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  1. My OFFICIAL Personal logo

    It's a good start, here's some things I would try: Add a wordmark or at least an acronym of your name somewhere on here. Lots of personal logos have one of those on them. Make the King Kong silhouette more defined and simple. Simplicity makes logos look cleaner and sleek. Stylize the stars, and change their positiong up a bit. Just copy-pasting them off of the flag looks sloppy and unprofessional. Not saying you have to do these, They're just suggestions. I'm also not trying to be harsh, You have a good idea, but it can be even better.
  2. Just a heads-up before the post, Starting this year, the playoff posts will be shorter than before, just so the posts aren't as long. The Urquhart Cup post will be the same length as normal, and will still be in a seperate post. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* 1954 NAML Playoffs Round 1 (3) Chicago Crusaders vs (6) St. Louis Gatekeepers Columbus Stadium, Chicago, IL Coming in, Chicago was expected to easily defeat St. Louis, and their defense was solid after John Peters scored an early goal. But late in the quarter, they let St. Louis back in, giving up a goal and point late in the first quarter, and they down by 1 heading into the second. The Crusader offense stepped up in the second, scoring 2 goals and a point in the first 7 minutes. Their offense continued hammering away, ending up with three goals and 15 total points in the quarter, gaining a 19-13 lead at the half. Early in the third, Russell Smith increased Chicago's lead to double digits, and just like the first quarter, the Crusader defense was solid until the final minute, when Arnold Lejoscasa buried a shot from in close, cutting the lead to 6 heading into the fourth. Chicago increased the lead to 11 early in the fourth, but St. Louis, knowing it was now or never, pressed hard, and with two minutes to go, had the lead down to 1. They couldn't complete the comeback however, and Smith scored a point with no time left, and Chicago was headed to Michigan for a rematch of the 1953 Urquhart Cup. (4) Boston Wolfhounds vs (5) Washington Warriors Boston Shore Stadium, Boston, MA In Boston, the Wolfhounds were looking to get a win in their first ever playoff game, and they looked real good in the first, holding Washington scoreless. Grad Rox scored a fantastic long goal in the quarter, and Boston was up 9-0 after 1. Washington got back in the game in the second, getting a goal and a point in the first 6 minutes, but Boston replied with a goal and point of their own, restoring their 9-point advantage with a 14-5 lead at the half. The Wolfhounds started the third quarter increasing their lead even more, but Leo Edward led Washington back with a goal and a point. The scored in the third evened out, and Boston was still up by 9 heading into the final quarter. In the fourth, Washington simply couldn't contain the surging Boston offense, giving up three goals and 13 total points in the frame, giving Boston a 33-16 victory and a trip to Philadelphia to take on the mighty Falcons. Semifinals (1) Philadelphia Falcons vs (4) Boston Wolfhounds Philadelphia Markball Park, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia was expected to advance to the Urquhart Cup, but Boston's convincing performance in the first round had some supporters worried, as Philadelphia had choked in the playoffs before. Both teams exchanged points early on, but Philadelphia controlled the ball for the rest of the quarter. Willard Noel played his heart out in the quarter, not allowing any goals but giving up 6 points. No goals were scored in the quarter. The second quarter was fast-paced and high scoring, with Boston scoring 13 consecutive points, including a fantastic effort from Rox to start the quarter. Philadelphia responded with three scoring shots, but only 1 goal, from Cecil Bonnom. The two teams exchanged goals to end the quarter, and Boston held an 18-16 lead at the half. The Falcons came back in the third with some offense of their own, Opening with a goal and a point. They scored two more goals, and held Boston to 5 points in the quarter. Philadelphia led 29-23 heading into the final quarter. The fourth was slower and more defensive after the Falcons scored an insurance goal early on. In the final minute, both teams traded points and the Falcons were off to their first Urquhart Cup since 1947. (2) Michigan Bandits vs (3) Chicago Crusaders Windy Park, Detroit, MI 35,000 people packed into Windy Park for a game that was sure to be exciting and hard-fought. After Chicago opened the scoring, the play was defensive until Len Garey broke through, scoring a goal and two points in 92 seconds. That would be all the scoring in the quarter, giving Michigan a 6-4 lead after 1. Just like the first quarter, Chicago opened the quarter dominating possesion and