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  1. The SPHL's Birmingham Bulls arena lease was recently approved. I know a lot of people expected the wheels to fall off this league, awhile back, but I'm kind of impressed with their recent growth and stability.
  2. Nothing major, but the Missouri Mavericks are rebranding as the Kansas City Mavericks, next season.
  3. Given their success, in recent years, I'll be a little surprised if the Patriots change logos in the next 30 years.
  4. Did his wife cheat on him with a Columbus fan, or something? The 16-17 Jackets are a hype train totally worth jumping on. Perennial basement dwellers having a season their fans will remember for the rest of their lives? Let's be happy for them.
  5. It's similar in women's hockey. The game showcases skill and movement in a way the men's doesn't. Primarily due to the lesser degree of contact allowed.
  6. I was initially very skeptical about ME: Andromeda, but looking at some of the videos detailing the lighter tone, and larger focus on exploration, I think they've made an excited day-one buyer out of me.
  7. I will agree that some fakes are harder to distinguish, from a distance. I also hate this fact. Before I knew what I was doing, I bought a few fake jerseys off of a certain website with Ali in the name. I had no idea, I just thought I was great deal. Looking back those, and knowing what I do, now. They're cringe-worthy fakes. Back on topic, though, I still like to get a good deal, and check ebay a couple of times a week. The fact that fakes can pass, based on pictures, alone, sometimes, makes me nervous every time I buy off there, though. I bought two jerseys off the amazing sale FullMoonJerseys did, with players traded in the off-season. They're a well known entity, but the fact that I was getting replicas for $50 and $40, NWT, gave me a doubt, in the back of my mind, that wasn't eased until I got them in my hands (they were legit). TL;DR version: yes, more authentic-looking fakes are being made (part of the reason companies mix it up, every so often), and it's frustrating, for those who abhor them, but still shop the second-hand jersey market.
  8. I don't like it for LA, but it would be a magnificent Manchester Monarchs logo.
  9. I would vastly prefer to be seeing the Chess Knight three times a year, over their "West Point tribute."
  10. I'll say what I've been saying for years. With proper ownership, and a little winning, any metro area of 2 million or more, in the US could work, for the NHL. Some places are going to be more of a fight. Some places can sustain bad, mismanaged teams, but "non-traditional" markets NEED to be well managed, if they want a chance. The Coyotes' problem is two-fold. Their team is poorly managed, which would make it a struggle anywhere in the metro area. Take a struggling team, put them on the outskirts of town, and you're compounding your problem. Phoenix is an area that could have worked, but it hasn't. It still could work, but that's incredibly unlikely. I want to see the Coyotes succeed, for three reasons. I live in Tucson, where their affiliate is. I am dating a die-hard 'yotes fan, and their continued existence allows me to go see my team once or twice, a year, without turning it into a big trip. Objectively, though, it's probably time to pull up stakes and move.
  11. Here's a link to the story:
  12. Toledo knocking it out of the park, again, with their PitR jersey.
  13. Nice. I've had the game since console launch. I've put in nearly a thousand hours, and have completed pretty much everything non-pvp/dungeons/trials, with one or two minor exceptions. I'm building a tank alt, atm. If you haven't ,try to get into a good guild. It makes a world of difference.
  14. I'm glad true enforcers are going the way of the buffalo. I prefer guys like Chara or Burns. On the rare occasion they do drop gloves, it's usually pretty justifiable.
  15. I don't like fighting, for fighting's sake, and the league needs to minimize it. However, when one of my team's tough guys goes after a player who pulled a really dirty stunt the refs missed...something primal awakens in me, and I'm cheering with the rest.