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  1. lacrosse beast


    The original was one of my favorite threads. So glad this is back!!
  2. lacrosse beast

    Crossover Series - NHL Football

    The Coyotes are amazing! Also, is that the Minnesota Vikings font you used for the Canucks?
  3. lacrosse beast

    Mississippi Football League

    Being from Louisville, KY, I always heard it pronounced Lou-i-vuhl
  4. lacrosse beast

    World Football League- renewed and extended (whole league)

    Love the sky blue and maroon combo.
  5. lacrosse beast

    Nike State Mascot Series

    These are better than about 99.9% of Nike's shirts right now
  6. i really liked the concept though Sorry, my phone's been going crazy again
  7. no offense, but I've always thought that the buckeye plant looks like weed. btw, I'm not a crazy drug addict.
  8. lacrosse beast

    Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    USLacrosse and Boston Celtics please
  9. lacrosse beast

    Sportslogos College Athletics Association *UNIFORMS BEGIN PAGE 21!*

    Those Vanderburgh alts are amazing
  10. lacrosse beast

    Non Football Program Concepts

    do one of my hometown teams, Bellarmine Love the Grand Canyon Helmet
  11. lacrosse beast

    Sportslogos College Athletics Association *UNIFORMS BEGIN PAGE 21!*

    West Tennessee's unis are one of the best i've seen along with Santa Monica.
  12. lacrosse beast

    Mobile College Football

    Michigan State- Based on the welcome sign and all the green throughout the state: Home Away Wisconsin: Based on the State Flag Home/Away Alt Minnesota: The large population of Eagles Home Away
  13. lacrosse beast

    Mobile College Football

    Kicking off the Great Lakes Conference Ohio State Uniforms based on Lake Erie Home Away Michigan- Based on Forests and the Great Lake Home Away Alt
  14. lacrosse beast

    Mobile College Football

    They don't have nicknames and here's a breif explanation of Each teams's uniform Alabama: The State Flag Georgia: Peaches Florida: The Everglades Tennessee: The Smoky Mountains Atlanta: Seems like Most of their teams go red and some variation of yellow New Orleans: Mardi Gras Arkansas: State Flag Louisiana: State Flags and wings are for Pelicans Key West: Beaches Kentucky: The Colors of Churchill Charlie, official mascot of Churchill Downs