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  1. Love the Sixers. I agree with Hoopladawg87 that the shorts could be changed a bit. Look like Gonzaga's from this season. Try thinner stripes maybe. Other than that it's awesome. That warriors concept is amazing. Only nitpick is the number font. A slight adjustment to that would perfect it. I like the idea for the nets. The overall design isn't bad. But it's just feels like there is too much going on. Especially on the shorts. If you can make the stripes thinner or if not pick either the ball logo or stripes. I'm going to be watching this thread very closely. Nice job.
  2. Love the blue Fresno State concept! Really pops! all of these are amazing though! What Under Armour concept did you use because that looks awesome!
  3. Alright awesome. My team is the Wichita Wranglers. I'll send you the logo when I have it.
  4. Does it have to be made in photoshop or can it be hand drawn
  5. I didn't even think about how it would look on a hat until you said that. But you're right on that. It works for some things and doesn't for others.
  6. San Diego has had some awesome logos over the last 15 years or so. Some have turned out really nice. My favorite one is the word "Aztecs" fit into an Aztec temple.
  7. I love the horns on the strutting ram. The interlocking NC is iconic. And that script Carolina word mark would look amazing on a basketball jersey.
  8. Never seen that hockey logo before. Love the last gopher logo a ton!
  9. Interesting. Didn't know about that. IMO the Motion W is the best one.
  10. I always liked this one for Michigan state.
  11. How about either one of these?
  12. Don't think I've ever seen that last Arkansas logo before. When was that used? It's awesome!!
  13. Been thinking and sketching a little bit lately. I've decided to rank the Top 3 logos that college's use. It's going to be for any and every college. Please feel free to join in with your own top 3 for the universities. I would like to start with Penn State. Ever since their white-out upset of #3 Ohio State, it's got me thinking about logos and such. Let me know if you agree or disagree or have any related feedback. Thanks! Top 3 Penn State logos of all time. From 1-3 going top to bottom. How can you not have the iconic "Nittany Lion" logo at number 1. Love the old logo from the early 2000's. Haven't seen it used for a long time though 3rd is just a word mark and kinda reminds me of the "Penn" tennis ball logo.
  14. Maybe off topic. But one of my favorite uniform matchups from this year came from BYU and Michigan State.