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  1. Anything other than Grizzlies is unacceptable for Portland IMO. This is about making up for lost time.
  2. Simon Vance, 52. A Radio shock from Salem, Oregon who has spent the last 30 years rueing the loss of Portland's previous franchise. Determined to make the universe right again. Portland Houston
  3. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    No Yellow Jersey? It would do a better job distinguishing the Vaders from the Dolts. Also, Sun? In Nor Cal Summer? You must be made familiar with how weather works in this part of the country.
  4. I'm glad to see Veras back too. I can't wait to see how the Dragons will steal the Teddies Pik-A-Nik basket this year. (And the rest of the rest of the west, the FakeFish, the Whores, and the other team)
  5. Are you going to stick entirely to OTL consoles? Or would you be interested in opening a rip in the butterfly net you have around the football world? The next decade of the video game industry is probably is probably the most interesting of all. Nintendo first sees their monopoly eroded by SEGA and NEC, and finally broken by Sony. SEGA has their rise, and then fall caused by Sony. Atari steadily declines throughout this period, before being put out of it's misery by Sony. And then there was also the interesting run by NEC and EA during this period, which was brought to a halt by Sony's entrance into the market. The only failure that wasn't a result of Sony was the Phillips CD-i, which was just a bad :censored:ing idea. The irony is that if the CD-i had actually been designed to be a decent console, SEGA would still be around today. But I'm probably getting off topic hereā€¦ There was also a "TV Sports Football" for the NEC Turbografx-16 (PC Engine).
  6. I'd rather the AFA not go with an exclusive contract. The Sports game monopolies have led to mediocre gaming and shameless cash grabbing. The first Madden was released in 1988. And honestly, the 16-bit era could've already gotten underway by this time. Nintendo's 3rd Generation monopoly status lengthened the 8-bit era beyond what was natural, or the NES could've been the 16-bit to begin with (It was originally planned to be). or the console wars could be completely different, since Nintendo and most of the Japanese names we know only got the foothold they did because most of the American names got the idea that Video Games were a fad that died out in 1983. But Veras hates butterflies. Nintendo of America has always been based in Redmond, just outside Seattle. They'd be purchasing the Grizzlies, and the Grizzlies don't lend themselves to pokemon makeover as much.
  7. The SEGA Genesis came out in 1988 (the Turbografx-16 the year before), and you already 16-bit computers hitting the mainstream. I think now would be the appropriate time to start considering it.
  8. Yeah, I came to that too, extrapolating from how berserk RL Portlanders are for the Blazers and Timbers. And IMO, The Dragons first Victory Bowl looked an awful lot like The Raiders first Super Bowl: getting blown out by a legend on his last legs.
  9. Funny thing is, I actually brought up that idea with Veras at one point.
  10. The AFA allows public ownership of football teams? That's the first time I've heard of that!
  11. Glad to see that The Dragons aren't going to betray their hometown. Not so happy on the prospect of more public money going to a new stadium.
  12. Uhh, I don't want to sound too mean here. But I just, don't, like the Eagle's midnight green look at all. It hasn't looked remotely appealing to me in any of the forms it's been presented in. To me, The Dragons are a team that should look very flamboyant, outrageous. Their current look is too close what The Whales and Grizzlies have, which is why I was never a fan of it. Still, I'm at least glad things seem to be finally turning around for the team itself. I'm eager for the 1985 season. Also, the Google Drive site seems to be working on my end.