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  1. NoE38

    Adelaide Crows Concept

    Great update. The wordmark looks awesome as well.
  2. 1965 NAML Offseason Urquhart Announces his successor as NAML Commissioner In early December, Patrick Urquhart announced that the NAML's new head of operations would be a man by the name of Peter Merle. Merle is a self-made millionaire, and was head of Merle Architects, an architecture firm responsible for the building of several buildings and stadium in the District. "I will do my best to help promote this great sport and keep it entertaining for years to come." He said to reporters at the league's headquarters. Merle also said that his first couple years as commissioner would see little change in the rules and teams, but after that, he hoped that there would be plenty of expansion options heading into the 70's. Hounds, Guardians exchange young talents Early in the offseason, two struggling teams traded rookie players with high expectations, hoping that they can solve current issues and be key parts in their franchise's futures. Boston sent goalkeeper Georg Wahlsten to the West Coast, while LA sent forward Virgil Karski to Beantown. Wahlsten is a calm 6'5" keeper who knows almost always exactly what to do under pressure, while Karski is a quiet but talented full forward, who led the CML's Fort Wayne Summits in scoring last year with 36 goals. 3 Teams hire new head coaches After disappointing performances in 1965, three teams decided to send a message to their players by firing their coaches. In Boston, The Hounds replaced 5-year coach Gene Favser with former Hounds player Malcom Bardson, The Guardians replaced inaugural coach Blimpie Tanian with Alexander Lucas, while the St. Louis Gatekeepers announced former superstar Arnold Lejoscasa as former coach Frank Boyd's successor. League Officials discuss proposal for Markball Hall of Fame Over the course of the offseason, the NAML's highest executives met several times to discuss the possibility of the league opening a markball hall of fame in the next years. according to commissioner Merle, the meetings went "very well" and that there was a "really good chance" that the idea could become a reality in the near future. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************** The season will hopefully be up later this week. Any C&C is appreciated!
  3. NoE38

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I'd buy that alternate in a heartbeat.
  4. NoE38

    NHL 2018-19

    Tampa's is gonna look like a plain black jersey on the ice. The gray could have at least been brighter.
  5. NoE38

