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  1. And there's obligatory piping, excuse me while I go barf for 30 minutes.
  2. Good God almighty the Sound are such a show, UrinatingTree would be salivating at the opportunities to jab this team.
  3. RedfieldNick

    The World (League) According to Neo (2002 Quarterfinals)

    So in a nutshell, this is what causes UrinatingTree to say: you Spanos! But I seriously have to applaud you for this project. It is stunning in every way, and is so detail oriented.
  4. Soooo, ur just going to ignore the fact that JASON LIND is gone! *drinks bottle of whiskey while crying*
  5. Would u call it your Annual Playoff Jinxing?
  6. RedfieldNick

    United States Baseball League- After MLB

    I think I'll burst the bubble, the unis look very solid, the only thing I could see being an issue is the numbers being too low.
  7. Sweet, I just needed a bottle of Jack Daniels, and two bottles of José Cuervo to drown my sorrows. I may need to stay at ur house for a couple days.
  8. Do u charge anything for a fellow Crows fan to have access to your liquor cabinet? I drank all of mine last year.
  9. *repeatedly banging head against desk* WHY NOW OF ALL TIMES WOULD YOU CHOKE A SEASON LIKE THIS AWAY!?!? *autistic screaming*
  10. *The National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings for the Philadelphia metro area. Radar has spotted a very large supercell storm near the Philadelphia area. Residents are advised to take shelter immediately. This storm is an extension of a storm that originated in Kansas City, and multiple tornadoes are guaranteed to be produced from this storm.*
  11. Montreal fans are probably saying what the Alaskan stereotype from the state stereotypes in under 2 minutes says, “I can see seasonal depression from here.” But the storm is still surging! KC for back to back!
  12. Is it safe to finally call Scott Drayton "Dr. Dray"? Anyone? I'll see myself out. Twist it up, KC! Back 2 Back sounds awesome right now.
  13. RedfieldNick

    Lights Out's NCAA Football: Sun Belt

    I love the modernizing of K-State, but you just triggered a PTSD flashback to the Ron Prince era with the purple pants, which is something K-State fans would like to forget.
  14. *The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the Washington DC area. All residents and guests of the area should take shelter immediately. This storm is an extension of a storm that formed in the Kansas City Metro area. This is a dangerous storm that will destroy most buildings.* TWIST IT UP KC, TWIST IT UP!!