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  1. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Maybe how they're framing it, maybe even a legit reason. I seriously doubt anything but a potential lockout in 20-21 is the primary reason.
  2. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    I think they're also viewing this as a necessary in-road to getting the Sonics back. That's the only way I can make sense of it.
  3. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    This poses an interesting question, regarding the CBA negotiations. Do they push for an 84 game season, and play a 16x2, 8x3, 7x4 season, or deal with two division teams shorted a meetup on a rotating basis? I'm inclined to say the latter, but it seems really counterintuitive to this divisional rivalry the league loves to shove down our throats.
  4. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Probably not. They're still good terms for Seattle, but several factors undermine the likelihood of the lightning in a bottle the Knights were. The draft pool won't be quite as deep. Sure, it'll have been 4 years since Vegas, but it takes longer than that for the pool to get back up to the same quality. Also, the other 30 GMs have a better understanding of what they're collectively getting into, and have more time to plan ahead. If they play it cool, they can temper these cap raises to not be in a bind and looking to offload big contracts, and plan better so they aren't yoked with too many NMCs and long contracts (not gonna hold my breath, but the opportunity is there). Also, it's unlikely Seattle gets the galvanizing local tragedy as the season starts. They're still favorable terms, and I think Seattle could be a playoff team, but I don't think we see Las Vegas 2.0. Most people (GMs, analysts, and fans) had no idea just how good the Knights were getting it, but Seattle won't be holding as many cards, come expansion draft time. Just my $0.02.
  5. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Yeah, but none of the money. I'm sure they'd prefer the money.
  6. BeerGuyJordan

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Lost in the mix of this announcement is the fact that Arizona will be moving to the Central. It was logical, but it also makes a potential move to Houston easier. If the Coyotes don't get an arena deal done before Seattle enters, hello Houston NHL.
  7. BeerGuyJordan

    NHL Uniform Rundown - 2018/19 edition

    I was at their first throwback Saturday game. They are gorgeous, and I really hope they bring them back, full-time. No, it's not. The home jerseys aimed for simple, they delivered plain and boring. I don't mind the road ones. If Nashville does manage to win the cup in these, I hope it's on the road.
  8. BeerGuyJordan

    Worst owners in Sports

    If you take out the fraud stuff, Spano was an ok owner, and the Islanders would likely have left greater NYC, if not for him (between the new TV deal and the NHL personally swooping in to stabilize things). He is a horrible human being, but far from the worst owner the Isles have had.
  9. BeerGuyJordan

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Well, the up side is that it'll get him too, eventually. The irony of Spano is that, despite the embarassment, he actually managed to secure the Islanders' ability to weather the lean attendance of the next decade. OITGDNHL could one of the most embarassing guys in the league's history actually be a halfway decent owner.
  10. BeerGuyJordan

    Tucson IFL team named: "Sugar Skulls"

    Hi, Roadrunners STH here. I care, and I know plenty of others who do. Are we one of the AHL's marquee cities? No, but for a city with no real hockey culture, the Roadrunners are doing better than the team was in Springfield.
  11. BeerGuyJordan

    NHL 2018-19

    This. One thing people don't often think about is "how do the fans feel about it?" Coyotes fans (and I'm dating one and am a STH for their AHL team) love the kachina. I personally hate the Predators' gold helmets, but the majority of the fanbase likes them. Knights fans seem to like the Medieval Times feel. I prefer #2. Yes, #1 is cleaner and simpler, but that isn't the point of the full logo.
  12. BeerGuyJordan

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    Possible, tone is hard to convey from a simple picture. I do know at least two people who have seriously said the Knights choked in the final, though. So it's not like it would be the craziest thing if it were serious.
  13. BeerGuyJordan

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    I have to disagree, being labeled a choker (for me, at least) represents a trend or history. One occurrence is not a trend. Also, I don't even know that they choked. They may have lost 4-1 but they were competitive in all of those games, except one. MAF's play (which was largely carrying this team) went from nearly superhuman to merely good. The team looked like they ran out of steam, on top of encountering true adversity for the first time in the post-season. They ran into a team that was hungry, and knew that they might never get another shot, and an Ovi that wasn't about to let this get away from him. Comparatively, the Knights basically coasted into the Finals, with only three players of note with any experience of hard-fought deep playoff series. Experience and veteran superstar talent aren't everything (as the Knights proved), but the Caps reminded us that it does matter.
  14. My girlfriend is more into sports than I am. She was into U of Arizona basketball and AZ Cardinals football when we started getting to know each other. I enjoy other sports, but really only follow hockey. Our first date was a hockey game, she wound up a Coyotes fan (much to my chagrin), and we have Roadrunners season tickets. She's pretty intense. So yeah, I created a hockey monster.
  15. Mostly. It may hurt the argument, but Seattle will have a smaller, less deep talent pool in the draft; 25 or so GMs who have woken the up, to take this thing more seriously; also, its unlikely they get a MAF-caliber goalie. Almost no chance they're Las Vegas level good, but they should still be competitive. The Knights draft was kind of a perfect storm of greed, incompetence, timing, and carelessness. Edit: gifted is the wrong word. $500 million is a lot of money. Foley bought it. If Toronto had known that was the going rate, they probably could have crowd-funded a go mn Cup.