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  1. That argument is not really valid, considering they made it to the Super Bowl despite "being at a disadvantage" the entire season.
  2. Ok, was just making sure.... Those side panels are huge and that's what threw me off.
  3. Also spotted this Tyus Jones jersey on the Timberwolves' Instagram page. Not sure if it's their new jerseys or a crappy replica.
  4. Found this while browsing Lids.
  5. I like the lack of yellow on the Heat court. My only complaint is the absence of white.
  6. Are college athletes allowed in this thread?
  7. I agree.... I wish they would go back to orange and blue. Their current color scheme, even though it's classic, it's boring and dated.
  8. I'd look for the Pacers to unveil the already seen new alternate logo and the new uniforms around draft day. If not, I wouldn't be surprised if Nike doesn't spoil the new designs of every team with the unveiling of the new uniform template, sorta like the NFL did in 2011.
  9. I wish they would modify their uniforms some. I feel like the side stripes are too big, and that wishbone collar needs to go.
  10. The black and red helmets, as well as the pants, ruin Utah's set for me.....
  11. That's not what I meant. I meant the NBA wants to try to persuade us, their general audience, into these money grabbing ads and stuff; and we the members of this site, don't want one bit of it.... with good reason.
  12. At this point, money talks, but nobody on this forum board wants to listen.
  13. Oh yes, forgot about that.
  14. The Clippers are making a "special announcement" on Monday. My first thought is unveiling the new uniforms, but I don't think they can do that until the contract with Adidas ends this summer. Source