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  1. B-Rich

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Now you're just reaching. "There's a lot of background research into the names". As I posted back in 2016 when the name was announced, from a local newspaper article that quoted directly from the Brandiose guys, they were here barely 2 DAYS doing on-the-ground research. And to say, "specifically Baby Cakes would only work in New Orleans" is flat out wrong. It doesn't even work IN New Orleans. Brandiose and the out-of-town owners stated that they DERIVED the name; it is NOT even a real thing (the local term is and has always been "king cake baby"). They stated in their finalist name descriptions that a king cake baby "was sought after", while New Orleanians know the exact OPPOSITE is true-- you don't want the piece with the baby, because by tradition then you have to buy the next cake. Swallowing the baby or not owning up to getting the piece with the baby is even a long-running joke around here. Not knowing these things is the kind of "lot of background research" these guys do. That's why 91% of respondents in an online poll after the name was announced HATED the name. These guys were so clueless that another one of their finalist names was "Red Eyes" for crawfish, despite the fact that (a) Crawfish do not have red eyes, and (b) NO ONE HERE HAS EVER CALLED THEM THAT. It's relevant because this was the point of the name change all along. Nothing to do with building local interest, or picking a name that locals would go for, it was a short-term cash grab, which the owners essentially even admitted to. Minor league merch-- just like MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL merch-- is now sold all over the country, so they came up with the most 'whimsical' "cute' 'silly' (stupid) name that would sell the most merch nationwide-- not to locals in New Orleans, 91% of whom disapprove of it and who see the name as a joke-- but to the many more people in places like Atlanta, Tampa Bay, New York, Boise, etc. who want to wear something cute and recent and 'out there'.
  2. B-Rich

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Exactly. Here, "Da Levee":
  3. B-Rich

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    And you live in Atlanta. 'Nuff said. No. 1: There is no set deal that the name Baby Cakes would stay in New Orleans; if anything, this gives locals at least an opportunity to right a wrong and get rid of the ridiculous Baby Cakes name which is overwhelmingly hated. No 2: Who is this "they're" you are speaking of? The current franchise owner, Lou Schwecheimer (the only guy who would want to keep the name Baby Cakes)? "They're" is certainly not referring to those in charge of the stadium: the commissioners of the LSED (Louisiana Sports and Entertainment District). Why would they want to deal with a guy who is taking the current team and leaving? It'd be like Spanos telling San Diego: "Sorry, I'm moving the NFL Chargers out of your stadium, but hey-- I'll bring in another team named Chargers for your stadium in either the AAF or XFL." No. 3: The Carolina Mudcats have a history going back to their days of the Columbus Mudcats from 1989-1991, and the Carolina Mudcats since then in Zebulon. Their name is beloved by fans with 30 years history. The Baby Cakes name is reviled by fans, with only two years existence before the owner announced he's taking the franchise elsewhere. No. 4: No, we don't complain about Brandiose too much. See above. Again.... no.
  4. B-Rich

