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  1. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    why TF is he wearing Yeezys.
  2. My Raptors logo.

    This is really good, but the colours are very bright. Maybe try and use the colour picker tool on the old Raptors logo?
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Maybe they could use the old version of the advertisers logo, like this?
  4. NBA Redesign by CinnamonRoll21 (Miami Heat)

    i dunno lol
  5. NBA Redesign by CinnamonRoll21 (Miami Heat)

    3 defenetly
  6. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    My votes for the Armadillos.
  7. NBA Rebrand/Alternate Universe

    Hi! I'm back now! I'm gonna start right where I left off with the 2017 NBA champions, the Golden State California Warriors! Home Uniforms Road Uniforms
  8. Oklahoma City Thunder - 2017 Nike Concept

    I get the thing with the bricks, but the moment I saw the bricks I thought "oh like shooting bricks?", so maybe don't do that, because then it could just get associated with bricking shots. russell westbrick
  9. Good Albums With Bad Artwork

    Maybe not a good album to my standards, but it was popular nonetheless.
  10. American Basketball League - 1962 ABL Finals

    I don't know, maybe we'll just have to see the uniforms to see which is the best.
  11. American Basketball League - 1962 ABL Finals

    Well, if you use Cascaders, I would think that they would use more of a light blue and grey color scheme, but green and silver could look nice.
  12. American Basketball League - 1962 ABL Finals

    If Seattle is coming up with a new identity, does that mean we should give ideas for a new name? If so, how 'bout the Emeralds?
  13. #ConceptLeagues - Tha Raiders

    You should make one where the numbers are solid gold, with no outline.
  14. Logos associated with failure.

    There's an independent Sears around here that still uses the inlined logo. Nobody goes there anymore. It's about to go out of business.
  15. Mandela Effect

    I could've sworn I've seen a picture of the dolphins wearing helmets that just have an orange 'M' on them, like the dolphin was wearing in their old logo.