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  1. I thought they should ditch the chest stripe, as well. Now that I'm seeing it, though, I think the stripe helps the logo stand out, more. Your execution is good, though.
  2. It looks like a logo for one of those "modern" churches that you see adverts for, on a billboard.
  3. If the Coyotes do get moved, it will most likely be to a US market. Moving a WHA team out of a Canadian market and then later back into a former WHA Canadian market? That's probably more of an admission of being wrong than the League could stomach, even if only in appearance. Plus the "unbalancing" of the conferences. (Red Wings back to the west, oh the humanity!) A Carolina relocation is still Quebec's best hope of rejoining the league, IMO.
  4. This is the first time, in years, that the Coyotes have looked serious about attempting to staying in Phoenix, in a sustainable way. Talks with the Suns about a joint arena venture have started back up, and there's even rumors that Barroway is trying to deal with Glendale for an equitable arrangement, in the meantime. (I'm dating a die-hard Coyotes fan. I hear more about their moves and business than I really care to). I think that it may be too little, too late. Nashville has proven that you can turn a market around, though. As long as they make good moves and stop acting like the market owes them their allegiance, and get to a more favorable location, they could have a shot at proving most of us wrong.
  5. Hey, at least they're making moves. Arizona's kind of in a nowhere but up spot.
  6. Oh god. I just shared the white glove info with a West Point cadet I used to mentor, thinking he would appreciate the ridiculousness of it all. He told me that his grandmother asked if the "pretty gray jerseys" she saw on the news were for West Point's lacrosse team, which he's on.
  7. Just when you'd allowed yourself to forget, here comes Foley's giant West Point boner to remind you of why you should hate him.
  8. Since you've revived a thread with these beauties, I have to say that your home concept would have been perfection. Instead we got...*motions towards Adidas in disgust*...that.
  9. I hate (and I mean loathe) the Hawks, but this whole Hossa deal is basically business as usual. I find the specifics confusing, but only in a "huh...weird" way. There's no conspiracy here, just taking advantage of the system in a way that is wholly allowable.
  10. Roanoke's reaction: "Guys, are we off the hook for worst identity, now? At least tell us we are for logo."
  11. Two teams, no less.
  12. Here's my take. Nashville/Adidas deserve kudos for dropping the piping mess. Simplifying the arm and hem stripes is bad, for two reasons. First, a thin white line bordering yellow. Second it takes away more Navy, from the look. I like the gold look. That being said, it needs a fair amount of navy, to keep it from feeling too light, or like a colored road jersey, ala expansion Kings. With the gold hemet and navy pants, it's going to be a bit lopsided. If they went back to the Navy helmets, it might be a salvageable look, but I'm doubting this will happen. Also, what is their resistance to adding the shoulder patch to both sides? Seriously, unless the Preds win the Cup in these things, I think I'll pass. This look moved beyond simplified, and into generic & bland. It's a downgrade.
  13. Ugh, I'd forgotten about the gold helmets...