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  1. Seattle Totems Expansion Concept

    That's not his logo. That's the logo of the original Seattle Totems who played in the WHL and other leagues from 1944-75.
  2. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    I agree on the panthers. That's one of my favourite concepts I've ever seen. Also like the pattern on the Leafs. Great work!
  3. Whoops, I forgot to say that. You can definitely use the same character as before. I'll add that to the original post.
  4. Immediately after the Urquhart Cup final, the NAML began taking entries from all over the continent from cities hoping to land an expansion team. After reviewing each one carefully, commissioner Urquhart announced the short list, featuring 8 cities, 5 Canadian and 3 American. From this shortlist, various people from all different backgrounds will discuss who they think will benefit the league and have strong city support. These 8 Cities are: Hamilton, ON Population: 205,000 Stadium: Lake Ontario Stadium (29,135) Stadium Rating: 24% Fan Interest: 95% Hamilton's sport has been markball ever since the NHL's Tigers were relocated. Fans sell out every game at Lake Ontario Stadium, and the NAML is convinced that they will be among the most passionate in the league should they get a team. Lake Ontario Stadium is aging and starting to fall apart, so while it isn't the best option, It will work fine for the first few years. Ottawa, ON Population: 254,000 Stadium: Bytown Stadium (45,934) Stadium Rating: 97% Fan Interest: 72% Stadium upgrades have definitely boosted Ottawa's hopes and chances of landing an NAML team, Bytown Stadium is now seen as arguably the best in Canada. Despite being a smaller city, fan support is still strong, with their EML team routinely selling out the stadium. Their fans are renowned across the league for their passion. Montreal, QC Population: 1,400,000 Stadium: Stade Centre-Ville (40,552) Stadium Rating: 64% Fan Interest: 76% Montreal has been a weird story, with Markball's popularity growing rapidly since the start of the decade. The Ligue de l'Île, despite being amateur, draws impressive amounts of fans for their games. The large population of the city is also a factor going in their favour, being the largest city in Canada at the moment. Quebec City, QC Population: 260,000 Stadium: Stade St-Joseph (13,000) Stadium Rating: 91% Fan Interest: 69% Quebec City's bid is almost identical to their one in 1948. Stade St-Joseph has had minor but fantastic upgrades, and has consistently been sold out for markball games. Interest in the sport is slowly increasing, with more and more people playing in amateur leagues each year. St. John's, NL Population: 80,000 Stadium: The Grounds (17,670) Stadium Rating: 56% Fan Interest: 92% The smallest city vying for an expansion team, St. John's is avid when is comes to markball. Despite not having a real team, The Avalon League is fiercely competitive, drawing more than 10,000 people per game at venues all around the city, and if the city gets a team, it's pretty much guaranteed that they will fill up The Grounds to cheer on their Newfoundlander heroes. Milwaukee, WI Population: 658,000 Stadium: Arnold Shannon Stadium (53,609) Stadium Rating: 89% Fan Interest: 71% Milwaukee's CML team, the Lakers, are currently the defending CML champions, with a well-known off-season developmental camp. Officials hope that this could lure some players to play in the city if they get a team. Another good factor for the city is the regulation size field at Arnold Shannon Stadium, currently only used for shows and other events. The stadium itself has a good reputation. Fort Wayne, IN Population: 139,000 Stadium: Municipal Stadium (22,272) Stadium Rating: 33% Fan Interest: 67% Despite markball not being the most popular sport in the city, The CML's Fort Wayne Union are among the best in the league in terms of profit. Their supporters are loyal, and routinely sell out Municipal Stadium, despite the long distance from the city. This shouldn't matter if they get a team, since 10,000 people have already pledged to buy tickets for the team's opening game, if they have one. Charlotte, NC Population: 148,000 Stadium: Queen Charlotte Stadium (22,137) Stadium Rating: 79% Fan Interest: 68% Charlotte is still looking for their first professional team and officials have done a fantastic job increasing the popularity of the sport in the city, offering variable discounts on tickets depending on a person's profession. Popularity has also boosted due to the on-field performance of the Scotsmen, their EML team. The stadium is also conveniently located in an ideal location for transit. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So there are the teams. Remember to pick three different cities, or else your vote will not be considered. I'll leave voting open until Wednesday at 5:10 PM, and then I will unveil the cities that were awarded expansion franchises. And now, expansion council is officially OPEN!
  5. Well, it looks like I have more free time than I expected this week, so I'll go ahead and post the expansion guidelines and cities. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Guidelines: Name: A full name for your character, preferrably in a name matching the era. Personal Biography: Put some background about your person. Profession, Age, Hometown, Something about why your person likes Markball, etc. There are no limits to what your person can be, except for being an NAML executive. Top Three Cities: Put the top three cities you would like to have a NAML team. You don't have to pick a Canadian city, but the one with the most votes will be given a franchise, and if the top two are both Canadian cities, then they will both be given franchises Name(s) for the Expansion teams (optional): If you have any ideas for names of the teams, I'm all ears. Part of the fun of doing a league like this is letting you guys come up with the name. If you have participated in the Expansion council before, feel free to use the same character as before, but you can create a new one if you want. The list of cities will be posted shortly!
