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  1. NoE38's New Look NHL (Anaheim posted 8/21)

    Thanks! Something like this? I'll try out some ideas with it. Should be up sometime in the next few days.
  2. Welcome to my new series, the New Look NHL! In this series, My goal is to give each NHL team a new look (compared to what they unveiled with Adidas) based on many things, such as one-off jerseys, the team's mascot in real life, or just ideas that come into my head. This is not a tweaking series or an Ideal look series. Some jerseys in this series could be on a 90's level of craziness, and others a simple, timeless look. Due to my lack of logo-making skills, I will be using some teams' primary or alternate logos, or I might mashup some of a teams' logos. Let's kick this off! I always thought that the Ducks were a green/jade team, so I used Jade as the base colour for the set. The striping isn't exactly 'new' but think it'll pass. The stripes are not slanted, and feature three stripes and then a cuff the colour of the middle stripe. This pattern is also used on the hem and socks. I used a rounded font for the numbers and names to tie it all together. The equipment is purple aside from the helmets. C&C is appreciated! I am not doing this is any particular order, so if you want to see a certain team done, or a set done in a certain way, feel free to post any idea you have.
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Getting sick on vacation. It was amazing until my Sinus decided that it would congest up just for me. Hopefully it goes away before I fly home Thursday.
  4. Habs'ing the NHL (Montreal added)

    Is it the hem stripes being added to the sleeves?
  5. Let's wrap this series up! The final mashup is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the style of the Jets. The home jersey has the traditional layout, and the away has a sleeve-length yoke, both like the jets. The waist stripes extend to the bottom of the hem, and the gloves are plain, like the Jets. I left the maple leaf red on the shoulder patch as the Jets don't use it on their jerseys. Big Thanks to everyone to all of you for your critiques, comments, likes, and views! This series was extremely fun to do, and look out for another one coming up!
  6. Our 2nd-last mashup is the Washington Wizards in the style of the Capitals. I'm not a fan of their current design, and it was hard to find a way to make this one not a direct copy, but I feel it works. The same swoosh on the Caps' template is there, but the full-length yoke piping is filled in on both jerseys, and recreates the pattern on the Wizards jerseys. The side panels have the striping on the Wizards' sleeved jersey, and the yoke striping is replicated on the socks. Only 1 to go!
  7. Nice start! I like all of the symbolism in the name and logo. Nothing much else to say, but that's because this is all really well executed. What would you say the average score in each game is?
  8. Updated Detroit Red Wings Logo

    This doesn't work for me. One of the reasons to me that the Red Wings logo is so great is because the wheel and feathers complement each other nicely. On your update, They don't look all that great together. I'm also not a fan on the 11 dents, because what happens when Detroit wins another cup? I also think the font shouldn't be that modern, as the Wings are a team with so much history. I applaud you for the attempt, which is no easy task, but this doesn't cut it.
  9. Next up we have the Vegas Golden Knights in the style of the Raiders, who are relocating to Vegas in 2020. Both jerseys have colored upper arms, with simplistic striping in the style of the Raiders. The black jersey uses silver numbers like the Raiders, and the gloves were designed to be like the Knights'. 2 left to go!
  10. Next up we have the Vancouver Whitecaps in the style of the Canucks. Since the Whitecaps have no real striping pattern on their jerseys, I based the striping pattern off a scarf I found of the team shop. The exact same striping pattern is used on both jerseys, and the white one has a cuff, like the Canucks. The white jersey is the team's home jersey. Up next is Vegas!
  11. Improving Logo Quality

    It's starting to improve, but I still have no idea what it is. What is the name of the team? The S is also asymmetrical, and I wouldn't put it in a box. I'd just have it stand alone and incorporate green into the S.
  12. Binghamton Devils New Look

    WHY ARE YOU USING THE SAME CRAPPY JERSEYS AS YOUR NHL AFFILIATE? BE ORIGINAL, USE RED AND GREEN! That being said, the logos look appropriate for the minor leagues. 6/10
  13. Next up is the Toronto Raptors in the style of the Maple Leafs. I based the jerseys off teasers of the Raptors' new Nike unis, so the color balance is a little off. I took the two chevrons from the teasers on the sleeves, and put one on the hem. The name and numbers are the same colour as they presumably would be on their new jerseys. Only 4 more to go after this one!
  14. Improving Logo Quality

    As a user, I use two tricks to improve quality, the first is pretty simple, just start off by using a large canvas, anything larger than 1500 pixels should do. The second is to turn on antialiasing, which is the blue line thingy in the top right corner. Also, take your time with your logos. Patience is a key to designing great logos. Not trying to sound rude here, but I have no idea what the logo in supposed to be right now, and the gray looks out of place. What is the logo supposed to be?
  15. Travel recommendations thread

    Having been to Montreal a few times, I would recommend a hike up Mount Royal. It's a nice break from the urban part of the city and it also really good exercise. The view from the top is amazing, and there's a building with plaques about the history of Montreal. The Old City is really nice, and I would recommend doing the Old City in Quebec City as well. A basic knowledge of French would help if you're lost or in a similar situation. I'm taking a flight for the first(!) time in a few weeks and am honestly not looking forward to it. Anyone have some advice for being on flights and how to stay calm?