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  1. n312rb

    Seattle Kraken (New Colour Options Added 2/16)

    What about red/teal/navy? I get why people don't like red/teal/black but really it doesn't look like any other red/black team, it stands on its own.
  2. n312rb

    Football Reclamation Project

    If anyone listens to podcasts, "Business Wars" just started a 6 part series on the USFL v the NFL, its a decent listen.
  3. Its also on the side stripes.
  4. n312rb

    A Malevich-esque Russia 2018 World Cup

    This is good, really good. I'd like to see a model of the trophy. I think the actual branding will pale in comparison to this.
  5. Oh wow... I didn't even know some of those Dynasty designs were possible with fabric. Seeing those has me super hyped for this series. Raysox, as usual, you knock it all out of the park and thus far, Wisconson is my favorite.
  6. n312rb

    ETSU Concepts | Basketball |

    I was not on the wagon until I saw your inset of the mountain design. Top work, a real step up.
  7. n312rb

    Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Texans concept added 2/14/19

    There is no six in your number lineup for the Vikes.
  8. n312rb

    Alaska Airlines Governor's Cup

    Doesn't Alaska have an "Alaska Airlines" lockup in their proprietary font? If so, the top is #1, if not, C Edit: Scratch that, they did with the old font, looks like they don't with this new font.
  9. The two different colors of red on the number outline makes the entire thing look very fuzzy. I like the flag on the sleeves, but you need to commit to it, use the entire sleeve.
  10. n312rb

    US Super League 2018-2019 (18/64)

    North Star United away is one of the most beautiful jerseys I have seen. Small nitpick, on the AZ one, US Airways doesn't exist anymore.
  11. n312rb

    UA Template Project

    Basketball stuff:
  12. How are you so good at this? There isn't a mediocre one in the bunch. That being said, the Whitecaps are my favorite. It looks Florida-y without going Marlins or Heat over the top.
  13. n312rb

    with teaM I AM Invincible: Miami Heat Rebrand

    I am a huge fan of this, but if you are going to go pink, especially with such a washed out red, go PINK! The jerseys have a bit of a 70's vibe but they would also hold their own on a current NBA court as well.
  14. n312rb

    Pro Football Guild of America (PFGA)- Carolina Added (4/10)

    Two things. I would buy that Reptiles helmet yesterday and as a Browns fan, every time I see your sig, I think Jabrill Peppers.
  15. n312rb

    Las Vegas Raiders Brand Concept

    I am a huge fan of that suit pattern, that needs to happen right now. Well done.