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  1. Hello, everyone, and welcome to what will hopefully prosper into a great journey, the North American Markball League. I've done things like this before, but having little success due to my inability to create a logo. This time, I'm feel confident enough to make it through this. So what exactly is Markball? It's a sport based off of Aussie Rules Football, with some differences. Now, onto how the league formed. Graham Urquhart was a Scottish-born, Australian raised businessman who had a love for sport. He played newly-created Aussie Rules football, rugby, and cricket in his spare time. Graham also loved creating ideas for new sports, but nobody seemed to be interested. But then, one day, he came up with an ambitious idea. His idea was that he could create a sport similar to Aussie rules, then go to North America and introduce the sport to them, and create a new pastime. Unfortunately for him. Nobody took him seriously so he found himself all alone. He took a big gamble and continued anyway. After a long, miserable boat ride to London, then another to New York City, he finally found himself where he planned. Wanting to show his new sport off in a smaller city, Graham traveled to Washington D.C, where he offered sessions for the men there to learn this sport. It turned out to be a great success, and in 1879, the world's first ever markball team was created. The game would spread throughout the years, and eventually, in the 1920's, there were regional leagues across both the USA and Canada. 1946, on the 20th anniversary of Graham's death, his son Patrick announced that the following year, the top 6 teams from the Central and East Coast Leagues would form the first major markball league, the North American Markball League, or NAML. The League's logo was unveiled the following month. The logo consists of the league's acronym inside a shield, with four lines at the top symbolising the four posts of the net. Thanks for reading this everyone, I hope to have the first team up tonight! URQUHART CUP CHAMPIONS: 1947: Washington Warriors 1948: Michigan Bandits 1949: Washington Warriors
  2. That's a great reasoning for a new secondary logo. I'll probably keep the harp logo for now, but expect to see a rebrand with that as a new secondary. 1950 NAML Season The NAML kicked off its 4th season like it did the year before, with the expansion Boston Wolfhounds taking on the New York Knights at the Boston Shore Stadium. A full house saw Grad Rox play his first game for the new team, kicking 2 goals and setting up another in a tight 25-22 victory. Boston predictably struggled after, losing the next six games, but won in Rox's return to Philadelphia, where he scored three for the team. They would continue struggling the rest of the season. only winning three more games, but the good news for them was that they didn't finish at the bottom of the table, but in seventh, at 5-15. Last place in the league again went to the Knights, who still couldn't manage to play consistently. If they played a strong game against a tougher opponent one week, they would get blown out by a weaker team the next. The only bright spot for New York was Leonard James, finishing near the top of the league in goals and accuracy. New York posted the same record as 1949, at 4-16. The big surprise of the year were the Toronto Nationals, who were led by the surging Lester Gros, who was on pace to demolish the goal-scoring record before a bruised jaw forced him to be out for 6 weeks. He returned near the end of the season and continued his torrid pace, which along with solid seasons from defenseman Dominic Eustis and goalkeeper Roderick Jarram made the Nationals soar to new heights and clinch home-field advantage for the first time, finishing second with a record of 15-5. In Washington, the Warriors were looking to defend the cup, and made headlines early on by signing Carmelo Dunn, the first African-American in the EML and NAML. Dunn was generally accepted around the league, and was given a prolonged standing ovation after scoring his first goal. Leo Edward and James Doctor both put up great season as usual, with a career year for goaltender Ambrose Gares, gave the Warriors a third-place finish, at 12-8. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, the departure of Rox meant finding a new captain and coach. Cecil Bonnom was named captain, and coached the first 2 weeks until Falcons management signed former player Daniel Hanley. The Falcons struggled at the start, only winning 1 of their first 10, but then they played like years before and caught fire. Patrick MacKenzie and Bonnom became a formidable duo, leading the way as Philly won 9 straight. All they had to do was win their last game against Michigan in order to clinch a playoff spot. Unfortunately, they fell in a close game and missed the playoffs for the first time in their history. Michigan had their best season in franchise history, with Len Garey, Harry Keener and Andrew McCaig all having great seasons as usual. The Bandits stormed through the season, becoming the first team besides the Falcons to finish first, finishing at 17-3. In St Louis, the 'Keepers were expected to be near the top of the league, but couldn't find their form. Many players had disappointing seasons, except for Arnold Lejoscasa, who had his best year yet, converting 63 of 68 shot attempts, leading the league in accuracy by far. He also started playing confidently in midfield, earning the respect of many critics and resulting in his first Chester Harland Award as league MVP, giving some hope in an otherwise discouraging season. In Chicago, the Crusaders were determined to reach the playoffs for the first time, and with follower John Peters and defenseman Cliff Perry, that seemed more realistic than ever, but despite that, the others teams were simply more talented. The Crusaders persisted however, and were on the verge of making the playoffs during the last week of the season, all they had to do was beat the Knights and hope that the Falcons lose to the Bandits. Both of those worked in their favour, and the Crusaders were in the playoffs at fourth spot, at 10-10. The 1950 NAML awards were given to: Chester Harland Award (League MVP): Arnold Lejoscasa, St. Louis Leading Goalkicker Award: Len Garey, Michigan Benjamin Legrand Award: Ambrose Gares, Washington Notable Events: