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  1. They didn't go all out in the throwbacks. LAME!
  2. That's a bit of a stretch.
  3. Not a fan of those green A's caps. I prefer these caps.
  4. For sure, I thought the Mets would use Mr. Met.
  5. Ugh, why did they move the SuperSonics?
  6. Why do the Angels feel it's necessary to use the same A logo on each sleeve? They're the only team I've ever seen that does this.
  7. Capitals
  8. I'm going to assume they're keeping the NBA logo on the back since the front has the Swoosh logo and the Ads are covering both sides of the uniform.
  9. Hopefully it won't take the NHL as long as the NFL to fix the collars.
  10. I never liked the orange uniforms. They were too blinding for me.
  11. I don't know about you but I sure am "SAC Pound".
  12. I don't like this "teams can choose to wear whatever they want at home". I know it probably gonna lead to a bad same color vs color confusing matchup.
  13. Whatever happened to the days of "Home", "Away", and "Alternative 1 and/or 2".
  14. Well damn, if we're doing wrestling then here's Matt Hardy when he wore tights.
  15. I've been flip-flopping on whether or not I actually like that the Oilers are changing colors and uniforms. A part of me feels that this is such a cash grab. The Oilers finally get back to being contenders and they ditch the classic look? Man, I just don't like that.