scoring 9 points in the first 10 minutes. Michigan only had 1 point in the quarter until they broke through once again, this time scoring 3 goals and a point, stunning the Crusaders and their usually solid defense. Michigan led at the half by a score of 20-13. Chicago's defense looked like themselves again in the third, holding Michigan goalless. Unfortunately for them, Andrew McCaig was big in net for the Bandits, holding them goalless as well. The quarter ended with Chicago scoring 3 points and Michigan scoring 2, making the score 22-16 Michigan heading into the fourth. Michigan opened the quarter with 3 straight points, and Crusaders keeper Ken Wardell making key saves to give Chicago a chance. Andrew McCaig continued his excellent play until Russell Smith finally punched one past him with three minutes to go. But after Garey scored again, the game was over. Smith scored a consolation goal as time expired, and Michigan was back in the final, looking for their fourth cup. Here's the updated bracket: Urquhart Cup Final Preview: Since Milwaukee hosted in 1953, It their expansion cousin Montreal's turn to host. Stade Centre-Ville will have minor renevations done before it hosts the big game. No extra seating will be added, as the stadium can hold 40000 people comfortably. Michigan @ Philadelphia, at Montreal, PQ Regular Season Meetings: 2 Results: Philadelphia 46-37 Michigan, Michigan 37-30 Philadelphia This one will be hard to predict, but oddmakers are leaning towards Michigan due to their experience playing in the game, and Philadelphia's unfortunate playoff history. Patrick MacKenzie's play will be a huge factor in determining the winner here. If he plays with confidence, then the rest of the team will play. If he is visibly nervous and shaky, the rest of the Falcons will go down hard with him. Prediction: MacKenzie will lead Philadelphia to their first cup with a 42-27 victory. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So there's the first two rounds. No major surprises, but I was certain the Falcons would choke in the semifinals again. I haven't simulated the final yet, but my gut is saying Michigan will take the cup away from Philly at the last second. Feel free to predict who will win down below. And as always, I'm open to any questions about this. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello, everyone, and welcome to what will hopefully prosper into a great journey, the North American Markball League. I've done things like this before, but having little success due to my inability to create a logo. This time, I'm feel confident enough to make it through this. So what exactly is Markball? It's a sport based off of Aussie Rules Football, with some differences. Now, onto how the league formed. Graham Urquhart was a Scottish-born, Australian raised businessman who had a love for sport. He played newly-created Aussie Rules football, rugby, and cricket in his spare time. Graham also loved creating ideas for new sports, but nobody seemed to be interested. But then, one day, he came up with an ambitious idea. His idea was that he could create a sport similar to Aussie rules, then go to North America and introduce the sport to them, and create a new pastime. Unfortunately for him. Nobody took him seriously so he found himself all alone. He took a big gamble and continued anyway. After a long, miserable boat ride to London, then another to New York City, he finally found himself where he planned. Wanting to show his new sport off in a smaller city, Graham traveled to Washington D.C, where he offered sessions for the men there to learn this sport. It turned out to be a great success, and in 1879, the world's first ever markball team was created. The game would spread throughout the years, and eventually, in the 1920's, there were regional leagues across both the USA and Canada. 1946, on the 20th anniversary of Graham's death, his son Patrick announced that the following year, the top 6 teams from the Central and East Coast Leagues would form the first major markball league, the North American Markball League, or NAML. The League's logo was unveiled the following month. The logo consists of the league's acronym inside a shield, with four lines at the top symbolising the four posts of the net. Thanks for reading this everyone, I hope to have the first team up tonight! URQUHART CUP CHAMPIONS: 1947: Washington Warriors 1948: Michigan Bandits 1949: Washington Warriors 1950: Toronto Nationals 1951: Michigan Bandits 1952: Michigan Bandits 1953: Chicago Crusaders
  4. Love the incorporation of the three crowns. That set design screams Sweden and 90s.
  5. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (FLA Added!)

    Rangers are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. For the lightning, I would remove the yokes and hem, and make the white stripe blue. Other than that, the look is great.
