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  1. Technically, it IS also south of the river. The City of New Orleans/Orleans Parish has a jurisdictional section on the west bank of the river called Algiers. Directionally, it is mostly south of the river:
  2. New Orleans is also east of the Mississippi River, as is the AAA baseball stadium in Metairie.
  3. Really liking that green, yellow, & orange scheme. Have a feeling that may be Orlando (citrus-y colors) Also liking that dark gray/yellow combo. I saw a backpack in college with those colors, thought, "what a cool combo" and promptly designed a logo with those colors for a team called the Utah Owls.
  4. That team name will NOT be missed. After that name was announced, an (unscientific) response poll was done; 91% of respondents were opposed to the name. From my experience living here, that's about correct. Hell, no. That stupid idiotic made-up name needs to be gone YESTERDAY. The main thing is to get away from any involvement with Schwechheimer, who says he wants to be involved in bringing in a AA team to replace the AAA franchise. That guy ruined the AAA franchise here so he could move them on to greener pastures. The Board of Commissioners of the Louisiana Sports and Exposition District (colloquially referred to as "The Superdome Commission") has jurisdictional authority over the baseball stadium and will be to entity to do this.
  5. Schweichheimer as a minor league ballclub owner was so cheap, he kept the previous Nutria mascots, Boudreaux and Clotile, and just stuck Baby Cakes jerseys on them. Never had a baby mascot.
  6. B-Rich

    Minor League Baseball team names

    I disagree as well. That "CR" cap for the Rockies has bugged me since it was introduced. It just looks and feels WRONG. No other MLB team did or does that. The California Angels cap did not, as "CA" is a well-defined and common abbreviation for California (even designated by the postal service) and I always saw it as such, rather than standing for California Angels.
  7. Please, god, no. Lease expires after 2020 season. State (stadium owner) can (and should) say to Schwechheimer, "NO LEASE FOR YOU! Hit the road, jack, and don't let the door hit you on the way out." Concurrently, get Gayle Benson to acquire the AA Southern League franchise and give the lease deal to her (word 'round these parts is those wheels are already turning). The state owns the entire site, and the Saints and Pelicans training/practice facilities are already right next door: And the late Tom Benson had actually bought an AA team to move here in '93, but was trumped by the AAA Denver Zephyrs deciding to move to the market.
  8. Feel free. You may want to use the original 2016 post for reference to BaseballHavana, etc.
  9. Tweet by a local sports broadcaster: "Sources say that it will be announced tomorrow that the Baby Cakes will move to Wichita. The Baby Cakes have a lease through 2021, so baseball is not leaving yet, AND there is a group in NOLA hoping to bring an AA southern league team in by then". I don't know where to begin. So, Lou Schwechheimer buys the team 3 years ago, talks about how he is going to do great things by giving us a more local nickname (among other things) and changes the name prior to last year, , and now is planning to move them? As I noted in a post in 2016, Schwecheimer is also head of an organization called the Caribbean Baseball Initiative, which also includes a sub-group called BaseballHavana, which was formed after Obama began working to normalize relations with Cuba. Schwechheimer secured the exclusive rights from Minor League Baseball to return professional baseball to Havana. He obtained the necessary licensing from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. However, that initiative, and what I thought was his ultimate goal of moving the Miami Marlins AAA franchise to Havana, wound up being squelched by the surprising election of Trump later that year. Hilary Clinton would have certainly continued Obama's policies toward Cuba; instead Trump reinstated travel and trade restrictions that Obama had eased. Essentially, Schwechheimer's whole "Baseball Havana" deal was screwed. As Brian in Boston stated, "the Baby Cakes' attendance was down precipitously this season." I projected that as well, noting that a poll indicated 91% of respondents did not approve of the name change, and that many online (like myself) stated that they would not spend any money on the team - not just merchandise, but also actual game attendance. There were also some calls for a formal boycott of the team by fans, All I can hope for is that the "group in NOLA hoping to bring in an AA team" is NOT as indicated in the article linked by Buzzcut; i.e. the same Schwechheimer ownership group. Get him, his lame management, and his stupid "Baby Cakes" name out of here for good; let us have an AA Southern League team (with a decent name) with some nice regional rivals in Biloxi, Pensacola, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Jackson, MS.
  10. B-Rich

