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    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    So that's 3 teams in the NL East with Red and Navy. Ugh, can they be a little unique? That's why I didn't mind their current uniforms.
  2. Knicks - I was never a fan of the “modern era” uniforms. The silver adds nothing and new wordmark have the letters way to close to each other. Hopefully they bring back the championship era jerseys from the 70s and early 90s. Jets - I wish they stop wearing their green pants so often. They hardly used the white pants for away games when that’s suppose to be their primaries. Rangers - They’ve done almost everything right except the wordmark. It looked horrible under Reebok. They had the letters way too close and vertical. I think Adidas fixed it slightly but could be my eyes messing with me. Mets - Probably the most perfect team in terms of uniforms and logos. One tweak, bringing back the Mr. Met patch for the blue alternatives but I can live with what they got. Aside from that, they’re almost perfect.
  3. insert name

    NHL 2018-19

    The Rangers got the away collar right but the home collars need to ditch the red and go all blue. It’s the only reason I’ve stayed away from the home jersey.
  4. insert name

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    “Sockeyes” is not a good name for a top professional hockey team.
  5. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    Jesus guys, fix the damn angle.
  6. insert name

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Oh cool, another Red and Black team. I'm sure that will go real well in Seattle....
  7. insert name

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Wow, I didn’t realize teams retiring miltiple numbers twice was a common thing.
  8. For the love of god, SAINTS WEAR YOUR GOLD PANTS ALREADY!!!!
  9. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I’d like to think no one actually buys those horrible jerseys but I’ve seen people actually buy the Browns and Bucs jersey which makes me question a lot of people’s taste.
  10. insert name

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    So the Rangers just retired Vic Hadfield’s number, officially reuniting The GAG Line. This is the 2nd time the number 11 has been retired (Mark Messier). Now, what makes this unique is that it’s not the first time the Rangers retired the same number twice. They retired 9 twice. I’ve seen the Yankees retire 8 twice but is there any other team anywhere that retired 2 different numbers twice?
  11. That AFL Anniversary season was such a fun time. THEY EVEN HAD THE REFS DRESS IN RED! So much effort was put into that and I fear we’ll never get something like it again. I wanna see this again for the NFL 100th because we can get so many unique throwback matchups.
  12. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    THANK YOU! I don’t know what happened to the Mariners because they did some uncesesary changes to their wordmark and it looks horrible.
  13. The Bucs and Browns are still the worst offenders. They had perfectly fine uniforms before Nike got their hands on it. Those Bucs uniforms represented the best era in franchise history. They’re still one of my favorite football uniforms ever. The digital clock uniforms were bad when they were first revealed. It’s wasn’t something that took a while for people to realize. I remember people calling them “arena football jerseys”. I don’t want a tweak because there’s nothing saving these uniforms. They have exactly ZERO redeeming qualities.
  14. insert name

    NHL 2018-19

    Oilers should go back. This orange era is a dud.
  15. insert name

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    As someone who started to watch more of soccer in the past 4 years, I had a hard time trying to understand how the UEFA Champions League worked. To me it didn’t make sense to have a major tournament at the same time as the regular season. I remember when Leicester City were on their way to winning the Premier League I asked my cousin who knew more than me, “so when’s the Premier League Final?” He said, “There are none” and I’m like “....what?”
  16. insert name

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Until something huge actually happens, can we all stop reaching? It’s clear there won’t be any news till after the season ends. It’s time to stop.
  17. insert name

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I like seeing the Starter logo on a football jersey again.
  18. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    Someone walked in the same room I’m in wearing a Dodgers cap and it reminded me why I don’t like the shade of blue they currently use. The color is super dark and looks purple. It’s probably just me but I wish they would go back to the old blue.
  19. insert name

    Uniforms you're most thankful for

    ^ Greatest photo of all time.
  20. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    Mets almost jumped on that powder blue bandwagon.
  21. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    ^ None
  22. insert name

    NHL 2018-19

    Naturally, they have their biggest success with the worst logo.
  23. insert name

    2019 MLB Changes

    Yeah, never understood the love for powder blues. IMO, it makes them look like clowns.
  24. insert name

    Cleveland Indians Unveil New Uniform, Cap for 2019

    I love the red jersey. I always thought that should’ve been the color for them to embrace. Not too crazy on the CLEVELAND navy. It looks just like Boston’s alternative and has all the same issues, it’s empty with no life.
  25. insert name

    Teams in other Sports Jerseys

    Nike made a better NFL jersey for a team that doesn’t even play the sport.