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  1. The light purple for Thunder Bay is actually a great idea, as it's home to the largest amethyst mine in North America
  2. scottyeagle

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    For the baseball jerseys, I think it makes more sense to put the interlocking NI on the black hats and the NIU logo on the red hats. You can either do that or recolor the logos; as it stands right now, I can't read them.
  3. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Bills 10/16)

    That Ravens logo is probably the best one I've seen on these boards, as it captures the brooding menace that perfectly reflects the team name. The uniforms have me less convinced, however. While it looks fine on the purple alternate, the feather-gradient yoke has an Arena-league feel to them. As for the helmet, I think the middle one balances the colors the best.
  4. scottyeagle

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    Dallas is a miss for me. The cowboy hat reads more as a panama or other flat-brimmed hat, especially with the sunglasses. The DA mark doesn't fit together well and just looks clunky (more so than the Twins TC, which I know you're not a fan of), and I would pick one of the Western style fonts as opposed to having two slightly different ones. I do really like the way the scripts look, however.
  5. scottyeagle

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    I've been quietly following the series, and your work (as always) is so detailed and impressive. That Brewers concept is one of (if not the) best real-team concepts I've seen on this forum, and I'd like to see how that Giants-style TC would look for the Twins. I do have a quibble with how the Minnesota state outline works in the Giants logo, though. If you look at a map of Minnesota, you will see the border in the southwest part of the state makes a right angle. The reason it looks squiggly in the Paul and Minnie logo is to accommodate the shape of Minnie (which has always been a pet peeve of mine). With the absence of Minnie, that squiggle can be straightened out, a minuscule detail that can make your already great series even better.
  6. scottyeagle

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    I hope this was intentional, because it's a great pun. Oh, and SF, everything looks good!
  7. scottyeagle

    OAC Redesign - All Uniforms Posted! (D3 Football)

    Dang that's a great logo for the Crusaders, and the way you nested the U and the N for Ohio Northern looks really good. Fellow D3er here from Minnesota, Macalester '16. Always nice to see something different on the boards, especially smaller schools like this! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for the OAC
  8. scottyeagle

    Land of 10,000 Concepts (But Probably Less)

    I made some changes. 1) Thinner T's 2) Hopefully resolved the "Twims" issue 3) Smaller cap logos 4) Red bills 5) M hat relegated to alternate As always, let me know what changes should be made. Or shower me with praise.
  9. scottyeagle

    Land of 10,000 Concepts (But Probably Less)

    Thanks for everybody's comments and thoughts! This is my first real baseball concept, so I'm glad it got a good response and some suggestions that will be helpful moving forward. Honestly, I almost certainly will not be doing the rest of the league. I lack the free time and the effort for it, and I don't really have many ideas for other teams. I'm probably just going to sandbox Twins concepts and maybe some other stuff. I appreciate your interest though! I can see that, and could thin up the T a little bit. I ran into some problems making the logo because unless you're working with the Twins' flatter wishbone C, the interlocking gets really sloppy when the letters are similar sizes. This also emphasizes the T in Twins a little bit more versus the C, which makes sense because that's what they're named. May I ask for some clarification as to what about it doesn't work? I personally think the Twins should have both an M and TC cap, and I liked the tie-in to the Millers M. I could probably just limit it to the navy alternate, though. As I mentioned in the OP, the font is meant to evoke the flour and railroad industries in the Twin Cities, which are what helped the area rise to prominence. Below is one example of this: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Okay, I guess I can kind of see that. I constructed the Twins script directly from the Minnesota one, just making the line weights equal. What change would you suggest to remedy this? Thanks for the compliments. It is entirely possible that I made the cap logos a little on the large size and can fix that going forward.
  10. As a native Minnesotan, I usually get a little disappointed or dismayed by the Twins concepts I see on the forum. Their identity always seems like a bit of an afterthought, often subject to a recolor so as to differentiate the Twins from a myriad of RWB teams in the league. Instead of taking this approach, I wanted to work (for the most part) with the existing color scheme whilst drawing from the team's history. With that in mind, I reintroduced light blue into the color scheme. While light blue was restricted to their road uniforms in an era when several teams were using it for their road uniforms, this historical precedence combined with the fact the state's name literally means "sky-tinted water" makes it a suitable vehicle for setting them apart from teams with similar colorways. This addition of light blue spells the end for Kasota gold. I didn't necessarily hate its addition a few years ago, but its application was unsuccessful and does not fit with the light blue. One of the more popular changes for posters is to correct the inconsistencies between the team's wordmarks. I decided to follow suit, but took a decidedly different approach. The result applies the Minnesota Wild script to the Twins, using a Tuscan-esque font that takes cues from the area's history as a railroad and flour milling hub. The TC logo follows suit, and I put an M back on the away cap. Here, it calls back to the successful minor league Minneapolis Millers. Lastly, Minnie and Paul are updated with the new colors and wordmark as well as altering the state outline to be more geographically accurate. It is promoted to the primary, replacing the squad's generic baseball roundel. Got all that? Good. Now look at it. Let me know what you think. I also have a decidedly modern take on the Twins that I will post sometime in the coming week. Take care.
  11. scottyeagle

    Professional Kübb League (Updates and Expansion)

    So in lieu of doing more important things, I made some updates to the league. 1) I was never satisfied with Saint Paul's look. The logo now conveys more motion, and the jerseys now have a chevron design in reference to the flying V patterns used by geese when traveling. 2) Milwaukee's strange-looking diamond logo is replaced by something more rounded and reminiscent of a beer label. I don't know why I didn't think of this before; it just makes so much sense. 3) Des Moines replaces their blue jersey with an orange one. They're the only team in the league (for now) with orange in the color scheme, so I felt they could really own that color. With a name like the Dragons, a fiery orange makes a good deal of sense. 4) The league will also expand to twelve teams, expanding into the Chicago, Duluth, Fargo-Moorhead, and Omaha markets. These markets beat out proposals from Appleton, Cedar Rapids, the Quad Cities, Rockford, Saint Cloud, and Sioux Falls. Here's an updated league map. Be sure to keep an eye out for Chicago, Duluth, Fargo-Moorhead, and Omaha. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the updates to Saint Paul, Milwaukee, and Des Moines (I know the Saint Paul logo is still pretty blobby)
  12. scottyeagle

    Fixing the Tennessee Titans

    The light blue outlines on the TV numbers bleed into the gray yoke too much. They would benefit from a different colored outline or no outline at all. Additionally, the red plumage from a "titan helmet" really throws off the color balance of the rest of the uniform. There's this massive shot of red on the helmet, but practically nonexistent in the rest of the uniform. To remedy these two problems, I would probably go with red outlines on the numbers instead of light blue.
  14. No leghorn; I need the unaltered uniforms of yore injected directly into my veins to get my nostalgia-induced happiness. The uniforms of my generation are aesthetic pedestals not to be corrupted by modernity in any way, shape, or form.
  15. scottyeagle

    The Battle of Seattle

    That looks so much better than the secondary you had. Only thing I have to say is some Memphis Grizzlies/Toronto Blue Jays split numerals would really tie the set together.