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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 7 Voting

    I'm so annoyed I haven't been able to get my stuff done in time to enter Oh well, I love seeing everyone else's work regardless. Congrats to the winners!
  2. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 7 Voting

    10 7 8
  3. Yes, everything is alright! I apologize for the wait, I've been busy with school and logolympiad, and needless to say this topic has kind of been on hold for a while. I'll have to start work on it again sometime soon, thank you for your patience
  4. Glendale Griffins (Improved Griffin! 11/28/17)

    Long time no post eh? Well I recently revisited this concept, and tried to implement the critique and improve the old griffin. So here's the old vs new! Basically I moved the wings up, tried to make the highlights uniform, and made the lines thicker and bolder. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017- EVENT 7 - Alternate Logo

    Would we be allowed to use a different shade of a color in the team's color scheme for highlighting/shadowing?
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 5 Voting

    G: 11 S: 5 B: 10 Honorable mentions: 7, 1
  7. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 4 Voting

    7 16 10
  8. Hey guys, I'm back with another topic! Recently I've been dabbling with photo editing and the whole shebang. I use PowerPoint and a site called fotor to do most of my adjustments. Anywho, I thought it would be neat to make game images that show the score of the game, and feature a player from the victorious team. I'll probably only do images from the NFL for now, but I might delve into other leagues in the future. Here's one I did of the Lion's (ridiculously close) game. Critique and requests are welcome! No guarantees I'll be able to get the game you want done, but I'll at least try. Also, if you request a game image like this, I need to know the score, and who won, etc. Thanks for viewing!
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    I'm disappointed I couldn't get my entry done in time, but with how good the competition looks, maybe it's better I didn't G: 19 S: 15 B: 11 Honorable mentions: 7, 5, 4, 2, 17, 18, 23, 22
  10. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    Thank you to all who voted for me, and congrats to officeglenn and Chapeeko! You both did a great job
  11. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    8 13 19
  12. Calgary Roughnecks Logo Concept (Need some critique)

    Is this better?
  13. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017

    I think I've improved my design skills over the course of a year, so hopefully I'll be a better competitor this time around! Can't wait for the first event to start. Hopefully I'll be able to do designs for most of the events, but I know I'll probably be too busy with school to make all of them.
  14. Calgary Roughnecks Logo Concept (Need some critique)

    Thank you for the suggestions! Where would there be too much on the face might I ask so I can fix it? Should I keep the shading on the neck and remove the facial shading? Also, as for the shading on the tie, I'm assuming you would like more red included? Thank you for the feedback! Hopefully I'll be able to improve it.
  15. Hey guys! I have another quick logo redesign that I might need some help with. Long story short, I saw the Calgary Roughnecks logo in the sports logo section of the site, and while it's not a bad logo, I wanted to take a crack at revamping it a little. So on the disqus comment section, I saw some people commenting that the oil industry in Calgary deals more with the "business" aspect of oil drilling as opposed to the Roughneck aspect of it. But I didn't want to change the design too much, nor the name. So I added a tie to bring in a more "businessman" kind of aesthetic I kept it kind of loose around his neck to make him look kind of disheveled and scruffy. Overall, I tried to keep a similar facial expression and looks of the original mascot, while not going over the top. As this is lacrosse, I wanted to include a reference to that since I couldn't put a lacrosse stick in a bust logo. So I tried to add a cage to his construction hat to mimic a lacrosse helmet. It was pretty tough to pull off, and I'm not sure if it looks right. I also have a version without a tie: Now, here's where I need help. I'd like to know if you think this logo could work. If you think it could work, I need to know if there's anything I can improve on the actual design, or if it's fine as it is. If you don't like the logo, I would like to know if I should just try to update their current swinging logo instead? Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated!