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  1. MLB Changes 2017

    These seriously do look like Little League uniforms in action. I'm sure the venue helps with that, but these would totally fit in on a Little League field. So I guess, mission accomplished?
  2. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    The highlighter green on the GFW Championship belt just does not go with the gold background one bit. Sticks out like a sore thumb, and the two colors clash terribly. It kind of sticks out on the X-Division and Women's belts as well, but at least it doesn't clash quite as terribly with the silver background. Then again, I just don't like that shade of green in general, so perhaps I'm biased. Pretty good designs otherwise, though. I dig the double eagle on the bottom of the GFW Champ's belt, and the eagle (derived from it) on the Tag Team belt.
  3. 2017 MLB Season

    He's been a bit of a disappointment so far, but he's only thrown 12.1 innings, so it's still a small sample size to judge on. It's mainly been his last few appearances that have jumped out to me as being pretty bad. I'm hoping it's just a brief blip, and nothing else.
  4. Travel recommendations thread

    The Berkshires. Lenox, MA is about 2 and a half hours from NYC, and it's absolutely beautiful up there. Gorgeous rolling hills, great landscapes, and plenty of quaint towns. Lenox is my favorite of the towns up there - great restaurants, interesting art galleries (well, for viewing - the art is generally only affordable to those with penthouses on the Upper East Side and a country house out in Easthampton ), great bookstores and other ephemera, and home of the Tanglewood Music Festival, which is the summer residence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Great Barrington (the largest of the Berkshire towns), Stockbridge (good for shopping, not-so-great for dining), and Williamstown (location of the Clark Art Institute, Williams College, etc.) are also must-visits up there. Pittsfield is the only city in the Berkshires, and it's really a gorgeous little city with loads of hip restaurants. The restaurant scene up there definitely reaches NYC-level quality (unsurprisingly, most of the restaurateurs up there are New York transplants). Also plenty of great walking trails and orchards. It's very expensive to visit during the summer, while Tanglewood is going on. In general, the museums and restaurants up there have NYC-level prices (fortunately, they generally have the quality to match said prices). Autumn is more affordable in terms of getting a hotel, and provides amazing foliage. The main Berkshires cultural festivals - Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Shakespeare & Co., etc. - are mostly summer-only, but if you're interested in quaint towns in a beautiful setting, the fall is the time to go there. Much cheaper and with an amazing foliage.
  5. You May Like

    Can we bring back the Babe of the Week thread if we just caption each photo "Bet you can't see what's in this mindblowing photo!"? Seems only fair.
  6. 2017 MLB Season

    I wasn't surprised a bit either. He unravels so easily, and his control problems (which are always a bit of an issue with him) become so exacerbated when there are multiple men on base. Chapman relies on one thing and one thing alone - his velocity. He doesn't have great command or deception, nor does he have much movement on his FB. So if he loses even a couple ticks off his fastball - 99 MPH rather than 102 - he's throwing very hittable darts. Most ML hitters can turn around a 99 MPH fastball with no movement these days. I knew he was screwed in Game 7 last year when he was struggling to get over 100. Combine that with him being a total headcase, and he becomes nearly impossible to watch in any super high leverage situation.
  7. 2017 MLB Season

    I thought he was going to be an ace, personally, and also remember thinking at the time that the Reds jumped the gun on moving him to the pen. Apparently there were concerns about his lack of focus in the middle innings, and tendency to unravel when encountering any struggles or difficult situations on the mound. I'd say that he continues to display those weaknesses as a reliever - he notoriously hates throwing multiple innings, and tends to fall apart if he allows a couple baserunners. He's struck me as being incredibly immature both in his personal and professional life, which has probably held him back from reaching his full potential as a pitcher. Tons of talent, but not a person who can put it all together and fully reach his potential.
  8. 2017 MLB Season

    Chapman was throwing absolute fire last night, but he continued to be unable to hit his targets. Chapman missed his spot by almost a foot on that pitch to Devers, and Devers was able to turn it around to the opposite field. Great job of hitting by Devers, of course, but Chapman was missing his spots terribly. Chapman is probably the fifth best pitcher in the Yankees' pen right now, behind Robertson, Betances, Green, and Kahnle. And yet who is out there as the all-valuable closer? I generally hate the concept of a strictly 9th inning "closer" - I much prefer the idea of a relief ace who is deployed in high leverage situations - but for as long as it is entrenched in baseball, the best reliever in the pen should be the team's closer. And the Yankees aren't anywhere close to that right now. They have an insanely good bullpen (again) and yet have a weak link at the head of it. 20th blown save of the season for the Yankees. Twentieth. Given that the team is in line for a Wild Card spot, I can only imagine where they'd be right now had their bullpen been decent throughout the entire year.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    I'd rather them pay tribute to the rich legacy of the Ottawa Senators' name than to ape Roman centurions (not Roman Senators). It makes far more sense.
  10. I'll second those saying that "Castle on the Hill" is a far superior song to "Shape of You." I generally can't stand Ed Sheeran, but that song is legitimately good. Also, don't listen to that song while driving through one of your favorite parts of your old hometown that you haven't seen in long time, while on the way to visit some old high school friends at one of your favorite high school hangouts right before it shuts down permanently. Never thought a freaking Ed Sheeran song would hit me right in the feels, but damn...
  11. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Very, very sharp. Probably the best uniforms in Wolves history. I wish they incorporated a heavy amount of green into it rather than a second blue, but the two-tone blue scheme does look pretty good.
  12. NBA Changes 2017-18

    There definitely are. It looks much better, IMO. While I generally loathe the new NBA advertisements, I have to say - is there a better possible fit than Disney and the Orlando Magic in the entire sports universe? Glad both sides were able to make that happen. (Outside of the Indian Packing Company rising from the dead and sponsoring the Green Bay Packers, of course. )
  13. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    If Indianapolis had a long history of hosting major league baseball, a la Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, I'm sure it'd be a market on par with its midwestern counterparts. But to try to grow a brand new fanbase in a market that's smaller than those three aforementioned cities would be asking for trouble. Especially given that said market might already be tapped out with the Pacers, Colts, and (to a lesser extent) Indiana basketball. Baseball's best bet would be to go into a market with high population growth and a strong business base that's one of the largest 30 metropolitan areas in the country. That's basically Charlotte, San Antonio, Orlando, or Portland. San Antonio would be a hard sell to the two existing Texas teams, while Orlando would necessitate that the Rays rebuild their fanbase while remaining in a state that notoriously does not support MLB well. (There's actually one other high-growth large metro area that baseball technically is not in right now - the Inland Empire. But there's no way Southern California should absorb a fourth team, and it's such a geographically dispersed area that any team would have trouble drawing fans to weekday night games. It might work as an Angels relocation threat, but nothing else.)
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    That is pretty funny. As is Tim Adleman (I assume) going with "The Microwave." Actually, the Reds have a pretty good set of nicknames there - better than most teams do.
  15. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Totally agree. "Minnesota Wolves" sounds so much better than "Minnesota Timberwolves." I've always been of the opinion that if you can't fit your nickname on the front of a jersey reasonably, it's probably too long and clunky of a name. (Looking at you, D-Backs.) The Supersonics were probably the one exception. Wolves is a great name that incredibly isn't used by any other professional teams. Ditch the clunky compound adjective and just go with "Wolves."