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  1. Once again, thank you very much, is my phone wallpaper.
  2. march madness

    That's a great look for my Mountaineers. Good work all around.
  3. Funny how much those sleeves darken the kit.
  4. Hi Josiah. I am new to the board and was wondering where you got that Juventus/Spurs signature block? I have seen a few people have them on the board. Just wondering if there is someone on the board is doing them for people. I'm an Arsenal and Portland Timbers supporter.


    Thanks again. 

    1. JosiahWVU


      Yes there is a thread. This one: 

      Hope that is helps

  5. Are the Red Wings playing there too? If so that may be why there are red seats.
  6. These are very cool. I made a soccer stadium on that but never a baseball stadium.
  7. Great job, but in the score sheet you have Wheeling winning, but on the group tables it says that Settle won. Good performance by whoever won, funny how my teams played each other.
  8. Very nice work so far. Keep it up.
  9. As I watch March Madness, I have found myself really liking Rhode Island's shorts.
  10. So you are saying that it is a good thing that 3 people died? Do 3 lost people really make much of a difference in a world with 7 billion people? Now I understand that drunk driving is stupid, but for you to think it is OK for people to die is absurd. No one deserves to die like this at such a young age. Is there a overpopulation problem today? Yes, but this is not a way to control it. THREE people do not make a difference in the world's population, as for every person that dies more are born. Did Jose Fernandez and the 2 others with him make a bad decision? Absolutely, but for you to think it is okay that people died is no a good end result. I know that there are people all over the place, especially in South Florida, that wish JF was still here today.
  11. I know I already requested one, so do others before mine but when you get time can I get a Christian Pulisic one? Playing for the USA and preferably in white kits. Thanks!
  12. As I watched this match I wondered why MNUFC couldn't where there home kits. It isn't that dark, and in my opinion would have made the match look a whole lot better.
  13. These look great! Can I get a Nathan Adrian(WVU basketball) one in the same style?