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  1. oh okay didnt know. I guess it pays to red sometimes, now seeing it in his first post
  2. Flames1fan

    Calgary Flames Go Retro For New Alternate Uniform

    Plus you see lots people wear the reto/ 3rd jersey at the games to
  3. Flames1fan

    NASCAR Playoffs Phone Wallpapers

    I was also thinking of putting the track names under the race they won. Like this
  4. Flames1fan

    NASCAR Playoffs Phone Wallpapers

    Like this?
  5. Flames1fan

    NASCAR Playoffs Phone Wallpapers

    These are so sick. keep up the great work. one thing I would say maybe add the race stick for how many wins they got?
  6. cant wait. could do something with forestry. since that big in nb
  7. what about moncton team, its say they might get a team in a few years
  8. Flames1fan

    MLB changes I'd love to see

    what about the Phiiles and Braves, one of the best rays concepts I ever seen
  9. Flames1fan

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    They said, they have no plans on bringing it to cup any time soon, cause It's one there best sellers
  10. Flames1fan

    NHL 2018-19

    When are the other teams showing there 3rd jersey.
  11. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

  12. Hopefully this is a new 3rd jersey. There set they had last season was good
  13. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

    Also moncton might get a team in the years coming
  14. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

    what about this