Michigan recorded the largest winning margin in NAML history, An 80-12 thrashing of St. Louis. The Gatekeepers won their first game in Michigan, after playing there 34 times. (CML as well as NAML) Playoff Preview: (1) Michigan Bandits vs (4) Chicago Crusaders Regular Season Meetings: 4 Results: Michigan 46-38 Chicago, Michigan 48-26 Chicago, Michigan 57-27 Chicago, Michigan 25-24 Chicago This one shouldn't really be that close, Michigan has been a powerhouse all year, and they will be home against a team making the playoffs for the first time, with only 2 combined games of playoff experience. Len Garey will undoubtedly have another great game, and Andrew McCaig should have an easy game against Chicago's below-average offense. Cliff Perry and John Peters will be the only bright spots for the Crusaders in this one. Prediction: Michigan will advance to the final with a 48-27 win. (2) Toronto Nationals vs (3) Washington Warriors Regular season meetings: 4 Results: Toronto 33-20 Washington, Toronto 42-23 Washington, Toronto 19-55 Washington, Toronto 39-45 Washington This game should be closer, and could be anyone's game. While Washington is slightly better on paper and have more playoff experience, Toronto is closer as a team and are confident in their game. It doesn't help that the season series was split. Anyone could breakthrough in this game, or the usual players could play as they normally do. One player to watch is James Doctor, playing in his hometown in the playoffs. He may succumb to the pressure or live in the spotlight. Anything is possible for this. Prediction: Washington will advance to the Cup final for the fourth straight year by squeaking out a 37-36 win.
  3. That Flagstaff logo is beautiful. It's elegant, striking, and connects winter and the state in a perfect way. Salt Lake and Sion look great as well. Great job!
  4. Boston Wolfhounds unveil Inaugural Identity, Roster Halfway through the off-season, before a packed house at the Boston Shore Stadium, owner Driscoll Gallagher showed off his team's logos and uniform to the public for the first time. The primary logo is described as "A courageous, loyal wolfhound, that will sacrifice everything for victory, looking on boldly towards the west, towards all the other teams." Like the Knights, Boston also unveiled a secondary logo, which is an Irish Harp with a stylized W in the middle, Connecting the city to its Celtic roots. The uniform was also unveiled, which consists of a green base and a white sash, with the logo by the heart. Gallagher said "The sash is a sign of class, of respect, of nobility." The Inaugural roster was also unveiled, and one player, when he was named, sent shockwaves through the stadium. Management had convinced Philadelphia captain and coach Grad Rox to sign with the team, and would be the team's coach and captain. Other notable players named to the team included Washington defenseman Bob Lynn, and local boy Ridley Robinson, who was touted as 'Potentially the toughest player to ever play'. Boston announced open up their inaugural season at home against the New York Knights.
  5. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Images aren't showing. What I do is I paste the BB code of the image I upload, and it works fine.
  6. There will definitely be some sort of international competition, probably starting in the 1990s-early 2000s. Canada and the US probably won't compete in it due to their talent being miles ahead of any other country. I suppose they could use college players or something like that though. 1949 Urquhart Cup Date: September 24, 1949 Location: Manhattan Park, New York, NY Weather: 72 °F (22 °C) light breeze from north Attendance: 90,522 An NAML record 90 thousand people packed into Manhattan Park and the surrounding areas to watch the third Urquhart Cup, being contested between the Washington Warriors, who had participated in the two before, and the St. Louis Gatekeepers, who were playing in their first. St. Louis received some unfortunate news before kick-off that star Arnold Lejoscasa was sick with the flu, but would still be playing. Many people wondered weather Lejoscasa's sickness would change his performance, or even both teams' game plans. After play began with the jump-ball, the ball came to Lejoscasa, who immedeatly kicked the ball upfield to an open Denis Girard, who kicked it past Warriors keeper Gerald Chance to take the lead, much to the delight of the New York crowd. After that play, the momentum went to the Warriors who led a furious attack on St. Louis' defense, and Lawrence Sanderson kicked a goal to level the game. After St. Louis got a point back, Sanderson would again score, this time from a perfect shot from 20 yards out, making St. Louis keeper Barry Bloxley look silly. The lead continued to build for the Warriors, with Leo Edward getting a couple of points and follower Einri Findlay getting his first goal of the season. St. Louis did get two more points, but at the end of the quarter, Washington was up 14-6. Fans expected a more defensive quarter from the Warriors in the second, but they continued playing strong offensively. Only 6 seconds into the quarter, Sanderson potted his third of the match. Making the score 18-6. Unfortunately for the 'Keepers, it would only get worse. Two great passing plays for the Warriors resulted in two goals, from Edward and Bob Lynn. Sanderson would get a couple points as well, and the score was 28-6 with half the quarter still to play. Lejoscasa, who had vomited into a trash can between quarters, led a fantastic rush by St. Louis, resulting in his first goal. However, Washington was not finished scoring in the quarter. James Doctor, the star defenseman, kicked a bullet from in close, making the score 32-10 at the half. In the third, after another point from Sanderson, Lejoscasa was able to continue, he had run out of stamina, and was fighting back tears, when in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Edward rushed over to Lejoscasa's side, and helped him walk back to the locker rooms, consoling him and doing whatever he could to help him, and telling the officials to continue playing while he was helping. A picture taken by a New York Times photographers of the two walking back instantly became iconic and synonymous with the sport after being published the following day. Back in the game, Doctor scored his second and added a point, bringing the