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  1. MAST, not pole (sorry, been sailing and boating since I was a kid). And, HOLY CRUD! I stand corrected and can't believe I never noticed (and apparently, neither did a few others) that flub. That IS a mighty big mistake.by designers. Mea culpa, VikWings et als.... It also bugs me that the sails are catching wind, but held by... nothing. No ropes (or, lines) securing them. Then again, this is a set whose primary has a flag which is somehow held aloft by a sword, with only some gravity-defying magic (or primitive Super Glue) keeping it attached to the sword.....
  2. That's not a post; that's the bowsprit-- a spar that is attached to the bow of a ship, and used to hold triangular jib sails (though this ship doesn't have any jib sails hoisted at the present time). It's really not directly in front of the sails; that's an effect of the lower perspective and foreshortening. These should give you an idea of the same thing that's going on:
  3. Correct and true, but a little out of order, chronologically. The NFL first decided to expand to Dallas, and offered the franchise to Hunt, who, to his credit, didn't leave the other AFL owners in the lurch (as Max WInter did when he took the NFL's offer to switch his Minnesota franchise from the AFL to the NFL). After that, the NFL decided to go head to head in Dallas and awarded the Dallas franchise to Murchison. The NFL had also announced it was expanding into Dallas to slug it out with Hunt himself. Before doing so, they had offered Lamar the opportunity to defect. Had he, Ralph Wilson noted, the AFL 'would have been stillborn'... When Hunt refused, the NFL awarded the Dallas Cowboys to Clint Murchison and the war was on. -- The League: The Rise and Decline of the NFL by David Harris, p. 104. Mac, if you don't have a copy of this, you should get one. I know you would enjoy it.?
  4. B-Rich

    Letter-modified Pro logos

    The Jefferson Parish Recreation Department (JPRD) has been doing THIS for far too long:
  5. Sad for Bama fans; happy for pretty much everyone else....?
  6. Not sure if anyone else caught any of the LSU-Bama game, but I did (of course) and I'll say it now: Crown 'em. No one is going to beat Bama this year. NO ONE. They are a frickin' machine this year; best recruits and talent, best coaching staff from the top down, and a method of not making mistakes. Only drawback is their kicking game.
  7. B-Rich

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    This jersey: 1992. At the same time this team was coming into being, my wife was nearing the end of her med-school years and we were checking out residency sites. One was the Tampa area. She signed up to take a one-month rotation at Tampa General between Thanksgiving and Christmastime to see if she'd like doing a residency there. I went down with her for Thanksgiving week to help her move in, and bought this jersey (which I still have). We celebrated our first anniversary in Tampa, and as that is the "paper" anniversary, she gave me tickets to a Lightning game (which we attended just before Christmas, when I went back down to pick her up and move her back home). That game was held at the Lightning's temporary facility (the old Fairgrounds Building) and at the game we bought a logo ornament (which we still have). The Lightning from that point on became my NHL team. This jersey was worn for several years, often on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. It evokes a warm feeling of being newlyweds, pre-mortgage and kids; not having too many cares in the world, having just enough money for the two of us to be happy, the world spread before us and full of promise of great things to come. I feel a little too old to wear jerseys anymore, but my two daughters (18 and 21) love to wear it, along with most of my other old jerseys....?
  8. B-Rich

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    So, this jersey basically mimics the ubiquitous local Perlis brand rugby shirts that all the hopelessly white folks wear uptown at Mardi Gras time (especially college and teen-age girls): (and yes, I do have one in my closet). They will sell like hotcakes...
  9. B-Rich

    NBA G-League Still Needs to Expand

    Precisely. They HAVE an acceptable arena, and couldn't make up their minds about sticking with what they have and have a G-League team, or follow some shady developer and build a new one. But Birmingham? Six hours away? Still wondering why nearby Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum were never in the mix... probably because the Biloxi Shuckers, despite having a pretty good team (two championship appearance in 4 seasons) aren't setting the world on fire at the turnstiles.
  10. B-Rich

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    Eliminate offsides in soccer (MLS, worldwide, etc.).
  11. B-Rich

    2018 NFL Season

    Seriously? Brady-- maybe in this generation, but he's been the beneficiary of a coach that is levels above anyone else in the NFL, as well as a great team full of talent around him. Put Brady in Tampa Bay or Cleveland and he's not half what he's been. Rodgers? Can't carry Drew Bree's jockstrap.
  12. B-Rich

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Aww, hell no...
  13. B-Rich

    Forgotten Rivalries

    Completely agree. You can also throw in longtime ACC member Maryland. And SEC fans still wonder why in the hell we wound up with Mizzou. Were the St.Louis and Kansas City TV markets worth having a team that in no way fits the SEC?
  14. B-Rich

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Tulane University (supposedly with school colors of Olive Green and Sky Blue), take note. THAT military shade is "Olive Green" (a.k.a. 'olive drab'). THIS is not:
  15. ??-- seriously, tears were coming out of my eyes I was laughing so hard....