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  1. All of your rebrands have been amazing, and this is no exception. Kudos.
  2. Lightning look great, although I think you could've worked the victory stripes in there somewhere.
  3. I mean that the diamond shape that the J and 4 are in could use their negative space to make an image, or something like that. Sorry if it isn't that clear.
  4. It's definitely a different approach, so I appreciate this. First off, I'm not sure about the colour scheme. Maybe make the blue more purple-y? The jersey design is a good idea. It's sort of similar to what they've worn in the past. For the collars, I think that having the collar, the insert and the laces all being different colours is a little much.
  5. I agree. the design looks good. If you could change anything, why not make the non-negative space look like something else, if that makes sense. just a suggestion.
  6. That jets concept may be the best one yet. The increasing striping is a great idea, and you executed it to perfection. Could you try angling the nameplate to make the design even crazier?
  7. That main logo looks great! especially the throwback roundel and the new clipper. I like the idea for the basketball logo with the flags, but I feel the shape of the basketball gets a little lost with all of the colours. Would it be possible to add an outline around the lines of the ball or make the flags one colour? That wordmark is gorgeous. Great work!
  8. That wordmark looks great. no complaints there. merged both eras perfectly. As for the main logo, the glove update looks great, but I would make the arm holding the bottom of the stick a little smaller. I would also make the eyebrow a little smaller. But those are just little nitpicks. The update overall is a great simplification.
  9. Sens look good. The laurel pattern is a little pixelated but IMO that makes the design cooler.
  10. Detroit looks great. Would it be possible to see a full yoke-length wing pattern?
  11. This IMO is probably the most intense series so far. It's cool how Boston came back from a 1-goal deficit in G1, Ottawa from a 2-goal deficit in G2, and Boston has come back from being down 3 in G3. If this continues, it'll be one hell of a series if it goes to seven.
  12. I guess. It's just that I like their current set now. The era with red wasn't necessary IMO. I'll let you decide how you want to do the series.
  13. I would get rid of the red. it never goes well with orange and IMO it isn't necessary. Otherwise this looks great.
  14. Coyotes update looks great. Didn't notice the hockey sticks but they are a great addition to the jersey. I also like how the turquoise outline adds a glow to the logo. Definitely a unique take, and a great one. Nashville is also spectacular. Everything comes together nicely, although I think guitar strings in the numbers could work. Amazing work all around here.
  15. Kabana Sports Club Founded in 1908 by a wealthy family, KSC was Kabana's sports hub for its first few years of existence, offering many different sports and other activities. In 1939, the club formed its first competitive soccer/futbol team, which would compete in the Dannian Superliga. However in the following decades poor form on the field would lead to poor attendance, which led to less and less money being made by the team. The situation eventually got so bad that some players broke away to form Jonore United, the club's main rivals. KSC's fans, who mainly compose of upper-class citizens, call United 'A Khatarë' or 'The Traitors'. Despite putting up good numbers in recent years, KSC have dropped to near the bottom of the league, without any titles. The team has won 1 Dannian Cup, in 2013. When the club was first founded, its locations raised blue flags with a white stripe, with a KSC monogram in the middle. This has been their logo for most of their existence. Here are some standings for those interested.