score to 38-10. St. Louis still wasn't quitting, and scored 10 unanswered points to finish the quarter, including goals by Finlay Porter and Al Sokker. The fourth quarter was the least offensive, with Washington focusing on defense. Doctor seized an opportunity after the 'Keepers created a hole in their defense, scoring his third. Sidney Garnett added another, then Len Sumner scored a goal and two points for St. Louis, but there was nothing they could do to get back in the game. Referee Grover O'Simmon blew the whistle, and the Warriors had won their second Urquhart Cup in the competition's third year. After the game, Lawrence Sanderson was named MVP for his scoring efforts, and Leo Edward was given the NAML Sportsmanship Award, which was created on the spot by commisioner Urquhart after being moved by Edward's actions towards Lejoscasa. After being asked about helping Lejoscasa, Edward said: "Even though we may not be on the same team, everyone on the field are our brothers. We share passion toward the same thing, and nobody ever goes down alone." After the game, commisioner Urquhart had some positive news about the expansion Boston team. "Everything is set to go in Boston, the only thing left is the logo and uniform. We look forward to welcoming the Wolfhounds next season." Thanks for reading, the next post will be the identity unveil for the Wolfhounds!
  7. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Sounds good. A world league sounds ambitious, but makes sense for the 2010s. Looking forward to see this grow!
  8. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Looks similar to one I've done before, but I think yours is executed better. Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Three hockey ones. I don't like the Shark's original set. It's better than what they're wearing now, but I still don't think it's good. The Leafs current look is the best in the NHL. The Adidas Sens jerseys are better than their Reebok ones.
  10. @Darknes is correct, Every 4-6 years, the league will expand, and I hold an expansion council similar to ones in other fictional leagues on the boards. I list the cities, and you vote for which one you want. The next expansion will probably be 1953-54. That's definitely a popular choice among oddmakers, Lejoscasa has been fantastic considering he's only 20, and if he doesn't win it this year, he will only improve, and has a very high chance of leading the 'Keepers or another team to the Cup. Since this isn't too important to the storyline, I'll post this now, and the Cup final will be posted tomorrow. 1949 Can-Am Series For the first time in Markball history, There was an international game, with players from Canada and the USA taking part in a two-game friendly series in the recently completed Boston Shore Stadium, as a curtain-raiser to the Urquhart Cup. Before the game, Boston owner Driscoll Gallagher announced that the team would be named the Wolfhounds. "It's the perfect name for our team, it has historical, modern, and Irish connections, which is exactly what we wanted. He also said that the team's identity would be unveiled during the off-season, but did say that the team's color scheme would be Green and white. Both the Canadian and American teams announced their rosters 3 days before the event. Coaches were asked not to pick players from Washington or St. Louis, since they were training for the Cup final. Canada would have a powerful offence, including Toronto forward Lester Gros, Philadelphia forward Cecil Bonnom, and Chicago flank John Peters. the Americans would have several dynamic players, such as Falcons coach and captain Grad Rox, Michigan captain Len Garey, and budding Knights player Peter Edgar. The two games would both be played on the same day, one at noon, and the other in the evening. The first game would be fast-paced, but low scoring. Bonnom opened the scoring for the Americans, and Peters added a point, but two goals by Edgar gave the Americans an 8-5 lead after one. However, Canadian keeper Stephen Brooking halted the Americans, holding them to one point, and a late goal by Gros gave Canada a two-point lead at the half. In the third quarter, it was American keeper Andrew McCaig's turn to shine, only allowing one goal from 15 shot attempts. Both countries scored an equal amount of point in the quarter, giving Canada a 16-14 lead after three. The fourth quarter started slow, but after Rox scored a point for the Americans, it broke wide open. Both teams traded goals twice, making the score 24-22. Seamus Milligan scored for the Americans to give them the lead, but Canada scored a goal and added two points to seal the victory, 30-27. The MVP of the first game was Peters, who played solid in the midfield, and stalled the American offence. The second game would have more scoring, with Canada coming out strong in the first, scoring a goal and three points before the Americans could solve Brooking. Gros would score two more before the end of the quarter, giving the Canadians a 15-4 lead. Rox and Garey started to heat up in the second, and they came within a point of the Canadians, but a key goal from Richard Addey gave Canada a five-point lead at the half. McCaig played solid in the third, and another two goals by Garey put the Americans within one once again. In the fourth Bonnom would score for Canada, and Addey and Gros both added points to put them up 33-26 with 5 minutes to play. But enter Cliff Perry, a defensive defenseman playing for Chicago. Perry took the ball, ran his way to half, and kicked a bullet that few people could stop. Right after that, Perry would get the ball from the jump, go to the penalty arc, and kick another bullet to give the Americans their first lead of the game. Peters would even the game with a point, but Garey would get a point for the USA to give them the lead, but with 90 seconds left, a hard shot from Gros ricocheted off McCaig and past the point line, tying the game once more, after the jump-ball, Perry took the ball, and was tackled illegally by a defender as time expired, giving him a chance to win it for the US. He stepped back, kicked the ball, and Brooking got a piece of it, but it wasn't enough as the ball just crossed the point line, giving the Americans a game 2 win. Perry was unanimously named MVP for the second game, and the series was deemed a draw. Thanks for reading, the Cup final post will be up tomorrow!
