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  1. Ahh... in that case, I think it is a swing and a miss, I can't see a chrome helmet working with any of Iowa's uniform.
  2. Nice work on Iowa, personally I hate that cheering/jeering/looking-for-a-fight Herky logo but to each his own. I like the concept of Kinnick Stadium on a helmet and it adds visual interest, but at the end of the day, it will just be a gray helmet. Can we see the yellow jersey with the black helmet?
  3. n312rb

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    Wow! I am impressed by Lynchburg, my gut reaction was to say get rid of the cross, but the symbolism you have added into it makes it excellent. That being said, the league logo and the Lynchburg logo are worlds apart in execution. The league logo is a few design sessions away from being just as good.
  4. n312rb

    Vicis Zero1

    Exxxxxxxxcellent! It should be done by the end of the week, do you want a WIP thread, or just release it when it's done?
  5. n312rb

    Vicis Zero1

    Anyone interested in this template?
  6. n312rb

    Alaska State Lights

    All... I appreciate the feedback and comments. I have decided to take this one step further and make concepts for several sports, those will be forthcoming. In that vein, it was necessary to set some parameters. The college will be in the Mountain West and the supplier will be Under Armour. I used my jersey from my UA Kit series to start off, had to change a few things to fit it, but the more I work with this, the more refined it becomes.
  7. What are the helmets in your sig?

  8. n312rb

    Uni Watch NY Jets Uniform Contest

    I like, but what if you changed the blue for a green with the same tonal value? Edit: There is some absolute trash in that contest, yours is for sure top 10. What is the point of the contest, are they considering changing the look?
  9. WOW! I can't stand the city of Chicago... but I would rock that merch all day long. Your Detroit concept is one of the best I have seen on this board ever and the presentation is top notch. This is a must follow topic for me.
  10. n312rb

    UA Football Kit

  11. n312rb

    UA Football Kit

    You guys have been awesome, tear it apart, I'll fix it and release it. Working on shoes and pants as we speak. AI, PDF, SVG, PNG, XYZ, whatever format you want.
  12. n312rb

    Alaska State Lights

  13. n312rb

    Alaska State Lights

  14. n312rb

    Alaska State Lights

    Sorry for the double post but here they are "in situ" Until I can figure out how to wrap text around a 3D object in a 2D program, there is no AK State stripe on the helmets.