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  1. Reminds me of the whole thing in the movie Diner, set in 1959/1960 Baltimore, when uber-fan Eddie not only makes his intended bride pass a Colts trivia quiz before marrying her, but insists on Colts colors for the wedding. At the end of the movie you see that the bridesmaids dresses are indeed royal blue and even the flower arrangements are blue and white: Our bridesmaids were in dark green dresses, guys were in black tuxedos. That's it.
  2. Why do you think they call them Counties? You will need to set up a user name and password. Once you get set up, you can go state by state with website-supplied Google earth and highway overlays to map which ones you have actually been in. I only count those I have been "on the ground" in-- changing planes in an airport counts, but landing and not changing planes doesn't. Driving counts, too. I had to ask my parents which routes we took on trips when I was younger; thankfully my dad and mom have a pretty good memory of those things. My dad also has a map account; but he cheats; he added EVERY county along both sides of Delaware Bay because he sailed up & down it on an aircraft carrier when he was in the Navy. Be careful or you'll wind up like me, mapping out routes and where you are going on Google Earth, and driving 5-10-15 minutes out of your way to catch a new county, and making sure that you don't miss out on easy ones like I did on these two (which I STILL don't have!): All I had to do was hike about 1,500 feet EAST from the edge of the parking lot....
  3. Bucket list? I'm like Jack Kerouac, or more appropriately, his character Dean Moriarty. I love to just go, man: GO! Love the road. Love to fly. Love to go out on my boat. Love seeing new things. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. As I am up for anything, I can't really say I have a "bucket list". While I'd like to go to Europe, the Holy Land, Brazil, the South Pacific, etc., I can't pick one or two things. Maybe drive from Miami to Key West on US 1. Plus I've already done a lot of what I wanted to do already. About the only "bucket list" thing I have was that I wrote the following sometime in the early fall 1996, when I was 31 and before I had done a lot: ...I look at maps of Seattle and realize I've never been there. I dream of getting in my car and driving across the desert, through the mountains. I dream of just seeing the ruins of downtown Detroit . I did the desert/mountain drive thing in West Texas later that same fall. We visited Seattle two years later, and have gone back 4 times since. And finally, last year, I finally made it to Detroit. So, there's that. I also am a collector and list maker. A few years back, I found this wild site that allows and encourages you to document your places visited, but at the county level-- which I have also gotten into. Here is a map of my counties visited: Throw in Vancouver & Victoria in British Columbia, the Windsor area of Ontario, and Cancun in Mexico, and that's it for me for the whole world. And here's a neat personal list of places I've been that are notable or that I'm proud of: Been to 31 states; seen every NFL and NBA team and all but one MLB team play; been in 20 MLB ball parks (8 of which are demolished or are no longer used); visited 37 National Park units; been to the top of the Empire State Building and the Sears Tower; drove a boat in San Diego Harbor; hiked the Grand Canyon; zip-lined on Grouse Mountain north of Vancouver; drove straight from Philly to Atlanta and DC to New Orleans; have boated to and slept (camped) on every Mississippi Gulf Coast barrier island (and one in Florida); hiked all the way up to the end of the trail system on Mt. Rainier; walked through a redwood forest; drove the El Camino Real along the Rio Grande and got my Mazda MX-3 up to 120 mph just outside of Big Bend National Park; swam in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean; ate barbecue and shot pool while listening to blues on Beale Street in Memphis; rode a bike in Central Park and all over Block Island, Rhode Island; hiked the 8.5 mile Panorama Trail in Yosemite National Park, drove a loaded moving truck 2 days from Green Bay to New Orleans; and coolest of all, rented and piloted a motorboat to visit Wallace Island in the British Columbia Gulf Islands, which I first read about when i was 12 years old in a book entitled "Once Upon An Island". Let me know if you ever get down this way in the fall -- can probably work on doing that LSU game with you; would be great to meet you in person.
