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  1. If only I could delete my account, but for right now, I'm leaving sportslogos.net

  2. I've changed my mind about tanking. Trust the Process, Whales!
  3. Great season for the Shamrocks again, and I was hoping for the Nationale to make the playoffs. Maybe next year??
  4. Um hawkfan, could you show the spreadsheets that you use to sim a PHL season?
  5. Just re caught up with this thread. Honestly, I like the Swamp Monsters's logo.
  6. Sorry to interrupt, but I need people to help update the wiki to the 1983 season. http://afa.wikia.com/wiki/AFA_Universe_Wikia
  7. Hey hawkfan, can you update my Chicago Shamrocks player sig?
  8. Congrats to the Centennials. How are the Miners' future?
  9. Good updates. I can't wait until the next season.
  10. Yes, finally! I have been waiting for so long. So short for Pittsburgh, though.
  11. Honestly, I wonder if there's a "curse" that is preventing them from winning their division (and to be more accurate, the Lewis Cup)
  12. We must build a wall against the lurkers so that none of them join the thread.