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  1. Sorry for the inactivity in this thread, but I based these on a different NBA Hoops card design that's similar.... Mike Breen - ESPN & MSG Also a different design that I like a lot more. Walt Frazier - Knicks Please suggest some other broadcasters/sideline reporters and leave your thoughts!
  2. Straight from the Suns instagram page... There's a few more variations and some more neat stuff at:
  3. It's the same as their red helmets, without the stripes.... The old black ones were way better.
  4. Another fake jersey: Poorly based off this concept.
  5. It would make more sense to position it along the foul line of right field. I mean I doubt they will come close to filling the stadium.
  6. Not sure if this was already referenced.... but Conseco Fieldhouse, now Bankers Life Fieldhouse, hosted swimming and beach volleyball.
  7. Thanks!
  8. I don't know if this was done already in this forum, but I was inspired seeing basketball cards in the 90s made for NBA announcers. I thought I'd try it out with some of today's commentators. Inspiration: Reggie Miller (TNT) Ralph Lawler (LA Clippers) Jeff Van Gundy (ESPN) I also made one of Mike Gorman (Boston Celtics), but I scrapped it because it looked bad.
  9. I swear officer, it's not what it looks like!!!
  10. Indianapolis (By popularity) WTHR WTTV FOX 59 (Interestingly enough, is not on channel 59 for most viewers.) WRTV or RTV6 WISH-TV (was a CBS affiliate until 2015. Switched with WTTV and now is CW.)
  11. I didn't know if this was common knowledge... but the Erie BayHawks are now affiliated with the Atlanta Hawks and will remain in Erie for 2 seasons, then they will move to College Park, GA. Also, I'm pretty sure the Texas Legends promoted their previous secondary logo to primary, because it's on the G-League website, their website, and on various merchandise.
  12. I don't know if this was discussed, but the new Grizzlies G-League team will be the Memphis Hustle.
  13. The top of the trim should be navy and not the light blue.
  14. I'm assuming it's an error by EA, because they also messed up the Thunder uniforms.