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  1. Great season for the Shamrocks again, and I was hoping for the Nationale to make the playoffs. Maybe next year??
  2. Um hawkfan, could you show the spreadsheets that you use to sim a PHL season?
  3. Just re caught up with this thread. Honestly, I like the Swamp Monsters's logo.
  4. Sorry to interrupt, but I need people to help update the wiki to the 1983 season. http://afa.wikia.com/wiki/AFA_Universe_Wikia
  5. Hey hawkfan, can you update my Chicago Shamrocks player sig?
  6. Congrats to the Centennials. How are the Miners' future?
  7. Good updates. I can't wait until the next season.
  8. Yes, finally! I have been waiting for so long. So short for Pittsburgh, though.
  9. Honestly, I wonder if there's a "curse" that is preventing them from winning their division (and to be more accurate, the Lewis Cup)
  10. We must build a wall against the lurkers so that none of them join the thread.
  11. Professional Dodgeball Coalition 2.0

    Love that fauxback. It screams "pure Yankees" to me.
  12. change your name please, it's misleading