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  1. I hate, absolutely hate the Senators, nearly as much as the Blackhawks or Kings..... But that is a freaking amazing logo. I agree that historically it's irritating, but the overall concept is perfect for what that team needs to do going forwards!
  2. Not sure how this is the wrong jersey? (I kid, Lets Go Knights!)
  3. Seeing the new Golden Knights, including the Flower of the Crease, in the new home sweater..... I love it even more. The design in the gold arms is a perfect touch, and the design inside the black shield of the logo is easily picked up by the lights. Not 100% sold on the white and gold gloves, but they are definitely unique. I've seen two different photos of the home uniform on display, one with a black helmet and one with a gray, so it'll be interesting to see which one gets finalized.
  4. Avs finally look like themselves, Devils are a failure in my opinion. Minnesota, I'll hold off on judging until I see the new road kit to see how the whole look meshes. But Lord does Vegas look amazing, can't wait for that to be hanging up next to my Ducks sweater
  5. Nearly the same as my idea for the design, I think we're all on the right track. Looks perfect, and since I'm buying one anyways, I hope it looks this good!
  6. Pretty much! I doubt it will have the white stripes, but otherwise, I think you're dead on!
  7. Flip the grey and black on the home sweater and remove the white striping and I think you've got it right. Something tells me that the away sweater will have the arms matching, with black up top and grey on the forearms.
  8. I'm..... not opposed to this. Could be a very clean look if done right.
  9. A 5 color logo isn't too bad to render on a jersey, and it is better than the Orca, even though its the main look I've always known the Canucks to wear.
  10. Best thing about the Patriots is how they keep the same designs through each ring. Every SB ring is the Patriot head over the team's total Lombardi trophies, rather than each design representing that particular team alone. Not big on the actual design of the ring, but love that its part of the same family style.
  11. Outside of that panel on the back of the leg, they really aren't too bad. I like the stripe consistency, and the overall design, but man, that leg design...... That's why I fought to keep our football team away from Under Armour uniforms.
  12. That Wizards alt for KC is great!!
  13. Not a big fan of the white sash on the yellow home, but I surprisingly like the yellow home idea. Rams inspired away is nice, and the third kit is beautiful. Colorado is clean and fits, Houston is nice, but I've grown used to the Orange and White with black and sky blue trim. Something in the Third for NYCFC just doesn't sit right with me. The home and away are good, but the striping just seems off in the third. Can't wait to see what you do to my LAFC
  14. Reminds me of a couple draft hats a few years ago in the NBA and I think maybe NHL did it too, where the side panel is the jersey striping. Once some of the others leak, we'll know for sure, but I do know that I'll be buying one!
  15. I still think that the two Oklahoma City Redhawks look before becoming the OKC Dodgers was a perfect major league look and name. The brick red and black of the original Redhawks look, which is from the brick red of our downtown, called Bricktown, with the OKC monogram of the last look would have been amazing as a MLB team.