  6. 1954 NAML Season The NAML kicked off the 1954 season at Stade Centre-Ville in Montreal, in a battle of the expansion teams, the Milwaukee Dragons and The hometown Évêques. The game was a defensive affair as Milwaukee ended up squeaking out a 29-27 victory. The Dragons would be the more successful of the expansion teams, winning two more in the first half of the season, including an away victory in Washington, which is not an easy task. Milwaukee would finish the year in eighth, with a 5-13-2 record. Their best player during the season was Willy Trenhue, who had started playing like his playoff self, leading the team in goals and points. In Montreal, the Êvêques couldn't get anything going, losing their first seven games until they finally got their first point in a hard-fought tie against Chicago. Over the next few games, they showed some promise, but couldn't close out games. That draw was their only game they didn't lose all year, finishing dead last with an abysmal 0-19-1 record. Captain Denis Girard led the team in scoring and tackles. The biggest surprise of the year was the surging Philadelphia Falcons, who finally had all their star players healthy and at their primes. Patrick MacKenzie was dominant in midfield, thwarting seemingly every rush against him and turning them into chances for his forwards. Cecil Bonnom, had his best statistical year, tying for a league-high in goals with 54. A breakout year from rover Connor Newton also helped as well, as Philadelphia claimed their fourth first-place regular season finish, with an 18-2-0 record. In Boston, the Wolfhounds finally were able to play consistently, and got some help from surprise areas. Ridley Robinson, who wasn't known for kicking goals, found his groove, kicking 34, more than eight times his previous best. Grad Rox also dominated offensively, kicking 54. Christopher Patton and Vinnie McClelland manned the strong backfield, which helped Boston clinch their first-ever playoff berth, finishing fourth with a 12-8-0 record. In St. Louis, The Gatekeepers were looking to get back into the playoffs and hopefully compete for a top-two spot. The season started out well, having a 5-4-1 record halfway through. However, the second half was filled with inconsistency and poor performances, with the 'Keepers only winning 3 more games all year. Despite this, they finished in the last playoff spot with a 2 point cushion. Arnold Lejoscasa had a great season as usual, leading the league in accuracy, only missing 5 shots all year. In New York, the Knights once again couldn't piece the season together, having another forgettable year. Despite winning their first two games, they went on a 10 game skid. They then won three straight, but lost the next 5. Knights owner George Small announced after the season that he would not accept another season like this, saying that if he had to, he would recreate the entire team from scratch. The only bright spot for the Knights was Leonard James, who was among the league leaders offensively. In Chicago, many people expected a season like the previous year, with only a loss or two, but after starting the year with a loss to Washington, people started questioning if they were still suffering from championship hangover. But led by John Peters and Russell Smith, Chicago played like they did the year before. However, losing Ben Bones to retirement was a blow up front, so the Crusaders had to rely more on defense. This didn't work out all the time, so Chicago finished lower than expected but still with a respectable 14-5-1 record. In Michigan, The Bandits were looking to head back to the Urquhart Cup after a dissapointing loss in 1953. Led by Len Garey, the Bandits played with their normal toughness and quick scoring consistently, putting them in a battle with the Falcons to claim top spot. Unfortunately for them, they lost both times they faced the Falcons, putting them in second, but still with a first-round bye. In the capital, The Warriors were faced with the reality that their glory days were ending and that this was one of their last chances to make a statement. Leo Edward was still declining in performance, but was a clutch playmaker, either scoring or setting up the winning goal in 7 of their victories. Despite an injury to James Doctor in week 11, Washington persevered well, finishing 11-8-1, good for 5th overall and a playoff spot. Finally, In Toronto, the Nationals were hoping for a breakout year and a playoff appearance for the first time since their Urquhart Cup victory in 1950. After starting off 3-2, an injury to forward Theo Krakowski dealt them a major blow, going on a 6-game losing streak until his return in week 12. With Krakowski back, Toronto were able to go just above .500 for the rest of the season, but just missed out on the playoffs, losing out by 2 points and finishing 8-12-0. The 1954 NAML awards were given to: Chester Harland Award (League MVP): Patrick MacKenzie, C, PHI Leading Goalkicker Award: Grad Rox*, FF, BOS Benjamin Legrand Award: Ken Wardell, G, Chicago * - Despite kicking the same amount of goals as Cecil Bonnom, Rox played in fewer games, winning the tiebrake and thereby receiving the award. Notable Events: