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  1. insert name

    Most unique elements in a team's identity or uniform.

    NY Rangers diagonal font.
  2. insert name

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    His sleeve is missing a black stripe.
  3. insert name

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Seems like the NFL is getting their own little special package from NBC and that’s really lame.
  4. insert name

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    I think I get the idea of this thread. Most people here dismiss uniforms that are BFBS but I would say the Knicks 2000s set are an exception. They made black work for their set and I would say most people liked it.
  5. insert name

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    The day Washington finally rebrands, I'm so down for these making a comeback. This was a great one-year uniform.
  6. Could be the lighting but the Jets green is really popping out in this game.
  7. insert name

    MLB Unveils Uniforms for 2018 Players Weekend

    Brad Boxberger is the only one who actually gets it.
  8. insert name

    Logo/Uniform Soft Spot

    I have a soft spot for cartoon logos.
  9. insert name

    Game-worn jersey collecting

    Does anyone here actually wear a game worn jersey casually?
  10. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I just want what they currently have with a lighter shade of green but I know it won’t be like that. What’s probably gonna happen, we’ll get a Nikefied modernization of the 80s jerseys but with “Jet Wings” sticking out of the arm stripes or something like that. Nike will come up with some stupid name to make it sound edgy and hip and I’ll just sit here pouting over how dumb the uniform looks until the day Nike’s contract runs out.
  11. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Just make the sleeves green and it would make a fine Jets unifrom. It's the only thing that separates them from the Colts. Also, the 1978 Jets in preseason (probably because the new jersey's weren't ready yet) did wear the Namath Era jersey's with the 70s-90s script. The only photo I know is in black and white.
  12. insert name

    Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

    Ever thought of a uniform style and think "yeah, this would look great" then see it in person and go "oof, maybe this wasn't a good idea..." 2 always come to mind when I think of this: The white hats the Mets and Reds briefly wore in the 90s seemed like a good idea on paper. I feel they still work as fashion hats but on a professional uniform? Not so much. Another that comes to mind are the Seahawks Neon Green uniforms. I still feel this should've worked but combining them with dark pants and not white lead to a very poor result.
  13. insert name

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    Not a fan of names UNDER the numbers. They've always looked awkward. Are armhole piping's just gone from existence on NIke jerseys? Every basketball jersey that misses some sort of piping on the armhole looks unfinished.
  14. insert name

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    Makes these caps full-time for away uniforms again. I'm also down for the Cubs bringing back these caps for their away uniform. I felt they clashed better than the primary blue caps.
  15. insert name

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Those better not be real. Does Nike not have an in-between? They're either filled with too much going on or with nothing at all.
  16. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Considering the Lakers debacle, yeah, I'm not looking forward to this. I'd rather have the Jets keep their current brown-green set than a complete disaster.
  17. insert name

    2018 MLB Season

    Mets front office during the Trade Deadline.
  18. Why did the purple jersey have to take the hit? Why couldn't they do the unnecessary change to the white jersey?
  19. Seeing the yellow and white jerseys VS seeing the purple jersey.
  21. What's up with the random black side panel on the purple?
  22. insert name

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    Bring back yellow numbers.
  23. insert name

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    In honor of his recent induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  24. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    This is exactly what I wanted.