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  1. where can I find these hats templates?
  2. http://store.nascar.com/Mens_Hats/Mens_Brad_Keselowski_New_Era_Navy_Miller_Lite_Mega_Team_Neo_39THIRTY_Flex_Hat is this what you made it from like the idea
  3. is there any way make template png file then?
  4. no psd file version
  5. i know
  6. Base by and rah Template by Bill Number by BED Logos from google.
  7. better yet gets a pens jersey, there the same thing
  8. update Base by stunodracing and rah Number and template by BED Logos from google.
  9. its all good, just having fun, i know i made a typo
  10. Look again, you must read wrong
  11. Template: BER Logo: Google Number: BER Paint Scheme: Paint by rah
  12. do you like the idea had for the sharks
  13. I think they could go for old retro look with a new twist