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  1. haven't logged on in a while because i didn't want this website to take cookies from me but i finally got around to figuring it out. what's poppin?
  2. Hi. I am fairly new to the board and was wondering who made your silverware banners for Arsenal and PSG? Those are very nicely done. Is there someone on the board who creates them based on requests or did you create them. I have seen a few people have the same type of signatures on the board. I am an Arsenal, Portland Timbers and Victoria Highlanders FC supporter.



  3. psn: uglybus22 steam: uglybus
  4. I'd play this. Great work.
  5. Today is a good day for basketball uniforms.
  6. (Love the account name ) I agree with Dan O'Mac. Some cities are way to small to be getting a team. Either make all the teams in larger areas, or start in a smaller geographical area, and have the teams spread form there. For the uniforms, they look pretty 90's to me, so that's good.
  7. Anyone here play Hearts of Iron 4? Super fun game.
  8. in second grade i went to this camp over the summer and it was at an indoor ice rink and the circus came to town but they never bothered to clean up the elephant poop so the building smelled really bad and a random kid would step or fall in the piles of crap and it was terrible and it was one of the many reasons why i hated that camp and the circus in general
  9. Since rveryone had been slapping lightning bolts on logos i threw my hat in the ring. The Chargers!
  10. What's Trevor Knight's wrong uniform?
  11. Yea, this is what i was thinking. It could be like soccer in Europe.
  12. What if the teams could choose what they wanted to wear at home?
  13. The L needs to be a a lot bigger after this whole fiasco.
  14. What if the Premier League pulled an MLS and gave each team a different colored lion?