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    That away jersey is something I want to see them wear if they play another outdoor game. Good work!
  6. 1965 Urquhart Cup Date: September 25, 1963 Location: Arnold Shannon Stadium, Milwaukee, WI Weather: 79°F (26°C), Clear, Light air Attendance: 54,172 Milwaukee was buzzing with excitement on the last Saturday of September, with the city hosting its second ever Urquhart Cup game. Several Bandits supporter groups made the 6 hour drive to Milwaukee, as well as some Nationals supporters. In the end, the Stadium was mostly Dragons supporters, but each team had supporters on their respective sides of the field. Despite many analysts predicting Toronto would be the team that would have the better start, it was the opposite, as the Bandits won the opening bounce, held possession for a couple of minutes, then finished a rush, with Hugh Westbrook kicking a long ball past Andy Kappert. On the very next rush, Westbrook kicked another goal from a tight angle. The Nats would respond with two quick points, but couldn't beat Rudy Nicholas otherwise. 8 minutes in, Westbrook kicked another goal from a tough angle, making it 12-2. The Bandits would add a couple points to take a 12-point lead halfway through the quarter. Soon after the second point, Westbrook amazingly deflected a corner kick past Kappert, his fourth of the game only 12 minutes in. After James Jogi kicked a point for the Nats, Westbrook would kick yet another goal, tying the record for most goals by one player in a quarter. In the dying seconds, Daniel Thorn punched a shot past Kappert, making the score 26-3 for Michigan after 1. Toronto had never really gotten a chance to settle into this one, and it showed, as they only had 7 minutes of possession all quarter. After 1: Michigan 26, Toronto 3 Toronto coach Marcel Jannard made statement to start the second, replacing the struggling Kappert with rookie Abraham Jackson who had only 1 game of NAML experience prior. The statement seemed to be taken by the Nats early on, with struggling George Howlack kicking Toronto's first goal of the game 3 minutes in. However, the Bandits would come back strong, with Westbrook scoring his 6th goal of the game, as well as a point. There would be a long period with no scoring, and both goalies came up big, making key saves and not letting anything get past them, until Theo Krakowski wired a shot off the post and past the pointline for Toronto. On the ensuing rush, Westbrook continued his crazy game, volleying his seventh of the game past Jackson. However, the Nats would obtain the momentum for the final few minutes, managing to get some shots directed at Nicholas, but Krakowski was the only one who managed to beat him, punching one in between the middle posts. Nats fans were hoping that maybe this momentum could lead to a breakout in the second half, but they weren't holding their breath. At the half: Michigan 36, Toronto 12 The first score of the third quarter came only 19 seconds in, with Thorn finishing a quick rush with a chip shot over Jackson. 2 minutes later, Westbrook tried for an 8th goal, but Jackson stood tall, just getting a fingertip to it and deflecting it for a point. After a couple more Bandits points, as well as a missed penalty by Thorn, James Jogi, who was having a surprisingly quiet game, wired a curling shot just beneath the bar, making it 43-16. Toronto hoped that they could turn this spark into a fire, but any potential momentum they had was lost as Westbrook potted his 8th of the match on the very next rush. 2 minutes later, the Stallions looked to finally be hitting a rhythm as Howlack converted a penalty past Nicholas. The final 11 minutes of the quarter were relatively slow, with few shots by both teams. The only scoring for the rest of the quarter were three Bandits points, increasing their lead to 28 heading into the final 21 minutes. After 3: Michigan 49, Toronto 21 Bandits coach Grad Rox told his players to focus on defense for the final quarter, in case the Nats caught fire. Despite the tight defensive formation by the Bandits, Jogi still managed to break tackles and kick his second of the game 2 mintues in. The two teams traded points over the next few minutes, then Thorn sent Westbrook on a breakaway for the Bandits. Jackson, who was known for being an aggressive goalie, came out to challenge him, catching him off guard. as a result he turned the ball over, giving the Nats a chance to get a goal. However, a shot by Krakowski missed wide only resulting in a point. at the 9-minute mark, Thorn had a good chance to get his third of the game, but he also missed wide. The final score of the game came with 9 minutes left to play, when a Jogi shot deflected off Wally Inger and past the pointline. The rest of the game was slow, with the Bandits basically playing keepaway with the Nats. as the final whistle went, the Bandits once again stormed the field, becoming the first team in NAML history to complete a three-peat, and their 6th Urquhart Cup overall. Final Score: Michigan 51, Toronto 28 Final Bracket: It was an obvious choice that Hugh Westbrook would receive the Urquhart Cup MVP medal for the second consecutive year, as he smashed the previous record for most goals in the championship game, as well as single-handedly outscoring the opposing team. "I don't remember what my pre-game meal was, but whatever it was, I need to start eating it more often" he joked following the game. In the annual commisioner's post-game conference, Patrick Urquhart shocked the Markball world by announcing he was stepping down as commissioner. "I am now starting to get to the stage of life where I am unable to keep up with the demands of this job. For the better of this league, I will open my spot up to a motivated person ready to help make markball better than it has ever been". He told reporters following the game. Urquhart also announced that they would announce his successor in the offseason. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Toronto just can't catch a break, can they? pair that up with the Bandits' success, and you get a good old-fashioned blowout. I think the Bandits can continue this great run and even make it 4 in a row next year. Fun fact about the game: Westbrook score 8.2, or 34 points, 6 more than the entire Nationals team. C&C is appreciated!
  7. Really looking forward to the NFL crossovers. No complaints for Toronto or Washington.
  8. NoE38

