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  1. NIKE x NBA

    Do you do these on 2k?
  2. Team Backgrounds

    I made the pirates background.
  3. Team Backgrounds

    I will make them, and thanks for the colored background idea. I will make colored in either black or yellow. Does it matter?
  4. Team Backgrounds

    I can make any team's background. Just tell me which team you want and I'll make a background for it. I'm working on the NBA teams right now. These are the first four I've done I can make some changes if you want. Just tell me and I can make the changes.
  5. Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)

    Can I have Oregon please?
  6. FCS Football Redesign-Campbell (14/125)

    Very Cool.
  7. Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)

    You should do the 4 college football playoff teams.