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  1. kroywen

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Good lord, these MNF graphics on ESPN are hideous. Way too bright, reads very blurry from a distance, and commands way too much attention. Whoever designed this didn't get the "flat graphics" memo from like, 8 years ago, did they?
  2. Yeah, Real never makes sense for an American club. There's no royalty in America. It wouldn't make any more sense in Miami than it does in Salt Lake. "International" actually fits Miami to a tee. Having the name in Spanish does too. It's the unofficial capital of Latin America and has a huge Hispanic population. This name actually fits Miami like a glove, unlike most MLS names.
  3. I don't think that "Pigeons" or "Reds" are meant to fill the same functionality as "Sounders" or "Timbers." The latter are the official names of those clubs; the former are just nicknames that have been adopted informally over the years. It's like the difference between "Yankees" and "Bombers," "Canadiens" and "Habs." No, the average person in NYC will have no clue what you're talking about if you ask about the "Pigeons," but they'd probably also do a double-take if you ask them about the "Bombers" without first referring to the Yankees (and might promptly have you arrested in our post-9/11 world ). But most New Yorkers with even a passing knowledge of MLS would know what you're talking about if you said "N-Y-C-F-C," just like anyone in NYC knows exactly who the "Yankees" are.
  4. kroywen

    Unpopular Opinions

    The Panthers should move to the blue jerseys full time, and make black a trim color only:
  5. kroywen

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    I'd hope - and guess - that they won't change the branding much. They have to know that part of Moxie's niche appeal is its historic branding.
  6. kroywen

    New Library Of Congress logo / branding

    Feels like they're trying to mimic the Whitney's incredible branding, and failing miserably at it:
  7. kroywen

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Watching that video makes me extraordinarily happy that I wasn't alive in 1985. Can't say I realized that Kiss had already ditched the makeup by that point though.
  8. kroywen

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    That might be the most overrated color scheme on this board. It's possible (though not easy) to make a two-tone green look good, if one is strictly a tertiary trim color. But the Irish rainbow? It's rightfully consigned to the same 1980s dustbin as gigantic hair, Reaganism, and KISS.
  9. kroywen

    MLB changes 2018?

    The Orioles' Players Weekend jerseys are nothing short of blinding. I thought it was bad last night, but seeing these in the daylight is even worse. I think I might go blind watching this game. I also don't like how the black wordmark against the orange background - the black wordmark becomes blurry at any sort of a distance. Needs a white outline to set it off.
  10. kroywen

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    It's New York... more like a white collar fanbase that pretends to be working class by swilling beer and tailgating 8 times every fall. I totally agree with emphasizing New York more than the Jets. There's a reason why all the other "New York" named teams do it, as @SFGiants58 detailed above. Anything else is too gimmicky for a New York fanbase.
  11. I'm a Yankees, Jets, and Rangers fan. MLB (AL East): Rays. They're annoying little gnats that have this pernicious tendency to beat the Yanks at the Trop even when they're not good, but they're ultimately not a very hate-able team. Very little success in their history, and a mausoleum of a ballpark. And I do like that they knocked off the Sox in both 2008 and 2011. (I've never been happier for the Yankees to lose a game as I was during Game 162 in 2011.) NFL (AFC East): I guess the Dolphins. They're just kind of there. They also don't have the Bills' annoying "we're New York's only team!!!" crap going on (the Jets play 6 miles from Times Square, FFS). The AFC East is so lopsided toward the Pats that I think the other three teams kind of take the attitude that "the enemy of my enemy is... mildly tolerable." I don't like the Bills or the Dolphins one bit, but nothing matches the writhing hatred that I (and everyone else) have for the Pats. NHL (Metropolitan): Blue Jackets. I hate all of the leftovers from the old Atlantic Division (that was a division where every single team hated each other - it was incredible), and I hate the Hurricanes for having been stolen from my native Connecticut. so that leaves the Blue Jackets, who I frankly couldn't care less about one way or another.
  12. kroywen

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    I hate that the entire logo is slanted, and all the white space is going to look terrible in patch form. Also probably the sparsest All-Star Game logo in decades. Not in a good way, either. That reveal video was strange too. They showed all these elements of the city skyline, guitar strings, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jacobs Field... and then used exactly none of them in the logo. I was thinking while watching that video "how many elements can they possibly cram into this logo?" and was surprised when the answer was... none. The video teased something dramatically different than the end product. The baseball seams forming a guitar is rather inspired, but I really liked what they had going with the guitar string motif, and it wasn't leveraged at all.
  13. kroywen

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    A shame too, because that might be the best stadium in the entire NFL, non-Lambeau division. Amazing sightlines, attractive design, fans on top of the action, and louder than a 747 at full blast. I wish all stadiums were designed with similar principles to Century Link.
  14. That would work. As I said, the plane itself would work as a standalone logo. Honestly, I think it'd look better at midfield than the roundel (small text may not translate well at midfield - there's a reason why roundels are rarely done there either).
  15. It's mostly the fact that basketball is so superstar-driven, but exacerbated by NBA salary cap rules. The way salary cap rules are designed, teams vying for a prominent free agent are generally going to offer similar contracts to one another (all well below open market value, FWIW), so the free agent will decide not based on how gives them the most money, but on other factors. The biggest is usually "can I win a championship here?" It's how you saw the top three free agents flocking to Miami in a single offseason with the express purpose of creating a superteam, or why KD chose the Warriors over other teams. It's ironic that a policy that's in part designed to promote parity actually decreases it, since teams are largely competing for top free agents based on their ability to deliver a championship (rather than on the best salary). Of course, the biggest purpose of the salary cap is to contain payroll costs, which it is insanely effective at doing (part of why the NBA is so financially healthy).