    NHL 2018-19

    Adidas has started teasing their "Digital 6" Jerseys, which I assume are modern alternates for all the original 6 teams. Here are the teasers for Chicago and New York.
  9. Definitely. Right now, it's between Port Adelaide and Norwood, with the AML announcing the winner this offseason. Tasmania as well might have a sponsored team. 1965 NAML Season First Round (W2) Michigan Bandits vs (W3) Chicago Crusaders At Windy Park, the Bandits supporters were hoping their team could win a playoff game for the third straight year. Early on, the Bandits took charge of the game, kicking two goals and a point within the first 90 seconds. Michigan continued dominating possession, but on the Crusaders' first chance of the game, Bud Mahoney made an excellent kick past Rudy Nicolas with the outside of his foot. Unfortunately for Chicago, it was all Bandits after that. Hugh Westbrook and Daniel Thorn each scored by deflecting free kicks, and the rest of the Bandits added four points to take a commanding 21-4 lead into the second frame. The Crusaders looked like a different team to start the second quarter, as Jonathan Taylor won a battle for the ball with the Bandits goalie Nicolas, leaving him a wide open net to score. Despite this, the Bandits shook it off, and went back to work offensively. Westbrook scored again off a long bomb, and Dominic Abrams added his name to the scoresheet, kicking a low shot past Joe Register. In the final minute, now trailing by 25, Mahoney converted a penalty shot to make the score 33-12 at halftime. It was a hard, but not impossible deficit for the Crusaders to come back from. In the third, the Crusaders were going for a more defensive approach, and it worked. For the first 8 minutes, the Bandits could only manage one point. Unfortunately, Chicago still couldn't get going offensively, getting 3 points themselves. Eventually, rover Daniel Hooker scored for Michigan, and the game starting becoming quicker again. The Crusaders responded with a point and goal from Andy Bonsaigh, and got several more chances, but Nicolas was in the middle of a great performance, and wasn't getting scored on easily. In the final minute, Mahoney got a great chance to score his third, but Nicolas denied him with his fingertips. The Bandits kicked the ball upfield, and Westbrook manage to get it past Register with 20 second to play, making it 42-20 after 3. In the fourth, the Crusaders still weren't giving up, but their offense was still very lacking. For the first half of the quarter, play was slow, with very few chances between the two teams. Finally, 13 minutes in, Thorn continued the narrative, scoring to make it 46-21 by deflecting a corner. With the goal, play started to get quicker, and a Bonsaigh shot was saved by Nicolas, but deflected out for a point. There would be no further scoring until Thorn kicked another goal in the final minute. After the goal, Thorn celebrated a little, drawing some pushes from the Crusaders, but nothing further than that. In the end, if was the Bandits who blew the Crusaders out of the water, winning by a score of 50-21 in front of their home fans, who were ready to travel to Minnesota for the Western final. (E2) New York Knights vs (E3) Philadelphia Falcons In New York, Manhattan Stadium was unusually packed as the Knights hosted their second ever home playoff game against the Philadelphia Falcons. Play was fast-paced to start, but there would be no scoring until 6 minutes in, with Carmelo Dunn giving the Knights a point. After the icebreaker, it was goals galore for both teams. Jeremy Markson got the Falcons on the board, but Patrick Herbertson responded right after for New York. The two teams traded goals one more, then the Falcons hit a groove and scored 3 consecutive times, getting goals from Patrick MacKenzie, Markson, and Will Hernandez to take a 20-9 lead. In the final minutes, the Knights would get another goal and a point. Dunn had a great chance to score, but he hit the post, not getting any points. After 1, the Falcons held a 6-point lead. To start the second, the Falcons had a good offensive spurt, but only managed two more points on Knights goalie Jimmy Mithers. Herbertson scored off of a nice team effort for the Knights to make it 22-18, but the Falcons responded right back with a point from MacKenzie off a corner. Later on in the quarter, Markson scored again, and it looked like the Falcons were going to have a strong lead at the half. But out of nowhere, the Knights offense ignited in the final minutes, getting a goal and point to cut the deficit to 4 at halftime. Most of the broadcasters agreed that the Knights were going to explode in the second half, and they were right. In the first two minutes, Dunn and Zachariah Coughlin gave the Knights their first lead since the first quarter. The Falcons tried responding right after, but Mithers stood tall, only allowing a point. The Knights continued on dominating, getting two more goals to increase their lead to 11. In the second part of the quarter, Philly got a major boost, with Michael Pronyk scoring off a great effort. Unfortunately for the Falcons, the Knights wouldn't let them get anything more, finishing the quarter with a point and two goals from Dunn, ending the Knights' highest-scoring quarter in franchise history, getting 25 points to take a 48-32 lead. Unlike the third quarter, the fourth was very slow and defensive, with the first score being a New York point 9 minutes in, and Sully Kendrick would score his first goal in 92 games to make it 53-32 New York a minute later. MacKenzie would kick a consolation goal for the Falcons in the dying minutes. To add salt in the Falcons' wound, Herbertson would score off of the ensuing rush to end the game with a 57-36 score. The game was historic for New York, who set records for total points in a game, goals in a game, goals in a quarter, and points in a quarter. With the victory, the Knights advance to Toronto for the Eastern Final. Semifinals (W1) Minnesota Walleye vs (W2) Michigan Bandits Alumni Stadium was buzzing with excitement as the Minnesota Walleye looked to advance to their first ever Urquhart Cup, but standing in their way were the seemingly unstoppable Michigan Bandits, looking for their third consecutive Cup appearance and 4th in the last 7 years. Despite having the buzzing home crowd, the Walleye offense couldn't get their act together. There was no score until the 7-minute mark, when Daniel Thorn kicked one top corner on the edge of the arc. Over