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  1. So, what made the Dragons fall off so badly this year?
  2. So, how did Portland do in the offseason this year? I know we lost that DE, but are any of Portlands picks interesting or intriguing in some way?
  3. Now I see your point Veras, its here that The Care Bears become enemy numero uno for The Dragon Horde. Also, tell us more about Malik Ali, he's obviously the dude you've had on the jersey templates, but you've barely mentioned him up till now. Finally, DRAGONS :censored: YEAHH!!!
  4. Well, I see the rivalry with The Care Bears as similar to the Raiders-Chefs rivalry, where theres at least a sense of mutual respect on both sides. The hate filled one so far is The Whores, though this week could change that. THE DRAGON HORDE IS GOING TO TAKE THE CARE BEARS PIK A NIK BASKETS!!!
  5. THE DRAGON HORDE IS BACK BABY!!! WERE GOING ALL THE :censored:ING WAY!!! And yeah, the playoff graphic is actually kind of cool if you ask me. Also, tell more about this years Dragons, and, for old times sake, hows the record against The Whores looking?
  6. It didn't backfire at all, and trust, people will be making the same kind of complaints a year down the road. And the battles don't really allow for the kind of skill of the main games.
  7. I think Eevee got a low candy number for Evolution (and high rate of appearance) because it's evolution process was supposed to be random, if the nickname exploit didn't exist, and Eevee had a more appropriate appearance rate, people would be complaining about exactly the opposite. Besides, rarity doesn't mean good in Pokemon (and vice versa), Pokemon has always been screwy that way. And do you even understand the type chart? Why would you even put Poliwrath against Vaporeon (which is a tank vs Poliwrath) or Jolteon (which has a speed and typing advantage against Poliwrath)? Flareon is fine, though there are better options (Starmie, Tentacruel, Vaporeon, Blastoise, Gyrados, and Lapras all have higher base stats than Poliwrath). The best way to use Poliwrath is to sick on Ground and Rock types that it can actually outspeed. (though said options are better for that role too.) I would either change the evolution/level mechanic to completely separate (level up being Stardust only/Evolve being Candy only, with Candy simplified to 18 types). Or combined more (Candies used for leveling up Pokemon count towards evolution, and evolution will automatically occur once enough candies are used, again with Candy simplified to 18 types). In San Francisco, there are tons of Gyrados, Snorlax, and Dragonite in the 2000's CP (with some reaching into the 3000's), and the Eeveelutions are still prominent.
  8. In defense of Niantic, the Eeveelutions actually do have higher base stats than Poliwrath in the real games, and I would say it's been an area that Niantic's been very faithful in bringing over. Hell, most of the Gen I Fighting types really aren't all that good. (Hell, I would argue that it wasn't until Gen IV that the fighting type really had a solid stable of good Pokemon) Though I do agree that the evolution and level up mechanics need to be revised somewhat (By either severing them entirely, or bringing them closer together). The problem is that Niantic has a very different idea (compared to their player base) of what an acceptable difficulty curve is, and what an acceptable level of investment is.
  9. Something like 80% of my catches/finds are of the most common class of Pokemon (Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Spearow, Rattata and Zubat). It should be more like 50%. (Which the games usually went with.) Most of the gyms out here are dominated by the trinity of Snorlax, Gyrados, and Dragonite. I should point out that the inclusion of Gen II will change a lot of things.
  10. Wow, your pokemon are weak. My most powerful Pokemon is over 1500 CP. But, going back to the topic, the game won't let you leave a Pokemon with less than full health at the gym. Like I said, the model the GTS provides for the main game would be very good for this game. I really want Gen II Pokemon in this game. Also, the new Pokemon locating mechanism is wonderful. Not quite what fans were asking for, but better. Still, the most common pokemon appear way too much.
  11. I can see Niantic adopting most elements of Pokemon GTS for Pokemon GO. The GTS has an ability to look up a specific Pokemon for trade, along with what that person wants in return. Similarly, you can leave a pokemon, asking for what you want in return, and it will sit there until said thing is available. There's also Wonder Trade, the more recently introduced concept. Put one random pokemon in, get one random pokemon out, it's actually really fun.
  12. I'm up to 82 Pokemon in the dex. And I have 7 Pokemon over 1000 CP too. Today was a great day.
  13. Apparently Pokemon Go has a new glitch where it won't go lower than the 3 footprints. Frankly, they should make some of this stuff easier to understand.
  14. Everywhere in San Francisco is a college campus: I've got over a dozen Pokestops within a ¼ mile (400m) radius of where I live. (Theres tons of articles about this) As for the Pokemon you've listed, I actually do have Magmar and Electabuzz. Magmar was my Second catch, I got it while doing a Postmates job in the Tenderloin. Electabuzz I fortunate enough to get via hatching. The pokemon that Plagues me though is Zubat, there's so many of those :censored:ing bats in neighborhood it drives me insane. Literally half my catches have been nothing but Zubat. Oh yeah, and Eevee has been a pokemon that's been eluding me. I know there's a spawn point by the Zoo (which I live fairly close to) for them, but it looks like it's inside the gate. I just spent 20 minutes walking up and down the southernmost part of The Great Highway in the dark for Nothing.