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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Do my eyes deceive me or do I see a proper Warriors-Rockets uniform matchup?
  2. Yeah, I never understood the "don't touch the conference trophy" trend. It should've started and ended with Lindros. THE TEAM GOT SWEPT! I always thought this was a dumb tradition.
  3. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    Get ready for brown-green Oakland Athletics uniforms.
  4. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    Nike hats are uncomfortable as hell. The only 2 hat companies I like are New Era and ‘47.
  5. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    Nike’s made some of the worst tacky uniforms in the past decade. They’re gonna destroy MLB uniforms.
  6. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    Oh god no! Seeing what they’ve done with the NFL and NBA, this is terrifying.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I remember going to my first soccer game in 2015. It was a friendly between Colombia and Peru in New Jersey and it was LOUD! It's probably the loudest sporting event I've ever been too.
  8. 49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    See, they CAN put 3 stripes on the sleeve.
  9. Looking forward to this one. Should be a very entertaining Cup Final.
  10. It would be very Capitals for them to finally make the Finals then lose to a first year expansion team.
  11. 2018 MLB Season

    Why do the Mets hate Jacob deGrom?
  12. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    Wow, that went dark real fast.
  13. 2018 MLB Season

    Mets have a roster that can win the 2010 World Series.
  14. NFL 2018 changes

    I still think a while outline will boost up the uniforms.
  15. 2018 MLB Season

    The baseball world will blow up the day an under .500 team wins the World Series.
  16. MLB changes 2018?

    They got the sleeves wrong. Should be shorter.
  17. Credit:
  18. NFL 2018 changes

    Why do I get the feeling that this will end up in a situation where the Jets are better off with what they currently have?
  19. Because as we all know, the Stanley Cup is the easiest championship to win. Just ask all the recent Presidents’ Trophy winners.
  20. NHL 2018-19

    I'm really slow. I just noticed the black outlines on the Lightning jerseys.
  21. “No, my team isn’t incompetent at building a contender! It’s the league who’s rigging this whole system!”