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  1. I mean, he isn't wrong.
  2. I mean, three of those four are up 2-0, with Nashville 1-1, headed home. Not a great place, for the BASS favorites.
  3. Yeah, we have a thread that is dominated by Phoenix talk. Some of it is purely about the business, but a lot of people are flat out clamoring for the Coyotes and Hurricanes to move.
  4. There are plenty of names, but very few have an entire identity that feels like it's pro-worthy, especially in the age of Brandiose. The Milwaukee Admirals are one of my favorite identities. Especially if they were to go back to the anchor logo, on the shoulders.
  5. The kid was great, tonight. Relatively back and forth game. The Preds had penalty issues, and the Blues capitalized. Good job, Blues, go Preds! On a side note, what is everyone else's take, on the Fiddler major? I agree, that it should have been a penalty, I'm just not convinced it was egregious, or one-sided, enough for a 5-minute major. Not questioning it enough that I'm up in arms, about it, though. Just feeling iffy, and wondering if it's because it's against my team.
  6. Are you f ing kidding me? Granted, Rochester came in 17th, in attendance, but they averaged over 5,300, a game. Those are not numbers where you start considering moving an affiliate that is only one go mn hour away. Especially the second oldest franchise in the whole f ing league! And then you talk about Albany. Albany?!?!?!?! In 24 years of AHL hockey, they averaged higher than this past Rochester season twice. Their overall average annual attendance is well under 4000. JTFC, did you bastards do any research? This is idiocy.
  7. Thanks, I've read and listened to so much analysis, it's hard to remember who picked what.
  8. The BASS consensus was Blues, Ducks, Caps* and Rangers, right? *(caveat)
  9. Ottawa/Boston was the round 1 series that no one, other than those teams' fans, cared about. It feels like a lot of that apathy is carrying over to this match-up.
  10. The Nashville Predators are the only team left, in this year's playoffs, who haven't lost a game. Just let that sink in, for a moment. I'm trying really hard to stay grounded and objective, and not cross the line between fan and homer, but it, this hype train is fun.
  11. @Kramerica Industries is right, Johansen, Arvidsson and Forsberg are the most notable. Colton Sissons, Kevin Fiala, Mike Fisher and James Neal are also notable, but that first line has been dynamite.
  12. I feel like the Blues put up more of a fight, in that one game, than Chicago did, the whole series, against Nashville. Intense third period!
  13. They really do. It's insane. Not just from Habs fans, either. They garnered a ton of goodwill, from a lot of people, by sweeping Chicago out.
  14. He has been fantastic, all game! 3 points.
  15. I really like Sea Lions. DBroDesigns had a pretty decent concept oackage floating around awhile back, if I remember correctly. A little too similar to the NFL team, but still.