Montreal's draw with Chicago was the first time the last-placed team in the season had not lost to the previous season's champion. A group of Montreal supporters who jokingly bet that the Évêques would draw with Chicago were each given $2000 each after the shock result. Despite getting a hairline fracture in his knee after a hard tackle, Len Garey finished the game, and even kicked two goals after the tackle. Playoff Preview: (3) Chicago Crusaders vs (6) St. Louis Gatekeepers Regular Season Meetings: 3 Results: St. Louis 38-26 Chicago, Chicago 33-22 St. Louis, Chicago 41-28 St. Louis In the Battle of the Midwest, Chicago are definitely the favourites, and are most likely going to advance. Their team game is the best in the league, and their defense is like a brick wall. The only way St. Louis can break this wall down is if Arnold Lejoscasa and Howard Tremble step up and lead the team on. If they don't show heart, then expect a beating from the Crusaders. Prediction: Chicago will head onwards to Michigan after a 48-20 victory. (4) Boston Wolfhounds vs (5) Washington Warriors Regular Season Meetings: 2 Results: Washington 44-43 Boston, Washington 41-29 Boston This is one of those games where it could go either way. Boston is the hotter and stronger team on paper, but Washington is by far more experienced in the playoffs. It's hard to tell which one of these will overcome the other, but the favour is leaning towards Washington, who know their time is running out, so expect a desperate, attacking game from them. If the Hounds can counter this effectively then they should be able to overcome it, Prediction: Boston's defense will prevail in a 36-29 victory. Just for kicks, Here's a playoff bracket: ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So there's the 1954 season. A few surprises if you ask me, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Feel free to make some playoff predictions or C&C and stuff like that down below. I'll simulate the first round of the playoffs and have that up hopefully sometime this week, or I might just simulate up to the semifinals, I'll decide that soon. Thanks for reading!
  7. Fixing the CFL

    I'd like to see at least a little bit of plaid on Ottawa, since it's unique to them. Maybe some more black could be incorporated as well. Love the designs. Way better than what each of these teams have now.
  8. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    Tough choice once again, but Blues.
  9. Pittsburgh is absolutely manhandling the Flyers right now. Malkin and Crosby are looking unstoppable.
  10. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20)

    Love this. Looks like a really crappy counterfeit, but that makes sense given the guidelines. Look forward to seeing more!
  11. 1953 NAML Offseason A week after the teams unveiled their identities, the NAML held an expansion draft for each of the teams, with a coin toss deciding the first pick, which went to Milwaukee. Rules: Teams can protect 4 players from one of the three main positions, 3 for the others, and either 1 goalkeeper or a 4th in one of the other positions. The only other rule is that to be eligible, the player must have played in the league for the past two years. With the first pick, Milwaukee selected upstart defenseman Howie Hendrix from Washington. Hendrix is a third year player who despite being inconsistent, has high potential. Montreal's first pick would be hometown rover Denis Girard from St. Louis. Girard had openly stated that he would take any opportunity to play for Montreal, and got his wish. Some other Notable picks for Milwaukee were Willy Trenhue from Michigan, and goalkeeper Laurence Blemsoon from Toronto. Trenhue is a notable playoff performer, having played his best games in the Urquhart Cup. Management believes that he can improve his regular season play with the city's renowned development camp. Blemsoon is a veteran with a good locker room presence, and is capable of being a dependable goalkeeper. Montreal's other notable picks were Denis De Félix, a bench follower from Michigan, and defenseman Richard Porchery from Chicago. De Félix has struggled with injuries, but when he is healthy, he is hard-hitting and tough to beat in midfield. Porchery has played well in Chicago, but has been overshadowed by the other great players at the back end for the Crusaders. Owner Théodore Colleau had been watching him for some time, and was impressed by his play. For the other teams, the off-season was calm, with no major trades. The biggest contract situation was Patrick MacKenzie re-signing in Philadelphia for 4 years. The New York Knights fired head coach Giles Bullock and replaced him with former Knights player Lucius Langell, a 15-year veteran. In terms of retirements, Ben Bones announced he was retiring a month after the Urquhart Cup. Bones played for 14 years in Chicago, and is the team's all-time leader in goals. Other than those, there was nothing major that happened in the off-season. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Next up will be the 1954 season post, expect that to be up sometime this week. I have the season simulated, i just need to do the graphics and stuff. Thanks for reading!
