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  1. Oh gosh please no. I can take the wordmark on the sleeve, but if Nike screws with my favorite team I will be very ticked off.
  2. Neither do I. And that's rather strang considering the fact that I like the pelicans logo and such, so theoretically, I should be trusting that this designer will put out a great logo. But for some reason my gut isn't agreeing with me about the whole ordeal, so hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised in the end
  3. Really hoping they don't mess this one up, the T-Wolves have great design potential.
  4. Introducing the Micro Mac: America's solution for the heart disease epidemic.
  5. I'm aware of that. But I also have relatives that come from the Detroit area, and I myself have been there multiple times. What is the first company for cars that comes to mind when you think of Detroit? I would say ford has the most heritage there. I mean honestly, of course there will be other car companies in major cities, but that doesn't make them the most prominent. I was just trying to think of a good way to incorporate the horse and the mustang came to mind. But, perhaps you're right. I've been wrong before SMU may as well sue Ford, the Calgary Stampeders, and any highschool that has a similar running horse logo while they're at it, since those logos are all pretty damn similar. I already stated that my horse was heavily influenced by the Ford logo, but there are only so many ways to render a running horse silhouette. And even if the NBA used a logo similar to this (which, they probably never will) do you really think SMU would sue over that? I'm sure they're capable, but I'm just curious to know the legal perspective. Anyways, I'm not even sure I'm happy with the mark, it was just an idea I wanted to get out there. I was also thinking of cleaning up the flaming horse, since people seem to like it so much. If you don't think this horse is good, would you mind telling me what you think I could do better? I would love to hear your thoughts
  6. All of these are absolutely fantastic. Love the "hidden" W
  7. Thought since others are posting some concepts here, I would give it a go with something I put together recently for my own enjoyment. Some things could probably use to be cleaned up (the pistons for example), but this is only a rough draft. Not sure which I like better of the two. For the first logo option, I tried to bring back the spirit of the 90's flaming horse, while managing to simplify it. Because Detroit has strong ties to the Ford motor industry, I thought it would be cool to base the horse off of the Ford Mustang logo. I tried to combine past and present to create a streamlined, emblem like logo. I used the 70's text logo as the inspiration for the other one. I used a darker, more bold red and navy, but I'm willing to use the other colors they have currently.
  8. The first roundel is better. I know you were going for a cameo here by using the "Aventura" typeface, but it doesn't really work well in my opinion. I personally think the most recent roundel with the first font you've used would be the best. Great job though.
  9. Personally, I think options one and two are the strongest, but all of them are an upgrade from your previous marks
  10. Americans would get $322.47 a day. I call bull.
  11. He made the Navy Midshipmen goat head logo.
  12. Hey! At least you know the bottle worked by looking at the second picture
  13. The linework is wobbly and it could use some polishing, but it looks pretty original to me.
  14. Just decide which lady you like better and go from there.
  15. Yeah, changing fonts isn't rocket science. I suggest you browse through sites like DAfont and look around for a while. There aren't as many fonts available for commercial use, but there are some gems out there if you look for them. May I ask what field his business is in? That could help you narrow down typeface ideas.