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  1. Seoul Tigers Tigers are very inmportant in korean culture so it looked like a good fit for a team from this vibrant and innovative asiatic country. Tigers were present in medioeval times in the peninsula and were seen ase guardians in the west. The away kit plays on the idea of the white tiger, an animal even more special than normal tigers, as it is supposed sacred in korean folklore.
  2. I tried to have a darker dark red but it looked too maroon and to have the lighter red washed down brings in a sort of pink. I'll try some more mixing and matching.
  3. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    Another idea to link the two parte could be to use the fin on the shark back as the A. I really like as it looks now, but if you are still seeking something different...
  4. Thank you all for the feedback!
  5. 3v3 basketball assignment

    I recalled doing it a while ago so I didn't noticed that the service was no more available. Thanks for the correction.
  6. 3v3 basketball assignment

    Welcome aboard! I like your logo, simple yet powerful. The only thing is that the side text, in my opinion, should be orange and not red. For posting images, if you have them online somewhere you just have to paste their link on your post. You can also attach files to your profile but you have a limited amount of space.
  7. The golden one creates more the spotlight feel.
  8. I recently entered a contest held by the Post2Post YouTube channel about redesigning the logo of current NHL teams. It was possible to send a entry for every team but I only entered with three. I chose the teams I already had an idea for which were the Coyotes, Oilers and Islanders. I could have done also the Kings logo but I ran short of time. I'm pretty happy with the overall result as all my logos made the top 63 and the Isles logo arrived 4th (it was 5th but then second logo got disqualified). Still, I was a bit disappointed for the other entries as I felt that in the previous contest they had way better entries in the top10 while in this one some were a tad weak. I'd like to hear some comment on my work as I mainly tried them out just because I really enjoy contests and events even if in the end my works are just average. Here you have the link if you want to have a look to the other entries. Here you have my entries I decided to redo the Coyotes logo just because I've always felt like their logo was nice but a bit too busy near the coyote's eyes and that the only animal head was a bit odd just like that. As a second I went with the Oilers also if I like their current logo (they are my favourite team) but I see that it is a bit outdated and in my opinion not old enough to be an historical one, like the Canadiens logo, so it should be updated. While I quite like the overall result of the drop on the gear wheel in the end I'm not completely ok with the helmet. It looked like a good idea to incorporate it but maybe the logo could have looked better without it. With the Islanders I had the easiest task as their logo is pretty awful. I know they won 4 Stanley Cups in a row with it, but the same I've said for the Oilers applies here. I know that the fisherman logo was higly hated but I think that it was a bold move out of the comfort zone they should repeat in the near future (without the teal please...).
  9. Shanghai Red Stars The team representing China was at first given the traditional red and gold colors but to reflect the modernity and the power of the modern chinese nation the color scheme was switched to a two tone red and white.
  10. Pulv! Logolympiad entries

    Thanks for the comment
  11. Pulv! Logolympiad entries

    Any C&C?
  12. Pulv! Logolympiad entries

    Now that this amazing event has ended I'd like to have some feedback on my entries. I know that sometimes without background info it is difficult to pickup the meaning of a logo, but here the true skill of a designer is. I feel like this year I had a shortage of it. My logos were never on medal spots but it was still a great excitement to compete in this event. Feel superfree to comment on every entry! Event 1 We had to design a logo for the brand new Professional Football League of american football. I went with orange and green for my color scheme as I felt like blue, red and white are overused in this sport and, although the sport is "american Football", the PFF could also be based in Canada or anywhere else. Event 2 In this event we had to design a uniform and primary logo for a possible new NBA franchise. I chose Seattle as I really think they have a major chance of getting a team in the nearby future and for the amazing supporters culture they have. I went with traditional Seattle colors of green and blue but trying to differentiate from the other city teams with a streak of powder blue. Tritons sounded nice to me as Seattle is a city deeply linked to the sea but going to something like orcas, whales or seabirds could put them too close to the Seahawks and Vancouver Canucks. Event 3 We had to create an alternate uniform for a team from the Pacifc league of Baseball using some of their current logos. Now, this was a difficult task as the team in the league have rather dull or too over the top logos. I know minor league teams usually sport really wierd uniforms but I really felt uncomfortable with some of the league teams identities. An angry chihuahua, really? At first I was going design a jersey for the Rainers but then I realized that their nice and serious identity was not good for the contest as the result would be not really "minor league". So in the end I decided to go with the Sky Sox as their identity was the one I liked the most. I designed a quite simple uniform, based on the gradient between ice blue and navy. I found this meaningful as frequently the mountains melt into the sky in a line which is not clear cut but more like a gradient. Event 4 We had to design a wordmark for a fictional team with a new logo matching the colors and choosing a name related to the logo (a lion) like Pride, Lions, Royals and so on. Not a lot to say about this other than I chose the south african city of Pretoria as colors and name suited perfectly the city. They should consider it for a rugby team. Event 5 The event consisted in designing a logo for a canadian dodgeball event to be held in Ottawa. As I knew every one was going to add the parliament house tower to a dodgeball of some sort (and I turned out to be right) I decided to try making my logo a little more unique by designing it very stylized. As it didn't recieve a lot of votes maybe it was not a good idea. Event 6 In this year crossover event we had to design a soccer kit for a NBL Canada basketball team. I really like Halifax Hurricanes old logo so I instantly decided to go with the team. I added a soccer ball in the hurricane eye to make it look more like a soccer crest. Event 7 For this event we had to draw a new secondary logo for a team of the Federal Hockey League of the present or of the past. As I really like pirates, buccaneers, privateers and so on I decided to make a new logo for the Watertown Privateers. I know that privateers are not usually associated as pirates with the jolly roger but I really liked the idea. Event 8 For this year's company logo event we had to design a logo for a company called Smart Sportswear producing athletic equipment with smart vital signs reading features. Of course I instantly thought about an heatbeat line so I added it to a bold font logo. Event 9 For this event we had to submit a colored uniform for one of the defunct american CFL franchises as it was a brand new team. I liked the barracudas identity even though Birmingham is not by the sea so barracudas are pretty had to find there if not frozen and ready to be cooked. A Barracuda team needs some colors that can make the fish pop up but also paint it in some close to real colors. You would of course never think of pink and green if you are speaking about the Sharks. That is why I opted for Charcoal gray, Aqua blue and red. The sign on the helmet is the fish fin. Event 10 For the anniversary logo this year we all had to design a logo for the tenth edition of the Logolympiad. As this event is linked with the actual Olympic Games, whose intenationally recognized symbol is the olympic flame, I decided to have in my logo an olympic torch with the blaze of the Logolympiad logo and an X to represent the tenth edition. The torch should resemble also a brush. This was the worst recieved entry as I didn't get any vote, also if I'm personally pretty happy of it. Maybe it was too conceptual...
  13. Seattle Aviators NHL expansion concept

    IMO the colour scheme is too similar to the Canucks. Could be ok if they were not that close but they will be two of the closest teams in the NHL (except ones in the same metro area). You could try with a dark green instead of navy or a powder blue instead of teal (it could eventually look a bit like Winnipeg but ad least they have some distance between them).