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  1. Next up we have the Port Adelaide Power. They are unique in the AFL because they were founded in 1870 as part of the SANFL (South Australia), but joined the AFL in 1997. Their SANFL side is one of the most successful in Australia, with 36 premiers, and the AFL side has tried to honour them whenever they can. The power are the only AFL team with teal, so I made it the base colour. The set features sleeve-length yokes featuring 6 stripes, the amount on Port's SANFL jumpers. The sleeves are cluttered, so I used shoulder numbers. C&C Welcome: Next up: Lift that noble banner high.
  2. Concept Thread Think Tank

    That looks like a great start! What about field markings?
  3. Concept Thread Think Tank

    I'd go outside the dashers to spice things up.
  4. I chose do have more charcoal because it's more prominent of the Giants' jerseys, but i'll experiment with more white. As for alternates, I was planning on doing some once I finish, and I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks and Go West Coast!
  5. Well there's a big big sound... (Okay, I'll stop) Up next is the GWS Giants, the AFL's newest and of their most promising teams, founded in 2009 and participating in their first season in 2012. It was a no-brainer to go with a modern design for this one, which popped into my head one day. consists of two stripes with a smaller one of the bottom of each. Made the font charcoal on the away to improve color balance. C&C welcome. Next up: They've got the power to win.
  6. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Field: I'd keep it simple and square, with less lines than a football field. Players: For outdoor, 10-16 players would work. Indoors, 6-10. Roster Size: I'd say around 25-30 players. Time of Play: maybe 35 minute halves? I'll think about advancing the ball.
  7. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Maybe something like this? It's from international rules, a combination of gaelic and aussie rules football played between Ireland and Australia every two years. Here's more if you want to check it out.
  8. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Maybe something like Aussie Rules Football? It has unique rules.
  9. Updated the OP with the new socks. Now that I think about it, that would be a lot more practical than what I originally had. Thanks for the input. Here's the highest finishing non-grand finalist, the Geelong Cats. For those of you who don't know, The cats are one of the oldest sports clubs in the world, founded 158 years ago, in 1859. Because of their longevity, I tried to make this set as traditional as possible. I took the two white stripes from the logo and used them as sleeve and sock stripes. the hems are filled in to distinguish them from other concepts I've done, and from NHL teams such as the Maple Leafs and Lightning. C&C welcome. Next up: Anyone hear a sound from the west?
  10. Lower Island Soccer Association

    This looks like a pretty good start. The idea is good, but it looks a little dated in execution. My suggestions would be to make the leafs more visible and defined, choose a bolder font, and show the whole ball, while making it smaller and symmetrical (Something like your profile pic). Otherwise, you're golden. Looking forward to the next team!
  11. Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    First off, that primary logos are amazing. The symbolism and execution are brilliant. The jerseys are great as well. The pattern isn't as complicated as the originals, but still keeps the same look. The alternate is perfect. Only thing I would change is that I would add some more blue to the white jersey to improve color balance. Could I see a version with the cuffs and hem filled in blue?
  12. If there's no feedback, here's the other grand finalist, the Adelaide Crows. First off, The crows have a horrible logo, If I could actually make a logo, I would put another one on this set. The crows' jumpers are one of my favourites in the AFL. The colours are appealing, and the pattern makes it pop. I tried to incorporate that pattern as much as possible on the hem, arms, socks, colours, and pants. Not much else to it really. C&C welcome.
  13. NHL Adidas Alternates (Lightning added)

    Love the logo! I would buy merch with that logo on it. The jersey is also great, the hanger effect looks fantastic.
  14. NoE38's New Look NHL (Sharks posted 10/9)

    @CodeG sorry for the wait, here's the sharks with their expansion teal.
  15. Saskatchewan Whitetails

    Everything about this is unique, inspired, and classy for an expansion team. Love it! Nothing to complain about here.