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  1. All the talk about a Marlins rebrand under the Jeter/Jeb Bush ownership group (which I think is rather unlikely) does make me think: It's going to a be a wee bit awkward if the Marlins ever pay tribute to the 2003 WS-winning club (perhaps on the 20th anniversary in 2023). Guessing Jeter would't show up at the ballpark that day. I'm already dreading the idiotic "Jeter-owned Marlins pay tribute to '03 champs!" hot takes online... with an inevitable photo of a disappointed-looking Jeter back in 2003, of course.
  2. "It's a better name than Net"' is an incredibly low bar, given that that's one of the worst, most bland team names ever. And I can't agree that "Monuments" would be better than Lakers or Nuggets. "Washington Monuments" is a terribly hokey name, and presents a bit of a marketing issue as well, considering that the team probably wouldn't even be the number one hit on Google for their own team name.
  3. From a sheer aesthetic perspective, I'd actually prefer it the other way around - teams may only wear alts on the road. There's nothing better than the look of the home team decked out in white on a ballfield, so I'd want to preserve that as much as humanly possible. But obviously from a merchandising standpoint, that'd be a disaster. So on a more practical level, I'd absolutely agree with your proposal - grays on the road exclusively, and alts limited to use at home (and even then, preferably only a quarter of home games max).
  4. Beautiful San Diego afternoon in the bright sunlight, and we've got a bunch of people wearing black and super-dark camo out there on the field, all of whom are indistinguishable from another from a distance. We've reached peak absurdity with these alternates. I've always said that Sundays are the dumbest day to have scheduled dark alternates, given that those games are (almost) always played in the afternoon out in the sunlight. I get why teams do it from a business perspective - they want alts to be highly visible during games with higher TV ratings - but having players wearing dark alts in the afternoon is terribly impractical.
  5. Jackie Robinson is not going to be forgotten by the general public, just as Rosa Parks, MLK, Muhammad Ali, etc., won't be forgotten. He's completely transcended baseball (and sports in general) in terms of his cultural and social significance. The man is a civil rights icon, and his entry into major league baseball was a civil rights milestone at the very beginning of that movement. He's entered into the American lexicon, at this point. (Note: not saying Jackie Robinson is as well-known or as an important a figure in American history as, say, MLK. But his entry into baseball will be mentioned in history classes for years and years to come. He will not be forgotten by future generations.)
  6. To me, the ideal Capitals' jersey would be the weagle on a red background. Given that the weagle is predominantly blue, it would pop well enough on a red background, especially with a thicker white border. And if need by, they could invert the red and white when applying it on a red background, to make it a blue eagle with white wingtips. The weagle doesn't work very well on a blue background, but thankfully that's not really problematic, given that the Caps traditionally wear red jerseys at home (save for that misguided Wizards color scheme).
  7. Favorites: Least favorites: (This World Series easily had the ugliest patches I've ever seen for a postseason series.) (Not sure what MLB was thinking with the super-muddled colors, but it looked terrible.) (About the ugliest Western font I've ever seen. Not that MLB could've foreseen this, but it was made worse by the fact that it was contested by teams from the two largest cities in the country, which doesn't exactly bring to mind Western imagery.)
  8. I willfully ignore Barstool Sports. They're the lowest rung of "sports journalism" (if you can call it that) that's rampant with misogyny, idiocy, primal "hot takes," and general creepy bro-ism in its lowest form. I generally forget Barstool Sports even exists until they're brought up due to some dumb controversy they've stepped into. My decision to willfully ignore them has been more-than-justified by reading them posting this hastily-researched, poorly-written, completely unedited crap by Tnak.
  9. Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love the Nets' jerseys and the stark black/white color scheme, which is all sorts of perfect for Brooklyn. Their logos are some of the worst in all of professional sports. They are the Brooklyn Nets. Talk about two things that have obvious imagery associated with them. The Brooklyn Bridge. Basketball hoops. It's so painfully obvious. And yet their logos fail to incorporate either. They're something out of a generic build-a-team in a 90's video game. "Here's a basketball on a shield: insert team name here!" Your logos perfectly meld together the most iconic image of Brooklyn and the imagery of a basketball net. I love it. An incredible upgrade over their current logos.
  10. That's more or less the exact uniform I wish they had gone with. Maybe cleanup the wordmark a little, and blue stars would be fine. But that appears to be a darker red than what they use currently, and would be less susceptible to giving off a pinkish hue when viewed from afar. Also, that's a far more attractive wordmark than the dated, bubbly font they currently use. My ultimate preference would be for that wordmark/pinstripes in maroon - a bit of a combination of eras for the Phils. But the above looks fantastic and is ultimately superior to what they're wearing now.
