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  1. RT @CivilWarJon: A few years ago I published a book on the Election of 1864 with @lsupress (on the left). Sometimes I wonder if this quote…

  2. RT @coffeeshopjihad: It was written in 1814

  3. RT @danpfeiffer: Not you needed to another reason to vote in November, but this is a great reason to vote in November…

  4. RT @GoldenKnights: ON THIS DATE IN GOLDEN KNIGHTS HISTORY ..... Actually, not much happened. We didn't have a team yet. Probably just had…

  5. RT @jonfavs: Wait, are you telling me that tweeting some crazy :censored: at a fellow madman wasn’t the magic solution to a nuclear challenge th…

  6. RT @darenw: I love baseball stadiums! Here's all the @mlb stadiums draw over one another.

  7. RT @PMoehringer: Walk the dog.

  8. RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Rudy Giuliani married his cousin. Trump wants to date his daughter. Pence calls his wife “Mother”. This is the :censored:tiest…

  9. RT @HBO: You: Have you seen The Wire? Them: No, I keep meaning to get around to it but— You: *walks away*

  10. RT @derekcnel: Here’s how he described a military action last night. Dunno, maybe we should ask for civility from our president before dema…

  11. RT @ToddRadom:

  12. RT @Rob_Flaherty: When you finally drop the guy everyone hates from the group chat

  13. RT @LAKings: Hey, @AnaheimDucks we’ll see you this weekend at Coachella.

  14. RT @jon_bois: y'all wanna sit outside, drink a bloody mary, baselessly speculate about mole people

  15. RT @IwriteOK: (THREAD) Hi everyone. Since a bunch of dumb rich white guys are about to shove their armies into the middle of a Muslim count…