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Disagree with so much of this. (1) Zephyr Field doe NOT need a lot of work to modernize and right-size it. (2) My anecdotal experience is very different. Not sure how old you are, but I was there as a 28 year-old at Privateer Park when the Zephyrs played their first game in New Orleans in 1993, and was in the owners' suite for the first game in Zephyr Field in 1997. Back in those days, I saw a LOT more Zephyrs merch around town than in the last two years seeing Baby Cakes' merch. This was true for adults (the beautiful blue and green 'Z' caps, in particular) but even more so for kids (t-shirts, caps, etc.). Now in the last 10 years, I will concur that one rarely saw Zephyrs merch, but that was because the team is, after all, 25 years here and also went through some stupid re-brands that never registered (the Nutria "bite" logo, the fleur-de-bat Z in blue and silver, etc.). Not to mention the NBA Hornets/Pelicans came along and quickly pushed the AAA team to a distant third in fandom. Also anecdotally, I made it a point, after seeing someone wearing Baby Cakes gear in public, to talk to them about it, whether they were someone at a party or gathering I was attending or just a stranger on the street (no one I KNOW actually bought any merch). They turned out to be (a) recent transplants, such as the fireman originally from Cincinnati, (b) out-of-towners visiting for Mardi Gras or Jazz fest, or in one case (c) an employee of the team. And without fail, they were all youngish slightly hipster types, MOST of whom really weren't even baseball fans. They just though the name and logo was "funny" and "cute". (3) I have no doubt that money-grubbing Lou Schwecheimer would like to be involved in some shape or form with an AA team here and keeping the name, if nothing else, so he can sell more of his remaining stock of Baby Cakes merch. But I also have no doubt that the local elected officials and members of the LSED are smart enough to kick him to the curb. (4) Word is the most likely team would be the Jackson (TN) Generals. And your statement of "it's too big for AAA baseball now, it's downright cavernous for a AA team" is pure hyperbole. Let's look at current AAA stadia size: Zephyr Field/Shrine on Airline is 10,000, closer to smaller range of stadiums and clearly in that middle bell curve of the 10,000-ish range. Now let's look at the current AA stadiums: Zephyr Field would be in the top end range of the AA stadiums in terms of capacity, but it would by no means be "downright cavernous". Take out (or tarp) the upper deck seats (but keep the suites) and it's right where it needs to be. (5) Not sure who else would step up to buy an AA Southern League franchise, but Tom Benson bought and tried to relocate a AA team at the same time that the Dikeous planned to move the Zephyrs from Denver; AND he was going to name the teams the Pelicans. His widow, Gayle, was the prime factors in getting him to buy the Hornets and keep them in town. I think she'd be the best bet for a LOCAL owner with deep pockets who could keep the team as a civic enterprise, rather than a prime source of income like Schwecheimer was doing.
  5. B-Rich

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Shaky start, but my Saints mount a FANTASTIC comeback to win 20-14. Eagles were up 14-0 at the end of the 1st quarter; Saints defense didn't let them score again for the rest of the game.
  6. Utah's "Dixie" is an interesting thing. It is, of course, in the southern part of Utah, but additionally many of its settlers were from the south. One of its first settlers had been a slave overseer and slave owner from North Carolina and Mississippi, and cotton, tobacco and other semi-tropical plants common to the South grew well there (all of this was prior to the Civil War, and well before Utah statehood). So the nickname of the area became "Utah's Dixie", and Dixie it has remained. Even more bizarre is that matching up with its name of Dixie State, up until 2009 the University's teams were named the "Rebels" which was then changed to the "Red Storm". In 2016, the nickname was changed again to the "Trailblazers".
  7. B-Rich

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Hopefully the name may be brought back to New Orleans, though it could easily fit in Wichita (it is a west wind, after all). Gayle Benson (Tom's widow; current Saints and Pelicans owner) has money to burn and the word on the street is that she will be involved in bringing in a Southern League AA franchise. The baseball stadium is essentially next door to the Saints and Pelicans training facilities, after all. Oh, and franchise owner Lou Schwecheimer and his flunky Cookie Rojas can kiss my a**.
  8. Final AP Poll out. Very proud of my undergraduate alma mater's Fighting Tigers, who are ranked #6, after most of the pundits at the beginning of the season had them going 6-6. 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Ohio State 4. Oklahoma 5. Notre Dame 6. LSU T7. Florida T7. Georgia 9. Texas 10. Washington State 11. UCF 12. Kentucky 13. Washington 14. Michigan 15. Syracuse 16. Texas A&M 17. Penn State 18. Fresno State 19. Army 20. West Virginia 21. Northwestern 22. Utah State 23. Boise State 24. Cincinnati 25. Iowa
  9. B-Rich