  11. Unpopular opinion here: I actually prefer the Jets with a white helmet than with a green helmet. I think the color balance is far superior with white lids, especially when paired with the current home uniforms - the white lids, white sleeves, and white pants perfectly balance out the green jersey and green socks. Given the contrasting sleeves, I think the white helmet looks far superior. That said, I'd like a return to the old "JETS" wordmark on the helmet (in green, on a white helmet). I generally don't like wordmarks on helmets, but much like @Ferdinand Cesarano said, I think the Jets wordmark might be the exception that proves the rule - it's short enough to work as a helmet logo. Though one other interesting idea I've had for a Jets helmet - what if you took the wing from the "JETS" wordmark, and just used that as a wraparound logo (a la the Seahawks)? I think it'd look really good, personally, and be the best distillation of the team name in logo form.
  12. I am a complete traditionalist when it comes to baseball (one of the very few things I can say that about ), so I'd never want to see this actually come to fruition, but as a hypothetical? It's brilliant. Preserves every major historical rivalry, allows for in-division metropolitan rivalries in all 5 metropolitan areas with multiple teams, and would minimize travel. I've often thought a Yankees/Mets/Sox/Phillies + 1 division would be incredibly fun to watch, what with all the rivalries (NYY/BOS, NYM/PHI, NYY/NYM) and money to be thrown around in that group. I'd never actually want it to happen - the history and tradition of two separate leagues is just too great - but what a fun division that would be to watch. And I can say the same for Midwest and Pacific divisions above as well - lots of historical rivalries and big markets in each of those.
  13. I love the Patriots' old AFL uniforms. They're one of my absolutely favorite football uniforms out there, and I wish the Pats would go back to them yesterday. Except for Pat Patriot. Objectively, it's a terrible logo. A terrible logo on an otherwise beautiful uniform, but a terrible logo nonetheless. If the Pats were to go back to those beauts (not going to happen), or a derivative thereof (may happen once the Belichick era is over), I'd rather they put a modified version of Elvis on there. To me, the platonic ideal of a Patriots uniform are a navy blue inverse of the red AFL uniforms (more or less their Color Rush jerseys paired with white pants), with Elvis on the helmets. Pat Patriot, on the other hand, belongs in 1960.
  14. I suppose that's a good thing to remember with any of these league-wide rebrands, or other much maligned trends that overtake a sport for a while. These things are all cyclical, and usually wind up ironing themselves out. Most 'cutting edge' modern designs wind up having a very short shelf life. The ones that linger around wind up sticking out like sore thumbs eventually (like the Falcons, Cardinals, Patriots, etc.). Of course, they often give way to equally poor newer designs, but there's plenty of cases of a team returning to their historic look that fits them best (Blue Jays, Canucks, Mets, etc.). I suppose it can't be said for every trend - there's a few that have annoying stuck around and become permanent uniform features, like long pants in baseball or the ever-shortening sleeves in football. But by and large, these things will pass in time. I'm just glad it didn't take very long for most of the Edge-related trends to die out.
  15. The fortunate thing is that I don't think there's enough ballparks that will be built over the next 20 years to allow for any real trends to emerge. Over the next decade, we know the following teams are looking to build new parks: Texas (the one ballpark that looks almost certain to be built - early renderings already released: Tampa Bay (though locked into the Tampa Bay region until 2027 per the 2016 lease renegotiation with St. Pete, which means the Rays may stick it out at the Trop for another decade if they have their sights set elsewhere long-term) Oakland (struggling to strike a deal for a new ballpark, with the obvious solution of San Jose blocked by the Giants) Anaheim (still in the very early planning stages, and no significant prospects for a stadium deal on the horizon) The Jays have stated a long-term commitment to Rogers Centre and are looking to invest in some upgrades, though I don't think anyone would be surprised if they start rumblings about a new ballpark in a decade or so. The White Sox haven't said a word about replacing New Comiskey, but again, it wouldn't be a surprise if they start pursuing a new ballpark next decade. But either way, that's all conjecture at this point - neither team has really hinted at wanting new ballparks, and any actual construction would be way, way in the future. The other 24 teams? I can't see anything on the horizon in terms of new construction within the foreseeable future. Sure, something can come out of left field, like SunTrust Park, but I don't think it's terribly likely. The Dodgers and Royals seems very committed to their existing parks, and have both invested significant money in improvements. Fenway and Wrigley just had tons of money poured into them, and aren't going anywhere for as long as Henry and the Ricketts own their respective teams. The others were all built a.) post-Camden Yards, and b.) are in 'favorable' locations (except maybe Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, but there's no such thing as an available location that would be 'favorable' in NYC). It'll be awhile before we see another round of widescale ballpark construction across baseball. Despite Atlanta and Arlington, I still do tend to think that these retro parks will have a longer lifespan, on average, than the cookie cutters they preceded, since they are purpose-built and aren't municipal stadiums. It's not a coincidence that the two baseball-only stadiums built in that era - Dodger and Kauffman - are the ones still standing. Nor is it a coincidence that the one post-Camden venue that was sort of multi-use (Turner Field) was the first one to close. Purpose-built venues have a much longer lifespan on average, and I think that'll be borne out by the overwhelming majority of 'retro' ballparks.