  6. Both of them look great. Keep up the good work.
  7. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    That lightning font is subtle, but amazing. Boston's look is great as well. Really looking forward to what you do with the Canadian teams.
  8. I basically just use a random number generator with numbers between 18 and 62 (these are seen as the lowest and highest scores you can get). In playoff games, I sometimes edit the score to my liking and the storyline. If you mean how I make each team's record, I give each team a preset record through the first 10 games of the season, then simulate the 10 remaining games manually.
  9. I'll have to agree with the comparison with Nova Scotia, I'll try adding another colour. I didn't add cream since I don't see it as a provincial colour. Quebec has always been blue and white to me. I'll try some versions with a double blue scheme.
  10. 1952 Urquhart Cup Date: September 27, 1952 Location: Philadelphia Markball Park, Philadelphia, PA Weather: 72°F (22°C) Gentle breeze from east Attendance: 29,884 Philadelphia Markball Park was the site of the 6th Urquhart cup, contested between the two teams that had the won the cup multiple times. The Washington Warriors were victorious in 1947 and 1949, while the Bandits lifted it up in 1948 and 1951. The teams had met twice before in the postseason, the first time in the 1948 cup final, in which the Bandits were victorious, and the 1949 semifinals, where Washington narrowly won. In the first quarter, both teams started strong, with great chances at both ends but goalkeepers Ambrose Gares and Andrew McCaig stood tall. As the quarter went on, despite facing multiple shots, both goalies were perfect until Len Garey squeaked one past the pointline, giving the Bandits a 1-0 lead. after kicking it off after the point, the ball went to Leo Edward, who would ring one off the post and past the pointline, levelling the game. The game slowed down after that, and no further score happened in the quarter, making it 1-1 after 1. In the second quarter, the game blew open. Right away, Lawrence Sanderson curved one past McCaig, scoring the game's first goal. But Michigan would respond right back, with a goal from Willy Trenhue, the reigning Cup MVP. Both teams would get another point, making the score 6-6. Michigan would take the lead with a point, and Harry Keener would strike one past Gares, and Trenhue would score his second, making it a three-score game. Sanderson would get one back, but Garey would punch one into an open net, restoring the lead. Edward would score a late point, but Michigan would hold an 8-point lead at the half. The third quarter was much like the first, with little scoring. Both teams would get shots, to no success. Midway through, Leo Edward took a shot that hit off both goalposts and out. Sanderson hit a post as well, but there was still no score. Eventually, the ball went to Garey, who hit one bar-down, and all Gares could do was watch the shot go in. soon after, Trenhue punched one in, getting his third of the day. Late in the quarter, Edward, Sanderson, and James Doctor found themselves in a 3-on-1 against the league's MVP, Harry Keener. The three Warriors passed the ball around, and the ball eventually went to Edward, who unleashed a kick that was destined to go in, but Keener dove across to get a hand on it, making the ball go wide. broadcaster Rufus Low said after that; "Somebody buy this man a beer, buy him a whole truckload of beer. He deserves every ounce." Michigan led 27-11 after 3. In the fourth, the Warriors felt optimistic, surprisingly enthusiastic despite the situation they were in. This showed as Sanderson potted his third and fourth on the game in the first minute of the quarter.Michigan countered with a nice passing play, resulting in Trenhue's fourth. Both teams would exchange points, making it 32-20. Washington would continue pressing, but the defense stood their ground, and McCaig made saves when he had to. Starting to play frantically and aggresively, the ball went to known enforcer Sidney Garnett, who kicked it into the net from a tough angle, putting Washington within 8. Edward would get a point to cut the deficit to 7, but that was ass they could do, as the Bandits' defense closed out the game, and giving them their third Urquhart Cup and the NAML's first successful cup defense. The MVP award was given to Harry Keener, who played solid on defense, and helped contribute offensively with a goal. This marked the first time a defenseman had won the Cup MVP, and the first time the same player won the Season MVP and the Cup MVP in the same year. In the annual commisioner's post-game press conference, Patrick Urquhart had some big news. "We will be expanding our league to 10 teams by 1954, and to 12 teams by 1960. The only other information I will give is that at least one of the expansion teams will be given to a Canadian City." ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The next post will be listing the expansion cities for 1954 and guidelines for selecting, look out for that sometime this week. If you have any questions about the NAML, a team, the sport, how I simulate, stuff like that, Don't hesistate, just comment below and I will do my best to answer it. Also, If you have a favourite team or player, I can make signatures or other things for them. Thanks for reading!
  11. I think that both team's names should be in their native languages to keep up with the 'World' League image, but that's only a suggestion. My picks would be the Legionnaires (Légionnaires de Paris) and the Aztecs (Aztecas de México).
  12. The Hockey Project

    These jerseys are really lacking, especially with color balance. Vancouver really needs some grey on the away, and Calgary needs some gold on their away, and both teams need white on their home jerseys. These designs also need more complex designs and more stripes, especially Calgary. Try to avoid having yellow and white touch, since they bleed into each other.
  13. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (PHI added!)

    I'd love this if this was from the 90's, but I can't see this working in today's NHL. Love the creativity though.