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  1. Thanks! I felt like the checkerboard was unique to the Crew, and I guess it worked! I used the sleeve-length yoke because that's what the Blue Jackets currently use. Thanks lol, It feels nice to know that you would buy a jersey I made.
  2. Anaheim looks great as well. I prefer it without the yoke on the orange jersey, as it looks too similar to the Flyers right now. Really like the striping pattern.
  3. This is definitely wacky, so i'll give you credit there. I also really like what you did with the logo. It calls back to the team's past and fits in with the jersey. As for the striping, This would look better if it was either toned down a bit, or if it was only on the arms. For the font, I would make it either 3D like the logo, or use the font the Lightning used for their Thunderstorm alternate. Just some execution things to work on, the name and number on the back are too big, and the template line should end at the striping. Lastly, I would make the collars different colours than the yoke, as they blend in right now.
  4. Sorry for this long of a break between concepts, I just haven't had the time to work. That being said, here's the next mashup! This is the Columbus Crew in the style of the Columbus Blue Jackets. For this, I knew right away that I was going to use the checkerboard pattern from the logo. The checkerboard in in the sleeve-length yoke, the hem, and the pants. The sock stripes are the 4 stripes in the top half of the logo. C&C is appreciated!
  5. I'm a little late to this, but I have to say, it's hard to believe these are hand-drawn, the time and commitment it must take is crazy. Florida looks great, except the white yokes don't seem as vibrant as the Panthers should be, but that's just me. The Flames are great. wouldn't change a thing.
  6. Just wanna say, This is pretty much perfect, and I could see the sharks unveiling something similar. Great Job!
  7. The Aviators look good! Just an idea I though of, in the original logo, it looks like the cape is spelling out something, It would be cool if you could make an A shape in the cape.
  8. Looks Great. Clean, Modern, and gets the point across.
  9. Yeah, that makes sense. The red and blue bled didn't look too good together, I will consider it for the blue jersey though.
  10. This entire series has been amazing, There must have been a lot of time put into it. Great Job!
  11. Quebec looks great! Only thing I would do is change the blue and red on the white jersey to differentiate them from Montreal.
  12. So I would take the stripes from the white jersey, put them on the blue jersey, and add white stripes in between, or recolor them?
  13. The idea for Canada looks great, although the template lines in the red should be removed. I would also either add some black to the jersey or make the logo just red and white. It seems out of place at the moment.
  14. The jerseys look great! no complaints there. As for the logo, I fell as though the hands are too small, and I would either remove the lines on the fingers, or make them less obvious. I also feel like the wordmark should have a line between itself and the shirt. Good Work!
  15. Up Next is team USA. For this concept, I used the flag striping pattern, and made 13 total stripes on the arms and hem. The away is similar, except there are white stripes in between the red and blue. C&C is appreciated!