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  1. 1955 NAML Offseason Soon after the Urquhart Cup final, Commisioner Urquhart announced that the new 'big tradition' for the 10th anniversary would be flags, as his father Thomas Urquhart, the founder of Markball, was also a vexillologist who had a large collection of flags from all around the world. Urquhart noted that each team would use the same flag template, with a 3:5 ratio, but other than that, designs could be anything. In November, at the league's headquarters, each team's design was unveiled. Four teams modeled their flags directly off of their jersey designs (Washington, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee), St. Louis modeled theirs off of their logo, and Montreal modeled their off of their striping pattern and the flags of Montreal and Quebec. The other four teams created completely new designs (Philadelphia, Michigan, Toronto, New York) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ St. Louis also modified both their home and away jerseys, adding a yoke to each. The home jersey now features a blue yoke, and the away jersey features a purple one. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Grad Rox announced his retirement in the offseason after 14 years as a player. Rox played 177 games in his NAML career, scoring 218 goals. He also announced that he had been signed as the head coach of the Bandits, as their coach Dusty Francis was retiring himself. There were no major trades during the offseason, but there were two big signings, with the Chicago Crusaders signing Falcons flank Richard Zorbeck, and the Falcons re-signing goalkeeper John Portelli for 4 years. Zorbeck was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana and when he was young, he attended multiple Crusader games when they were still in the CML. Portelli showed this year he can play top minutes and will most likely only improve with time. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** There's the offseason post. Any thoughts are appreciated, especially about the flags. I'll hopefully have the 1956 season simulated before Tuesday, then maybe the post will be up by Friday. Thanks for reading!
  2. American Premier League

    Cleveland's logo is one of the best I've ever seen. The anchor roundel is genius, and that monogram is bold and sleek as well. Everything else is great as well.
  3. Walleye Logo Concept

    That's an improvement. It looks more natural now.
  4. Walleye Logo Concept

    This part here:
  5. Next up we have Canada's Texas, aka Alberta. The Province's official colours are blue and yellow, so of course i made that the main colour scheme. I added black as well in honour of the Flames. The pattern is Northwestern, with the outer stripe being split between white and black. The pattern is recoloured on the away. Only half of the pattern is on the hem, and the numbers are outlined similar to the striping. Left Wings: Taylor Hall, Jake DeBrusk, Tyler Ennis, Jason Chimera Centres: Brayden Point, Bryan Little (A) Mark Letestu, Riley Nash Right Wings: Brendan Gallagher, Kris Versteeg, Ty Rattie, Patrick Eaves Defensemen: Mike Green (A), Dion Phaneuf (A), Colton Parayko, Jared Spurgeon, Jay Bouwmeester (C), Johnny Boychuk Goalies: Chad Johnson, Aaron Dell
  6. Walleye Logo Concept

    The part near the tail where the line angles off looks weird to me. I would make it a full curve. Other than that, it looks great!
  7. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    The pattern incorporation for Columbus is great. No complaints there. I'm not so sure about the idea for Chicago though. The inspiration is there, but there's something off about it.
  8. 2017/18 NHL Refresh (24/31 BOS Added)

