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  1. *ring**ring* Hello? Yeah he's here, *hands phone to you* It's Denver, they say that they already have the Bulls.
  2. the States. Ummmmmm. But was there a moment in the season where Gaganov and Krayev finally met again? If so, how did that go down?
  3. While the AC fans are celebrating, the FC fans are drinking to a forgettable tournament
  4. The purple helmet, albeit jarring... Looks damn good! No complaints! Good work!
  5. Knapford just got hit with the other half of a Cevelian Sledgehammer! RSC's score had me like:
  6. One thing, K-State only wore purple pants in the Ron prince era (which we do not like to talk about), so that may not tide over well. I'd also only use one of the alternates (probably the black one). But I like that you updated the font, and kept the classic striping.
  7. Glad to see this back!! I will throw my hat in: David McDonough is the radio broadcaster for the Kansas City Rivermen. Born on August 7, 1934, he played very well with the Wichita State basketball team, yet declined to go pro, and went into a new thing called radio broadcasting. He was hired as the Rivermen's radio broadcaster right out of college when they moved to KC. He is known for after wins saying, "The Rivermen have completed the voyage!" He will be voting for: LA-Huge market and untapped area, and with air travel becoming more common, it shouldn't be a problem Seattle-Opens the Pacific Northwest right open Atlanta-Huge media market, opens Deep South Miami-Same as Atlanta, but bigger city Denver-In future, very flexible Division placement Dallas-Opens Southwest market No votes: Buffalo-Just add Toronto!! DC-Baltimore is too close
  8. The St. Mark AC fans are parading the downtown area chanting their cheer after claiming Cevelia's first international club win ever!
  9. Miami reminds me of a mix of San Jose and Corpus Christi from the CHL. But that warrants this a:
  10. These look good, real nice job. I actually think that if Force India keeps the BWT around(which it sounds like they are), they are gonna be using pink for a long time, so I'm going to have to get used to it too, but I'm the weird guy that actually kind of likes it.
  11. I haven't seen a minor league one on here, so I may as well do it. With the Aces announce folding next year, that makes this the only time the stupid "Thor's hammer" Thunder face Alaska at home.
  12. I forgot to say this earlier, but what if the San Diego kicker becomes a Ray Guy esque player? That would be hilarious!! And New Jersey, well:
  13. Twist it up, KC, twist it up!!! I actually like the phantom yolk, and I would be interested to see silver numbers.
  14. You guys color rushed 3 times in a year, and still went 0-12!!!!
  15. Finally a defensive cornerstone, now let's get better KC!! On the Krewe's new look, well: