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  1. Lights Out's NBA 2017: Hawks (p. 3)

    I honestly can't look at that without thinking 'diarrhea'. I realize it's one of the nicknames for Dallas, but it's a terrible idea that would be a punchline across the sports world.
  2. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    Overall, I think that's a really great look. I'd just make a few cosmetic fixes to the primary logo (filling in those awkward holes in the M, E, and S as well as cutting off that barb on the R that cuts past the S).
  3. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    You are correct, they most certainly are all nautical symbols, but that doesn't mean they fit into one cohesive logo package. My point was a stronger set of logos could be had by employing only one or two of these nautical elements instead of all three. Using three different nautical elements for three different logos for the same team dilutes the brand, in my opinion.
  4. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    I really like the double-teal, but I have an issue with the logos because they do not form a cohesive set in my opinion. You've got an anchor, the compass rose, and the trident; it's a hodgepodge of logos that don't really fit together that well. Pick one (or at the most two) and build a set from that. I personally think the trident should be the one to go, as the compass rose at least has the anchor integrated into it in some way. That does mean you're losing an interesting design element in the pants stripe, but that's a small price to pay for a more cohesive logo set.
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves Alternate Jersey

    Ma'iingan would just be "wolf" in Ojibwe; the plural is "ma'iinganag". So that needs to be fixed. I also agree that the tree pattern needs to be scaled down; it's just too visually jarring right now. Maybe thin it out a bit so it doesn't show up as much on the front or back if that makes sense. Lastly, the ad patch would look a lot cleaner if it was just the logo and not the logo plus the Fitbit wordmark.
  6. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    That color scheme is Minnesotan af; I love it. I wish that's what the Twolves would have gone with. Maybe the blue could be a little less brighter and more powdery, but that's really a small gripe. I like this concept a lot more, as I think the colors are much more balanced throughout the set in my opinion, not to mention that I would buy a shirt with that tertiary logo in a heartbeat.
  7. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    Putting aside the TC logo (which, for all of its flaws, provides a more solid and symmetrical look than the flowier logo in my opinion) I have a couple of thoughts: 1) The gray in the primary muddies up the logo too much; replacing it with yellow may make the logo pop a little bit more. 2) Something's bugging me with the hats. I think it's that there's very little white in the away uniform, so the amount of white from the hat clashes with the rest of the uniform. In this case, it might be better to have a red logo with white outline (although using the classic TC would help curb the overpowering of white ).
  8. Northstar Soccer League

    I think I'm leaning towards #3. As I look at it, the league is very roundel-heavy right now so I'd like to see some more diversity of logo shapes. And since you unveiled Minneapolis, the M-in-a roundel look is already taken.
  9. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    When the Sounds rolled out their most recent rebrand, they originally used orange as their primary color. That move proved so unpopular that the team decided to change to their traditional red and black before even playing a game. So while I agree that the orange/sky blue combo is underused in sports, I don't think this is the best place for it.
  10. Northstar Soccer League

    Fellow Minnesotan here. Love what you've done so far with these looks; hard for me to pick a favorite. For Mankato, I don't think the steamboat is adequately integrated into the logo; it's kind of just floating there. I think replacing the M in the roundel with the steamboat would look a lot better as it provides a stronger imagery than the M and matches how it's used in the flag. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to what else you come up with.
  11. Professional Kübb League (8/8: Saint Paul Gray Ducks)

    It most certainly is a goose! Since the name of the game everywhere else is duck duck goose, I determined gray duck was a stand-in for goose, which is why I went in that direction. Inline with the other commenter (although this may be apocryphal) Swedish settlers played the game as "anka, anka, grattanka", which translates more closely into "duck, duck, gray duck". Plus, to the best of my (limited) knowledge in ornithology, the term 'gray duck' does not refer to any sort of species. If people want me to change the logo into a gray-colored duck to avoid confusion, however, I would be happy to oblige them. Thoughts?
  12. Professional Kübb League (8/8: Saint Paul Gray Ducks)

