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    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - SIGN UP NOW

    I'd like to participate.
  2. Pulv!

    Pro Wrestling Flyer - Font Suggestions?

    How about this Great Lakes font instead of Rockwell? It reminds me of superheroes comic books, so it should work well with your flyer.
  3. A and B are really balanced. I prefer the B shape with the space needle topping the emerald shape as it looks more compact and better suited for a jersey.
  4. HDD Jesenice Full name: Hokejsko Drsalno Društv Jesenice Home: Sportna Dvorana Podmezakla, Jesenice Founding: 2013 Championships: 3 slovenian titles Old logos and jerseys My concept I played on the fact the Jesenice area was well known for its steel industries, one of which used to sponsor the previous hockey team in town. Red and black are the team colours but I've added a bit of gray to remind of steel.
  5. I'm glad to present you my latest work, a redesign of the Alps Hockey League. This league has 7 austrian, 2 slovenian and 8 italian teams and represents the highest hockey league in Italy, awarding the italian national title. In Austria it's the second tier league after the Österreichische Eishockey-Liga so there are some second teams of more powerful teams like Salzburg and Klagenfurt. The league was created for the 2016-2017 season after the merger of the italian Serie A and austro-slovenian Internatonal League and the first Alps champion was the italian team Rittner Buam. In the 2017-2018 season a second slovenian team was added and the resulting champion was the italian team Asiago Hockey. You can see the map and actual logos of the league (credit to eliteprospects). I decided to redesign the logos of this league, as they mostly felt outdated, and the jerseys too, as they are mainly not related with identity or color palette of their team. Teams in the league: Austria EC KAC II (Klagenfurt) EK Zell Am See EC Red Bull Salzburg II EC Kitzbuehel EHC Lustenau VEU Feldkirch EHC Bregenzerwald (Dornbirn) Italia HC Pustertal/Val Pusteria Rittner Buam (Ritten/Renon) WSV Sterzing/Vipiteno Broncos HC Gherdeina (Selva di Val Gardena) HC Neumarkt/Egna HC Fassa Falcons (Canazei) Asiago Hockey SG Cortina Slovenia HDD Jesenice HK Olimpija (Ljubljana) Here you have my rework of the league logo. I actually quite like their actual logo but I felt like it was important to underline the league different nationalities. The lower logo is for black and white display.
  6. I would try a Black helmet for the devils. The white one is nice but Red on Black screams Devils to me and you would have a sort of blackout uni for the home games
  7. EC Red Bull Salzburg II (junior team) Full name: Eishockey Club Red Bull Salzburg Nickname: Bullen (bulls) Home: Eisarena, Salzburg Founding: 1995 (junior team founded in 2010) Championships: 6 austrian titles, 1 european champions league, 1 continental cup (first team) Original logo and jerseys My concept I stayed with the usual Red Bull logo but I decided to have the jersey remind more of an energy drink can, adding the silver sleeve bands and the bottom split striping. I acurally like a lot the Bulls previous jerseys but I designed them anyway, just to try some new ideas.
  8. ha ok, they are not that small . I love the idea of the open branding, it always helps to have the point of view of others!
  9. You nailed the Centurions! Laurel wreaths are always a touch of class... I've a question for you. How big are the drawings you make? They sure looke small if you think you never snap the sheet borders. It surely enhances your skill level! When I was drawing my logos by hand I always used an A4 sheet for every logo or uni, as I'm pretty bad at miniature drawing, so I took ages to colour them...
  10. HC Fassa Falcons Full name: Hockey Club Fassa Falcons Nickname: Falchi (falcons) Home: Stadio del ghiaccio Gianmario Scola, Alba di Canazei Founding: 1955 Championships: - Old logo and jerseys My concept I decideded to go with a darker shade of blue as navy fits good with red. I got rid of the colored feathers of the falcon in the logo; they represented the 7 different villages of the valley where the team plays. The seven feathers of the falcons are still there symbolizing the spread out township, as are the 4 red stripes, that with the 3 negative stripes, add again to seven.
  11. I've changed the tv numbers with the same colors of the back numbers and they do look better. I also divided more the back numbers.
  12. EHC Lustenau Full name: Eishockey Club Lustenau Nickname: Löwen (Lions) Home: Rheinhalle, Lustenau Founding: 1970 Championships: 1 Interliga Old logos and jerseys My concept I quite liked the lion on the logo so I used it in my new logo with some tweaks. I got rid of awkward stikcs and fake pepsi logo (sorry, it looks like that to me...). The overall jersey design is quite simple. I wanted to go as far as possible from the ones they wear now. They look good at first sight, until you realise that the nice thing at the bottom is actually a car washer advertiser
  13. Pulv!

