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  1. NCAA Football Super Series

    Ok, this series is cool. Uniforms flawless. But I do have to question Olathe over the Wichita area. We miss D-I football!!!
  2. Another 3-1 lead blown?? But I have been paying attention, and this series is very promising. I will wait for a KC team if it happens.
  3. Or did Benham turn into Alex Smith and couldn't throw more than 10 yards without pissing his pants?
  4. RT @hannah_html: mark zuckerberg LOVES @coltscoffee !!! @CoachZKliewer

  5. Alright!!! KC, Twist it up, boys! Let's bring it home!!
  6. The Miami Suns: The AFA's Lolcow!!! But a well deserved win for Cincy, but the KC Crow Express is charging hard, lets see if we can do it.
  7. GTA Style Banner

    No, only half, yellow is their home jersey. Thank you though, it looks incredible.
  8. GTA Style Banner

    I would like to request the Nashville Predators -Rinne -Forsberg -Arvidsson -Johansen -Subban -Ellis -Josi -Ekholm -Sissons
  9. Hold up, Mike Hoffman in Ottawa? Well, isn't that ironic.
  10. *sees LA* Me: Seriously, this is some cool stuff!
  11. Quirky nameplates

    God! Why does this remind me of this?
  12. Did u say Wichita? In all honesty though, there is no chance for a team in Wichita, very little people know about hockey, they just know that players fight. And the thunder can't draw a crowd to save their ass right now, so yeah, not happening.
  13. Cool! Ya know, it would be cool to see the covers of the games. As for the new looks. They. Are. So. BEAUTIFUL!!!! A great '90s look from a certified beautician. Also, where does KC have a minor league affiliate?
  14. Alright Twisters, lets get the cup in a few years!!! Question: Has there been a PHL video game yet?
  15. These are perfect!! If you need a little dose of creativity, u could just drop the rules and go for an Expos Canadiens mashup. Just givin' ya an idea bud!
  16. All those new looks make you a certified beautician bud!
  17. Doesn't matter how you put it, but that's what it was, but now I go for KC, which could be "Twist it Up". Also, Nawlins huh?
  18. Well, apparently it wasn't easy for the Ducks!
  19. *ring**ring* Hello? Yeah he's here, *hands phone to you* It's Denver, they say that they already have the Bulls.
  20. the States. Ummmmmm. But was there a moment in the season where Gaganov and Krayev finally met again? If so, how did that go down?
  21. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    While the AC fans are celebrating, the FC fans are drinking to a forgettable tournament
  22. NCAA Color Rush

    The purple helmet, albeit jarring... Looks damn good! No complaints! Good work!
  23. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Knapford just got hit with the other half of a Cevelian Sledgehammer! RSC's score had me like:
  24. NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    One thing, K-State only wore purple pants in the Ron prince era (which we do not like to talk about), so that may not tide over well. I'd also only use one of the alternates (probably the black one). But I like that you updated the font, and kept the classic striping.