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  1. Blue pants with blue socks. Why???
  2. It was just a joke. Geez relax people.
  3. If only it was a team that matters.
  4. Those are so nice. The NFL used to look good. Sigh
  5. These have really grown on me but I still wish blue was the primary.
  6. Oh god they have "LIONS" on the sleeve...
  7. I am a fan of the orange jersey and orange pants they used to wear. They're unique.
  8. Thanks and that's good news!
  9. New Chelsea kit leaked.
  10. My wife just got a new Pirlo NYC shirt and it is quite impressive in person.
  11. Very nice. You should do San Jose.
  12. These were perfect. Numbers on the helmet would be cool. I wonder how white helmets would look.
  13. He made 3 pro bowl's and 3 all pros as a Charger. I remember him for being Tomlinson's full back.