    HC UGRA can eat it

    Maybe it could be just a coincidence. The main part of the head looks pretty similar but the tusks and shading is quite different (yours is way better). I seldom run into stuffs that really look like logos I designed but then I think it is just a coincidence, as different people can have the exact same idea. Artworks tend to be different, but not always. I'm not trying to help the steal of artwork, this is just me thinking, as ever, too good of people in general. Here there is an example of nearly identical designs that ar not even closely related. My 2018 logolympiad entry and the supercool @sparky chewbarky concept for the Seattle Sea Lions. Did we use the same shaped trident for a Seattle team? Yes. Has Sparky copied my idea? no, we just happened to have the same idea. But maybe I'm wrong and they just copied your logo. In that case, shame on you Ugra for not even copying the original shading right !
  14. Thanks for the comments! Reducing the stripes to the usual volume of a hockey jersey stripe was a good idea as was adding a bit of white.
  15. Pulv!

    American Premier League

    Buffalo: home run, I really can't think of anything better. New York: I see where you are going with this team, but I feel like the background of the oval is a tad plain with just the italian flag. I absolutely love the clash and alternate kits. Home is just pretty unusual and reminds me of a rugby club, but I'm not sure that is a bad thing . Boston: in true Boston fashion they rock the shamrock! Really like it, simple yet effettive. And the alternate is what the New England Revolution should wear...
  16. EC Bregenzerwald Full name: Eishockey Club Bregenzerwald Nickname: Wälder Tigers (forest tigers) Home: Messestadion, Dornbirn Founding: 1985 Championships: 1 Interliga Old logo and jerseys My concept I've used a new tiger logo (I designed it for the Seoul Tigers...) and made the jerseys more linked to the tiger color scheme but always sticking with the green typical of the Forest Tigers. I actually like a lot their actual home jersey, the two tone green is a smart move, but unfortunately it doesn't screem tiger to me.
  17. SG Cortina Full name: Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina (Cortina ice sportsmen) Home: Stadio Olimpico, Cortina Founding: 1924 Championships: 16 italian titles Old logo and jerseys My concept The golden and silver stars of the logo symbolise the 16 italian titles (10 on the golden and 5 for the silver) and was incorporated in my logo in a single double star inside the triangular crest. The overall look is simple and traditional as this team represents the history of hockey in Italy (this is also why the jersey resembles so much the italian national team kit).
  18. KAC II (second team) Full name: Klagenfurter Athleticsport Club Nickname: Rotjacken (red jackets) Home: Stadthalle Klagenfurt Founding: 1909 (second team founded in 2016) Championships: 30 austrian titles, 1 Interliga (the first team of course...) Old logo and jerseys My concept The slanted C in the logo was bothering me so much I had to change it. I know it is an iconic and traditional logo but a little update can make wonders. The jersey is heavily based on their current one but the striping is now a triple white band and the shoulder yoke is solid white. The jersey was designed for the second team but is ment to be worn also by the first team.
  19. Rittner Buam (Ritten Boys) Full name: Ritten Sport Home: Ritten Arena, Ritten/Renon Founding: 1984 (merging of previous teams, oldest from 1928) Championships: 1 AHL, 4 italian titles Old logo and jerseys My concept The roundel logo, from the village's coat of arms, is now the main logo. Arm striping taken from the new logo. Black, white and red as the only colors.
  20. Some time ago I stumbled on the World Football League logos here on CCSL and I decided to give them a new spring by regenerating the league and by expanding it. The league will still be named World Football League and here you have my new logo, wordmark, monochromo logo and jersey patch. In addition to the original 12 teams from the USA I added 4 from Canada, 8 from Central and South America, 5 from Africa, 8 from Europe, 7 from Asia and 2 from Oceania. Without more reserves I'm going to present you the league conferences. Original Conference Birmingham Americans Charlotte Hornets Chicago Fire Detroit Wheels Florida Blazers (Miami) Honolulu Hawaiians Houston Texans Jacksonville Sharks Memphis Southmen Philadelphia Bell Portland Storm Southern California Sun (Los Angeles) + Vancouver Lumberjacks Toronto Reds Calgary Express Ottawa Canadians From this conference the top 4 teams will play for the Championship Finals I tried to stick with the real identities of the 70s with names and colors although some of them are now used by other major sports teams. Euroconference Stockholm Vikings Rome Gladiators Munich Mountaineers Rois de Paris London White Knights Barcelona Dracs Athens Argonauts Moskow Saints Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Liberty Conference (Conferencia de los Libertadores) Rio Cariocas Aztecas de México (Aztecs) Buenos Aires Gauchos (Cowboys) Montevideo Libertadores (freedom bearers) Valparaiso Almirantes (Admirals) Panama Tugboats Caracas Pertoleros (Oilers) Bogotà Generales (Generals) The conference is not named after the continet but after a piece of history which is shared by all of these countries. The team names are mostrly in the native language for merchandise questions. Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Afroarab Conference Cairo Pharaos Cape Town Penguins Lagos Eagles Dakar Lions Casablanca Touaregs Riyadh Stallions Riyadh was added to this group as in my opinion it makes more sense than to add it to far east teams as also Egypt and Morocco share an arab based culture with the Saudi city. Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. Indopacific Conference Sydney Wallabies Auckland Helmsmen Tokyo Kitsune Manila Tropical Shangai Red Stars Singapore jets Seoul Tigers Mumbai Elephants Just one of these teams will fly to the Championship Finals. I must add that I chose the conference color thinking of the 5 olympic rings. The red of Northen America was changed with the brown of a football ball to represent the original set of teams. To sum up, in the Championship Finals there will be 4 teams from the Original Conference ad one from every other conference for a total of 8 teams fighting for the Championship Trophy. Here you have some maps to make the team settings clearer. My work will be divided in two parts, the first where I'm going to redesign the late WFL teams and a second one where I'll be creating brand new identities for the new teams.
  21. Pulv!

