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  1. @Missy_America That once great city of London that I loved is gone now, from Monty Python to fu:$king Muslims

  2. @DailyMail who :censored:ing cares about him her whatever

  3. @ReaganCoalition :censored: this god damm typical liberals for all these little sissy millennium era kids , yea I said it…

  4. @Sam0so @jessnthecity don't let the door hit you one the way out :censored:

  5. @MagicRoyalty @FBI somebody needs to disrupt Moores fatass eating habits before he has a stroke- hmmm... actually eat away Moore

  6. @RuPaul right up your alley

  7. @pizza_gate

  8. @FreeFolkRule @hrtablaze because of

  9. @ABC7Chicago #thewall

  10. @Trevornoah

  11. @CoachJim4UM

  12. @NoBuffZone same here buds happy thanksgiving

  13. @mackin_chris Macklin doesn't it seem strange that after he mentions #pizzagate this happens? Supports trump now? Hmmm

  14. @VampyreMermaid @StevieVanZandt why because he opposes your snowflake views?

  15. @AnnCoulter screw them