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  1. Can you do the Sens please
  2. I think these would be better if the uniforms more similair to the teams regular uniforms so the games look more like they usually do.
  3. I love this idea but try adding some more detail like outlines and a little more info.
  4. Can you do blue Jays with all of Canada please
  5. Could you do Expos Blue Jays
  6. Rams, Cowboys and Chiefs are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Lets go Highlanders!!!
  8. These are great. Can you do ESPN please?
  9. Maybe lighten the red or the gold up for a bit more contrast
  10. Maybe you could make the back of the helmet form a C
  11. Thanks a lot! Looks great
  12. I would buy any of these jerseys
  13. 1981

    Will you be doing alternate uniforms?
  14. Oops...
  15. Ottawa Senators Heratige Classic CAN-CRC 22