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  1. The Battle of Seattle

    I see the monogram as a fairly nice shoulder patch! The frog just rocks...
  2. Tokyo Kitsune Kitsune means fox in japanese and this animals are venerated almost like gods as they are cunning,wise and sometimes mischivieous. It makes sense to name a team after an animal so important in japanese culture mainly because of its openness and curiosity to humans. The main logo is a fox head designed in traditional kabuki style. The kanji used on the shoulder stands for 'kitsune'. On the helmet the japanese naval flag is used instead of the national flag as it makes a better contrast on the white background.
  3. MLB | Seattle Mariners Rebrand

    Nice! At first when I saw the title of your thread I just thought "What can you modernize in an already quite modern and iconic logo?" but you proved me wrong with this sleek new font, it really makes the overall logo so much better!
  4. I actually used for the names the real names of the mayors of each city, so yes, someone finally spotted it! For the neon green I have to admitt that on my pc it looks way less neon and more of a lime / apple green but with my phone it definitely looks too neon. So maybe I have some color settings wrong on my pc. I'll try to fix it asap.
  5. I know, it just looked better to me looking that way. If you feel like it's too odd I'll reverse it.
  6. Manila Tropic The name was chosen as the country of Philippines stands between the tropic of Cancer and the Equator in a zone that can be named the tripical strip. The logo featuring the crocodile is an homage to the Philippine Crocodile, an endangered specie now under 2000 animals. The two tone green color scheme represents both the crocodile and the luscious tropical forest that covers a good part of the archipelago. A crocodile skin pattern is sublimated on the shoulder area of the jersey and on the pants side panel.
  7. The Battle of Seattle

    The white jersey is an homerun! The blue one has IMO a contrast problem on the logo as light gray and the white outline don't contrast enough. I see that you tried to keep the seal gray, which of couse makes a lot of sense...but the darker outline makes the logo pop up a lot more. Maybe you could try using the same logo as on the white jersey but with a white overall outline like on previous logos.
  8. The Battle of Seattle

    I'm referring to this, of course...
  9. The Battle of Seattle

    The first color combo is really nice but too close to the Sharks. The second gets a little bit lost with the green interior. The third one is a thing of beauty and is also a very peculiar color scheme!
  10. The Battle of Seattle

    What about #4 with green switched with gray? (btw I love your design to insanity!)
  11. The Battle of Seattle

    The S is a good old goalie Nice idea there!
  12. Singapore Jets Singapore is an international transport hub and its airport is one of the busiest in the world so airplanes are a major thing in the city-state. Singapore Air Force has some operational F-15 so the team logo was designed with those in mind. The overall striping represents the two afterburner of the jet and the steam paths at each wing end. The color palette was taken from the jet coloring in two tones gray and the red is taken from Singapore air force roundel. The roundel is also the inspiration behind the helmet logo, S and J enclosed in a circle.
  13. Winter Olympics Concept Series - Calgary 2042

    How about trying to make the crown a little more into a mountain?
  14. Winter Olympics Concept Series - Calgary 2042

    I really like your logo! Simple yet effective. I hope Sion gets the olympics as I'm a bit worn out by those far away olympics I have to watch in the middle of the night ( undestood, Europe? get on with the bids...). I also like their idea of using existing venues all over Switzerland without building new ones, it will prevent the constuction of useless facilities no one is going to use after the event. But in my heart I really wish Torino gets to bid again for the 2026 olympics as it would be awesome to have the games back after 20 years (and we still have all venues and facilities). #Torino2026
  15. Probably the overall league would be a step lower than the NFL, as all the teams from all over the world should be on the same level as the Original Conference teams, so to match the best teams outside the USA northamerican teams have to be a little step down from the NFL. The WFL organization, though, is a different entity from the NFL, for sure they could have preseason games between the two leagues. In my mind the NFL is more about showing the best possible football available while the WFL is more about showing what football is about to the world. BTW I don't want to simulate the league because I wouldn't be good at it, but if anyone is interested in it I could definitely help you with it and the possible adding of new logos.