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  1. It wasn't a record for Mumford and Sons, it was a Zephyr Field stadium attendance record. Also, Ad, although Metairie (actual site of Zephyr Field) is a suburb of New Orleans, and thus has backyard crawfish boils, drive-thru daiquiri stands, parades for any and all reasons, and lots of great little food joints, it is still a suburb filled with suburbanites and their middle-class America pop culture tastes (although they definitely like jazz, zydeco, funk, and R&B more than your usual American suburbanite). Me? I didn't go near that place that evening...
  2. Game of Thrones Season 6

  3. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Doing this from the smartphone, not the desktop, so no pictorial examples: - Lime green and either navy, purple, or black. - Magenta and orange. And of course, - Purple, Green, and gold (meaning athetic gold or yellow).
  4. Re: The Zephyrs name change, here is a local's point of view.... This is a bunch of stupidity, BS, and to be blunt, a cash grab by new owners. As they put it in their announcement, "After nearly a quarter of a century".. with more than a generation growing up with the name and older locals clearly used to it... why change now? Not true. If you are New Orleanian, it fit quite well, and the whole deal about "a name that finally reflects the city it represents, as the "Zephyrs" name carried over with the franchise when it arrived from Denver in 1993" is BS. Anyone who was around back in 1993 when the team was moved from Denver remembers that this was discussed back then, and the fact that we had a beloved and iconic roller coaster with the same name made the "Zephyrs" name fit perfectly. Not without imitators, either-- the Brooklyn Cyclones of the New York-Penn name adopted that name (in honor of the roller coaster nearby at Coney Island) in 2001. Frankly, the whole image/ mascot thing took a wrong turn with the addition of the Boudreaux/nutria thing back when they moved into the new stadium. For awhile there, Boudreaux was even in the actual logo, taking a bite out of the wordmark.... In the early days they had a mustachoied big-head mascot called "Zydeco Zeke" which was much better. Then, the new owners have the gall to say, "It will also serve as a continuation of the momentum the franchise has built in recent months, including a record-setting attendance for the Mumford & Sons concert. How does a concert crowd at the stadium have anything to do with the franchise's momentum? Did the Saints experience momentum after the Rolling Stones' largest indoor concert in the Superdome back in 1981? The name-the-team campaign is supposed to run for not even two weeks-- from April 25th to May 6? Sounds like a set-up, and a new name is already lined up... And they've got the Brandiose firm working on it, so you can expect something stupid and cutesy like the Biloxi Shuckers, Montgomery Biscuits, Lansing Lugnuts, or Omaha Storm Chasers... Take an inanimate object or concept and anthropomorphize it by putting eyes on it... I can see it now, freakin' beignets with eyes on them: And again, those in charge have even admitted it's essentially a quick cash grab, with money to be made off the sale of new merch. From an Article in The New Orleans Advocate: “It’s nothing new to baseball,” said Pete Barrouquere, who covered the team as a sportswriter and now is a fan who will be on the panel. “It’s a merchandizing thing, probably." (owner) "Schwechheimer said the sale of new team apparel will bring a much-needed infusion of cash."
  5. I'm not opposed to the change and can't stand Trump, but their answer to comment #2 is naïve at best; disingenuous at worst. Cabinet members ( such as Secretary of the Treasury) are nominated by the President and then confirmed by the Senate with only a simple majority. And all members of the Cabinet serve at the pleasure of the President; the President may dismiss them at will. "The Treasury" and all other cabinet departments are under control of someone who owes his job to, answers directly to and can be fired by, the President, and thus clearlyreflect the agenda of each President, as it has been since the early days.
  6. Wherein CCSLCers Discuss Various Aspects of College

