make my logos in) for drawing in details. If you could get me a better template I would greatly appreciate it!
  14. Thank you! I do agree, the uniforms would be rather plain without it. Agreed. I figured it would be nice to take a twist from the usual board concepts and shell out something that hasn't been done before.
  15. So as I stated previously, the first team I will be doing is the Dalian Dragon Kings. Here is their current logo: Out of all of the logos, this one is debatably the best logo, with the exception of the Shenzhen Naja. Now for my overhaul and TL;DR worthy wall of text The first thing you'll notice is that I've eliminated yellow from the color scheme. It didn't really fit well with the electric blue, and there are already two other teams with yellow in them (the most notable one being the Shanghai Skywalkers.) I also chose a dark grey instead of black, since they only utilize grey on their uniforms anyways. So essentially, I've created the Chinese counterpart of the Carolina Panthers For the alternate logo, I decided to go with a full bodied dragon like their old logo had. I tried to keep it as traditional Chinese as possible, while making an effective, modern logo. I don't think they've ever really had kings in China, only emperors, so I figured the crown would be a nice touch. I've also noticed Chinese dragons are sometimes depicted holding a ball, and I thought that would be the perfect place to put a football cameo. The main logo is just for the helmet essentially. I also wanted to keep the "D" somehow, so I included it as a monogram. I also kept the Chinese symbols (which literally translate to Dalian Dragon Kings. Go figure!). I figure it could be used as a cap logo or on merchandise. Here's my attempt at a wordmark: Not great, but it's my first try so I don't think it's too bad. Anyways, moving on to uniforms. The CAFL has a terrible tendency of making their home uniforms monochrome. Here are what their current home unis look like: Just stop please. Grey on grey never looks good. Especially when your jerseys aren't that great to begin with. Their away jerseys are slightly better: At least they tried. I know these jerseys might be a little out there, but this league is a little out there, so bear with me What probably sticks out to you the most is the shoulder sublimation. Keeping with the oriental theme, I thought this subtle scale pattern would be perfect for the dragons. I couldn't figure out what I would have wanted to do with the sleeve stripes, so I went with the pattern. I wanted to keep a similar look that hearkens back to the old jerseys, so that's why I did the grey shoulders. For the home jersey, I'm debating doing grey numbers with a blue outline like the away, but I just stuck with solid blue for now. I tried to keep the numbers sleek and simple, and I think it matches the feel of the dragon overall. I'm wondering if I should put numbers on the shoulder patch, but I skipped those for now. I went with a simple solid stripe for the pants and helmet to tie things together. I didn't put ads on the jerseys, because (1) I didn't really have room and (2) I don't know who the sponsors are. I also didn't include "Dalian" on the front of the jersey, due to the fact I thought it was already a bit cluttered. But I did keep the team name as the nameplate, since every team in this league does that. I'd really love to know your thoughts on this guys. Criticism is welcome!