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  1. NoE38

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    The black one, please.
  2. NoE38

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    Sens Barberpole/Redblacks #7/Bears #96/Man U/Fremantle Dockers/West Coast Eagles/Slovenia Hockey
  3. NoE38

    Canadian Baseball League (Halifax Logos Added)

    Great start. That's a beauty logo right there.
  4. How about Ottawa? I really like Montreal's, but it just looks to similar to what the Nordiques wore for me to fully enjoy it.
  5. That backside makes it even better. I meant that if I was a kid in the 90's and saw that jersey, I'd love it.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does each league have its own playoffs and championship trophy, or is the Kellogg Cup the main championship?
  7. To be honest, I think it's only a matter of time before the team officially changes its name to the Stallions. Fans have started to only refer to them as the Stallions, so if Simmons catches note, then it will happen.
  8. NoE38

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Easily one of the best series I've seen. Kudos to you, every design has been nothing short of amazing.
  9. Definitely looks like something the 90s would have produced. What would the backside of the set look like? Really like it in Whitecaps colours. Good work!
  10. 1966 NAML Offseason It was a busy offseason in the Markball world, here are some of the stories: Toronto becomes first team to unveil new primary logo A few weeks after the Urquhart Cup, word got out that the Nationals were holding a huge press conference at team headquarters. As all the press had settled in, Nationals president Nathaniel Simmons pulled away a cloth that was covering a board. as it came off, the press were shocked to see that the board featured two new logos prominently on it. Simmons explained that he felt it was time to embrace the team's nickname, the stallions. "This nickname has been a huge part of our history and we wanted to honour that" he said. The first new logo features a T in an oval resembling a ball, with three holes on either side of the T, slightly resembling a horseshoe. The second logo features a 3/4 view of a Stallion in the team's colours. Along with the new logos, the team announced a new away jersey, which saw the striping of the original away jersey removed, and the socks switched out for plain blue. The unveiling was met with mixed reactions. Some fans praised the switch, while others were disappointed with the switch away from the old logo, which had been used since the team's founding. Dragons unveil new away jersey The Dragons also unveiled a new away jersey during the offseason. It was a surprising move, as they ditched the gold colour that was originally their primary colour for white. However, the gold is still present in the uniform. Inaugural Hall of Fame Class announced With the Hall of Fame announcing its completion and opening during the 1967 offseason, the league announced the pantheon's inaugural class. Players include: Leo Edward, FF, WAS Grad Rox, F, PHI-BOS, Coach, BOS Len Garey, FF, MCH Andrew McCaig, GK, MCH Harry Keener, DF, MCH John Peters, F, CHI Lester Gros, FF, TOR Arnold Lejoscasa, FF, STL NAML announces third international series The league also announced that it would be holding an international two-game series between Canada and the US, to be held in Montreal and New York. This is the third time the league has hosted such an event, with the other two times being in 1949 and 1963. Merle makes second big announcement and commissioner Lastly, Peter Merle announced that the NAML would hold its first ever draft in 1968. For reasons unknown the league executives had been hesitant to implement the system, but they finally caved in once Merle took over the helm. With the announcement, each team hired several more scouts to go around the continent, seeking which players were the best fit for their teams. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The season post will hopefully be up soon, but obviously, with exams coming up, school will be my main focus. We'll see what happens.
  11. NoE38

    MiLB | Stockton Ports Rebrand

    Your work will never cease to amaze me. Absolutely stunning.
  12. NoE38

    NHL COLOR RUSH by JB Designs (METRO added 1/19)

    Holy That is beautiful.
  13. NoE38

    NHL 2018-19

    If this is real, it's really disappointing. Could have seen so much better.
  14. NoE38

    Arizona Star Logo Concept

    The two outer branches of the star are looking a little empty. Try seeing what you can do with that. Making the ends of the A pointed would also make the design more consistent. You've got a good start here.
  15. Haven't checked in in a while, but this series is looking great! The graphics are are awesome, and the stories are too. Just wondering, do these clubs have club songs, like the AFL?