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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    This really looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff bought by a beer league team that's trying to ape the pros.
  2. And league offices wouldn't pursue the same exact course of action? The league office is little more than a vessel for the team owners as a collective body. The league office is just as interested in selling swag for each team as the individual owners are. I don't see how the NBA choosing team names and identities would've prevented the Raptors or the Swamp Dragons any more than having ownership choose. In fact, having the league office choose might've made Swamp Dragons more likely to happen, as you wouldn't have had a minority owner be able to exercise outsized influence. I also tend to think the Raptors are the exception that proves the rule - that most owners don't choose extremely "of-the-moment" names. That one stands out just because of how time-specific the reference was - it'd be like a 2008 team being named the "Dark Knights," or a brand new team this year being named the "Black Panthers" (boy, would that get vetoed by a league office in a heartbeat). No other team name stands out to that degree. Sure, some names area bit stylistically dated - the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat come to mind, but you could also say the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are stylistically dated as well. The "wouldn't create that name today" argument applies just as much to beloved identities like the Dodgers and Phillies as it does to the Magic and Raptors.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    The old Tigers cap looked so much better. To be honest, that new cap looks like it has an oversized "D" on it, a la the Marlins' (old) oversized "M" logo. I don't know if that's my eyes playing tricks on me, seeing the two side-by-side, or if the new "D" is honestly bigger than the average ML cap logo. If Under Armour ever even thinks about 'standardizing' the interlocking NYs on the Yankees' cap and jersey, I will go down to Baltimore and personally destroy every single one of those jerseys Chris Sale style. Each one works best in its own respective format, and I think the same was true of the Tigers' logos (to a lesser degree). Granted, the Yankees' logos are less 'mismatched' than the Tigers' old D logos - the chest "NY" is really a bolded version of the cap "NY" (with some slight differences in the serifs, but that's the general idea). But still, there is too much history and tradition wrapped up in the Yankees' and Tigers' logos to needlessly throw them away in the name of standardization.
  4. That's an overlooked point - these aren't official White House portraits. The Smithsonian has a history of more offbeat portraits for former Presidents. Check out this FDR portrait with tons of random hand studies:
  5. Not a fan of either of these portraits, to be honest. I think I'd prefer Barack's if it didn't look like the chair - and the subject - were floating in a sea of ivy. There's no distinction between the background and the floor on which the chair is sitting. It's jarring. Also don't like how the background (intentionally) competes for attention with the President. Calling it a background isn't really accurate, to be honest. The flowers and ivy are just as much the focus of attention as Barack himself, perhaps even grabbing more attention. There's no white space or relief anywhere in that portrait - everything grabs the eye, everything is competing for attention. A metaphor for modern-day America, perhaps, but not an apt metaphor for the no-drama Obama Administration, which always sought to be intellectual, clear-thinking, and focused. And Michelle's portrait? I'd say it suffers from the opposite problem. Nothing grabs the eye. It's entirely in drab shades. Gray skin, a black and white dress lacking much adornment (except at its very bottom), the plainest of plain backgrounds. Nothing to evoke the style or elegance of the First Lady. And the facial features look absolutely nothing like her. I'd never pick that out as Michelle Obama, ever. Obama in front of a vibrant floral background could've been interesting and visually appealing. This failed, both in its lack of spacial orientation, and in the competition for visual attention.
  6. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Not that the Yankees could've known this at the time of the deal, but Contreras' best two seasons were 2005 and 2006, right after the trade. I thought it was a dumb deal at the time they made it (Loaiza had a great 2003, but was not good with the Sox in '04. despite undeservingly making the ASG), but Contreras' success the next two years really showed how stupid the Yanks were to sell low on him.
  7. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    In light of today's news about Esteban Loaiza, a flashback to his 42 thoroughly unremarkable innings with the Yankees after the 2004 trade deadline, to the tune of an 8.50 ERA: That face sums up how we all felt about your time here in New York, Esteban. Better luck in the California Penal League.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    From a quick glance, looks a ton better than the gaudy oversized logo they had before. Hoping they've moved to a normal-sized, normally-positioned logo full time.
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    To call these "logos" is being generous. They're glorified wordmarks. And they're going to look awful in patch form, especially on road or alternate uniforms (thanks to all the white space in the background).
  10. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    Probably a #unpopularopinion here, but I actually much prefer the black/white stripes to the solid, overbearing gray one. The gray stripe looks incomplete and bland, like a placeholder for a future design. It's too sterile, IMO. I'd have been happy to see a return of the Avs' old jerseys, just with the current number font.
  11. YouTube Video Logos

    I like the last version of the HT logo first too, but would agree that I'm nto sure how well it reads as a walkie talkie. What about something along these lines (did a 5 second mockup in Paint since it probably would be hard to illustrate through words)?
  12. The XFL may be making a comeback

    In fairness, that's always my operating assumption with Vince.
  13. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Didn't realize that first portion. Seems incredibly backward to me that you'd have elected judges hearing felony cases, and appointed judges hearing misdemeanor cases, but that's New York for you. Most absurdly complex and incomprehensible court system in the country.
  14. Say it ain't so, Joe

    It's an absurdity, to be honest. And more common in other parts of the country than where I am. Back in Connecticut, I think probate judges were the only ones elected. Here in New York, judges presiding over criminal trials in NYC are appointed by the Mayor, whereas in the rest of the state, judges in criminal courts are elected. Amazingly, most elected judges are not attorneys, and require training before sitting on the bench.
  15. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Well, of course - the XFL is a stupid endeavor that will inevitably fail, but speaking more from a perspective of trying to give them as good a chance as is reaslitic.