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  1. Anaheim Ducks Era Mashup concept

    The update looks sharp.
  2. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    Deliberately misspelled nicknames, in an attempt to be edgy/cool, was a dumb trend. I hope it stays dead.
  3. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    I like Lumberjacks. Puffins could be fun, if handled right. I would only want Watchmen as an Islanders affiliate.
  4. Alternate Uniforms Worn Once Or Twice

    It's amazing how superstitious pro athletes can be.
  5. Logo Tattoos

    No, a fan on one of the Preds groups I'm in.
  6. Logo Tattoos

    I don't know that I'll ever do a Predators logo. I have toyed with some sort of tribute to the team, though. Something along these lines, perhaps.
  7. What are you watching?

    Iron Fist is being taken over by the Daredevil showrunners. Danny was always super zen. In hoping to show his journey to that place, I think they strayed too far from the source material. It was disappointing, but I'd be willing to give them a second season, if they can course-correct. Regarding everything else, I gave up on the CW's comic shows (except iZombie). Arrow became a drag, and they did too much crossover with the Flash for me to just watch that one. I've become really selective, on my Superhero stuff, and it keeps me from getting burnt out.
  8. What are you watching?

    It looks like we can expect Punisher late this year. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are both filming season two, with new seasons of Daredevil and Iron Fist in preproduction and development. I think we're in for three new seasons per year. At least for awhile.
  9. Minnesota Lynx New Logo

    "As a fan, I'm not a fan." I actually follow the WNBA more closely than I do the NBA, so I don't really care about Glen Taylor trying to bring all his teams under a single branding. With the level of autonomy the WNBA has these days, and the Lynx being one of their league's powerhouses, I don't see the point in mimicking the least popular big four team in the MSP area. I liked the previous Lynx logo. The concept here is sound, but the execution on the Lynx head feels a bit poor. Like they put out something they weren't quite happy with and said, "eh, good enough for the WNBA." Yes, the previous set was a bit dated, but they won three championships with it. Moving to a shoddy, but modern logo that apes a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 2004 is a questionable move.
  10. Nashville Predators concept

    Solid. Not perfect, but a good blending of the current and previous set. Nothing to do with your design, I'm just not a big fan of the fang treatment. Still, a huge step up, for the home.
  11. Travel recommendations thread

    So, my girlfriend and I are going to Thunder Bay next month. Any recommendations? We're planning to hit Kakabeka Falls, and probably a brewery, or two. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Sure thing, you just have to prove intent to use it, with documentation and proof that it was underway. Piece of cake, right?
  13. What are you watching?

    Here's my take on Iron Fist. Yes, it was very underwhelming. A decade ago, it would have been the best superhero TV around. Marvel Studios has just raised the bar to the point that their "lesser offerings" (Iron Fist, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, for instance) are better than more than half of what any other studio is contributing to the genre. I say this as a DC fan boy who hates the fact that WB is screwing the pooch, overall.
  14. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Blashphemer! Heretic! Naysayer! Tebow can do anything, God just had baseball plans for him. (Note the sarcasm)
  15. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    Being in a team's TV market and being a significant secondary market aren't the same thing. Sure, you see more Mariners fans in Portland than any other team, but it's not a strong or very deep fanbase. I believe that most of this is due to the lack of on-field success the Mariners have had. Portland falls more in line with Charlotte, or Nashville, in that they aren't a stronghold for any teams. Not in the way Providence, or Columbus are.