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  1. The National Premier Soccer League, commonly known as NPLS, is the fourth tier of the US soccer pyramid. It is together a regional and a national league, meaning it is divided in 4 regions (Northestern, South, Midwest, Western) that represent the whole country. It takes place in the summer months, so they can draw players from NCAA soccer. I quite like their new logo, so I designed coordinated logos for the 4 regions and 11 conferences. The four regions have different stars positioning to represent the geographical positon, but they are always 4, as the regions. The conference logos have a similar appearance, with only a different crest shape. Of the 4 ever present stars one is red, representing which region the conference is in. North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic have a wavy top and bottom to represent the ocean Keystone, as Pennsylvania is known as the keystone state Heartland has a confederate vibe Lone star is literally Texas Sunshine has a Florida shape Southeast has a flag shape, for all the pirates that had their coves on the south eastern coast. East has ha waterfall side to represents the Niagara falls, real symbol of the area Great lakes has 3 red stripes and two blue ones to represent the 5 major lakes. North has a big star, representing the northen star guiding the path Golden gate, what to add... Northwest, has a side shaped like an evergreen tree Southwest, sun rays for the SoCal conference I designed the kit for the two diffent all-star teams of the league. The all-star game is actually called Rising Stars National Game in my redesign. Two regions will play against the other two regions; the couples will be decided by a draft on the game's eve, so every region sends the same number of all star players to enable every combination. Hope you enjoy the concept. In the future I'll post the rebranding of all the 92 clubs in the league, but it will be a slow start, as I'm currently working on many other projects
  2. HK Olimpija Full name: Hokejski Klub Olimpija Nickname: Zmaji (Dragons) Home: Hala Tivoli, Lubljana Founding: 2004 Championships: - Old Logo and jerseys My concept For the logo I used the dragon from Olimpija basketball team's logo, as it looked so sharp. The overall design is pretty basic, to match the long tradition of the team. Even if HD Olimpija was founded only in 2004, its mother team, HDD Olimpija, won 15 slovenian titles and 13 yugoslavian titles before folding in 2017.
  3. I'm glad to present you my latest work, a redesign of the Alps Hockey League. This league has 7 austrian, 2 slovenian and 8 italian teams and represents the highest hockey league in Italy, awarding the italian national title. In Austria it's the second tier league after the Österreichische Eishockey-Liga so there are some second teams of more powerful teams like Salzburg and Klagenfurt. The league was created for the 2016-2017 season after the merger of the italian Serie A and austro-slovenian Internatonal League and the first Alps champion was the italian team Rittner Buam. In the 2017-2018 season a second slovenian team was added and the resulting champion was the italian team Asiago Hockey. You can see the map and actual logos of the league (credit to eliteprospects). I decided to redesign the logos of this league, as they mostly felt outdated, and the jerseys too, as they are mainly not related with identity or color palette of their team. Teams in the league: Austria EC KAC II (Klagenfurt) EK Zell Am See EC Red Bull Salzburg II EC Kitzbuehel EHC Lustenau VEU Feldkirch EHC Bregenzerwald (Dornbirn) Italia HC Pustertal/Val Pusteria Rittner Buam (Ritten/Renon) WSV Sterzing/Vipiteno Broncos HC Gherdeina (Selva di Val Gardena) HC Neumarkt/Egna HC Fassa Falcons (Canazei) Asiago Hockey SG Cortina Slovenia HDD Jesenice HK Olimpija (Ljubljana) Here you have my rework of the league logo. I actually quite like their actual logo but I felt like it was important to underline the league different nationalities. The lower logo is for black and white display.
  4. The retro style variation is wonderful. It works beautifully and could be nice color swap in the event the new Seattle franchise opts for a green and blue scheme.
  5. HC Gherdëina Full name: Hockey Club Gherdëina Nickname: - Home: Pranives, Selva di Val Gardena Founding: 1927 Championships: 4 italian titles Old logo and jerseys My concept The logo was rediseigned to incorporate an horseshoe has the G for Gherdëina. The horseshoe pattern is reused in the bottom striping, while the wide chest stripe is taken from their current jersey. The team has not a nickname, or at least is not very well known, so to differentiate, as we already have the Broncos, they could be the Stallions.
  6. Here you have some ideas I developed. They are not your usual Seattle logos and color schemes (maybe not exactly the Tritons...). Hope you enjoy my work, maybe I stretched out too far from the traditional path, let me know.
  7. As in this period so many people seems to be taken into the Star Wars madness I've decided to change the subject of my fantasy league from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit world. My Galactic Football League will have to wait a bit more. Why did I choose hockey for my Middle-earth fantasy league? I thought that hockey was the most fitting sport for J.R.R. Tolkien fictional continent as most of his stories take place in dark and cold times full of battles and wars. To me hockey is one of those sports which represents best an ancient battle fight. For these reasons I'm glad to present you the Middle-earth Hockey League (MEHL in short)! Little geographical lesson My hockey league teams will all be based on the geography you can see on maps in Tolkien's most famous books, LOTR and The Hobbit, which are setted in the Third Age of Arda (just because Middle-earth has not been the same shape ever). The whole world which is called Ea or Arda has many different continents but all my teams will be in the Middle-earth continent (also known as Endor, well, not that Endor). League Teams Rohan Riders Helm's Deep Defenders Minas Tirith Monarchs Minas Morgul Nazguls Osgiliath Legion Bree Brewers Rivendell Lords Mirkwood Hunters Moria Forgers Isengard Wild Erebor Mountain Kings Shire Halflings Misty Mountains Avalanche Mordor Black Army Anduin Argonath Ithilien Bowmen Dale Blazers Iron Hills Ironfeet League Map (the image is quite big, I suggest to have a look on full size mode) The league will not have conferences in it and every team will be playing two season games against each other team, one home and one away. There will not be playoffs, the team with the most victories gets the league trophy. In case of an even number of victories of two or more teams the number of draws or losses will be analysed. Hope you enjoy this thread!
