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  1. I think the DBacks would look really good in a sand colored uniform. Great series by the way.
  2. Really like New Orleans! Great use of city!
  3. quiksix

    Ethan's MLB 2K19

    dodgerdog16, this is amazing. I'm gonna give you my two cents on each post so far as I just recently started looking through the forums. For the divisions, I like your AL, but, for the NL, I would recommend: West: LAD, ARI, SF, SD South: WSH, ATL, MIA, CIN North: STL, CHC, MIL, COL East: NYM, PHI, MON, PIT I think it makes more sense geographically. Uniforms: ARI: may I recommend red pinstripes for the white unis? They used pinstripes in their teal/purple unis, and I think it may be the "something missing." LAD, LAA, CHC: very sharp, no comments SF: golden gate sleeve logo on each uni instead of just the first? VAN: leaf on sleeve (like the golden gate logo)? OAK: elephant on sleeve?; Also, I don't like the number on the white unis. I think it would look better further down (or not at all) SEA: I also prefer the yellow/blue color design Again, they are already very impressive and look very nice. Just thought these changes might make them better.