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  1. Link Hmmm... surprised that they are not going to change that collegiate-sounding place name.
  2. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Serious question: Why are the NBA playoffs "pre bracketed"? By this I mean why in the second round is the highest seed not matched up with the lowest seed? This year, assuming it plays out as it appears it will, you will have Houston (#1 seed) playing the 4 or 5 seed, while #2 seed Golden State will play the lowest remaining seed, #6 New Orleans. Seems like the #1 seed (or highest remaining seed) should have all the advantage, and should play the lowest remaining seed. That's the way it works in the NFL. Is it ease of scheduling? Is this how it is done in other sports with more than one level of "best of" series playoffs? Really curious about that.
  3. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Pels just beat Portland by 17, and it wasn't that close-- at times they led by as much as 33. Total domination. Wonder if we'll see some brooms on Saturday?
  4. A rant about the Seattle SuperSonics

    1. Post-Katrina? Katrina was 13 years ago. Market size is (and has been) stabilized at a new normal from any effects of Katrina. A whole slew of millennials and hipsters have moved into New Orleans (proper) since then, with lots of gentrification and inflating of housing prices (also affected by short term rentals)... With a decent team, Pelicans HOME attendance was 25th in the NBA this year, and more telling, 95.6% of arena capacity. 2. Tom Benson may have died, but GAYLE Benson is a very youthful 71. There will be no "fallout" from Benson's death; like most savvy businessmen, Tom set up the franchise transitions perfectly via trusts and such so that no "inheritance taxes" came into play, and they are squarely in the hands of his widow. And while the Saints were Tom's pride and joy, SHE was the one who prodded him to purchase the Pelicans for the city, and had a lot to do with the selection of their color scheme and branding. The Pels are more her "baby"-- heck, since's Tom's funeral, she's gone to basically EVERY game and was sitting behind basket COURTSIDE -- not in a suite-- for the 1st two playoff games in Portland. The dowager queen has even been seen wearing a Pelicans HOODIE, for crying out loud: Last week, she sent a letter to other NFL owners confirming her commitment to New Orleans and ownership of the Saints until she dies. According to the organization, she is set to provide a similar letter to NBA owners re: the Pelicans as well. But she has already committed to them in print: So what did she think of the reports immediately after Tom Benson’s death that the Pelicans would be put up for sale? “It’s disappointing to think that somebody would think I would mess up his legacy, but I guess everybody has their opinion,” Gayle Benson said. “But I would never sell it, no.”
  5. Yeah we discussed it a bit in this post/thread, with a few citations/references (by me) and a situation where I think Mac and I split the difference on a disagreement about NFL expansion processes in the 60s and 70s... ...
  6. Lost in all this is exactly why they were called "Golden State" instead of "Oakland" or "Bay Area" in the first place. Warriors owner Franklin Mieuli was trying to keep the franchise afloat in tough times. Before the 1971 season, he decided he was going to split the team's home games between the Bay Area and San Diego, which had just lost its own NBA franchise (the Rockets, to Houston). But with a split that wide, he couldn't call them Oakland, San Francisco or even Bay Area. Mieuli also thought calling the team the "California Warriors" would sound too much like the Cal Bears of UC Berkeley, so he went with something totally different: Golden State. Of course, that first year as "Golden State" the team only played SIX games in San Diego, and none after that, but the team has been stuck with the name since.
