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  1. HoopsCoach55

    Southeastern Conference Super Expansion

    I like the idea, especially having TAMU and Mizzou returning to the Big 12!
  2. HoopsCoach55

    Syracuse Orange Rebrand

    Outlines are definitely on the large side, but overall I would go with it in a heartbeat!
  3. HoopsCoach55

    Denver Nuggets Redesign

    I would add the wordmark to the white and navy sets and remove the side panel from all jerseys. The white set looks great color wise, so I would use that as the basis of the navy, with a white mountain trimmed in red, gold and light blue on navy shorts. I would swap the red for navy in your light blue set to throwback to the last color scheme, but otherwise, its a good look.
  4. HoopsCoach55

    Your favorite color combinations

    My favorites are a tie: Crimson and Cream, not crimson and white. That off-white color makes it feel more old school, I just wish we'd used a better uniform design. and Claret and Blue
  5. HoopsCoach55

    NFL | San Francisco 49ers Primary Logo Rebrand | Drafts B+C

    I like the initial look with the drop shadows, the colors pop really well.
  6. HoopsCoach55

    American Premier League

    Miami works, but I think that adding the Vice Teal would make it pop as a complete concept. Maybe just a few hints in like the pink border of the crest and the sponsor logo on the black.
  7. HoopsCoach55

    Wideright updates the NFL

    I like the idea behind Seattle, even if I'm not a fan of the double blues. Tampa is close, but the biggest issue that I see is that by brightening the pewter to that chrome/silver color, it makes everything too bright. The dark pewter and deep red let the pale orange and white pop more in my opinion.
  8. HoopsCoach55

    MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    As an A's fan...... that's just wrong to see the A on all of the uniforms. It's fine on the gold, ok on the green, but never on the white and grays. I don't mind the cap change however, I really like that.
  9. HoopsCoach55

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I might not be a big fan of this seasons Chelsea kit..... thank God I'm not an Arsenal fan. Disgusting
  10. HoopsCoach55

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    That looks amazing compared to that ice blue from the original. Great work as always!
  11. HoopsCoach55

    A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)(NY Jets posted 6/23)

    I won't say that I love the Chargers look, but I get your thought process behind it and the execution is perfect as expected. Moving forwards, I'm interested to see what you do to the Raiders.
  12. As great as these looked, I preferred the 2017 kit to these. The stripes down the side instead of the shoulders helped it feel less Adidas crap and more striping.
  13. HoopsCoach55

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Fair enough, but I meant that color rather than the pale blue.
  14. HoopsCoach55

    MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    I agree that the thickness of the NY script could be a problem with the pinstripes, maybe try it on the road grays?
  15. HoopsCoach55

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    I like it, but maybe use the same gray striping from that back of the white kit for the front and sleeves?