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    As an additional note, in between the Stallions and the Bolts, the WLAF Birmingham Fire averaged 27,467 in their first season (including a playoff game), but only 14,636 in their second season. The CFL Birmingham Barracudas averaged only 17, 625 in their one year of existence (1995).
  11. Pleasantly ( and thoroughly) surprised by the LSU win over top 10 Miami. At one point up by a dominating 33-3, LSU sat several defensive starters and let Miami back in it and get to within 16, but that was it. Big test in two weeks at Auburn, though....
  12. The key point of the OP-- moving to a new state and embracing your new local sports franchise -- only happened to me a few times. And ONLY when I didn't have my original hometown team to cheer for. Some background-- I mostly grew up in the New Orleans area. So other than that period when you are a pre-teen boy and must identify with a winner, I was clearly a Saints fan. I had and wore a replica Archie Manning jersey throughout my teen years: (including my freshman year of college, when I would nap on the dorm floor using a pile of laundry as a pillow...sheesh) In the late 70s I was a N.O. Jazz fan, as well, and had a TON of their gear; until the owner moved them to Utah in '79 when I was 14 and the franchise became dead to me... (though I still rep the old logo on T-Shirts, sweatshirts, etc.).... We had no MLB baseball team, so I became a Dodgers fan (liked their classic look, and had the idea of moving to California when I grew up). Saw the Rowdies play in Tampa in 1980 and they became my fave soccer team-- even rocked a Rowdies T-shirt back in the day. Fast forward to freshman year of college. Went to Trinity in San Antonio for one year, so I became a bit of a Spurs fan. I think I bought a pair of Spurs socks and a plastic Spurs logo mug. But like my time in San Antonio, my Spurs fandom didn't last long. Fast forward again a few more years to grad school. Moved to Atlanta, and immediately became a Hawks fan as I had no NBA team. Went and saw them quite a bit; got a Hawks pennant; made sure to wear their colors when going to a game (though it seems most of the time I went in a suit as I went to games directly from my internship job). I also sort of switched my allegiance from the Dodgers to the Braves, who at the time were lovable losers. Got a Braves cap to go along with my Dodgers cap (but proudly wore my Dodger cap in class when they won it all in 1988). There was, of course, NO question of me switching my allegiance from the Saints to the Falcons. NO WAY would I ever become a fan of those hated rivals or wear their gear. Even after I moved back to New Orleans in 1990, I kind of kept up my Hawks fandom and pretty much switched my fandom from the Dodgers to the Braves, buying two World Series caps, getting some more pennants, and best of all buying a cool COTTON replica Braves jersey: At a friend's birthday party in 1994. As a side thing, in 1992, my wife did a one-month med school rotation down in Tampa; we were thinking of her doing her residency down there, and I spent Thanksgiving week with her in that area. While that residency didn't happen, we did see a Lightning game (this was their 1st year of existence); I bought a jersey, and since then they have been my NHL team. But with the Hornets relocation to New Orleans in 2002, I then became a Hornets (later Pelicans) fan (for awhile even season ticket holder) and have over the years got a LOT of their merch. And with the Braves abandoning Atlanta proper for Cobb County, they have become DEAD to me. Of course I remain a fan / big merch wearer of my college alma maters -- LSU and Georgia Tech-- and proudly wear a sweatshirt from where about half my extended family went -- Southern Miss.
  13. YES!! Freakin' beautiful... And you know what else this added color does? Brings out the notion of the crescent portion of the "sun" also representing the 'moon', as in the classic phrase/song "Moon over Miami" ('Moons' was in the running for the AFL franchise that became the Dolphins, back in the day).
  14. B-Rich

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Couple of my own; which are also sort of major: 1. Tampa Bay Rowdies -- That old NASL team had quite a fan base-- Tampa's 1st pro team, beating the Bucs by a year-- won an NASL championship and appeared, IIRC in two others. Great color scheme, original name and logo. Name went on for years after NASL went under (AISA, ASL/APSL). When MLS came about they really blew it with the stupid "Mutiny" moniker. The Rowdies name was later resurrected for their NASL 2 and USL team and remains the proposed name behind the recent expansion effort. 2. New Orleans Jazz -- Very popular around here; and I've seen old-school throwback stuff for them nationwide. I make and wear my own t-shirts/ sweatshirts with that iconic logo, and invariably ALL KINDS of people comment on how much they like it (even a guy in Seward, Alaska) and I almost always offer to make them one. I think I've made and given over 10 such shirts over time; to such a varied group as a New Orleans Policewoman, a Katrina expatriate living in Austin, and an African-American guy selling barbecue along a parade route during Carnival season.... I think it's because the name (and logo) just SCREAMS. "That's right! That's what it should be!"... I'm not sure if the team had switched to the "Utah Mountains" or "Salt Lake City Pioneers", the attraction would still be there (but I can assure you, if that switch HAD occurred, the New Orleans Pelicans would be the New Orleans Jazz right now). 3. Brooklyn Dodgers -- No one has mentioned this? I bet you probably see more merch from this team in being worn in North America than ANY other, particularly those "B" caps, secondarily the "Brooklyn" flocked script jerseys. Part of it is the nostalgia effect; a lot was the unusuality of "Brooklyn". You don't see nearly the same kind of love level for the old New York baseball Giants.... Although it wasn't the first big baseball move ( A's, Browns, Braves happened a few years earlier) it was CLEARLY the biggest franchise move in history-- much more so than the Sonics, Raiders, Colts, etc. This is a fact I think we miss living in our more modern era. And again, I think if they had become the Hollywood Stars, or Los Angeles Angels, you don't get the same attraction as you do now.
  15. B-Rich

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Actually, it was sort of the reverse. Shinn wanted to make the temporary move to OKC permanent and keep ownership for himself (while likely selling a minority share to Clay Bennett and the boys, his usual modus operandi when he was strapped for cash, i.e. ALWAYS). Stern was already in bed with Clay-boy and told Shinn the team could stay IF he sold it all to local owners (including Clay), otherwise it was going back to New Orleans. Shinn needed to hold on to his sole source of income and thus moved the team back. This whole tying in the Hornets/Pelicans franchise and their time in Oklahoma City as the reason the Sonics moved is baloney. They wouldn't have BEEN in Oklahoma City in the 1st place but for an Act of God natural disaster (exacerbated by 'man-made' poor engineering). No Hurricane Katrina, no temp move to OKC; no involvement whatsoever in the Sonics relocation situation.