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  1. Happened to sit right by this seat the first time i ever went to a game there, back in 2003.
  2. Houston Astrodome; recent shots: exterior as of 2014. They actually cleaned mold, mildew and dirt off of the exterior in 2014. Interior view, fall of last year. Note most seats are removed. The seats were sold to whoever would buy them at about $200 a pair last year.
  3. Total brain fart... forgot it was NBA-centric. Moved them to new thread.
  4. Some black and white ones from the same article: First ever regular home-season game, against the Rams. John Gilliam returns the first-ever regular season kickoff for a Saints touchdown, 1967. It was all downhill from there for years to come. 1967 home game against the Browns.
  5. Total brain fart earlier on one of my favorite threads (Rare NBA Getty Images, Google & Internet Finds);completely forgot it was NBA-centric and posted some NFL (Saints) photos from 1967. So, moving my posts and starting an NFL equivalent: ================================================================================ The MMQB page on SI.com had a great feature last week on the New Orleans Saints' 1st season: Brawls, Booze and True Believers: The Saints’ Wild First Season (a fun and interesting read, too, by the way) which had some great old shots from Getty and SI. Here are the color ones: Photo of Gary Cuozzo, Jim Taylor and coach Tom Fears taken in training camp (note that's why there are no parallel black stripes on helmet). Still think that look is the BEST look for the Saints, ever. That deep, rich gold-- so much better than the Vegas gold and semi-khaki crap out there today... 1967 game against NY Giants in Yankee Stadium. So much to love about this shot. Saints starting quarterback in their first few years, Billy Kilmer. Love that huge fleur-de-lis logo....
  6. post moved to new thread.....
  7. That is a fact that no one is denying. But no matter what you or Admiral may think, doing that is NOT "25 million people being made to die". Its' over- the-top hyperbole and conjecture put out there to justify the attempted assassination of several U.S. congressman, and what may wind up to be the cold-blooded murder of a congressman. Someone on the right could argue a similar hyperbole, that someone voting to get an abortion rights bill passed should be okay with being made to die, as the bill would result in "XX million babies being made to die", and it would be just as wrong. Hitler had between 6 to 11 million "people made to die"-- that's a reality. Now, here is where lots of people are playing armchair quarterback via old police reports, records, and interviews with friends and such. Are there any records showing that the shooter was "mentally ill"? No. Had he ever sought mental health assistance? No. Did he have a criminal record? No. He was arrested a few times on assorted things, charges were always dismissed, and he was once told by police not to fire guns into the woods. So how can the state deny him the ability to buy a weapon? Is everyone now going to be subject to searches of their Facebook history and interviews with family and friends, and record of arrests and charges that were DISMISSED before legally purchasing a firearm? Granted this is the guy who shot my friend-- I'd LOVE for it to be brought out that he was a proven nut job, should have never been allowed to buy a gun, yada yada. But unfortunately, that's not the case.
  8. And with that, once again the Admiral becomes my adversary. Way to blow things out of proportion with histrionic hyperbole, kid. Show me where my friend "made 25 million people to die". Show me where he voted for "anyone to fire a gun anywhere they want". Show me NOW, while my close friend is lying on a hospital table undergoing his third surgery to save his life, while I -- and even his opposing party congressmen from across the aisle-- are praying for the life of this fine man, a man MUCH better than you could ever hope to be. "May he learn from his experience". He ain't gonna learn jack from his experience if he's DEAD, which is a strong possibility and was the intent of the nutjob shooter. And from the word and tone of your post, that's okay with you.
  9. http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/14/politics/alexandria-virginia-shooting/index.html This is really hitting home for me. Steve and I were college roommates, he did one of the readings at my wedding, and we were in with a few other guys on New Orleans Hornets season tickets their first few years here before Hurricane Katrina. Since he moved up from the State house to Congress we have been in a lot less contact than before, naturally. Regardless of political views, Steve is one of the nicest guys I've known in my life, a stand-up guy of character, and a husband and father of two elementary school kids. My prayers are going out to him and his family, and I ask for yours as well. Hopefully, he should be okay, but this is extremely unsettling.
  10. Yep. Confirmed by ESPN and everybody. Well, just like that, the list of national championship coaches that are STILL coaching is now down to only FOUR: Nick Saban, Alabama (2015, 2012, 2011, 2009)(2003- LSU) Urban Meyer, OhioState (2006, 2008- Florida) (2014- OhioState) Jimbo Fisher, Florida State (2013) Dabo Swinney, Clemson (2016) Of course, Les Miles (2007) could still come back somewhere for next season. I'm surprised he didn't wind up somewhere else THIS season, actually.
  11. 9,500 capacity, and pretty nice in design, so it's do-able for AAA, but it's already failed at the AA level. The old Orlando Rays moved there from old Tinker Field in 2000, but they still couldn't draw flies-- about 1,000 fans a game and last in the league. Following the 2003 season, the franchise broke a 10-year lease at Disney after just four years and moved to Montgomery, here they are now the Biscuits.
  12. Thanks for the review. We're taking a Southern California vacation in mid-July and just got our Disneyland tickets this past weekend. Haven't been there since 2004; the girls barely remember it (they were 7 and 3 last time). Looking forward to checking out GOTG, the new "Cars" area, and the "Finding Nemo" change to the submarine rides.
  13. Been watching (on MeTV) reruns of the old 1974-75 show Kolchak:The Night Stalker. I watched that show religiously on Friday nights when I was a 9-10 year old monster fan. It was reportedly the inspiration for Chris Carter's The X-Files. It's funny to go back and watch it now. For one thing, Kolchak (played by Darren McGavin, best known for playing the dad in A Christmas Story) always had THE SAME THING ON EVERY EPISODE-- seersucker suit, blue shirt, dark knit tie, straw hat. It's like he either never changed clothes, or he had a closet full of the same thing. Secondly, the show was set in Chicago, but other than a few stock aerial shots and such, it was clearly filmed in L.A., (Mediterranean landscape hills, etc.). Finally, now that I'm in my fifties and not barely 10 years old, it's amazing to see how BAD the show is. The special effects and costumes were TERRIBLE; and the dialogue is very hokey and unrealistic. But I still love it. The whole premise of reporter Kolchak always finding these monsters and supernatural things, then defeating them with no proof (and no story) EVERY WEEK is hokey and absurd, but endearing. In that regard, it's almost like Gilligan's island-- absurd yet entertaining.
  14. New Orleans Pelicans to get pitches from 5 cities vying for Development League franchise As I suspected, St. Tammany Parish is out; they have no facility. Jackson has an antiquated coliseum- I can remember going to a rodeo there in 1968 when I was 4 years old. Shreveport is planning a new arena... Still think Biloxi would have been perfect; not sure why they didn't pursue...