  11. ldconcepts' NHL Identity Swap Series (ANA/NJD Added)

    These last few swaps have been fantastic. The ideas for the logos are great and have been executed great. Jerseys look super as well. Keep up the good work!
  12. City/State Color Identities

    Love the look for St. Louis. I've always preferred the Blues with Red and that jersey looks great.
  13. 1949 NAML Semifinals (1) Philadelphia Falcons vs (4) St. Louis Gatekeepers Location: Philadelphia Markball Park, Philadelphia PA The Falcons were confident this was their year, even though they thought the same thing the previous two years, Meanwhile, the Gatekeepers were looking to play underdog and cause another playoff loss for the Falcons. coming in, Philadephia said loud and clear that they would slow down the game pace to make it defensive. However, that didn't work during the first half and St. Louis used speed and accuracy to control the game. Arnold Lejoscasa led the 'Keepers by scoring 2 and setting up another 2, and St. Louis exploded for 5 goals and 3 points to be up 23-10 after 1. Philadelphia's defense would be way better in the second quarter, but they still couldn't solve Lejoscasa, and St. Louis increased their lead to 30-16 at the half. The Falcons again did well defensively in the third, but their offense couldn't catch a break, hitting the post multiple times, getting shots blocked, and even missing the net entirely. St. Louis forward Don Quincey scored twice and the 'Keepers increased their lead even more, making it 38-21 after three. However, the Falcons finally found their offensive touch, when Grad Rox scored and set up two goals early on. Philadelphia goalkeeper Stephen Brooking stalled Lejoscasa and his offense, and it looked like the Falcons could come back. However, their bad offensive luck returned, and they couldn't get another goal, but they did get three points from Cecil Bonnom, but that wouldn't be enough, and the Falcons would end up losing in the semifinals again, while St. Louis was headed to their first Urquhart Cup. The final score was 40-32. (2) Michigan Bandits vs (3) Washington Warriors Location: Windy Park, Detroit, MI The atmosphere heading into this game was intense, since it was a rematch of the Urquhart Cup, and the winner would move on to the Cup. 45,000 people packed into Windy Park to support the Bandits in their quest to defend the Cup. The game would start physically, with officials having to break up a brawl before the jump-ball. The first quarter would be pretty even, with both teams scoring three goals. But two points by Lawrence Sanderson gave the Warriors a two-point lead after 1. The second quarter would be pretty much the exact same, with both teams scoring the same amount of goals, and Washington adding two extra points to take a four-point lead. Right near the end of the quarter, several Michigan players, who felt like the Bandits should have the lead, started playing extra physically near the end, trying to aggravate the Warriors. No reaction was caused just yet, and the Warriors were up 22-18 at the half. However, when the game recommenced, Michigan follower William Osborne started tussling with Washington defenseman Sidney Garnett, who had had enough of it. He would push Osborne to the ground, and start punching him, causing several Michigan players to go after him, which led to a massive brawl between the two teams. Even Michigan captain Len Garey, who was usually calm and composed, was in the thick of things. This caused a fifteen minute delay, and resulted in the ejection of 10 players. The physicality would continue after, but no more major fights occured. The quarter was high-scoring, with Michigan scoring 4 goals, and Washington 3, which would tie the score at 39 apiece heading into the final quarter, which was way more defensive than the third one, with the only scoring being a point from Bandits bench forward Joseph Elwick. But in the final minute, Washington forward Leo Edward kicked the ball far from his own end, and it was caught by Sanderson, who amazingly avoided two tackles, and kicked the ball through the posts, giving the Warriors a three point lead. the Bandits won the jumpball, and gave the ball to Harry Keener, whose shot was blocked by Edward. The referee blew the whistle, and the Warriors were heading back to the final after a game for the ages. Urquhart Cup Final Preview: The Urquhart Cup game was awarded to New York for their first season in the league. Commisioner Urquhart also announced that a friendly two-game series between American and Canadian players would take place the weekend before the final as a curtain-raiser for the event. St. Louis at Washington, at New York, NY Regular Season Meetings: 3 Results: Washington 44-37 St. Louis, Washington 31-48 St. Louis, Washington 35-20 St. Louis Washington may have won the season series, but anyone could win this game, since the Arnold Lejoscasa led his team to victory the only time he was in the lineup against the Warriors. Expect the Warriors to continue playing physical after the semi-final game, but Lejoscasa should have a huge game in his first Urquhart Cup. Leo Edward should also play a big role after being a key part of the victory in the semifinals. Prediction: Washington will win their second Cup in a high-scoring affair, 54-50.
