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  1. We're on the last day of the WBC and have seen every single uniform in action, most multiple times over. Not a heck of a lot to discuss there. Discussions roam and digress. Not a bad thing, IMO.
  2. I do think they could have - and should have - distinguished their look from that of Toronto and Detroit more. Put Northwestern stripes on there (yes, the Leafs did use those at one time, but it hasn't been their primary since 1967), or some other striping pattern. I have no issue with the Lightning being a blue-and-white team - I think it looks far better than the black and blue mess they had before - but they should've used unique striping. I know some have a problem with the Bolts wearing a look reminiscent of the Original 6 - I don't at all. The only issue I have with that set is the striping pattern, which is completely derivative of the Red Wings. (Well, that and the unnecessary "Tampa Bay" on the road uniforms, which is decidedly untraditional.)
  3. Couldn't agree more. I've always hated the notion of "original six" dress up in hockey, as if post-O6 teams can't wear traditional, dignified looks. I couldn't care less that the Tampa Bay Lightning only date back to the 1990s, rather than the 1920s - they shouldn't be expected to be caught in a permanent 90's timewarp, or to constantly come out with "modern" designs, just because they're a newer team. In terms of China adopting a 'classic' baseball look, I think of it this way: back in the original NASL, and even in the early days on the MLS, American soccer teams often adopted Americanized uniforms with wordmarks on the front, combined with Americanized team nicknames and logos. While meant to appeal to Americans who never cared about soccer, it wound up just sending a message of "we're newcomers who are playing a bastardized version of the game." It was tough to take them seriously as proper soccer teams. While there's still a slight problem with that in the MLS with nonsensical knockoff names (*cough* Real Salt Lake *cough*), on the whole, it's a lot easier to view American soccer teams as being legitimate, ambitious, and wanting to compete on the world stage when they're wearing proper uniforms with proper crests. When you're a relative newcomer, your identity is a statement to more tenured teams/fans/players about your intentions and seriousness. Good on China for sending the right message.
  4. I'd have to agree entirely on that preference list. As a child of the 90s, who grew up right after the "ribbon stirrup" fad ended, it looks so terrible to me. I'd honestly rather players wear pajama pants than those awful ribbon stirrups, though perhaps that's just because I'm more used to pajama pants (to my dismay). High cut stirrups aren't terrible, and at least on the A's, can lead to a really unique and exciting look: I wouldn't necessarily want the entire A's team is high stirrups like that, but a few guys? Especially some quirky relievers (who always seem to be the ones rocking the high stirrups as it is)? I love it. 2 in 1s deserve to be burned in a fiery pit and never seen again.
  5. I hated this update. I know that seems extreme for a simple change in outlines, but it actually gets to my post above - the silver outline in the middle effectively creates what looks like a gapped outline, since the silver is virtually indistinguishable from either the white or gray fabric from a distance. It looks especially bad on the home uniform, IMO. The original version, with silver on the outside, looked far superior, since the silver basically blended in with the background. I'd personally prefer a simple blue-outlined-in-teal wordmark, but the silver was barely noticeable, so it basically created the same effect.
  6. I'm actually the opposite - I hate double outlines, especially gapped outlines, as a general rule. I actually think the Canadiens' look a little better than most, though I still much prefer the gapless outline. The only example in your post that I think looks okay is the Penguins' jersey, since the Vegas gold and white never touch across the entire jersey (and thus the gapped outline maintains consistency across the jersey). But I generally think those gapped outlines add visual clutter, and make numbers far less defined.
  7. It was obviously a road game for them, but seeing the San Francisco Giants playing at the Polo Grounds always seemed terribly wrong to me: It was completely understandable that they moved, given that they had become the third wheel in a three-team market, but talk about salt in the wound of old Giants fans in New York... (Especially given that in 1962, the year this photo was taken, the Giants went on to win the NL pennant, while the Mets were... well, the 1962 Mets.)
  8. Didn't realize that. Back when the uniforms were originally unveiled, I found it strange that D-Backs team president Derrick Hall had stated that their in-house design team primarily took the lead in designing the uniform (from Uni Watch), which seemed a bit unusual:
  9. At the very least, high socks or stirrups should be required. I hate the lack of uniformity with socks across baseball right now. The thing with stirrups is that every fan prefers different lengths, and there's really no one "perfect" length. I'd bet it's usually based on what they grew upb with - fans who came of age in the 60s and 70s probably would prefer higher stirrups. Personally, I'm a fan of very low stirrups, such as these: On the other hand, I hate the very high stirrup look that was popular in the 80's. I suppose the best solution is to say that every player has to wear their pants up to a certain length, and allow players to choose between high socks or stirrups.
  10. My issue with the number font is that it clashes with the wordmark on the front. The wordmark is rather sleek, completely sans serif, art deco in nature, while the number font is (IMO) a bit bloated and uses very prominent serifs. They look like they came from two completely separate identities. I just love the font of the Marlins' wordmark so much that I'd much rather see numbers that match. I think they'd look much more cohesive, as well as being more visually attractive on their own.
  11. I'd be all in favor of the Marlins completely dumping black (or at least sidelining it to a trim color) and instead becoming a primarily blue team, with orange and yellow as their secondary colors. That is a gorgeous shade of blue that would be completely unique to the Marlins within baseball. On the white home jersey: a blue wordmark, outlined in orange and/or yellow, paired with a blue cap, undershirts, and socks. Basically, swap out black for blue on the current home uniform (and tweak the coloring of the wordmark/outlines as necessary), and make the blue jersey the primary alternate. It'd be the perfect evolution of the Marlins' look in the (eventual) post-Loria era. The color scheme would embody the color and vibrancy of Miami Beach, while the wordmark would continue to evoke the art deco architecture common within Miami. Take the unnecessary fish off the cap logo, and revise the number font to match the beautiful wordmark, and you'd have an outstanding and unique identity. The building blocks are there; they're just being misused right now.
  12. I love the current name/number font that the PL uses, but this might even be better. I was afraid of what they'd go with, thinking that the current font wouldn't be topped, but this is nearly perfect.
  13. I missed the news that the Kushner deal had fallen through - that's probably best for all involved parties. I know there was a potential political storm brewing over Loria's potential appointment as Ambassador to France right as he was in discussions to sell the Marlins to the Kushners, so best that that's avoided. Any new change in uniforms would probably be dependent on the new ownership, whoever that might be. I think it's more or less impossible to say right now whether there'd be any tweaks or overhauls to the Marlins' identity until the team is sold.
  14. The fact that he's wrestled beyond WrestleMania 31 is astounding to me. I always thought that should've been his curtain call - the streak had ended the year prior, and he could go out, get a great ovation, and leave on his own terms. This bizarre ritual of dragging him out every year at WrestleMania to lumber around a ring looking well beyond his 51 years of ago is terrible, both in terms of his legacy and in terms of watchability. I think most of us cringe just like Taker did in that GIF when watching any of his matches now. And yet I can see this annual ritual continuing until Taker literally cannot walk to the ring any longer.
  15. Good call. Loria is definitely selling, whether it's to Kushner or someone else. That's a situation ripe for a rebranding (especially since the Marlins' current identity is a bit outside the box, which some potential owners may not like).