the next 9 minutes, the Bandits offense came to life, getting several chances and converting them. The defense stood strong as well, as the Bandits scored the first 14 points of the game, silencing the home crowd. Fortunately, the Walleye finally broke through late, getting a goal and point from Chris Garafalo to make it 14-5 after 21. In the second, the Walleye rode on their late momentum, scoring the first two goals of the quarter to get within 1 point. Garafalo had a great chance to take the lead, and kicked a rolling ball past Rudy Nicolas, but defender Laurence Paul came sliding it, hitting it off the goal line and out of danger. There would be a long period of slow play, then the Bandits got a goal from Dominic Abrams and a point from Hugh Westbrook. Todd Irving potted one late for the Walleye, but Westbrook would come right back and bury a chance from mid-range. At the half, the Bandits held onto their lead, and the score was 23-17 for Michigan. The third quarter started quickly, with both teams exchanging points. Right after the second point, Thorn spectacularly volleyed a bouncing ball that beat Edouard Wallace low, much to the delight of the travelling Bandits faithful. 2 minutes later, Garafalo responded with a crazy goal of his own, weaving past several defenders before kicking one bar-down. After two Michigan points, Irving scored off a penalty, and added a point in the final minute, putting the Walleye within three heading into the final quarter. In the fourth, just like the two first round games, the play was slow, with neither team getting a good chance until Abrams deflected in a corner 7 minutes in, increasing the lead to 7. The Walleye tried to press offensively, but Michigan Coach Grad Rox's defensive tactics were paying off, frustrating the Minnesota players. Westbrook kicked a late point as pushing ensued between the two teams. There were a couple punches thrown, but nothing more. The referee blew his whistle as the Bandits came onto the field celebrating their third consecutive year in the Urquhart Cup, winning by a score of 35-27 away from home. (E1) Toronto Nationals vs (W2) New York Knights Canada's Field was hoping that this would be the year that the Nats could win it all for the first time since 1950. As the players took the field, the stadium was as loud as ever. The game opened up fast-paced and offensive. the first scoring came 4 minutes in, off a point from James Jogi. However, on the ensuing rush, Carmelo Dunn showed he had plenty left in the tank, beating Andy Kappert from outside the arc. After another Toronto point, Theo Krakowski gave Toronto the lead back, deflecting a free kick, but Patrick Herbertson gave it right back to the Knights off a nice feed from Dunn. Over the next minute, the Stallions offense operated at a high speed, getting two points to tie and a Ciril Vlasic goal all within two minutes to give Toronto their biggest lead yet. Gordie White tied the game once again, but a late point from Vlasic gave Toronto a 1-point lead after 1. In the second, the play was slow to start, but Dunn tied the game 8 minutes in with a point off a deflection. Over the next 4 minutes, the Toronto offense was fast-paced again, getting two goals from Jogi and another from Krakowski, making it 25-13. They would get many more chances on rushes over the rest of the quarter, but the usually shaky Jimmy Mithers was sharp, only allowing points until halftime, with Toronto leading by 15 and in great position. In the third, it looked like the Nats were continuing to cruise past the Knights, increasing their lead to 20 7 minutes into the quarter. Then, all of a sudden, New York ignited and looked scary, it started with a point and goal from Dunn, then goals from Herbertson and Edward Mora, cutting the lead to 7 in just 8 minutes, and they weren't done. Mora kicked two more points, and Herbertson finished a great rush, putting the Knights within 1. Dunn had a chance to take the lead, but his shot missed wide, tying the game with less than two minutes to go. In the final minute, the Nats had their first rush in seemingly forever, and they managed a point from Vlasic, taking the lead once again after the third, with the score 34-33. In the first 4 minutes of the fourth, the two teams traded goals, and both teams knew whoever had the next goal was most likely going to win the game. In the end, the Nats got that goal, from Vlasic off a corner. with their momentum, Toronto added two points to make it a 7-point lead. Herbertson had a great chance, but Kappert deflected it out for a point. On the ensuing rush, Mora ended up in alone on Kappert, and chipped it over, and the lead was down to 2 with 4 minutes to play. The Nats won the jump-ball, and a Vlasic shot hit the post and got a point, still giving the Knights a chance to take the lead. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't get any good chances, and the Toronto Nationals had won a match for the ages at home, and forced an Urquhart Cup rematch for the first time in NAML history. Urquhart Cup Preview: The Urquhart Cup this year will be held at Milwaukee's Arnold Shannon Stadium, hosting for the first time since 1953. The league announced that next year's clash will be held at Clark Street Stadium in St. Louis, hoping to get the city back into Markball. Toronto @ Michigan, at Milwaukee, WI Previous Playoff Game: 1964 Urquhart Cup Result: Michigan 51-26 Toronto This has the potential to be a classic talked about for years. The league's first ever rematch, with the two-time defending champion Michigan Bandits, facing a familiar Toronto Nationals team looking for revenge. Even though Toronto has lost in the big game 3 out of the last 5 years, this situation might be what motivates them to finally make it out on top. Expect big games from both teams' big guns, Hugh Westbrook for Michigan and James Jogi for Toronto. Prediction: The Bandits will win a 51-50 barnburner. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** For some reason, the Knights have looked like a powerhouse in both their first round games, but are unable to replicate that in the semifinals. Granted their performance against the Nats was amazing, but they couldn't pull it off. I think they can actually be a playoff team next year, but who knows. As for the rematch, I'm really excited to simulate it. I think the Nats have a solid case to win here, but deep down, I'm pretty sure they'll blow it as they usually do. We'll see what happens. C&C is appreciated!
  10. NoE38