    I like the look, but the brown looks off. I would try making it a little darker.
  9. I'm back again, this time with the last founding province, New Brunswick! The flag of the province has a unique colour scheme of yellow, red, black, blue, and white. I decided to make black the main colour and remove white to the design simpler. The striping pattern features red and blue stripes with yellow around them. The exact same pattern is used on the away, and a black yoke was added. Notable Players: Jake Allen, Brad Malone, Patrice Cormier, Cedrick Desjardins C&C is appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the feedback! That's my goal, As this series goes on, I'll going more in-depth and keep in touch with real-world storylines. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* 1955 Urquhart Cup Final Date: September 24, 1955 Location: Clark Street Stadium, St. Louis, MO Weather: 71°F (22°C), Drizzle Attendance: 28,670 It was a packed house at Clark Street Stadium, with the venue at 122% capacity. The stadium was split evenly between Wolfhounds supporters, Falcon faithful, and neutral St. Louis citizens. Despite the rain, it was sure to be a classic, with both teams, the defending champion Philadelphia Falcons, and the new kids on the block, the Boston Wolfhounds, having identical records during the regular season, at 16-4-0. With the drizzle, journalists predicted inaccurate kicking from both teams, and a low scoring game. The former statement seemed true as both teams missed shots and chances early on, not registering any score for the first 6 minutes. Finally, at the seven minute mark, Vinnie McClelland had a shot hit the side of his foot, hit the post, and deflect past the pointline, breaking the ice. Unfortunately after that, the inaccuracy returned, with the scoreline staying the same for the next 10 minutes. Philadelphia had numerous chances, but they were either saved by John Portelli or missed the net entirely. With 4 minutes to play in the quarter, Ridley Robinson kicked a point, making it 2-0 Boston. Seemingly right after the scoring play, the rain stopped, and Boston took control. the Hounds would rush off the bounce and Grad Rox would finish the play with an unstoppable kick from right in front. Right after, the Hounds would charge again, and once again Rox would finish, this time punching it over keeper Charles Jamison. Cecil Bonnom almost got one back for Philly, but it glanced off the crossbar and over, ending the quarter. After 1: Boston 10, Philadelphia 0 Bonnom would redeem himself early on in the quarter, beating Portelli low and giving the Falcons something to cheer about. Philadelphia would get some more chances, but they couldn't get past Vinnie McClelland, who was playing the best markball of his life at that point, looking like a brick wall in the backfield. Rox would score two quick points, but unfortunately for him, he was part of an awkward tackle after, and seemed to be favouring his hamstring. He would be taken out and did not return. Coming on in his place was young forward Andrew Parsnake, the a small, quiet and stealthy player. Parsnake made an immediate impact, wiring one past Jamison minutes after coming on. After a period of defensive play, McClelland would get his second point, and just nine seconds later, Parsnake would pot his second, making it 21-4 for the Hounds. Just like the first quarter, Philadelphia would get some more chances, but they would capitalize this time, getting a point from Bonnom and a goal from Matthew Grey as time expired. There was still a long road ahead for the Falcons, but it wasn't over yet. At the half: Boston 21, Philadelphia 9 Before the third started, the rain returned, making it almost impossible to grip or kick the ball accurately. To make matters worse, the field started becoming muddy. Defense prevailed to start, with no score until five minutes, when Bonnom, covered in mud, avoided tackles, and ran up to the goal square, punching it in. a minute later, Patrick MacKenzie, who was having an unusually quiet night, received a perfect pass from Grey, but the ball slid off of his foot and trickled right to Portelli, who easily made the save. After launching it downfield, it was caught by Parsnake, who dished it to Robinson, and he kicked a point, but had the conditions been better, the kicked likely would have been a goal. The defense, most notable McClelland took over from that point, and no further score happened during the quarter. After 3, McClelland had recorded 9 tackles, tying him for the most in a single game. Boston lead by 9 at the break, but Philly still wasn't completely out of it, and they showed momentum near the end of the quarter. After 3: Boston 22, Philadelphia 13 The rain stopped between quarters, so now there was more of a chance to see the Falcons come back. Boston wans't having any of that, and restored their double-digits lead with another point from Robinson. But the Falcons were now starting to go full throttle, and got a quick goal and point from Calvin Ingham and MacKenzie, cutting the lead to 5. Boston supporters starting getting antsy and nervous, but a tremendous team play capped off by a goal from Parsnake let them breathe again. The defense would take over again, and McClelland broke the record for tackles in a game, getting two more to finish with 11. The Brick wall of hounds would only give up one more point to the Falcons, and Parsnake sealed it with his own point. Referee Bernie Lubb blew his whistle, and the Wolfhounds were champions, and the first non Classic 6 team to lift the Urquhart Cup. Final Score: Boston 28, Philadelphia 19 Final Bracket: The game was instantly labeled a classic by the media, with many calling the game the "War on the Mud". The MVP award was given to McClelland for his stellar play in the backfield. When asked what it was like playing on the mud and in the rain, he said in his Newfoundland accent, "I loathed every second of it. I hate getting dirty so this was like a nightmare. But it's worth it in the end with the victory. I'd have no respect for myself if we lost". In the annual commisioner's post-game conference. Urquhart said: "I can't believe that next year will already be the tenth year this amazing league has existed for. We're currently planning to do something big in memory of my father for this big occasion". ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I honestly don't know what 'something big' is yet, if you have any suggestions or ideas, I'm all ears. Next up will be the offseason post, which will include some jersey changes, signings, and whatever 'something big' will be. C&C is always appreciated, and once again, Thanks for reading!