  14. That is true, I've never realized that there haven't been any animal teams until now. I like the Wolfhounds a little more than the others, but I'll try some ideas with the three. Now, onto the third season! 1949 NAML Season The NAML started the 1949 season by welcoming its first expansion team, the New York Knights. Who were expected to be near the bottom of the table. The Knights opened their NAML history with a game against the Crusaders, who were looking to make the playoffs for the first time in their history. Although forward Andrew Knorr scored twice and added 4 points, the Knights would end up struggling defensively, losing 31-52. The following week, they would face Chicago again, this time emerging victorious, 56-47. New York would struggle for the rest of the season, only winning two more games, and finishing at 3-17. The Washington warriors, coming off a disappointing Urquhart Cup loss, were inconsistent throughout the first half of the season, not having a higher win streak than 2 for the first half. They would have a strong second half, with good showings from forwards Leo Edward and Lawrence Sanderson, and top-notch goalkeeping from Ambrose Gares. Washington would finish 3 points higher than the year before, with a record of 11-9. Meanwhile in Phildelphia, the Falcons continued dominating the regular season, getting lots of help from second-year player Patrick MacKenzie, who was stellar in helping support Cecil Bonnom and Grad Rox in their positions. Philly finished at the top of the league again, with a record of 15-5. The Toronto Nationals, hoping to have the same season they did in 1947, Started off winning two our of three, giving fans some hope. However, after a 59-48 win over Washington, they couldn't find their scoring touch, missing wide open nets, playing sloppy with the ball, and missing countless tackles, resulting in a 10-game losing streak. Despite solid showings after that, their hole was too deep to climb out of, and they finished in 6th at 8-12. Out in the Central states, the Bandits played just like they did in the playoffs, solidifying themselves as a top team. Len Garey had another fantastic year, scoring a league-high 61 goals, and Andrew McCaig had his best season to date, pushing Michigan to home-field advantage in the playoffs, finishing second with a record of 14-6. The Crusaders, the only team other than New York not to make the playoffs, started off by splitting a home-and-home with the Knights, and were playing close games throughout the season, their problem was they just couldn't win them. They played 11 games decided by 10 points or less, and only won two of them. But there was silver lining in the Windy city, as rookie John Peters led the team in various statistical categories, and had no signs of stopping. the Crusaders finished 5th with a record of 9-11. In St. Louis, Arnold Lajoscasa was the star again, putting up slightly higher numbers than the year before, and became known as one of the most accurate kickers in the league. In 46 shot attempts, he scored on 38 of them, way higher than anyone else in the league. The Gatekeepers won their last game of the year against the Knights, securing a playoff spot for the second year in a row. After the regular season, the NAML gave out individual awards for the first time. The awards are the Chester Harland Trophy, given to the league's best player of the year, the Leading Goalkicker Medal, and the Benjamin Lagrand Trophy, given to the league's best goalkeeper. The inaugural winners were: Chester Harland Award: Patrick MacKenzie, Philadelphia Leading Goalkicker Medal: Len Garey, Michigan Benjamin Lagrand Trophy: Andrew McCaig, Michigan Notable Events: Michigan rookie David Belanger started his NAMP career off right, scoring 6 goals in his first game. Michigan also played a game where they only scored goals, marking the first time that had happened in NAML history. Toronto forward Willie Jones called it a career after 325 games, and received a well-deserved 15-minute ovation for his contributions. Playoff Preview: (1) Philadelphia Falcons (15-5-0) vs (4) St. Louis Gatekeepers (10-10-0) Regular Season Meetings: 3 Results: Philadelphia 56-21 St. Louis, Philadelphia 50-54 St. Louis, Philadelphia 57-28 St. Louis The Falcons are favoured to win again this year, and are even hungrier than last year, looking for their first Urquhart Cup. Expect a slow, defensive game by the Falcons, so they don't let this slip away. Not many St. Louis players will be able to solve the Philadelphia defense, but Arnie Lejoscasa will be one of them. Expect a strong game from him. Result: Philadelphia will move to the Urquhart Cup with a 38-22 victory. (2) Michigan Bandits (14-6-0) vs (3) Washington Warriors (11-9-0) Regular Season Meetings: 3 Results: Michigan 53-20 Washington, Michigan 21-30 Washington, Michigan 58-22 Washington An Urquhart Cup rematch in the semifinals should be lots of fun. The Bandits were able to win last year without home field advantage, so they should be even tougher this year. But the Warriors are looking to avenge Michigan for what happened in the Cup final the previous year. Expect this game to be physical, emotional, and nail-biting. Anyone could break through in this game. Result: The Bandits will head back to defend their title, 47-38. Thanks for reading!
