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  1. That looks pretty much perfect, but the stripes could be just a little bigger. Great Job!
  2. I actually really like the idea of that color scheme. I don't mind the idea of a chest stripe, but I don't see Anaheim as a team that could pull it off. Still a good jersey though. No complaints about the ideal look. I prefer the duck foot logo as well.
  3. Next up is the Tennessee Titans in the style of the Nashville Predators. I based the jerseys off the teaser released by adidas, so no more of the piping and blue arch on the jersey. I got the striping pattern from the yoke on the Titans' home jersey with white helmet stripes on each side. the stripes are placed lower than normal on the arms like the predators. There are no cuffs for these as none of the options that I tried worked. I also chose the powder blue helmet on the home jersey because of the Preds' yellow buckets. C&C is appreciated!
  4. PM sent. Sorry for not posting a concept lately, the next one should be up later tonight.
  5. Something like this?
  6. Next up, thanks to @RedfieldNick's suggestion, is the Montreal Expos in the style of the historic Montreal Canadiens. For this concept, I made the base colour the powder blue used by the expos for most of their history. The chest stripe is made of the blue-white-red sleeve striping from the Expos' original jerseys. The away jersey features a powder blue yoke and cuff. The pant striping, although not visible, is a version of the racing stripe expos jersey. on the back of the jerseys is the lake Gary Carter. If anyone wants, I can make a version with the Expos blue as the base colour. C&C is appreciated!
  7. Next up is the Minnesota Twins in the style of the Minnesota Wild. For this mashup, I was inspired by their current jerseys, with the gold trim, Although it isn't an official colour. Because of this, I put more emphasis on the red, blue, and white. I did these jerseys in the style of the Wild's green alternate, which is rumored to be promoted to full-time status. Unfortunately, this means that the home jersey gets messed up by a phantom yoke. The away featured a square yoke. C&C is appreciated!
  8. Looks good to start! Has a minor-league feel to it, which is nice. I would just add some arm stripes. They will help complete the jersey. As for the logos, they're off to a good start, but I think the jet should be in the center of the triangle, but keep the swoosh, and maybe even put Lakeland at the top of the triangle. For the jet, the wings look too chunky right now. They should be a little sleeker. The alternate is fine as is.
  9. The bruins look great in that template. Good job!
  10. I might just do that now, thanks for the idea! Yeah, I wasn't quite satisfied with the colour balance, and I understand where you're coming from. Might make a red version now. Thanks! Thanks! I tried that when I first made the concept, and didn't really like the look of it. Good suggestion though. Continuing on, here's the next mashup! This is the LA Dodgers in the style of the LA Kings. The inconsistent hem striping has always bothered me, and it still does here. I gave the dodgers a simple stripe, as it is a timeless look, and because of the cuff striping on the Dodgers' grey unis. The sleeve-length phantom yoke is here as well. I also made the sleeve numbers on the white jersey red, sort of like the front numbers on the Dodgers' white unis. C&C is appreciated!
  11. Thanks! I definitely understand, I'm already noticed this, and am trying to focus of basketball, baseball and soccer mashups at the moment. I'm most likely going to do the Raptors or Blue Jays for Toronto, and the Whitecaps for Vancouver. Onto the next mashup! This is the Miami Heat in the style of the Florida Panthers. I felt like the Heat had a nice striping pattern that would look great as a chest stripe. The same pattern is found on the arms and socks. Just like the Panthers, the chest stripes are cut off, and there are shoulder numbers. The Panther's logo takes the spot where the Side-profile logo is found on the arms. Also had to change the Heat's logo a little. C&C is appreciated!
  12. I prefer the third set for LA, but the second one looks great as well. New York's looks like they would be great Nordiques jerseys, IMO. Great Work!
  13. I think the design would look cleaner if the Peace Tower was viewed straight-on, and not looking up at it. It's a great logo though.
  14. bump Any Feedback on anything?