  12. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    Tough choice, but I'll go with Ottawa.
  13. R1: Preds in 6 Jets in 5 Knights in 7 Sharks in 7 Devils in 7 (Upset) Bruins in 6 Caps in 6 Flyers in 7 R2: Preds in 7 Sharks in 6 Bruins in 5 Flyers in 6 R3: Preds in 5 Bruins in 6 Final: Bruins in 6
  14. Humbolt Broncos bus crash

    Classy move by both the Blackhawks and Jets, for their game tonight, changing all nameplates to say BRONCOS instead of the player name. They aren't doing this for just the warmups, they're doing this all game.
  15. I'm predicting that as well. The Owner, Théodore Colleau is a very formal, passionate, strict businessman that nobody dares to talk back to. As long as he is in control, Montreal is all business. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Évêques, Dragons unveil identities On the same night, at their respective team headquarters, both the Évêques de Montréal and the Milwaukee dragons released their identites to the public for the first time. Montreal unveiled their identity at 6:00 EST in front of a hoard of journalists and photographers. Their primary logo is a bishop's mitre with a monogram consisting of an M and a cross in the middle. red and white striping adorn the edges, and the two lappets contain the team's name. The monogram was also unveiled as a seperate secondary logo. The home jersey is blue, with the striping of the mitre on the arms. The away is mainly white, with the colour and blue switched around. The look was given positive reviews, with many saying it was the best look in the league. Even the bishop of Montreal himself, Paul-Émile Leger, commented that he loved the look and hoped it brought success. "Montreal is a traditional city, so we went with a traditional look, and we promise the team will bring success with it" said owner Colleau after the unveiling. In Milwaukee, the identity was unveiled two hours later, at 7:00 CST, with a slightly smaller attendance than Montreal, but still a large amount of reporters waiting for the identity to be unveiled. When mayor Frank Zeidler removed the covering, there was a collective of oohs and aahs. The team's main logo features a powerful, courageous heraldic styled yellow dragon head with red accents and a black outline, the team's colours. The home uniform is mainly white, with red and black striping at the cuffs. The road uniform is a unique design to the league, with a black base, a yellow full-length yoke, and red shorts. The logo and home jersey were given extremely positive reviews, while the away was more mixed. "I absolutely love the logo. It's strong, intimidating, and everything you want in a logo" said owner Milton Massey. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So what do you guys think? I personally love them (no bias at all /s), but I'm interested in your feedback. Next up will be the offseason post, and results of the expansion drafts. Thanks for reading!
  16. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (FLA Added!)

    Me likey. Only thing I would change is removing the top blue stripe. Other than that. I love it.
  17. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (FLA Added!)

    Minnesota's idea is great, I just think the home jersey needs more red on it. I like what you tried with Chicago, but the cut-off stripes of the home look weird to me. Carolina's update in fantastic. Great work!
