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  1. This is still the best alternative uniform the Islanders ever had.
  2. Yuck, NBA Live looks worse than ever. Man, what happened? This series used to be sooo good.
  3. I didn't think 3 shoulder stripes would be a problem since many teams make it work with the modern jersey designs but the 49ers (along with a billion other problems they have) can't even do this right. I guess moving the stripes up a bit is too hard for them so they eliminated 1 stripe.
  4. I remember that era when teams threw secondary logos on the waist band of the shorts. Knicks did the same thing. They should use the Subway Token logo again. It's the best alternative logo in the NBA, maybe sports. I think it's still in "official use" but not really because it disappeared when the Knicks had their uniform redesign.
  5. The wait is killing me. This page will explode when the new Adidas uniforms come out.
  6. It's a bit too soon for Florida. Probably another minor change.
  7. This was only used in the 1999-2000 season to celebrate the new millennium (which some argue is technically 2001) and was used as the center ice logo. To describe this logo, I'm gonna quote a comment that was used to describe the 1998 World Series logo which got a similar treatment: "Back in the late 90s when even the most classic logos were Xtreme-ified. ("Whoah, it looks like the logo is sticking out of the screen!")"
  8. Whatever this is. Angry Football? Angry Plane? Angry Football Plane?
  9. I think the Jets need to have a slightly lighter shade of green. Hopefully it looks as good in the field as it does in the photo.
  10. That's the 2nd year in a row the West will feature a new team in the Finals.
  11. I like the tie-down collar but I'd like to see them to serve a purpose besides being for show.
  12. Changing the helmet to not match the jersey is the most pointless thing ever.
  13. Off topic but explain your profile pic!
  14. *delete*
  15. This never happened. It wasn't the Reds, it was the Cardinals and they were automatically handed the Wild Card because of the regular season matchup. No 2001 division banner was ever raised in St. Louis. I'd make the argument the addition of the Wild Card ADDED to the excitement of regular season finishes. 1998, 1999 and 2011 come to mind.