  15. I was hoping one day there would be a fictional footy thread here. The story part is good, but the logo needs cleaning. If you want a free easy-to-work-with program, is great. It'll definitely make the logos cleaner.
  16. New York Knights unveil brand new identity for first NAML season As announced earlier, the New York Knights changed their look before taking to the field in the NAML. This new look replaces their old logo, which was a soccer-style heraldic crest. The new logo features a knight's helmet, facing west towards the other teams, with a circular NY monogram on the side. The club also unveiled the monogram logo alone as a secondary logo, the first one in the NAML. The new jerseys were also unveiled, featuring a triangular yoke at the front, based off the jumper of the Melbourne Football Club, who owner George Small is a supporter of. The team's expansion picks were also announced, taking 8 bench players from around the league, most notably forward Leonard James from the Warriors. James is viewed by many as an extremely underrated player with big power. The Knights went attacking-oriented in the draft, selecting 4 forwards, 1 follower, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalkeeper. Expansion Selectees: F - Leonard James, WAS F - Andrew Knorr, MIC F - Irwin Lacey, WAS F - Ramiro Rodriguez, CHI FL - Eugene DeGarmo, TOR D - Basil Goddard, PHI D - Alan Victor, STL G - Michael Hawk, TOR
  17. NAML Announces Expansion Teams for 1949 and 1950 On the morning of November 17, 1948 A crowd of journalists, writers, and press gathered inside the NAML head offices in Washington, where commissioner Urquhart was about to let out one of the biggest announcements in the league's history. "After careful consideration of each venue, along with meeting with many executives and businessmen, the NAML is proud to announce that the two new teams have been announced. the NAML extends our congratulations to the New York Knights on being promoted, and also to the city of Boston, whose bid well exceeded our expectations." During the address, Urquhart announced that the Knights would begin playing in the NAML right away, starting in 1949, while Boston would start in 1950, giving designers and officials time to create an identity and market the team. The news was positively received around the league, especially for players from the two cities, most notably in Philadelphia captain Grad Rox. "I'm so happy my city (Boston) has a team now. I'll be looking forward to play in front of my family and friends", he said. The owner of the Knights, millionaire businessman George Small, announced that the club's logo and jersey would be changed to mark the occasion, saying: "It's a new era for us, so we would like to have a new identity to show we are up to the challenge." Small also announced that part of the promotion agreement was that the Knights could select 8 bench players from current NAML teams, with at least one from each team. Meanwhile in Boston, mayor James M. Curley was ecstatic. "I'm overjoyed. I will invest fully in this team and I will contribute anything to make them successful." He said in a press statement. The next step for Boston was choosing a name to build an identity around. "We will spend the next months selecting a name that we feel will represent our players and our city with class, honour, and respect." Curley said. I hope to have the Knights logoset up soon, so watch out for that. Also, I've heard a few suggestions for Boston, if you guys have any more suggestions or explanations about your choices, that would be appreciated!
  18. ldconcepts' NHL Identity Swap Series (ANA/NJD Added)

    That logo looks fantastic. The jersey swap is good as well, but while it still isn't a good design, there wasn't really anything you could do about that. Good work!
  19. Thanks for all the entries guys! Biographies all sound great. As of now, the vote tally is: Current Teams: New York: 6 Expansion Cities: Boston: 3 Quebec City: 1 (as well as one second choice) Dallas: 1 Charlotte: 1 Ottawa: 1 second choice I will continue taking votes until noon eastern tomorrow. Also, don't worry if your choices aren't selected, there will be plenty more expansions over the next decades.