  18. 1953 Urquhart Cup Final Date: September 26, 1953 Location: Arnold Shannon Stadium, Milwaukee, WI Weather: 55°F (13°C), Gentle Breeze from SW Attendance: 54,631 It was a full house at Arnold Shannon Stadium for the 7th Urquhart Cup, to determine the winner of the 1953 NAML season. On one side were the favoured Chicago Crusaders, looking for their first victory in the game. On the other were the Michigan Bandits, who were looking to win their third straight cup and fourth overall. Most of the spectators were Crusaders supporters, but there was also a fair amount of Bandits fans and fans of the expansion Milwaukee Dragons, who would start play in 1954. The building was buzzing as referee Efisio Prieto tossed the ball in the air. off the jump, Len Garey took the ball, ran up the field and took a shot that resulted in a point for Michigan. However, John Peters would answer back for Chicago, getting a point of his own. After a few minutes of defensive play, Crusaders follower Russell Smith scored the first goal of the game, rocketing one past goalkeeper Andrew McCaig. but once again, Michigan would answer right back, with Harry Keener punching one through Ken Wardell's legs. a few minutes later, Ben Bones gave Chicago the lead again off a tight-angle shot. Michigan would tie it up with a goal from Garey. After a point from the Bandits, Bones kicked another goal, making it 13-10. Michigan would then score a goal and a point, getting the lead back in the back-and-forth quarter. Chicago got one last point, but was still down by 1 after 1. After 1: Michigan 15, Chicago 14 Both teams defenses seemed to get a hold of things in the second, stopping the first few offensive rushes of the quarter. Michigan would get the first point of the quarter from rookie Abraham Broaddale. A couple in minutes later, Garey had a glorious chance, but Wardell dove across the goal to stop it, forcing Garey to settle for a point. That save seemed like the turning point in the game, as right after, Eugene DeGarmo gave Chicago the lead with his first goal in 10 games. There would be no score for a while until Smith got his second past McCaig, giving the Crusaders a 5-point halftime lead, much to the delight of the travelling fans. At the half: Chicago 22, Michigan 17 Chicago would add another point early in the quarter, extending their lead. Then Willy Trenhue, who was known as a great performer in the final, beat Wardell with a low shot. A chance by Trenhue quickly after was saved by Wardell, but deflected past the pointline, putting Michigan within 1. A series of chances at both ends were managed by the defence, and no more scoring occured until Peters picked up his second point. in the last few minutes of the quarter, Bones found himself on a breakaway and beat McCaig with a lob shot, putting Chicago up by 6 heading into the fourth quarter. After 3: Chicago 28, Michigan 22 The first chance of the fourth was a bullet from Bones that hit the post and went past the pointline, making Chicago's lead 7. Michigan wasn't backing down quite yet, as Garey kicked his third of the match. The Crusader defense stopped the next few rushes by Michigan, and it paid off, as Peters finally kicked a goal, restoring the 7-point lead. After this, Michigan finally seemed to solve Chicago's defense, getting past them quickly, unlike any team had done during the season. They started mounting a furious comeback, getting two points from Garey and Trenhue. After getting the ball off the jump, Garey started running downfield with the ball, and crossed the ball into the arc. Time seemed to slow down as it eventually came to Keener, who volleyed it past Wardell, making it a 1-point game with 2 minutes to go Chicago started a rush downfield, and Bones eventually got a point. The stadium held its breath as Michigan won the final jump-ball, and started heading downfield. Garey would get the ball, and kicked a bullet that hit off the post, deflected off Trenhue's hands and past the pointline as time expired. Chicago had held on to win their first Urquhart Cup. Final Score: Chicago 34, Michigan 33 After the game, as John Peters dedicated the victory to the fans. "They deserve it. They've stayed with us through the heartbreak and the negatives. We played our hearts out and this is the result, and we're incredibly happy at the result." Chicago had also made history, becoming the first team to go undefeated throughout the entire season, going 22-0. The MVP award was given to Ben Bones, who was a force up front, scoring 3 goals in most likely his last game before retirement. In the annual commissioner's post-game press conference, commissioner Urquhart had some news about the expansion teams. "Both the Évéques and the Dragons will unveil their identities in a few months, both logos and jerseys. The events will take place at team headquarters, and all are welcome to attend." ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The next post will be both teams unveiling their identities. I have finished both of them, and for someone that isn't too confident in my skills, I am very happy with how they both turned out, and I hope you guys are too. Here are logo teasers for each team: (Montreal on left, Milwaukee on right) If you have any questions about the league, a team, the sport, or just random stuff, Don't hesistate, just comment below and I will do my best to answer it. I can make sigs and other stuff if you guys want as well. Once again, thanks for reading!
