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  1. Flames1fan

    2019 MLB Changes

    in video it looks good
  2. Flames1fan

    2019 MLB Changes

    see this is listed as Alternate, but the cream jersey are not listed in the shop. Unless they plan on put them up before season starts.
  3. Flames1fan

    2019 MLB Changes

    Oh oh well, just wanted him do that one up
  4. Flames1fan

    2019 MLB Changes

    What about tampa bay rays throwback jersey?
  5. Flames1fan

    The Battle of Seattle

    Only thing with new template I can see that need fix, is NHL logo need be shiny.
  6. Flames1fan

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    This game would be hard to follow.
  7. Flames1fan

    2019 MLB Changes

    Rays to bring this back this year dates they will be wearing these: 5/11 vs. NYY, 6/15 vs. LAA, 8/17 vs. DET, 9/21 vs. BOS You can even buy them this march
  8. Flames1fan

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    Would be great for hat template you ever made one, good job
  9. Flames1fan

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    Where can we find the jersey mesh background?
  10. Flames1fan

    Help Raysox with a Soccer Template

    Are you plan on doing other brands add maybe add the premier league patch
  11. Flames1fan

    MLB | Colorado Rockies Brand Refresh

    No they dont, Rockies been using the C in there spring training hats
  12. Flames1fan

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    Is that the league doing that or Nike themselfs. Adidas NHL jersey are up there in price
  13. Flames1fan

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    Have you thought of it in this way, say if NHL has sponsor on a jersey. You could see jersey and ticket price go down. Which would be big help for some people.