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  1. He made 3 pro bowl's and 3 all pros as a Charger. I remember him for being Tomlinson's full back.
  2. Lorenzo Neal as a Raider.
  3. I just don't understand why they aren't going with the royal/gold look. Blue and white is so boring.
  4. The more I watch the Kings, the more I dislike the grey.
  5. Overrated ugly colors. Random stripes on the sleeves don't match pants or helmet, ugly numbers. Peyton Manning. Just terrible. Ugly uniform, stupid fit, grandpa look.
  6. How about Nike ditching their matte and bringing back the adidas shiny pants.
  7. The White Sox have a very overrated cap.
  8. Chargers to wear Powder blue as their primary and gold pants with their white jersey.