    Thanks for everyone's patience waiting for this last team. Here they are. Saint Paul Gray Ducks I've opted for some more creative, playful names throughout this league (and in general). Saint Paul is no different, referencing the unique way Minnesotans play a popular children's game. The Gray Ducks have developed a strong cross-metro rivalry with Minneapolis starting with their inaugural season. After trading blows with the Kübbs for the first few years to see who would lose to Eau Claire in the finals, the Gray Ducks finally took the Kings' crown and became the golden goose (someone needs to punch me in the face for writing that). They have continued to be a successful franchise with five Lutefisk Cups, second only to Eau Claire. With their success, fans have flocked to the team, giving the Gray Ducks the highest attendance marks in the league. Their stadium quickly became cramped, so they worked with the city of Saint Paul to build a new stadium along the Mississippi River at the closed Highland Park Ford plant. The stadium opened to great fanfare this past season, and the Gray Ducks christened it with a championship season, defeating Des Moines after the league favorite Kings laid an egg in their playoff match. They look like a solid choice to repeat as champs, although Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Rochester have created an extremely difficult division to navigate. A team like the Gray Ducks is just calling for a double gray color scheme. I added some purple, associating the team with the Minnesotan icon Prince and the Vikings. This is probably the team with which I am least happy, which makes sense why it took so long for me to unveil them. Their home jersey has not changed since their inaugural season, and while the road has always featured purple as the primary color, its design has changed over the years. Now, the away features a wing as a kind of sash akin to Minnesota United FC's previous design. Well, that concludes the Professional Kübb League for now. I might expand the league in the future, although it will probably be from a purely theoretical standpoint as the most recent expansion occurred three seasons ago and only one of those teams has been successful. Thanks everyone for following along and for your helpful comments, even though I didn't garner as many as I hoped. If you have any more about Saint Paul or any of the other seven, I most certainly welcome them.
  13. Professional Kübb League (8/8: Saint Paul Gray Ducks)

    Welp, no point in stringing this out if I'm not garnering any comments. Here's Rochester. Rochester Berserkers Rochester joined the league in the first round of expansion in 2002, naming themselves after the Norse warriors renowned for their ferocious fighting. This maniacal fighting spirit was necessary during their infancy as they were placed into the West Division with two powerful squads in the Twin Cities. The Berserkers struggled at first compared to their expansion partner, but they slowly developed a solid squad that would eventually win championships in 2009 and 2012. As it stands now, they are very much a middle-of-the-road kind of team, never a juggernaut but a team that can occasionally sneak into a wildcard spot(note: two wildcards, the third and fourth best teams in the league, were added in 2014 after Des Moines and Milwaukee). Last year, however, they slunk back into the division cellar due to the upstart Des Moines Dragons. Challenges abound for Rochester in the future as they are stuck with three strong contenders. Not much to say here. Nordic knots, Nordic rune R, and I just liked the colors black and yellow for this team. Not sure why the shorts striping has some spots darker than others, but it is what it is. Yeah. Probably Saint Paul tomorrow. Comment. I'm also updating the league map in the initial post to show the team logos together.
  14. Professional Kübb League (8/8: Saint Paul Gray Ducks)

    Minneapolis Kübbs The Kübbs, a whimsical play on words for a popular mispronunciation of the game, spent most of their early years fighting with Saint Paul to see who had the opportunity to lose the Lutefisk Cup to Eau Claire. For the most part, their rival across the river got the better of them. Minneapolis finally beat both Saint Paul and Eau Claire for their first championship in 2000. During the 2000s, they would return to the Lutefisk Cup five additional times, but only won once. They developed a reputation around the league as a perennial contender that struggled to win the big thing, but they dispelled that stereotype from 2011-2013 with three consecutive championship game appearances and two titles. Minneapolis remains a favorite for the Lutefisk Cup year in and year out, but their star players are beginning to decline, leaving fans to wonder how long they can continue to contend and how long until they have to start rebuilding for the future. As the team was founded by a group of students from the University of Minnesota, the Kübbs followed a similar model as Madison and modeled their color scheme and uniforms after the Golden Gophers. I drew particular inspiration from the women's soccer teams uniforms, as I thought this would be a prime opportunity for some hoops. Not much more to add. Pretty simple. Two more teams left: Rochester and Saint Paul. Think I'll just post Rochester on Wednesday and Saint Paul on Thursday just to keep comments coming and to get the series wrapped up before another weekend getaway. So that's that. Rip 'em apart!
  15. Professional Kübb League (8/8: Saint Paul Gray Ducks)

    Alterations to La Crosse and Milwaukee are reflected in their respective posts. Thanks for the comments, everybody; keep 'em coming! Now it's time for our first team in the West Division! Des Moines Dragons As I said in the Milwaukee post, it was expected that kübb would make its first foray into the Hawkeye State. Most thought any Iowa team would be more adjacent to the Mississippi River, most likely Cedar Rapids/Iowa City due to the location of the University of Iowa. Instead, the league opted for the larger market that was a little farther away in Iowa's capital city. Unlike Milwaukee, Des Moines has had a little more success developing a kübb culture, partially because they are competing with a AAA team as opposed to one in the major leagues (even if it's the Brewers ). This past season, the Dragons snuck into the playoffs with a wildcard spot and knocked off the heavy favorite Eau Claire before succumbing to Saint Paul in the final. With this successful season, some fans consider Des Moines a dark horse to return to the Lutefisk Cup, this time hopefully hoisting it. As one of the league's newest teams, Des Moines went for a more modern look, featuring on their uniforms (and logo) a dragon head reminiscent of those on Viking ships. No particular reason for the dark royal blue and orange; it's just a color scheme that always looks good in my opinion and there wasn't any orange in the league yet. I figured the orange could also signify fire from the mouth of a dragon. Des Moines = done. On Monday, the first of the Twin Cities squads.