    "Rich" is a relative term. I've been thankful to have been in the private sector/consulting side of planning (mostly transportation planning) for over the last twenty years. I'm now a vice-president with a small architecture/engineering/planning consulting firm, so while I agree I certainly am not "rich", I am very comfortable (and being married to a doctor does help, too.). Though the planners on the public sector side with defined-benefit retirement plans (pensions) may get the last laugh in who is "rich" in their old age... Since we are on an open thread, I will agree that I forgot big time in leaving "COST" out and will show some comparisons.... Back in my day, my roommate paid for school - tuition, fees, books, dorm room and meal plan, with a little spending cash on the side-- with a part time job at Godfather's Pizza. Others paid for the whole year on what they saved up from a summer job. Today in Louisiana, they have a program called TOPS where if you qualify, tuition is free. I thought we were doing well with that until I saw the bill for room and board: $5,000 -- a SEMESTER!!! Not to mention books and fees. And this is for a public state university... I should add that my daughter looked at some private schools in the northeast; one offered her a yearly scholarship of $16,000. That would leave my wife and I a yearly bill of about $45,000-- wasn't gonna happen. Sheesh, $16,000 would have easily paid for all 4 years of my college back in the day... Re: dorms; back in the day, two of my dorms were not even air-conditioned, and this was in Baton Rouge, LA. We made due with ceiling fans, oscillating fans and open windows. Also, no cable TV. My daughter's dorm is about 5 times nicer than any of mine were.
  7. Lyrics In Songs That Speak To You

    From Deacon Blues by Steely Dan: "I crawl like a viper, through these suburban streets" Years ago when i was a young punk riding his bike through my neighborhood streets under cover of night; and probably not supposed to be out of the house after dark, I heard this line and immediately identified with it. Sort of the feeling that despite the fact that I'm moving through bland insipid suburbia, I'm really dangerous, sneaky... Year later--today-- it still hits home, even though I'm now driving an SUV to the grocery store or to pick up my daughter from her friend's house.
  8. Wherein CCSLCers Discuss Various Aspects of College

    OnWis97, is that what you do now? Urban and Regional Planning? Got my masters in that and it's been my line of work for the last 25 years..... I am silently amused in reading this thread. It has been so long since I went to college (1982-1986); and now I have a daughter who is a freshman in college. Between her and this thread, it is interesting to find that so many things are different, yet some other things are the same. Different: No cell phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets; no internet for research, no wi-fi. Nothing was computerized, including registration. We barely had calculators back then. We took notes with pencil and notebooks; hand-wrote papers & reports, and had them typed by others on typewriters. We looked stuff up in the LIBRARY, and only the library. Drinking age was not the nationwide 21; it was 18 in Louisiana, 19 in Texas and Florida. Lots more students flunked out back then while getting used to drinking in college. The colleges didn't "baby" their students the way they seem to now. You basically had to take care of yourself; they let you alone to sink or swim; this was in regards to both the academic side AND residential/dorm life. Same: The same deal about community dorm bathrooms. One of my college dorms shared a one-shower/one toilet bathroom between 2 rooms (4 guys) with no door or such on that one toilet. Another shared a similar deal with 4 rooms (8 guys) but with 2 toilets, neither with a toilet door. And the third was a hall bath, with rows of sinks, toilets and showers, military style, wide-open. Thankfully they installed stalls on both the showers and toilets shortly after I moved in. The same worry about majors and what to do. I myself went from film/ TV production, to journalism/advertising, to political science with plans to go to law school after college. Did that, but HATED law school, and instead wound up going to grad school for city/ urban and regional planning, which I enjoyed and in which I continue to make a good living. In general, some "technical" degrees (engineering, architecture, computers, business) you graduate and you can get a job. Others, mostly in the arts, seem just a step to get you to the next level of education (med school, law school, graduate school). Back then, as it is now, you're not going to graduate with a degree in say, comparative literature, psychology, or zoology and go right out and get a job with that...
  9. Kings Comets: Purple and Green

    Just purple and green is a rarity. Even when the Bucks had purple and green, they had silver as a third color. Purple, green and gold are Mardi Gras/ Carnival colors, thus their use by the New Orleans Jazz, New Orleans Hornets and Pelicans "NOLA" Mardi Gras unis, and the old ECHL Mobile Mysticks:
  10. LSU, with the NCAA Freshman of the Year and consensus projected #1 NBA draft pick (Ben Simmons) loses in the SEC Tourney semifinal to Texas A&M. By a score of 71-38. This wasn't just LSU's lowest point total of the season; it was the lowest points scored by ANY team this season. Pathetic. To hell with the NIT; Coach Johnny Jones needs to be fired tomorrow.
  11. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    After last night's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, I think this show is beginning to fall apart...I mean it's just weak.
  12. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Holy crap. I'm so there....
  13. What if the New York Red Bulls were to rebrand?

    Don't forget the short-lived NY/NJ Knights of the World League of American Football (1991-1992)