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Not to tangent from the AAF thread purpose but... Oh man, was that sweet to watch. Like being 14 all over again. The Pistol and the Iceman in their prime... I still love that old Jazz uniform look, though something seems off about Maravich's name on the back of the jersey-- much bigger;different font than I remember. I'm actually old enough to remember those CBS late '70s H-O-R-S-E competitions on TV . Filmed at the open-air atrium of the "Omni International Complex", which still exists today as CNN Center. I walked through there many a time before and after Hawks games when I lived in Atlanta back in the late 80s/early 90s...
  10. More on the story: The office of the city attorney disclosed the lawsuit Tuesday in a news release, stating it is seeking “a resolution for the maximum amount of damages available” that include lost revenue. The lawsuit alleges that when the NFL approved the Raiders relocation in March of 2017 by a 31-1 vote, the league and the Raiders violated antitrust laws by “boycotting Oakland.” The press release, however states that the lawsuit is not asking to block the Raiders move to Las Vegas nor keep the franchise in Oakland. “The defendants brazenly violated federal antitrust law and the league’s own policies when they boycotted Oakland as a host city,” Oakland city attorney Barbara J. Parker said in the statement. “The Raiders’ illegal move lines the pockets of NFL owners and sticks Oakland, its residents, taxpayers and dedicated fans with the bill. The purpose of this lawsuit is to hold the defendants accountable and help to compensate Oakland for the damages the defendants’ unlawful actions have caused and will cause to the people of Oakland.” Link to Full Article "Illegal move?" "Boycotted?" Asking the court to award the city with "the maximum amount of damages available" (as the news release noted)? This really seems like a reach for the City of Oakland, and a bit of a joke. Basically, City of Oakland: "Oh you're leaving? Well GIVE US A BUNCH OF MONEY!!!" Raiders: Our lease-- our only connection to you legally-- is up. We honored our part of the agreement and paid all of the lease payments...Why should we give you a bunch of money? City of Oakland: Because you and your buddies in the NFL are a bunch of money-grubbing BAD PEOPLE!!
  11. B-Rich

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Pretty sure that the Bardown staff made the same jump from the Twitter quote that Webfooter did, equating "mascot" with "team name"....
  12. B-Rich

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Now, let's not misquote them. The tweet quote said "mascot", not team name. They COULD very well be referring to a costumed mascot, which as we all know, can be far afield from the actual team name (Sonics' Sasquatch, Suns' Gorilla, Expos' Youppi, Avalanche's Howler the Yeti and now Bernie, etc.) While I agree that "Totems" and "Thunderbirds" wouldn't seem to fit with any water-related costumed mascot, I could easily see "Metros/Metropolitans" having someone in a seal or fish costume. (Canucks already have "Fin the Whale"):
  13. New Orleans Saints- - The black pants and the mismatched golds really irk me, but I just bitch about them. I still support the team and buy and wear merch like t-shirts, caps and polo shirts. I remain an enthusiastic fan and attend 2-3 games a year and otherwise watch all games on TV. New Orleans Pelicans- While I wasn't a big fan of the new name (it has a great history as, and works better as, a local BASEBALL team name), it grew on me, as I DID like the branding. I have a sweater, sweatshirt, couple of T-shirts and even socks, and go to quite a few games. New Orleans Zephyrs/Baby Cakes - When the AAA franchise relocated here, I became a big fan; attended the 1st ever game at UNO and the 1st ever game at the new stadium in Metairie, and purchased/wore all kind of merch and always went to games. But when the new owners changed the name to the Baby Cakes, I took it personally. I consider it an affront to the residents of the area, and I, for one, will not be played for a fool. The team became dead to me, and I quit supporting them. They have not received (and will not ever receive) a dime of my money, not from merch, not from a game ticket, not from a bag of popcorn. BONUS-- Old Arena football league New Orleans Night-- When New Orleans' 1st AFL team entered the league in the early 90s, they wore these hideous Zubaz unis and I swore I wouldn't go to a game until they ditched that garbage. They did the following year, so my buddies and I DID go to one game just for grins and giggles, as Arena Football was and is a JOKE.
  14. B-Rich

    2018 NFL Season

    The 2nd challenge actually made a LOT of sense; it was a pretty clear replay that was going to be overturned. It was a 15 yard difference in location that took the Saints from a 3rd and long to a 1st and goal. What he did with it afterwards was another story.
  15. B-Rich

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    This sounds painfully familiar to the events in New Orleans vis-à-vis the Baby Cakes-- no fan EVER suggested the name-- which isn't even a thing; it's DERIVED, mind you. The overwhelming majority of folks here hate it; the owners made their short term merch money from geeks and hipsters FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY who like the "cute" "playful" nickname, and after alienating the fan base, the owners are now moving the team on to Wichita. Damn, I wish we would have had a Dusty here in New Orleans.