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  1. Flames1fan

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    They said, they have no plans on bringing it to cup any time soon, cause It's one there best sellers
  2. Flames1fan

    NHL 2018-19

    When are the other teams showing there 3rd jersey.
  3. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

  4. Flames1fan

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Hopefully this is a new 3rd jersey. There set they had last season was good
  5. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

    Also moncton might get a team in the years coming
  6. Flames1fan

    Canadian Premier League

    what about this
  7. Flames1fan

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    did moncton wildcats get a new set of jersey or is it a new 3rd jersey
  8. Flames1fan

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

  9. Flames1fan

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Moncton Wildcats new jersey, not sure if this a new set or new 3rd jersey
  10. Flames1fan

    Ford mustang MENCS 2019

    toyota ft1 concept
  11. Flames1fan

    Ford mustang MENCS 2019

    Original version Edit version
  12. Flames1fan

    MLB changes 2018?

    So the rays are two things into one identity, its so confusing to know what they really are.
  13. Flames1fan

    MLB changes 2018?

    is Tampa Bay Rays team identity the rays or about sunshine rays?
  14. Flames1fan

    NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    You should do Calgary
  15. Flames1fan

    The Battle of Seattle

    your jersey looks like the canucks jersey.