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  1. Maybe not a good album to my standards, but it was popular nonetheless.
  2. I don't know, maybe we'll just have to see the uniforms to see which is the best.
  3. Well, if you use Cascaders, I would think that they would use more of a light blue and grey color scheme, but green and silver could look nice.
  4. If Seattle is coming up with a new identity, does that mean we should give ideas for a new name? If so, how 'bout the Emeralds?
  5. embrace the gold

    You should make one where the numbers are solid gold, with no outline.
  6. There's an independent Sears around here that still uses the inlined logo. Nobody goes there anymore. It's about to go out of business.
  7. I could've sworn I've seen a picture of the dolphins wearing helmets that just have an orange 'M' on them, like the dolphin was wearing in their old logo.
  8. If you do Kansas, we might win a game or two.
  9. dayum son thats's amazing why not try making one with their old colors they used right before they moved? I think they've made a huge mistake only doing blue & white.
  10. How about the Texans logo with the Oilers (football) colors?
  11. The logo looks a lot like the KC Royals logo.
  12. nba

    I hope i made up for not posting for 9 days straight. home uniform road uniform critique is appreciated, of course!
  13. nba

    Is this better?
  14. nba

    Well, you never know what might change.