  19. Yeah, pretty much. I have it across the street from where Miller Park currently is.
  20. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    Oilers Knights Yotes
  21. 1953 NAML Semifinals (1) Chicago Crusaders vs (4) Washington Warriors Columbus Stadium, Chicago, IL Tens of thousands of fans packed into Columbus Stadium to see the unbeaten Crusaders take on the underdog Warriors. Virtually everyone picked Chicago to win, and for good reason. Their team game had been absolutely magnificent, and they seemed unstoppable. Despite all of the pressure for Washington, they started strong, with Carmelo Dunn scoring the game's first goal. But Chicago would come back strong, getting two quick ones from John Peters and Ben Bones. After a few minutes, both teams would trade goals, and it looked like it would be a high-scoring game, an unusual occurrence for Chicago. Both teams would get multiple chances throughout the rest of the quarter, but goalkeepers Ken Wardell and Ambrose Gares stood tall, only allowing points. After 1, Chicago had a slim 13-11 lead. In the second, Chicago's defense would go beast mode, not allowing the Warriors to do anything offensively. This gave the Crusaders' offence plenty of chances, which would become too much for Washington to handle. Chicago scored 2 goals and 2 points, and 10 unanswered total points to start the quarter. After a few minutes of no scoring, Washington would finally solve Wardell in the quarter, with Leo Edward punching one from 10 meters away. Chicago would get more chances offensively to finish the quarter, but couldn't capitalize. The score at the half was Chicago 23, Washington 15. The third quarter started out slow, as both teams unsuccessfully tried to start rushes through the midfield. Chicago open the scoring in the half after James Doctor uncharacteristically turned the ball over, creating a 2 man breakaway for the Crusaders, and John Peters finished it off. right after, Peters would come back and get a point for Chicago. Realizing that they were losing their chance to win, Washington would go full throttle offensively. Lawrence Sanderson would get one back, and Dunn would hit one off the goalpost and past the pointline, making the lead only 8. In the final shot of the quarter, Herb Bradley tried to beat Gares, but he deflected it past the pointline, getting a point. After 3, Chicago still led 29-20. The Warriors looked sluggish to start the fourth, giving up a weak goal to Basil Goddard, and after holding down the fort for some minutes, Bradley squeaked one past gares, giving Chicago a 17 point lead. Washington tried to get something going offensively, but the Crusader defense kept tiring them out. Eventually, Edward would kick a point, but that would be it for the Warriors as Chicago played perfect the rest of the game, scoring one more goal and point. The home supporters left happy as the Crusaders were heading back to the Urquhart Cup for the third time in four years. (2) Michigan Bandits vs (3) St. Louis Gatekeepers Windy Park, Detroit, MI In Michigan, The high-flying Bandits were trying to win their third straight Urquhart Cup. Their first road block would be the St. Louis Gatekeepers, who themselves were trying to get to the Cup final to win their first. Windy Park was filled to the nosebleeds with Bandits faithful, hoping to see their team advance. The game started quickly offensively, with Len Garey blasting one past goalkeeper Gerald Chance. the Bandits would continue dominating the first half of the quarter, getting two points and another from Garey before St. Louis could even get a shot on goal. Fortunately for them, that shot from Howard Tremble was converted for a point, giving them some momentum. Even after Garey potted his third of the quarter, the 'Keepers started playing better as a team, with Arnold Lejoscasa punching two in and adding a point, helping St. Louis cut the deficit to 3 after 1. In the second quarter, the pace slowed down dramatically, with very few chances for both teams. Both goalkeepers were sharp as well, making it seem almost impossible to score. Finally, Len Garey kicked a point, giving the game some life. After another few minutes of deadlock, Harry Keener and Bob Lynn would get points for Michigan. St. Louis couldn't beat Andrew McCaig all quarter, marking the first time a team had been held scoreless in the playoffs in league history. At the half, the score was Michigan 17, St. Louis 11. In the third, Michigan turned on offensively, generating chance after chance, and were rewarded for their effort with two goals from Keener and Garey, giving Michigan a 14 point lead, their largest of the game. St. Louis would control the ball for the second half of the quarter, eventually getting a long-distance goal from Lejoscasa and a point off of a deceiving shot by Tremble, making it 25-14 heading into the