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  1. scottyeagle

    Baseball League

    Having a good template really makes a world of difference! Can we see how Reno looks in the new template? And I would go with option #2 for Hartford, but I think it’d look even better without the number in front
  2. scottyeagle

    NY Jets wordmark and numbers

    Wouldn't ever want to see it for the Jets, and I'm another one of those people who dislike italic numbers, but it doesn't look too bad in a vacuum.
  3. Looking forward to this! Any reason why Ottawa is the Wild Goose as opposed to Wild Geese?
  4. scottyeagle

    MiLB | Stockton Ports Rebrand

    I know it would be difficult to reproduce in smaller sizes, but could you provide a little more detail to the baseball atop the anchor so it looks less like a tennis ball?
  5. scottyeagle

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    The feet still don’t reflect those of a beaver, which are more webbed. Granted a beaver would never be standing up like that or wearing a sweater either, so it’s your prerogative to make the feet as accurate or inaccurate as you want
  6. scottyeagle

    Raysox's Curling Mega Thread - US Brier & Pro Tour

    Folks in Grand Forks (all four of them) would very much dislike a yellow and gold bison-themed identity. The concepts as they stand right now also seem a little generic, though that may just be the nature of curling uniforms and having to come up with 48 identities.
  7. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Congrats on the great series. It's difficult to get through a whole league and have solid redesigns for 32 teams, so kudos on that. For the Raiders, I'm a little confused by the lines on the cheekbones. It makes the raider character look awfully gaunt. I really like the custom number font, but (and this is a personal gripe of mine) I've seen that wordmark font in far too many different places (restaurants, breweries, etc.) for me to like it applied to the Raiders.
  8. scottyeagle

    BellaSpurs vs The NFL (Titans Update Added)

    Yeah, the multi-colored numbers might be more successful if they were cut in half the other direction, similar to the University of Arizona's old numbers (without the gradient, of course): :
  9. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    The Titans logo is definitely an upgrade from your previous one, but I do think the rest of the uniform still needs an additional splash of red. How would it look if you made the inline of the font red?
  10. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    I think this identity still needs work. The headspoon blends in too much with the wordmark when the two touch, making it difficult to read. This is specially true on the railroad spike on the white uniform, which blends too much with the white as is. If you were to remove the headspoon piping and put a green outline around the I, the uniform would be much more successful. All in all, another strong series from you, which we have all come to expect when we see something from Raysox!
  11. scottyeagle

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    I would only go with one silver/gray, but other than that it looks great!
  12. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Agree with @SFGiants58 regarding the addition of tan to Sarasota's away wordmark. Other comments: Not really sure the evergreens make sense in the Bog Hogs logo; it doesn't befit the Bog part of the name. Would like to see some angle tweaks in the middle of the Fort Myers logo; the T in particular could stand to be made parallel with the M. As it stands now, there's too many different angles clashing with one another. Always a big fan of your work, and you've made another top-notch series!
  13. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    That sock stripe is killer. Any chance we can see a yellow pants option? *Ducks*
  14. scottyeagle

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Oh, I want this shot into my veins regularly.
  15. scottyeagle

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    The Bears wordmarks aren't successful. The art-deco Chicago font clashes too heavily with the blockier Bears one. Additionally, there is a consistency issue with the B and the R. I would either remove the serifs on the left side of the B or add some on the R. Having serifs on one but not the other just looks weird. The uniform is a good modernization of their current and historical looks, and the bear logo is well rendered (although in the real world, I wouldn't want them to ever stray with the wishbone C as the primary).