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  1. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    I'd love to see the same outlining from the orange alternate used on the home and away tops, but otherwise, that's the Browns!
  2. HoopsCoach55

    8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Ravens updated (10/7)

    Still not a fan of gray pants, but otherwise...... holy crapmonkeys, that's amazing for the Blackbirds!
  3. HoopsCoach55

    OKC Redhawks concept

    Love it, miss the Redhawks! Well.... I miss the 89er's more, but the Redhawks design was great, especially the OKC logo.
  4. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    Definitely looking better!
  5. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    First off, like the others, I'm not big on the logo. Now, it might be a good secondary logo, but their primary is too good to replace with this. Now, helmet-wise, I love the design with the stripe, but I think that perhaps your should find one base style of stripe, say the blue/black/white on the black pants, and use that for the helmet. Taking that same stripe, I'd use it on the jerseys and pants, with blue being front on the white and black, black in it's place on the blue. A personal preference is adding blue outlines to your numbers on the white and black tops, but that's just because I hate single color numbers for teams with 3+ colors. Just my thoughts, but great job on your work!
  6. HoopsCoach55

    8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Ravens updated (10/7)

    Love the logo, getting rid of the B is always a plus. Home and Away jerseys look great, not a fan of the wing design for the sleeve, but still looks good. Black jersey is good with the exception of the numbers, I'd go white trimmed in purple to match the homes. Black and Purple pants are good, maybe adjust the stripe to have the gray completely outline the feather so the black pants aren't so odd. Gray pants look good, but not sure about having them as the primary with the purple tops. Maybe go white, black and purple pants and use a much darker gray for the color rush with a dark gray top with black yoke and purple and black numbers?
  7. Not a fan of Color Rush, although there have been decent attempts at it..... This just isn't. Lions have a great color scheme and this bastardizes it..
  8. HoopsCoach55

    AAF Redux

    I think the Birmingham logo looks better without the forge blob, and just keep the fiery outline around the ball.
  9. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    How about navy sleeve caps on the orange and white jerseys to match the navy jersey? Keeps the hair and white stripe over the cuff the same on all three tops as well as making it easier to see.
  10. HoopsCoach55

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    So what did you think of Mizzou going from the old gold of the 2000's to the athletic gold of today? I miss watching the old gold and black against crimson and cream every year.
  11. HoopsCoach55

    New OKC Thunder “City” Uniform Posted A Little Too Early

    It's the standard Thunder font, no surprise that they kept it.
  12. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    I think that the far right one is the best, with the black collar and facemask. The gray is too harsh against the black in my opinion, but it's better than white.
  13. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    I agree that a purple helmet stripe might be best, maybe using the feather pattern? Also, perhaps a black stripe/yoke on the pants and jerseys for the feather pattern to keep that purple to black look.
  14. HoopsCoach55

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    You flipped the color of the stripes on the Pats away jersey. The front is blue over red, the back shows red over blue. Otherwise, I find several of your designs very interesting.
  15. HoopsCoach55

    CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Here are the Jenks (OK) football rings from 2012-13-14-15