final quarter. In the fourth, St. Louis was determined to tie the score or even take the lead, and it showed early on, with the 'Keepers getting a goal by Johnny Bradditch and a point from Lejoscasa inside the first two minutes. They would continue this pace throughout the first half of the quarter, getting another goal from Lejoscasa and a point from Benjamin Carter, giving themselves a 1-point lead with 10 minutes to play. Michigan tried desperately to take the lead, but Chance stood tall in net, until Garey took a shot that he never saw until the last minute. Although he saved it, he couldn't keep it from passing the pointline, tying the score. With two minutes to play, Garey took another shot that just evaded Chance, causing Windy Park to erupt in joy. Michigan had the lead, and they held onto it for the rest of the game. A valiant effort from St. Louis came just short, and Michigan was heading back to the final to attempt to defend their crown for the second time. Urquhart Cup Final Preview: the 1953 Urquhart Cup was awarded to Milwaukee since Arnold Shannon Stadium is one of the better stadiums that can host it, comfortably seating 53,000 people. Michigan @ Chicago, at Milwaukee, WI Regular Season Meetings: 2 Results: Chicago 37-30 Michigan, Chicago 35-26 Michigan Chicago looked amazing in their clobbering of Washington, and due to the proximity of Milwaukee, this will be like a home game for them. Despite this, Michigan has the tools to pull off an upset. After all, they are the two time defending champions. Len Garey potted 5 in the semi-final, and Harry Keener is fully capable of stopping Chicago's best offensive players. The team that shows more heart and fight will be the winner of this one, whether it's the team's first victory or fourth. Prediction: Chicago will win their first Cup, 35-31. Thanks for reading!
  22. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    Not sure if Calgary would fit in with the other teams in the league, but it's still a great design. Edmonton is classy. Great work once again.
  23. Felt like making some hockey jerseys, and have had this idea in my head for some time, so I present to you Provincial/Territorial Hockey Jerseys, where I will be giving each of Canada's provinces and territories.. you guessed it, hockey jerseys! British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Northern Ontario Ontario Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut St. Pierre and Miquelon Since I'm still not 100% confident in my logo-making abilities, The logo for each team is their respective shield. Like series before, I'm not doing these in any particular order, so if you want a certain one done, I'll do it. Let's get to it! First up we have Saskatchewan. Firstly, anything other than green for the home jersey would be blasphemous so I obviously went with that. The rest of the colours are from the provincial flag, mainly using yellow and having minimal red accents. The striping pattern features two traditional stripes, with cuffs on the arms. This pattern is also featured on the socks and hem. The away jersey features a yoke, and the star of the show is a sublimated wheat pattern on the chest, paying homage to the many farmers and wheat fields in the province. I used a classic block font, the same one used by the Roughriders, the pride of the province. Left Wings: Jaden Schwartz, Patrick Marleau (C), Chris Kunitz (A), Scott Hartnell (A) Centres: Ryan Getzlaf (A), Brayden Schenn, Tyler Bozak, Brooks Laich Right Wings: Jordan Eberle, Blake Comeau, Josh Archibald, Adam Cracknell Defensemen: Ryan Murray, Matt Dumba, Derrick Pouliot, Luke Schenn, Brayden McNabb, Erik Gryba Goalies: Devan Dubnyk, Braden Holtby C&C is appreciated, as well as requests!
  24. The player on the back is Jordin Tootoo, who grew up in Ranking Inlet, a small community in the territory. Other than that, I'm not really sure.
  25. Name: Alexander Hansson Age: 51 (born 1946) Bio: First Swedish player to play in NCAA, RB for South Dakota from 1964-67, Had 5-year CFL career for the Ottawa Rough Riders, Currently a park ranger for various parks in Ontario Favorite Team/Player: Hansson admired Riders QB Russ Jackson during his career, and still has a soft spot for Ottawa. in the WLAF, he supports the Galaxy. Argument: Hansson thinks that a merger will be the only chance for both league to rival the NFL, and will help increase the game's popularity in Canada, and since the Canadian dollar is starting to fall, this will help the CFL avoid a potential financial crisis. Optional: Keep the American field size, but keep some Canadian rules to keep some of its charm. Perhaps keep the posts in front of the endzone, keep the number of players at 12, or use the rouge (single point) Hansson would also support expansion, especially to his hometown of Stockholm, who he thinks can easily support a team.