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  1. Sellars, now 33, surprised everyone by jumping ship to drive NASCAR stock cars, and has instantly become a smash hit in the sport. He chose to switch to NASCAR because he felt like it needed another USAC star to get more love, and he also preferred oval racing because to him, there was a much more complex science in oval racing, and he enjoys finding out the solution in said science. He would drive the #41 Plymouth in the Petty stables, winning 13 races in his 3 years with Petty. He then moved to form his own team, and won the 1966 championship in his own #79 Dodge, winning 8 races. He joins this council once again, and makes the following selections: 1-Dallas, TX - In an effort to expand the game nationally, Dallas can act as a border post for all nontraditional markets. 2-San Francisco, CA - Los Angeles seems very isolated in comparison to the other teams. Time to give them another California team to make them less isolated. 3-Miami, FL - Expanding the sport’s footprint south is extra crucial, and Miami could become the original Southern franchise to bust that market open. Alignment Plan: At first, stick with 2 conferences of 7, when the next round of expansion hits, then move to the divisional splitting of conferences. The only change would be to move Michigan into the East if Dallas and San Fran are added, or not move them at all if Miami is added. Either way, divisions in a league with 14 teams will be awkward, and trying to avoid that would be the recommended path.
  2. So we have the fumblerooski, now the helmetrooski? What is that trick play, I don't even...
  3. RedfieldNick

    NHL Super-League

    And also, there’s a former NHLer who used to play in Wichita way back in the ‘80s, he once split the Jennings with his partner. You may have heard of him, his name was Andy Moog.
  4. RedfieldNick

    NHL Super-League

    These have been all stunning looks, really looking forward to the rest of this project. PLEASE tell me Wichita has stayed, their old friends in Tulsa aren’t there anymore, and I wouldn’t want to have to root for Kansas City.
  5. He said Bemidji and Roseau are making the jump to the Northland League. And that league is gonna look good in its first year, such good looks for them! Also looking into the future, since there is mass expansion (hopefully). I was looking and thought if there is one location that could be a possibility that is funky, but works, it would be Spirit Lake, Iowa, right near the border. If we need another state, Iowa is right there and could have a team, maybe in the '90s-'00s, when motorcycles were produced there, although the town is pretty small.
  6. Travis Sweet = Pekka Rinne: Flew under the radar, becomes a demigod when given the starting role. Now everyone say it with me: Travis Sweet is too good right now.
  8. Also, the graphic shows Luna winning it all.
  9. Derrick Sellars, 25, is a young, hotshot open wheel racer from Eau Claire, Wisconson. He started racing midgets at age 16, filling in for a family friend who was injured. And he won the first race he entered. After that, he competed at his local track for 3 years until he got a surprise visit from AAA Stock Car Racing owner Ed Walsh, who had visited the track after hearing from a source that he was schooling everyone at the track. Which earned him a ride with Walsh’s Kurtis Kraft team. He did not get an Indy 500 win until USAC took over, and he moved teams to drive an Offy fielded by JC Agajanian, where he would win the 1958 Indianapolis 500. There have been rumors of him maybe racing a European-built Cooper in the 1962 running, but as the publically loved Sellars says, “The beans will spill themselves.” He has always been a Milwaukee Dragons fan, and is honored to be a part of the council. He votes for: 1) Los Angeles, CA - As someone said, “Go west, young man” 2) Omaha, NE - Milwaukee being near opens the door wide open for a rivalry 3) Minneapolis, MN - Another rivalry hotspot
  10. Looking good, if we r talking about expanding into other states, maybe 1 team in South Dakota? Then again, it may be too far away, given the proximity of teams in the current leagues.
  11. Been watching from the sidelines, but loving every minute of it. As for expansion, I am impartial to Kansas City.
  12. It was a joke. You can't see me? Cena?
  13. Did u post a picture of another wrestler? It seems that I cannot visualize this picture.
  14. Am I the only one who hopes a Kazakh player breaks into the league a la Nik Antropov or Evgeni Nabokov and then all of a sudden Kazakhstan is in a WHC?
  15. Anything on the table to bring the team total to 12 for the 2008 Challenge?