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  1. College of Charleston looks so classy with the gold helmets. Great work
  2. This is 100% the correct move to make. No complaints
  3. That away jersey is amazing. Great job. I'm not sure you need Chief Seattle on the socks, however. It would probably look cleaner without it.
  4. For the size of the baseball in your concept, I think it needs more detailed stitching. I understand not wanting to make it so detailed that it would be difficult to reproduce at smaller sizes, but it seems large enough that the stitching at smaller sizes shouldn't be affected. As it stands now, it looks too much like a tennis ball. I also think changing the color of Colorado from purple to black would achieve a greater color balance in the logo. I saw you want to incorporate purple more heavily into their identity though, which is the correct thing to do, so I would have to see the uniforms (if you are making any) and to what extent you are phasing out the black to be sure that it's the right call. One more minor gripe: my eye is drawn to the right leg of the R and that weird little curve in the bottom left corner. It seems to throw off the flow of the letter, so maybe making that a 90 degree angle instead might be better.
  5. For Northern Kentucky, the sleeve caps are a neat idea in theory, but it just looks messy in its application. The numbers mix in too much with the swords and would be hard to read. It also makes the number outlines on the home jersey inconsistent. Also, I see you used silver in the helmet logo but nowhere else in the uniform. Some silver would create a more cohesive look and help distinguish NKU from the other black and yellow teams.
  6. The gray shadow combined with the white letters creates an effect that makes the letters look blurry. I can only look at the logos for so long without needing a break for my eyes. Also, this may be my monitor, but the blue looks almost purple. Moving towards something more navy would be more inline with the America theme you want.
  7. Thanks for looking. I would definitely include a raven logo in any sort of rebrand, either as a primary or an alternate logo (I'm not sure if the BR can stand alone as the primary). Would anyone else like to comment?
  8. 1) The fleur-de-lis pattern in the side panels is entirely too much; it makes me think of a carpet. You're probably better off leaving those solid red and navy. 2) Any reason you decided to put the NOB underneath the number? It doesn't really have much precedence except for a few teams, New Orleans not among them. 3) The "wrought iron" work you did around the side panels is gorgeous.
  9. I never liked the Ravens' current logo. In addition to being ornithologically incorrect, it has always struck me as comically aggressive and cartoony in the way only a late 90s-early 2000s logo can, failing to capture the moroseness, gloom and majesty the raven ought to convey for this identity. And to that I say, nevermore! With this new mark, I wanted to get away from the bird side profile that gets used so much in sports. Instead, I opted for a stronger monogram of a B and an R combined in an Old English font, something that would look traditional and would fit in with an Edgar Allan Poe sort of theme, whose poem "The Raven" is the team's namesake. As a matter of fact, I believe I could easily find such a mark in many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. I also created an alternative mockup that emphasizes red over gold, as I think that would look more menacing and build on the horror theme: Now, I hope some C&C comes a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
  10. The tongue is way too much. Just rounding the eye should be enough.
  11. I don't know why, but something on the dog head logo makes me think cat instead. Maybe the eye is a little too narrow or something in the mouth is throwing it off
  12. The logo itself is clean and effective; it could pass as a secondary logo for the NBA team if you changed the name. I'm not ever going to like their use of silver though, so in a perfect world for me the star would be white, but the fact is it's a Pacers color so I can't fault you for using it. I am not entirely sold on the name you selected, however. I think Fort Wayne Pacers is different enough from Fort Wayne Pistons; additionally, Summit City doesn't provide the same instant recognizability one receives with the Windy City Bulls. I consider myself relatively knowledgeable when it comes to city nicknames, but I still had never heard that nickname before.
  13. The copper is too close to the red which muddles it up. I think #4 is the best option
  14. I love the flower in the Trillium Bowl logo; the subtle CN Towers makes it absolutely perfect. The kerning in the Varsity Stadium lettering looks a little uneven though; it looks a little crowded toward the bottom. And I'm just curious how it would be manifested on a white background. For the Stampede Bowl logo, that font has become so overused that I can't stand it. That's not really your fault though and any other Western-ish type font is going to be weird too. So I'm not sure what to do there. The barbed wire is pretty cool though. Always a big fan of your work, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with here!
  15. For those of you who don't know, the North American Soccer League (NASL) was the first major attempt to establish a professional soccer league in North America. Running from 1968-1984, it built the foundation for the United States hosting the 1994 World Cup and, subsequently, the founding of MLS and soccer's increased popularity in this country. I thought it would be fun to make a concept series combining elements from former NASL teams with current MLS teams. So here we are, with my first team: the Colorado Rapids! Colorado Rapids Soccer in the Centennial State started with the Denver Dynamos from 1974 to 1975, but it's the 1978 Caribous of Colorado that are probably most well-known. Their notorious uniforms were the height of gaudy 70's aesthetic: fringe, disco collars, and short shorts. This concept follows the general design of the original team but with those 70's elements removed and recolored for the Rapids (don't worry, those white lines on the clash won't be fringes, just a design). I also created a new badge out of the wordmark from the Caribous, placing it on an oval which gave me the impression of a beer label. In a similar vein, I have the sponsor as Coors, which just makes sense to me. Many (all?) of the uniforms in the NASL were not as, um, ambitious (?) as the Caribous, so some of these MLS concepts will be a little bit less exciting (I'll probably take some artistic liberties in those instances). Anyway, here's the Colorado Rapids and I hope you have plenty of comments about it.