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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 10 S: 12 B: 8
  2. Steelman's Logolympiad Portfolio

    For me the main problem was the logo shape as all others elements are pretty good. I'd like those kind of logos to have a more shieldy feel, this is definitely looking like a football field logo to me, but, again, this is just personal taste.
  3. Salute the first team of the Indopacific conference! Mumbai Elephants Elephants are so important in indian culture that the Indian team nickname was a easy pick. Elephants are huge, stubborn and dutiful animals and they say they even learn to share a bond of affection with their keepers and riders. Indian elephants are a bit different from the african ones, being smaller and with a different shaped head. The color scheme was chosen from the indian flag but also from the landscape of the area. Bright green stands for the lush forests and fertile soils, especially after the monsoon, and Earth orange, well, stands for the dusty red terrain dried up by the sun. The scarfs words are linked to one of the many nicknames of the city, the city of dreams, due to the fact that the big city is full of opportunities and jobs, not last the famous Bollywood filming industry.
  4. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G 14 S 6 B 8
  5. European Professional Baseball League

    I really enjoy the explaining of the background for each team. It really helps to appreciate better the design. That being said Cologne really trives from the amazing colour scheme of teal and orange, so vibrant and catchy. The Wallpeckers are a thing of old school beauty and I feel like the colour combination is very balanced. Prague is just average, the logo is a smart move but I really feel like the light blue jersey is out of place. White and cream are a perfect matching for maroon but that shade of blue just doesn't work, maybe you could try with a more powder blue like nuance, less bright.
  6. European Professional Baseball League

    Lyon maybe should be with the South West, Milan with the South East and Munich with the Central? This is more like I feel it. Of course if you wanted to have cities speaking the same language together then your division works well (except for some Germans scattered around ).
  7. Here you have the helmet logo with a white outline. I prefer the one without as the shadows of the logo mix with the background as it would really happen during a desert night. I feel like with the white outline the logo looks like it was just slapped on there. But I'd like to have some feedback on this matter. Better with the outline or without? Maybe the indigo outline?
  8. NHL By Nike

    Really love the general idea! I'm so curious about the others now...
  9. Little geographical recap for the Afroarab Conference!
  10. Sorry for the delay on this one but I had a troubled month. Casablanca Touaregs Tuaregs are known as the "blue people" for the blue indigo head garment they use to protect themselves from the scorching desert sun as the desert they live in is the biggest on earth (you named it, the Sahara). Tuaregs are mainly located in southern Algeria and Libya and northen Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso but a small population canbe found also in the moroccan sahara. The team name goes with the french spelling with the added O as french is the most spoken european language in Morocco. The colour scheme is inspired by traditional outfit and imagery so the main colr is indigo blue. The five pointed star is the same that can be found on the moroccan national flag ad is known as the seal of Solomon.
  11. Glad you think it because I spent a long time trying to balance them, 'cause they are great colours but red and green for example blend together in an odd way.
  12. European Professional Baseball League

    I really really like the Chaffs and Dublin Heather (also if the name is a bit out of the domain of usual baseball nomenclature...). Glasgow is simple yet classy but I'm not fond of the roundel you put like a badge on the chest, IMO it looks a lot better as a shoulder patch as in the alternate. If you want the roundel on the chest maybe you can try to eliminate the script in one of the alternates and just have an enlarged roundel on one side. Keep on the good work!
  13. Dakar Lions This team from Senegal decided to use the lion as their symbol for the stregth and courage it represents. The logo is designed to mix modern lines with a traditional wooden carved mask feel. The colours are chosen from the country flag but those colours are also an important heritage for all subsaharian states. Sunset red to represent the setting sun on the ocean, Savana yellow to represent the burnt bushlands of the mainland and forest green to represent the life-important source of wetlands and forests. The scarf words are taken from Senagal's motto which is "one people, one goal, one faith".
  14. Cairo Pharaohs A team from Egypt deserved to be called the Pharaohs, in honour of the mighty rulers of this land in ancent times. The main logo is designed after the very same Tutankhamon mask, global symbol of the refined egyptian arts. On the helmets the Eye of Horus symbolises the ever watchful king or, in this case, player. The pyramid pattern is repeted to underline the importance of those artifacts in the study of ancient egyptian history. The color palette is made of Desert Gold, Lapis Blue (darker) and Pharaoh Blue (lighter). The scarf motto mocks the nickname of Cairo "the city of a thousand minarets".