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  1. Next up is the St. Louis Cardinals in the style of the St. Louis Blues. The Cardinals are one of the only teams in baseball whose socks have striping, so I took them and used them as the uniform striping. Like the blues, both jerseys have colored yokes and cuffs. The yoke also features similar striping to the Blues jerseys, but I'm not 100% sold on the color layout yet. I used the cap logo on the jerseys because I felt it looked the best. C&C is appreciated!
  2. This is a great start, But I feel like the logo should have the team name somehow incorporated, but It'll still work without it. Jerseys look good, but having Ford as sponsor takes away from the wave of the third jersey. Other than that, this is a great start.
  3. Here's an update, based on your suggestions. Not sure about the numbers, but the pants surprisingly aren't that bad on the home.
  4. Great end to an awfully good series. Kudos.
  5. Next up is the San Francisco 49ers in the style of the San Jose Sharks. I tried a few ideas with the Earthquakes, but I didn't like them, so I chose the 49ers. I took their striping and added gold in between the white. There is nothing on the hem like the Sharks jerseys. C&C is appreciated!
  6. Next up is the Pittsburgh Pirates in the style of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I sort of modified the Pens template for this one, switching the colored upper arms on the home jersey with cuffs, and giving the away jersey the colored upper arms. The striping found on the Pirates' cuffs is used to give the jersey its own unique vibe, while still making it look similar to a Penguins jersey. C&C is appreciated!
  7. Both of the Sens sets look great. same for the rest of the jerseys in this series. Could you do ones for the Lightning and/or Ducks? I'm disappointed they didn't change much.
  8. Next up is the Philadelphia Flyers in the style of the Philadelphia Eagles. I used the unique yoke pattern the Flyers have and added the Eagles' pant stripes to the cuffs. I kept the reverse-color nameplates (even though IMO they ruin the Flyers' unis), and added a white hem on the home to improve color balance. C&C is appreciated!
  9. Like this?
  10. This was my semi-quarterfinals entry into the HJC Open, and I did a concept for the Kansas City Scouts. The Scouts jerseys were good for their era, but IMO had way too busy of a striping pattern. My goals for this concept were to simplify the pattern, and to give them a distinct look, and to improve the colour balance. The striping pattern consists of a large stripe with a thin one inside of it, and two slightly larger stripes both above and below the large stripe. I used the KC logo as it is by far the best logo in their set. C&C is appreciated!
  11. This series isn't dead, just haven't had too much time to work and also because the Ottawa Senators have a terrible design sense. This next mashup is the Ottawa Redblacks in the style of the Senators. The Sens have terrible jerseys and I couldn't really do a design based on their primary jerseys as that would just be a recolor, so I based these on their Alternate jersey from last year. Using the Redblacks striping pattern basically would have been the same thing as the alternate, so I used One large chest stripe for each jersey. The color balance may not be perfect, but then, If the Sens had actual jerseys, this wouldn't have been a problem. C&C is appreciated!
  12. Just wondering, how would the logo look with the colors of the flag of California?
  13. Great job on the oilers. I would've been fine if that was unveiled as their home.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys! Much appreciated.
  15. Can I ask why?