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  1. HoopsCoach55

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    I like it, I wish you'd have kept the shape of the current shield, but otherwise, I love the changes.
  2. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    Love it! Any thought to a yellow alternate? I think it could be a good look against teams that go white at home.
  3. HoopsCoach55

    MLS | Expansion Team Maine Marauders FC Logo Set

    Two part review here. First off, the execution is great as well as the color scheme. I might suggest swapping Marauders for Maine in the logo, but that's just my opinion. Secondly, what makes Maine a good location for an MLS team, and why should that franchise be the Marauders? Would love to hear your pitch for the concept as well. Colors are definitely what I imagine when I think of Maine, so no real need to explain them. Great work!
  4. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    What do you think about switching up the home striping to be White/Blue/White/Orange/White/Blue/White instead? This keeps the striping consistent from the road set like you were hoping for. Not sure how well it will look, but just a thought. Otherwise, more great work!
  5. HoopsCoach55

    Lewisville Fighting Farmers logo refresh

    While that logo is pretty bad, I like the helmet logo that they use with the Texas outline and the L. My former quarterback transferred down there this year, so I've been keeping an eye on them.
  6. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    Much as I'd love to see more gold on the jerseys, this is perfect from logo to alternate! Best redesign yet in my opinion.
  7. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    Another great solid look! Put the traditional G on the helmet and they could wear that next week. That said, this is one of your better logo designs too. Great job
  8. HoopsCoach55

    NHL Seattle Concepts

    Maybe focus on the bright green with navy accents instead of the other way when using the 'Seattle' colors will help keep this looking separate from Vancouver? Great concepts, either way. Or, looking again at the Breakers concept, go 2000's Seahawks with the double blue and add the bright green accent.
  9. HoopsCoach55

    Anaheim Ducks Redesign

    I like it! Maybe white D, with silver trim on the throwback? The silver with white seems odd. Great work, regardless. Very impressive!
  10. HoopsCoach55

    Anaheim Ducks Redesign

    Home Black: Perfect, except the collar, maybe do a solid black collar with orange trim? Road White: Like has been said above, go orange dominant on the striping, like the original had jade dominant striping. Use same collar as the Black. Alt Eggplant: Love it, maybe add an Orange as well? Also, perhaps consider the D logo in eggplant and jade? Wildwing Alt: Looks good, but never liked that sweater at all, so please no. Replace it with an orange alt of the normal sweaters. Movie Alt: Amusing, but no. If you wanted a homage to the films, use that sweater with the Mighty Duck logo in green, gold and purple instead of the D-5 Duck.
  11. HoopsCoach55

    Nike NBA Legacy Uniform Concepts 2018

    My only tweak to this would be to swap the red and cream on the text, but that's just personal preference.
  12. HoopsCoach55

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    My A's look amazing, love the oak leaf apostrophe! Yankees look good, but F NY haha The blue stroke for the Nats is a good touch, they should be red, white and blue. Great work, going to keep an eye on this thread
  13. HoopsCoach55

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I was just about to suggest the same!
  14. HoopsCoach55

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    I like the white pants, love the striping of the pants/socks, but would like to see it better realized on the sleeve cap, and maybe some black pants? Otherwise, a really solid look.
  15. As a Sooner fan, OU has a history of tweaking the width and size of the interlocking OU, so I can't say that we should be used as an example of updating an 'untouchable' logo.