  8. Font fixing for the Broncos.
  9. Moria Forgers The dwarven kingdom of Moria was created as a mining city by Durin, under the three main peaks of the Misty Mountains. The name forgers was inspired by the wonderous skills of dwarves at crafting metals into magnificent armours, weapons and everyday objects. The color scheme symbolises the heat of the forge (red, orang and yellow) and the two tone gray stands for metal ore (dark gray) and polished metal (light gray). The forge hammer blown over the anvil is the exact image that the team wants to convey when fighting in the hockey rink.
  10. Sterzing-Vipiteno Broncos Full name: Wintersportverein Sterzing Vipiteno Broncos (winter sports team Sterzing-Vipiteno Broncos) Nickname: Broncos Home: Weihenstephan Arena, Sterzing-Vipiteno Founding: 1948 Championships: 3 italian second tier titles Old logo and jerseys My concept I used a slightly adjusted version of their new logo. The jersey also follows the same style, with a shoulder yoke. The two color stripes of the jerseys are taken from the original logo mascot eye coloring.
  11. For Asiago I redesigned a bit the lion head, adding some orange-yellow to the logo. On the away jersey I changed the numbers color and outline to make them pop out a bit more.
  12. Based on some of the feeback provided, I decided to rework some concepts posted here. For Cortina I changed the font and the color of the shoulder stars. For the Icebears I decided to add some color strokes on the face to underline the bear facial features. The kabuki style bear is what I ended up with and I don't dislike it.
  13. All sizes available, from hobbit XS to giant 3XL. ?
  14. Isengard Wild The land where the tower of Orthanc is located is ruled by Saruman the White, who likes to tag his armies of orcs with the white hand. The region is quite untamed, as the surrounding forest is home of the Ents, the talking trees.The two circles in the main logo stand for the tower itself and the luscious gardens around it. The color was inspired by the main features of the piece of land: black for the mighty tower, green fro the forest and white for the white hand and Saruman himself.
  15. I discovered I had some screen lighting completely set wrong. From now on the issue should be fixed.
  16. I must have problems with the pc screen colors, as the yellow I used was a bright one, but nowhere close to volt yellow. As this problem surfaced in previous concepts I should definitely fix the issue. Meanwhile, I changed the yellow to a darker tone.
  17. EK Zell am See Full name: Eishockey Klub Zell am See Nickname: Eisbären (ice bears) Home: Eishalle, Zell am See Founding: 1928 Championships: 6 austrian titles Old logos and jerseys My concept I stayed with the traditional colors of yellow and blue and partly used the old logos, using the same bear face silhouette, with some feature reworking. The split jersey is an attempt to modernise the look of the team, but also to differentiate it from all the others AHL teams.
  18. I've now toned down the gray a bit. On the wolf logo it looks certainly better, though, not so sure on the jersey .
  19. HC Pustertal-Val Pusteria Full name: Hockey Club Pustertal-Val Pusteria Nickname: I Lupi (the wolves) Home: Stadio Rienza, Brunico-Bruneck Founding: 1954 Championships: - Old logo and jersey My concept As I found that the mascot jersey was pretty nice, I designed my concept around it, with a dougle gray stripe band. The logo is now a proper wolf and the black circle underneath should reimnd of a puck. The double naming of the team comes frome the fact that in this region of Italy german is spoken as well as italian is, so Pustertal is the german translation of Val Pusteria, as Bruneck is the german name of the town of Brunico.
  20. Ithilien Bowmen The nickname of the team named after the region of Gondor closest to Mordor could not be anything else than the Bowmen. The company of renegades commanded by Faramir is, in fact, composed mainly of bowmen. The brown tones color scheme is based on the company's own garments, as they need to be stealthy in their scouting terrains. Fort he same reason the away jersey is not white but cream. The hint of red is to remind the sacrifice of many men in defense of Gondor.
  21. Definitely, also in sports you don't even know exist ? and especially in Austria since they are based there. The only kind of ads I can barely tolerate are soccer kits ads. Those can be nice if they fit the color right, like Jeep for Juventus or Chevrolet for Man U. But every other sport uniform usually looks totally off with ads on. For this reason I put ads only on soccer or rugby concepts.
  22. Asiago HC Full name: Asiago Hockey Club Nickname: I Leoni (the lions), Gli Stellati (the stars) Home: Pala Hodegart, Asiago Founding: 1935 Championships: 1 AHL, 5 italian titles Old logos and Jersey My concept I'm not even able to understand what their logo should be. Is it a blade or a strange looking sledge? As the previous Stars identity is way past its primetime, I decided to go back to the Lions identity, which is also linked to the symbol of the region of Veneto, where Asiago is, the lion of St.Mark. The striping has a sublimated damasc pattern taken directly from the regional banner of Veneto.
  23. Pulv!

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    San Francisco Detroit
  24. Pulv!

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    F. Every concept with a sunrise gradient has my vote! And in this case it works wonders also with the grand canyon rocky layers.
  25. The home kit took my breath away ? The third kit is also pretty fabulous. The away kit is a bit plain but I see your fauxback attempt. Maybe a nice touch could be to ditch the two main blue and green waves and just have the sublimated white waves.