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  1. Flames1fan

    Portland Herons MLB Expansion Concept

    To much of rays feel here, but really good idea.
  2. Flames1fan

    Seattle Sea Lions NHL (UPDATE 12/10)

    Jersey are good, but it has a new york islanders jersey feel to it.
  3. Flames1fan

    NHL Seattle Concepts

    didn't know, but it doesn't have sports team feel to if that's added, other teams in the city dont use that idea. Go idea but just doesn't work in sports It only works the plane logo
  4. Flames1fan

    CFL Atlantic Schooners

    Stick to the ship logo
  5. Flames1fan

    NHL Seattle Concepts

    stop making logos that look the same with that curve. Logo itself looks better
  6. Flames1fan

    Seattle Sockeyes concept

    This now has a nhl feel to it.
  7. Flames1fan

    Seattle Sockeyes concept

    I say go with blue and green the other sports team in the city use, seems out places with not being same color as most there sports teams are.
  8. Flames1fan

    Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    What does the hand mean?
  9. Flames1fan

    NHL 2018-19

    Can anyone tell me why flames been wearing there red jersey for the last two away games?
  10. Flames1fan

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    I know, look you had the two best drivers who didnt even win, it should been Kyle or kevin. I guess its not about the wins, how you get to homestead. Kyle and kevin both had 8 wins and joey with 2 before homestead. Even same with tyer reddick, he only won 2 races while you had bell with 7 wins. Alot of NASCAR fans are pissed about joey winning. The ratings will go down because this new format.
  11. Flames1fan

    Maritime Armada (3rd jersey)

    New 3rd jersey
  12. Flames1fan

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    not for goalies in soccer. and some soccer teams
  13. Flames1fan

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    cream color would be rare
  14. Flames1fan

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    mets, ducks, oliers, flyers, broncos, bc loins, ock thunders, astros all organge for green. A's, stars, eagles, celtics, packers, Eskimos, london kinghts