  4. It's Buddy Hield, not Fields, anyway. Hmm. Not sure how I like this trade from a Pels fan standpoint. Every one on national and local sports media seems to think it's great; that we now basically have "twin towers", and speculating that if during the second half of the season we move up from the current 2.5 games back and get the 8th seed (which seems to be now generally conceded), we can really cause fits against Golden State in the 1st round with our two big men. Plus, with a PROTECTED first round pick being part of the deal, if everything falls flat and we don't make the playoffs and are in the lottery; if the Pels get the 1, 2, or 3 pick they get to keep it. And most of the 1st round will be freshman and a few foreigners, all of which will need time to temper and progress. I hear Tyreke Evans will be bought out and Langston Galloway will be cut, and while the Kings also get a 2nd round pick that draftee is unlikely to make the team. So the basic deal is Cousins (all-star) and Omri Casspi for Hield (#6 lottery pick rookie) and a #4 or later 1st round pick in the off-season. But there are two things: 1) I do not trust Alvin Gentry's coaching abilities. Monty Williams was bad enough, but we took a step back in hiring Gentry. Gentry is also a run-'n-gun, small line-up, fast offense oriented coach. Not sure he will be able to make the transition to a two big man oriented team. 2) No guarantees that Cousins will re-sign and stay longer than the one more season on his contract. This could be a rent-an All-star situation. Of course, a future of playing with Anthony Davis a couple of hours from his hometown of Mobile, AL may be tempting, but who knows. Pelicans will also have to re-sign Jrue Holiday, who finally seems to be past all his injuries and family issues, and playing well. If Cousins stays, Jrue stays, and everybody stays healthy -- look out for next few year in New Orleans.
  5. Finishing a two week Phase I of South Beach and dropping about 6-7 lbs. just in time for Mardi Gras parade season to start up. For those not familiar, that Phase I of South Beach is effective, do-able, but sort of brutal and tests your resolve and discipline. NO bread, rice, pasta; no carbs at all. NO fruit except for lemon or lime juice. Certain veggies are verboten (peas, potatoes, carrots). VERY limited dairy-- mostly fat-free or skim products. And of course, no sugar or BOOZE. I'm also transitioning nicely out of what Paul Lukas and I both referred to as "The Elixir of Life" -- Diet Coke-- and mainly replacing it with unsweetened (or Splenda sweetened) iced tea.
  6. Your'e kidding right--you didn't really try to fry a turkey on a STOVE, did you?
  7. Exactly, JMAC. There's firstly something about that smell that brings me back to my days of football, but not so much my days of soccer (high school soccer here is a winter sport, when the grass is pretty much dormant). I remember in a morning football practice one summer in the early 80s, smelling that heavy, late-summer freshly cut grass smell before some drills, and commenting in my best Robert Duvall imitation voice, "I love the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning... it's smells like...COMPETITION". Some teammates got a kick out of that; others, it went completely over their heads. Unfortunately, I rarely get to experience that smell anymore, and I miss it for another reason. We've had a weekly lawn man do our yard for about a dozen years now, and although I get a whiff sometimes on Thursdays in the spring and summer when I get home from work, it's not the same as the old days when I did it myself like you do. I miss the effort, sweat and sense of accomplishment of a late afternoon lawn-mowing; going in to take a shower and put on clean clothes, then going back outside as the sun begins to sink with a cocktail and maybe a cigar, taking in that freshly-cut grass smell and looking over the masterpiece that was my manicured lawn and gardens, and thinking, "My kingdom-- ah, the grounds of my little kingdom!"...