    Unpopular Opinions

    Not sure how unpopular this is, but I wish more professional teams would use patterns or sublimations on their jerseys. They can really pull a whole look together without looking too amateur.
  11. Currently, teams do play each other twice, but with potential expansion coming soon, this is bound to change. I'll keep the conferences for now because they will get bigger, but I will make sure teams of the same conferences play each other more often later this decade. My idea for Carlton was to have the logo be like Washington, and the jerseys be like the Blues, so yes, there would be a CMC on the jersey. For Geelong, the jerseys are the exact same, but with the sleeves. As for Gold Coast and potential expansion, I predict that the Crusaders will only survive a couple years before moving to Brisbane, and it's pretty much guaranteed that next two teams will be awarded to Tasmania, as well as Adelaide.
  12. NoE38

    Capitals Alt Concept

    Here's a full set, based on both suggestions. I personally prefer the blue yoke, but the white doesn't look terrible. C&C still appreciated!
  13. NoE38

    Capitals Alt Concept

    Here's a design for the Caps if they ever want to have a new jersey instead of a direct throwback. The overall look is heavily inspired by the throwback jerseys but with some differences. The Weagle is front and centre as it should be, and the font is more modern. C&C Appreciated!
  14. Love it! Pink and Green actually look great together so it's nice to see it work here. Having been to Newfoundland, these symbolism is great as well. Really looking forward to what you can do with Saskatoon. Maybe have one jersey feature fauna and the other flora?
  15. Will the winner still receive the actual Kellogg Cup, even if the other two leagues didn't play?