  20. Okay, here are the current teams being considered for Expansion, with some info about them: Orlando Panthers (EML): City: Orlando, FL Population: 51,000 Established: 1907 Colours: Blue, Orange Stadium Rating (Capacity): 62% (22,782) Fan Interest: 77% New York Knights (EML): City: New York, NY Population: 7,700,000 Established: 1898 Colours: Orange, White Stadium Rating (Capacity): 69% (44,111) Fan Interest: 86% Cleveland Foresters (CML): City: Cleveland, OH Population: 900,000 Established: 1946 Colours: Maroon, Black Stadium Rating (Capacity): 91% (38,949) Fan Interest: 95% Minnesota Buzzards (CML): City: Minneapolis, MN Population: 510,000 Established: 1901 Colours: Purple, Yellow Stadium Rating (Capacity): 85% (48,904) Fan Interest: 77% Pittsburgh Pioneers (EML): City: Pittsburgh, PA Population: 575,000 Established: 1914 Colours: Black, Yellow Stadium Rating (Capacity): 58% (13,246) Fan Interest: 57% So these are the current teams you can pick from, remember that you can only pick one from these. Now for the Expansion Cities! Boston, MA Population: 790,000 Stadium Rating (Capacity): 100% (15,996) Fan Interest: 59% Boston Mayor James M. Curley is an avid Markball fan, so he ordered the creation of a new extraordinary state-of-the-art stadium to try and land a team in his city. The stadium will revolutionize the viewing experience for specatators, and has been dubbed by many as the 'Most incredible stadium in the world'. Charlotte, NC Population: 125,000 Stadium Rating (Capacity): 79% (22,137) Fan Interest: 51% Commisioner Thomas Urquhart has been vocal on wanting to expand southeast, and his first choice in that area is Charlotte, who have the stadium ready for a team, but the fan interest hasn't been ideal. Urquhart still insists that the fans will change their mind, as they will have their first professional major-league sports team. Dallas, TX Population: 400,000 Stadium Rating (Capacity): 97% (18,237) Fan Interest: 98% Even though Dallas has never had a professional Markball team, it is still the most popular sport in the city, and they have shown that they are more than ready to host a team, with a first-class stadium, and tremendous fan support. Commisioner Urquhart has stated that if Dallas is not awarded a franchise, they will receive a team in the Central league. Ottawa, ON Population: 230,000 Stadium Rating (Capacity): 65% (42,036) Fan Interest: 71% Urquhart also promised that one or two Canadian cities would be considered for expansion, and after reviewing interested cities, Ottawa was chosen as the best candidate. Even though the Stadium is old and starting to fall apart, Mayor E.A. Bourque promised that the Stadium would receive significant renovations if they were awarded the team. The public is also very inviting to receive a team, whether it's the NAML or the EML. Quebec City, QC Population: 225,000 Stadium Rating (Capacity): 83% (12,213) Fan Interest: 68% After reviewing Canadian candidates, Quebec City was also seen as more than ready to host a team. Although Stade St-Joseph has low capacity, It is among the best in Canada. Fan support is also high, though some are cautious about being the only French team in the league. Others think that will motivate the team to play better. So these are the teams and cities, and I hereby declare the Expansion council to be open!
  21. Okay, here are the rules for the expansion. Since it doesn't look like many people are gonna participate, Your choices will most likely be the new teams. Here are the things I would like you to put down when voting. Name: Any name really works, just make it a full name. Personal Biography: Put some background about your person. Profession, Age, Hometown, Something about why your person likes Markball, etc. 1 Current Team Vote: Pick a current team from the list that you would like to see in the NAML. Please also say why you picked that city. 1 Expansion City Vote: Pick a city from the list for a new team to be created in. Once again, Please say why you picked that city. Name(s) for the Expansion team (optional): Any suggestions for the name of the expansion team would be appreciated for the sake of creativity. This might be a little strict, but if your vote doesn't meet these terms, it won't be considered. Writing this in sentence format would be recommended as well. Thanks to all who participate! The list of teams and cities will be up shortly!
  22. Colorado Avalanche Logo Concept

    I think if the tree at the bottom was expanded and made more realistic, this would be a great logo.
  23. 1948 Urquhart Cup Final Date: October 2, 1947 Location: Columbus Stadium, Chicago, IL Weather: 82 °F (28 °C) fresh breeze from the south Attendance: 55,351 Even though the Crusaders had limited success during the season, Many Chicago fans packed Columbus Stadium, along with travelling fans from Washington and Detroit to see the 2nd Urquhart Cup, between the two lower seed teams, the Warriors and the Bandits. Many people expected the game to be close and low-scoring, with both teams boasting star goalkeepers. But the opposite happened. Washington scored the first point, but Ruben Gagne and Stanley Keyne both scored for Michigan to give them a 7-point lead. Washington would claw back, with relatively unknown forward Lawrence Sanderson scoring 3 in the quarter. Gagne scored again for the Bandits, who led after 1, 14-13. The second quarter started with Leo Edward scoring two quick goals for the Warriors. Breakout defenseman Harry Keener responded with a long-range goal. Then came Len Garey, who, similar to Leo Edward in the previous grand final, became a different player, scoring 3 consecutive goals in the quarter and adding another one later. Michigan keeper Andrew McCaig had a great quarter, stopping several attempts on net. his counterpart Ambrose Gares seemingly couldn't catch a break for the warriors, giving up 5 goals in the quarter. Michigan expanded their lead to 35-25 after two. At the half, the fans realized that the game was going to be a lot more high-scoring than expected, and were excited to see what the second half would hold. Washington would start strong, with Edward getting his third goal, and his team adding two points to cut the deficit to 4. But Michigan would respond. with follower Brice Smith potting one, and Keyne adding another. Sanderson, who undoubtedly was having his best game of his career, helped the Warriors get back in the game by adding two goals, and follower James Doctor gave Washington the lead just before the whistle. The Warriors were up by 1 and one quarter away from winning the first two Urquhart Cups. But Michigan was determined to pull of another upset. Edwin Tasker got the lead back for Michigan, and Len Garey continued his fantastic form by scoring his fifth. Washington got a couple of points, but Tasker scored two more to put the game out of reach. James Doctor would score a consolation goal for Washington. Michigan controlled the ball of the jump, and the referee blew the final whistle. The Michigan Bandits had gone from a playoff afterthought to the winners of the second Urquhart Cup. The MVP Award was given to Bandits Captain Len Garey, who had a game for the ages, being solid defensively and scoring a career-high 5 goals. After receiving the honour he said "We just wanted to prove everyone wrong. You can never count a team out, even if they appear to have no chance. I'm extremely proud every single one of our guys." Meanwhile, Leo Edward was visibly distraught after the game, saying through tears "We let it slip away. We were doing so well but we couldn't keep it up." After the game, commisioner Thomas Urquhart had some great news for the league. "We are looking for two new teams to join this wonderful league. We will be adding one existing team from either the Eastern or Central league, and awarding expansion to one lucky city We will have more details on this exciting moment later" Next up I will be posting potential expansion teams and cities, and if enough people are interested, I will hold expansion council similar to other leagues on the boards. Thanks for reading!
