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  1. n312rb

    Las Vegas Raiders Brand Concept

    I am a huge fan of that suit pattern, that needs to happen right now. Well done.
  2. That blanket... where do I get it?
  3. You missed calling them the Birminghammers. Kidding aside, this is an exceptional series and I remember events in my life based on when things happened in this league. Is this the longest running fictional league in sports logos history?
  4. n312rb

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    1 1 1 1 1 1 1
  5. n312rb

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    A is far stronger than B from a color standpoint, the bright red is a no go.
  6. n312rb

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    Some good changes this round, I like the smaller fin,,, it may not be anatomically correct, but it looks better. The general rule of thumb is never put red and green together, they "vibrate" and your eye sees that as a blur and is uncomfortable. I like the new light green, the dark green is a miss, try the new green, your old navy and the new red along with a white eye.
  7. n312rb

    LA Clippers secondary logo rough Concept

    Surprisingly, I agree with KingKongTom, this is a winner, flesh it out.
  8. n312rb

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    I like this, patriotically, I like how it looks a lot like a roundel found on military aircraft. The last version is great.
  9. n312rb

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    Logo-wise, this would be far stronger without the yellow. It is so tertiary at the moment, it might as well not even be there. Additionally, if you turn all of your colors grayscale, they will be the same tonally, that tricks your eye into thinking its muddy and low contrast. Make whatever color you decide for accent much more saturated or bright (essentially what @stumpygremlin is saying) and that will help immensely with contrast. See how the red and the green are almost exactly the same?
  10. Ahh... in that case, I think it is a swing and a miss, I can't see a chrome helmet working with any of Iowa's uniform.
  11. Nice work on Iowa, personally I hate that cheering/jeering/looking-for-a-fight Herky logo but to each his own. I like the concept of Kinnick Stadium on a helmet and it adds visual interest, but at the end of the day, it will just be a gray helmet. Can we see the yellow jersey with the black helmet?
  12. n312rb

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    Wow! I am impressed by Lynchburg, my gut reaction was to say get rid of the cross, but the symbolism you have added into it makes it excellent. That being said, the league logo and the Lynchburg logo are worlds apart in execution. The league logo is a few design sessions away from being just as good.
  13. n312rb

    Vicis Zero1

    Exxxxxxxxcellent! It should be done by the end of the week, do you want a WIP thread, or just release it when it's done?
  14. n312rb

    Vicis Zero1

    Anyone interested in this template?