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  1. Yeah, I came to that too, extrapolating from how berserk RL Portlanders are for the Blazers and Timbers. And IMO, The Dragons first Victory Bowl looked an awful lot like The Raiders first Super Bowl: getting blown out by a legend on his last legs.
  2. Funny thing is, I actually brought up that idea with Veras at one point.
  3. The AFA allows public ownership of football teams? That's the first time I've heard of that!
  4. Glad to see that The Dragons aren't going to betray their hometown. Not so happy on the prospect of more public money going to a new stadium.
  5. Uhh, I don't want to sound too mean here. But I just, don't, like the Eagle's midnight green look at all. It hasn't looked remotely appealing to me in any of the forms it's been presented in. To me, The Dragons are a team that should look very flamboyant, outrageous. Their current look is too close what The Whales and Grizzlies have, which is why I was never a fan of it. Still, I'm at least glad things seem to be finally turning around for the team itself. I'm eager for the 1985 season. Also, the Google Drive site seems to be working on my end.
  6. This has been one of the most unpredictable Postseasons in a Long Time. Though it sucks that my Dragons are failing so hard right now.
  7. How are The Dragons doing this offseason?
  8. So, what made the Dragons fall off so badly this year?
  9. So, how did Portland do in the offseason this year? I know we lost that DE, but are any of Portlands picks interesting or intriguing in some way?
  10. Now I see your point Veras, its here that The Care Bears become enemy numero uno for The Dragon Horde. Also, tell us more about Malik Ali, he's obviously the dude you've had on the jersey templates, but you've barely mentioned him up till now. Finally, DRAGONS :censored: YEAHH!!!
  11. Well, I see the rivalry with The Care Bears as similar to the Raiders-Chefs rivalry, where theres at least a sense of mutual respect on both sides. The hate filled one so far is The Whores, though this week could change that. THE DRAGON HORDE IS GOING TO TAKE THE CARE BEARS PIK A NIK BASKETS!!!
  12. THE DRAGON HORDE IS BACK BABY!!! WERE GOING ALL THE :censored:ING WAY!!! And yeah, the playoff graphic is actually kind of cool if you ask me. Also, tell more about this years Dragons, and, for old times sake, hows the record against The Whores looking?