  11. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    It a good start, the striping pattern is amazing. I agree that the number font looks out of place, though. It seems like a missed opportunity to have beveled numbers, since it's on the logo.
  12. 1955 NAML Playoffs Round 1 (3) Chicago Crusaders vs (6) Washington Warriors This was expected to be an easy win for Chicago over a weak Washington team that barely made the playoffs, and things looked to be going Chicago's way, holding Washington goalless and leading 10-1 after the first quarter. However, despite scoring the first point in the second, Washington crashed through, scoring 14 straight points, including 3 goals from Lawrence Sanderson, to take a shocking 15-11 halftime lead. The Crusaders still couldn't get a goal in the third, only being held to one point, but their defense stood tall as well, only giving up one goal in the quarter, and were behind by 7 points heading into the fourth. In the fourth, tempers flared, with multiple shoving matches early on. After the commotion. Chicago found their offense, with John Peters and Russell Smith each scoring once. Unfortunately, they couldn't stop Washington offense, and the Warriors completed the upset, winning 28-22 and heading on to Philadelphia. (4) Michigan Bandits vs (5) Toronto Nationals Despite these two teams being closer, Michigan was expected to handily win with their playoff experience. The first quarter featured offense and surprise, with Toronto scoring the first 9 points of the game. However, Len Garey led Michigan to within a point before the quarter ended. Toronto led 14-13 after 1. In the second, Michigan scored a goal and a point early to get a 4-point lead, but Toronto took control of the game from there, scoring the next 12 points, including an incredible long-range strike from Theo Krakowski, to take back the lead at halftime. The third quarter featured more offense from both teams, and at one point, the Nationals had a 17-point lead. However, a goal from Harry Keener brought life back into the Bandits, and they closed the gap to 6 after 3. Unfortunately they had no gas left in the tank, only managing a point. Krakowski continued his strong performance, scoring two more in the quarter and finishing off the high-scoring affair. In the end, Toronto won 48-34 and were headed to Boston to take on the Hounds. Semifinals (1) Philadelphia Falcons vs (6) Washington Warriors Even though they managed to defeat the Crusaders, Washington was given no chance against the mighty Falcons. A rarity occured in the first quarter when only goals (no points) were scored. Washington scored first with a close-range punch by James Doctor, but the Falcons answered with three straight by Cecil Bonnom, Matthew Grey, and Patrick MacKenzie to take a 12-4 lead into the second quarter. In the second, Philadelphia controlled the ball, but only managed to get two goals and a point past Ambrose Gares. Washington tried to take advantage, but limited ball time held them to 5 points in the quarter. Philadephia increased their lead to 21-9 at the half. The third quarter featured more Philadelphia dominance, scoring the first nine points, but their accuracy was horrendous, scoring only 1 goal off of 6 shots. Washington responded late with a couple of goals, but Philadelphia once again increased their lead, making it 30-17 heading to the final quarter. In the fourth, Washington scored two goals and a point early, cutting the deficit down to 4. Despite numerous other chances, they couldn't solve Stephen Brooking. MacKenzie scored his second late in the quarter, sealing the deal. Sanderson scored a meaningless point after, and Philadelphia was heading back to the Urquhart Cup final, with a 34-27 victory. (2) Boston Wolfhounds (5) Toronto Nationals Just like the previous game, despite Toronto upsetting Michigan, Boston was just considered too strong to be beaten. Early on, Toronto scored 2 goals from Krakowski and Anthony Gerbig and a point to build a 5-0 lead. After Grad Rox scored a point for Boston, both teams traded goals to finish the quarter. Toronto had a 9-5 lead after 1. The second quarter featured more offense, with Toronto leading 14-6 at one point. Boston would come back, however, scoring 9 straight points to take their first lead. After a few points, the score was tied 16-16 at the half. The third quarter would be all Hounds, with 4 goals from 4 different players in the quarter. It was a perfect 21 minutes for them, scoring a total of 18 points and not allowing the Nationals any points. This offensive outburst gave the hounds a commanding 34-16 lead heading into the fourth. The final quarter would be fairly even, with both teams getting a goal and a point early on. After the scoring, a long defensive stalemate all but sealed the deal for the Hounds. Krakowski scored a consolation goal late, and Boston would walk away with a 39-25 victory and a trip to their first ever Urquhart Cup final. Urquhart Cup Final Preview: In an effort to increase interest of the sport in St. Louis, the league awarded the final game to the Gatekeepers. the 23,400 Clark Street Stadium will host the event, and no plans for extended seating were mentioned in the press conference. Boston @ Philadelphia, at St. Louis, MI Previous Playoff Meetings: 1 (1954) Result: Philadelphia 34-24 Boston The league's two best, strongest, and toughest teams will meet in what should be a classic. Expect lots of action on both ends of the field, some great defensive plays, and maybe even some rough stuff on the field. It's hard to pick a winner, but many people are leaning to the Falcons, who have this aura around them that other teams can't seem to solve. Prediction: Philadelphia will win their second consecutive Urquhart Cup with a 49-44 win. Here's the updated bracket: ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* So that's the playoff post, the first round was pretty shocking to have both lower seeds advance, and I expected at least one of them to upset again, but I guess the Falcons and Hounds were too strong. My mind is saying the Falcons will repeat, but my gut is going with Boston. It's sure to be interesting game. Who do you guys think will win? Comment down below. Also, literally any feedback will mean so much to me, I want to know what you guys like or don't like, or if you have any ideas, I'll definitely implement them somehow. Thanks for reading!
  13. Let's go! I thought they were gonna blow it again but they proved me wrong. Congrats to the Caps and the fans.
  14. In the CFL, the Atlantic Schooners would have been the league's 10th team in 1984 if they worked out a stadium deal.
  15. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Ducks look great. I wouldn't change a thing. The red on the Jets looks great. Reminds me of something you would see on WWI plane wings. Good Work!