  8. Yeah, but both of those situations were completely different from this one, in different ways. The Browns/Ravens were moving to a place that had lost an NFL team, and desperately wanted a team back-- they had the "CFL Colts/Stallions" only a few years earlier, and they were in the expansion sweepstakes of '93 and lost out. They knew they weren't getting the name "Colts" back, so they were happy with whatever was offered-- I went to a game their 1st season in Baltimore, and the unbridled joy the fans seemed to have was noticeable. The Oilers/Titans situation was that while Bud Adams announced a deal to move to Nashville after the 1995 season, but wouldn't actually move until 1998 when the new Nashville stadium was planned to be opened (it was later delayed till 1999). Thus, he was in no hurry to come up with a new name. He played the first lame duck year in Houston (1996), which was a disaster. got permission from the league to play in Memphis for 1997 and 98, and when 1997 in Memphis was a disaster, got league permission to play the 1998 season in Vanderbilt Stadium. They unveiled the new unis and name to coincide with their opening in the new stadium, which luckily was also the year they won the AFC and played in the Super Bowl (in the battle of relocated teams, St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans). It's easy for a team, new name and all-- to "hit it off" when they get that far in their 1st year. What we have with San Diego is a team that is moving about an hour and a half away from their home of over 50 years, to a place that just got NFL football back after about a twenty-year hiatus, and to a locals that really don't want them there. I do think, though, that IF THE CHARGERS WERE REALLY GOOD (like, getting to the playoffs-good), they should go with the re-brand. Long-term, you'd probably get a bunch of youngsters with no memory of the LA Rams following the new LA Surf/Sun/Smog, while the old timers gravitate towards the team of their youth, the LA Rams. But as Gothamite so perfectly states, Spanos gonna Spanos.
  9. Re: the Pelicans, I think the best option is Biloxi/Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. Pre-Katrina, the area was a strong supporter of the ECHL Sea Wolves, and Biloxi recently added the Biloxi Shuckers minor league ball team. The D-League would be a great winter counterpoint to the Shuckers, and there is no college competition as there would be in Baton Rouge (LSU; Southern University), Lafayette (ULL), or Mobile (South Alabama; Spring Hill). Lots of casinos/casino money there (comped tickets, anyone?) and only about an hour and a half from New Orleans via I-10. Same team nickname would work well, too...
  10. Complete tangent here... saw quite a few Breakers games in New Orleans. They did pretty well attendance-wise and support-wise, despite the team record falling apart at the end of the season, and were locally owned (by developer Joe Canizaro). They would've stayed but for the announced eventual move to the fall; there was no way Canizaro wanted to go up against the institution that was and is the Saints, so that's why he moved the team to Portland. Otherwise, they were a perfect fit here in the spring/summer.
  11. Saw Lion tonight. Really good; really enjoyed it. Great story about a lost little Indian boy, adopted by an Australian couple; once he becomes an adult he tries to find his place of birth and his birth mom. About the first half of the movie is his childhood, the 2nd his adulthood. Hope it wins some Oscars...
  12. Damn, I'm really glad it's been over 25 years since I've been in school.
  13. For those of you who might have missed it, Paul Lukas' ESPN UniWatch contest on rebranding the Chargers is complete, with results out: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18632926/uni-watch-delivers-winning-entries-chargers-redesign-contest Some interesting stuff on there, but what caught my eye was the winner in the "new team name" category, which was this one: Really neat in terms of design, striping, and colors, but unfortunately (and unbeknownst to Paul until I pointed it out to him) the name, logo and colors are a complete rip-off of the California Surf of the old NASL: The Surf played at Anaheim Stadium from 1978-81, by the way. As did the old Southern California Sun of the WFL. So, that stadium was the home of "Surf n' Sun" ....
  14. Yeah, you've lived too long in Atlanta. I posted a laugh, and a meme about the Falcons team, but left it at that. I put that in the same category as good-spirited razzing. I'm glad the FRANCHISE lost. Never said anything negative about their fans-- and while I can undertstand their situation and empathize to some degree (more so because of LSU-Bama than the Saints), I certainly don't have any sympathy for them. No way. I'll save my sympathy for widows, orphans and lost dogs. I will always remember 62-7 in '73, "Big Ben" and the 53 second drive in 1978, Glanville sending a guy to take out Morten Andersen on a kick-off in the late 1980s, the 1991 playoff loss and Atlanta airport workers (fans) egging the Saints buses in 2012.
  15. Caught Hell or High Water this weekend on Apple TV. One of the few of this year's Best Picture nominees I have any interest in seeing. Pretty good flick, very reminiscent of of (but not as good as) No Country for Old Men-- retiring cop, western vistas, illegal cash, lots of gun play, guy(s) being pursued, etc. Made all the more familiar by the same old lady who played the motel clerk in No Country for Old Men appearing as a no-nonsense waitress in this movie.