  24. NHL 2017-18

    According to the article on the mothership, the all-white look pays homage to the Royal Canadian Naval ensign. As long as there's a reason for them, I'm okay with white pants for a one-off, even though they will always look like giant diapers.
  25. 1948 NAML Playoffs (1) Philadelphia Falcons (18-2-0) vs (4) Michigan Bandits (8-12-0) Location: Philadelphia Markball Park, Philadelphia, PA Very few people gave the Bandits a chance ahead of the game, and some fans had already started making preparations for the Urquhart Cup Final in Chicago. Amidst all the critics, The Bandits headed into the game fairly confident, even though the Falcons team they were facing was hungry for another final appearance. The game started off quick, with Grad Rox and Cecil Bonnom scoring two quick goals, much to the delight of the home fans. Len Garey made some good plays for the Bandits, who put on the pressure and they found themselves down only by 3 points after one quarter. The second quarter belonged to the Bandits and goalkeeper Andrew McCaig, who wouldn't let the Falcons get anything going. Defenseman John Bird had a great quarter for Michigan, starting a rush that would lead to a key goal for the Bandits, and they would end up ahead 25-18 at the half. The Bandits continued their strength in the third, and had built and unbelievable 15-point lead over the Falcons. However, Rox and Bonnom led a late charge for Philly, and they would cut the deficit to 6 heading into the fourth. However, Whenever a Falcons player scored a key goal or point, Michigan would respond seemingly right away. Late in the quarter, frustrated fans started exiting the stadium. When the final whistle sounded, everyone on the field dropped to the ground in disbelief. The Bandits pulled off the greatest upset in current markball history and were headed to the Urquhart Cup Final. (2) St Louis Gatekeepers (12-8-0) vs (3) Washington Warriors (10-10-0) Location: Clark Street Stadium, St. Louis, MO Even though the Gatekeepers were the better team on paper, Washington was more experienced by far, nobody on St. Louis' roster had played a playoff game. All eyes were on 'Keepers rookie Arnold Lejoscasa, who could either embrace the spotlight and play well, or shrivel up and let Washington take over. The game started off well for St. Louis, as Lejoscasa's cross was deflected in by Al Sokker, giving them a 4-1 lead. But then, they just collapsed. Leo Edward was stellar in the quarter scoring and making plays, giving the Warriors a huge 18-4 lead after one. Sokker helped the Gatekeepers rebound in the second, cutting the lead to eight points at the half. But the third quarter may have been the most one-sided in markball history. Nothing went right for St. Louis, and five different players scored for Washington, who scored 21 points in the quarter and gave up none, making the score 44-15 after three. the fourth quarter was a lot more even, and Lejoscasa scored twice, but it wasn't even close to being enough as Washington would win 54-25. Urquhart Cup Final Preview: Halfway through the season, commissioner Patrick Urquhart awarded the Urquhart Cup game to Chicago. The game will be played at Columbus Stadium. Michigan @ Washington, at Chicago, IL Regular season meetings: 3 Results: Washington 49-47 Chicago, Washington 53-52 Chicago, Washington 36-25 Chicago These two teams played two very close games during the season, so the game could be close. The Warriors also have experience in the final, winning the previous year, so the game could be an easy victory for Washington as well, but don't count the Bandits out. Andrew McCaig has been solid in net, so Leo Edward may have a quieter night than normal. Expect a breakthrough game from Bandits captain Len Garey, whether win or loss, Garey always plays with passion, which could be taken to new heights. Prediction: The Underdog will win again: Michigan will lift the cup with a 33-23 victory.