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  1. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    I think this identity still needs work. The headspoon blends in too much with the wordmark when the two touch, making it difficult to read. This is specially true on the railroad spike on the white uniform, which blends too much with the white as is. If you were to remove the headspoon piping and put a green outline around the I, the uniform would be much more successful. All in all, another strong series from you, which we have all come to expect when we see something from Raysox!
  2. scottyeagle

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    I would only go with one silver/gray, but other than that it looks great!
  3. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Agree with @SFGiants58 regarding the addition of tan to Sarasota's away wordmark. Other comments: Not really sure the evergreens make sense in the Bog Hogs logo; it doesn't befit the Bog part of the name. Would like to see some angle tweaks in the middle of the Fort Myers logo; the T in particular could stand to be made parallel with the M. As it stands now, there's too many different angles clashing with one another. Always a big fan of your work, and you've made another top-notch series!
  4. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    That sock stripe is killer. Any chance we can see a yellow pants option? *Ducks*
  5. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Oh, I want this shot into my veins regularly.
  6. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    The Bears wordmarks aren't successful. The art-deco Chicago font clashes too heavily with the blockier Bears one. Additionally, there is a consistency issue with the B and the R. I would either remove the serifs on the left side of the B or add some on the R. Having serifs on one but not the other just looks weird. The uniform is a good modernization of their current and historical looks, and the bear logo is well rendered (although in the real world, I wouldn't want them to ever stray with the wishbone C as the primary).
  7. scottyeagle

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    So the roundel would only be used on a green background?
  8. scottyeagle

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    Can we see how the A's logo would manifest on a white or yellow background?
  9. The light purple for Thunder Bay is actually a great idea, as it's home to the largest amethyst mine in North America
  10. scottyeagle

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    For the baseball jerseys, I think it makes more sense to put the interlocking NI on the black hats and the NIU logo on the red hats. You can either do that or recolor the logos; as it stands right now, I can't read them.
  11. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    That Ravens logo is probably the best one I've seen on these boards, as it captures the brooding menace that perfectly reflects the team name. The uniforms have me less convinced, however. While it looks fine on the purple alternate, the feather-gradient yoke has an Arena-league feel to them. As for the helmet, I think the middle one balances the colors the best.
  12. Dallas is a miss for me. The cowboy hat reads more as a panama or other flat-brimmed hat, especially with the sunglasses. The DA mark doesn't fit together well and just looks clunky (more so than the Twins TC, which I know you're not a fan of), and I would pick one of the Western style fonts as opposed to having two slightly different ones. I do really like the way the scripts look, however.
  13. I've been quietly following the series, and your work (as always) is so detailed and impressive. That Brewers concept is one of (if not the) best real-team concepts I've seen on this forum, and I'd like to see how that Giants-style TC would look for the Twins. I do have a quibble with how the Minnesota state outline works in the Giants logo, though. If you look at a map of Minnesota, you will see the border in the southwest part of the state makes a right angle. The reason it looks squiggly in the Paul and Minnie logo is to accommodate the shape of Minnie (which has always been a pet peeve of mine). With the absence of Minnie, that squiggle can be straightened out, a minuscule detail that can make your already great series even better.
  14. I hope this was intentional, because it's a great pun. Oh, and SF, everything looks good!
  15. scottyeagle

    OAC Redesign - All Uniforms Posted! (D3 Football)

    Dang that's a great logo for the Crusaders, and the way you nested the U and the N for Ohio Northern looks really good. Fellow D3er here from Minnesota, Macalester '16. Always nice to see something different on the boards, especially smaller schools like this! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for the OAC