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  1. Thank you I’m glad you do. Unfortunately with hand drawn concepts, there’s no editing unless you want to re do the whole Jersey.
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves are up next! I decided I go with their old color scheme with modern striping and hopefully this looks modern enough for them. Let’s be honest, the stripes on their current Nike jerseys are awful. “Minnesota” could be placed on the icon uniform. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated.
  3. Thank you. I’ve been doing hand drawn my whole life and just have never tried to do digital. Maybe I’ll try Inkscape. Thank you!
  4. Thanks a lot!!! I never realized how thin I made them until you said so.
  5. Thank you I'll pass it on to him. Thanks I appreciate it.
  6. Up next is the Milwaukee Bucks. This is probably my favorite one so far. "Milwaukee" should have gone on the front of the Icon edition but with hand drawing, it just doesn't fit lol. I stuck to their current color palette and went with a more modern look of their retro side striping. One of the most underrated color schemes in the NBA. Hopefully you guys like this concept as much as I do.
  7. The NBA season is officially underway tonight!!! Although we have seen plenty of the new Nike uniforms already, tonight is the real deal. There have been lots of mixed feelings with the release of many jerseys. I decided that I wanted to design my own NBA x Nike uniforms so they could look how I want them to: no sponsor patches, unique looks and a few updates. For my concepts, I had a friend create the template which I then color and design for each team. I went with a round neck for all the teams just because I think it looks the best. The NBA logo is on the back collar and hopefully the placement of the Nike logos is correct on the uniforms and shorts. Keep in mind that these are hand design and colored so once a line is drawn it's hard to erase. I tried to keep the overall look of the team similar to what they have now and just add my own spin on them. I actually started these concepts toward the end of last season and some of the player names that I put on the jerseys became incorrect as they moved teams or were traded in the off season. That caused me to have to redo some jerseys for the sake of me being a perfectionist. I don't have the entire league done yet but I will post them as they come. So, without further ado, the Atlanta Hawks Association and Icon editions. C&C is always appreciated and welcome. Enjoy!
  8. Another successful week of college football with many upsets. Here's some of the best looking games IMO
  9. Kansas State has a very underrated set IMO. And they're one of the college football untouchables along with Texas.
  10. Isn't Florida-LSU always a beauty? But especially this year. What makes it worst? How much black there is? Or the fact that you can't see Temple's helmet logo
  11. Yeah personally I think UAB has done a great job bringing back their program. And a jersey like this is sure to get the job done even better.
  12. There wasn't too many good looking games this week but luckily I was able to pick out my 5 favorite from this rather dry week. (By the way, my number one is Notre Dame-UNC without a doubt)
  13. Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend. UL-Murray State: Personally, i think the Cardinals W/R/W is their best look. Just enough chrome on their helmet with face mask and decal. Sure Murray state has a relatively boring set, but I think the helmet makes up for it. TT-Oklahoma St: I am in love with all of the Red Raiders combos. But if i'm not mistaken these were a special throwback look. I believe they wore a similar set but with a black jersey last season. They really nailed it with W/R/W. Oklahoma state is the best looking team in the Big 12 (aside from TCU some weeks). And the black helmet and gray pants looked great together. UCLA-Colorado: The Bruins surprised everyone by going all white (including helmets). And I honestly don't mind them at all. I thought it looked really good especially against the Buffs all black. Memphis-UCF: Memphis certainly has a unique look in college football. Don't know much I like the tiger stripe helmets but they had the right idea going with W/W/B. The jerseys are perfect and the plain blue pants compliment it very well. UCF game out with a very strong look. I can't remember the exact name of this set but the shoulder design looks amazing in the light.
  14. I actually really love the UW Under Armor set they have now. Penn States were gorgeous. Everything about them. I do agree with you about Indiana though. This weeks striped helmet with matching pants makes their look so much better.
  15. Ohhhhhh. That makes more sense. Thank you so much