    City/State Color Identities

    I really enjoyed it! Some of the color swaps were just so effective...
  22. As in this period so many people seems to be taken into the Star Wars madness I've decided to change the subject of my fantasy league from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit world. My Galactic Football League will have to wait a bit more. Why did I choose hockey for my Middle-earth fantasy league? I thought that hockey was the most fitting sport for J.R.R. Tolkien fictional continent as most of his stories take place in dark and cold times full of battles and wars. To me hockey is one of those sports which represents best an ancient battle fight. For these reasons I'm glad to present you the Middle-earth Hockey League (MEHL in short)! Little geographical lesson My hockey league teams will all be based on the geography you can see on maps in Tolkien's most famous books, LOTR and The Hobbit, which are setted in the Third Age of Arda (just because Middle-earth has not been the same shape ever). The whole world which is called Ea or Arda has many different continents but all my teams will be in the Middle-earth continent (also known as Endor, well, not that Endor). League Teams Rohan Riders Helm's Deep Defenders Minas Tirith Monarchs Minas Morgul Nazguls Osgiliath Legion Bree Brewers Rivendell Lords Mirkwood Hunters Moria Forgers Isengard Wild Erebor Mountain Kings Shire Halflings Misty Mountains Avalanche Mordor Black Army Anduin Argonath Ithilien Bowmen Dale Blazers Iron Hills Ironfeet League Map (the image is quite big, I suggest to have a look on full size mode) The league will not have conferences in it and every team will be playing two season games against each other team, one home and one away. There will not be playoffs, the team with the most victories gets the league trophy. In case of an even number of victories of two or more teams the number of draws or losses will be analysed. Hope you enjoy this thread!
  23. Anduin Argonath The team takes the name from the famous two statues called the Pillars of the Kings or Argonath. They mark the entrance in the realm of Gondor on the course of the river Anduin. The big statues, representing Isildur and Anarion, are said to hold both an axe in the books while in the movies it was decided to give a sword to one of the two. The team decided to stick with the movie design as it seemed a neat idea to differentiate more the two. The color palette is based on Fresh Water Light Blue, Granite Ochre and Deep Waterfall Blue. The usual jersey presentation was changed to make enough room for the main logo, which has a mainly vertical extension, and in the negative space it was possible to add a particular of the shoulder patch A.
  24. Thanks for the kind words! My very own list is based on how much I felt I was turning well the ideas in my mind in a real design. Meaning it would be more difficult to improve these teams than others... 1 Athens Argonauts 2 Socal Suns 3 Lagos Eagles 4 Seoul Tigers 5 Generales de Bogotà
  25. Here you have a little summary of the whole league. It has been long but so rewarding in the end! Let me know your favourite team of the bunch!