  7. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Re: USFL and the anti-trust suit... I swear that a year or so ago we discussed this in a thread, but try as I might despite my searches I cannot seem to find it. Are threads or posts ever taken off? I had some back-of-envelope calculations about relative NFL franchise value back then, infringement costs for New York and Chicago franchises, and good discussion with other posters about Einhorn (Chicago) or Trump being "allowed in". Then we talked about how it affected future expansion, etc. Mac, I think my scenario was that what was awarded was not the FULL amount they were seeking, but a VERY considerable amount. Since I can't find it, here is the gist as I remember it: USFL wins suit and monetary damages; instead of payment, NFL works out deal with USFL to admit/merge some teams based upon "going" franchise value (Saints had just sold for $60 million in 1985). In doing so, they follow the recommendations of a Stanford Research Institute study done before their 70s expansion, that said with population base and suburban growth, they'd do better to give a 3rd franchise to New York and a 2nd to Chicago and L.A. (1): Arizona Outlaws admitted as NFL franchise Baltimore Stars admitted as NFL franchise Memphis Showboats admitted as NFL franchise Jacksonville Bulls admitted as NFL franchise New Jersey Generals admitted as franchise after NFL swallows hard on Trump, but makes him pay infringement penalties to the Jets and Giants. Chicago ____ (they were planning on changing their changing name from the Blitz) admitted as franchise with Einhorn as owner, but he has to pay infringement fee to Bears. Birmingham Stallions, Orlando Renegades, and Tampa Bay Bandits each paid by NFL to dissolve. Tampa Bay clearly couldn't support 2 teams, B'Ham would be too small a market for the NFL, and league would be spread too thin in Florida with franchises in Miami, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville AND Orlando. Each of the six teams are placed in an existing NFL division: Baltimore Stars in the AFC East, Chicago in the AFC central, Memphis in the AFC West, Arizona in the NFC West, Jacksonville in the NFC Central, and New Jersey in the NFC East. Long term effects are Arizona, Jacksonville, Baltimore (and conceivably with Memphis, TN in NFL, also Nashville) prevented as relocation sites. With less spots for relocation, maybe less stadium replacement in the '90s and more stability. If Cardinals do move, maybe it's to... Charlotte, which then opens up St.Louis for the Rams, and leaving LA to the Raiders, who then move back to Oakland as they did in this world, leaving LA without a team for many years. And, in the last couple of years, LA moves back to LA but the RAIDERS return as well as the new stadium's 2nd team and the Chargers stays put in San Diego. (1) The League: The Rise and Decline of the NFL, p. 150-152
  8. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    One team did, out of ten, for the first nine seasons of the league (1996-2004). And at the time, it obviously was not about appropriating the European naming history/tradition for "United" (originally used as a combination of one or more clubs), but more like a nod to the European naming style while being a clever play on words, with DC being the capital of the United States.
  9. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Point of clarification: all three teams (as well as the San Jose Earthquakes, the next team down the coast) share the name of their old NASL franchises from the 70s: - 1974 -- 1974 -- 1975 -- 1974
  10. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Naw, I asked because frankly I wouldn't be surprised. Not sure if you knew this, but when you say "family" that only means his daughter, grandson & granddaughter, who tried to have Benson declared incompetent a few years back when he essentially disowned them and took them out of ownership of his sports franchises. That happened because apparently his FAMILY didn't get along with his last WIFE (not family) Gayle Benson, who is now the owner of both the Saints and the Pelicans. Which was interesting as up until about 2014, he was grooming his granddaughter, (Rita Benson LeBlanc) to eventually take over the team. But she blew it. Rita Benson Leblanc, who grew up in Texas, graduated from Texas A&M was also rumored to be one of the ones pushing Tom Benson towards San Antonio immediately following Katrina. The "family" actually does live in Texas, with houses in Johnson City, Blanco, and ... San Antonio. And Tom Benson spent a bit of his young professional life in San Antonio, where he first made his fortune with car dealerships.
  11. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Link? Or is that supposed to be a joke?
  12. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    This is a point I was thinking of the other day. I can't remember the last time I sat in an upper bowl seat for any sporting event in an arena (mainly hockey or basketball). Today, to me, most of them are essentially worthless, and you're right-- no one wants to buy them, even when a team is doing great or in the playoffs. I've looked at ticket prices for them from the team/Ticketmaster -- often $10/$15 corners and behind basket, and on secondary markets like StubHub they often go as low as $5. That's like giving them away. Especially today, with HDTV and free broadcast of almost all home games, unless you are sitting in the lower bowl, it's not worth it at all. Part of it is suite-centered architecture. In the Smoothie King Center (New Orleans Arena), you've got the lower bowl, then a full concourse with entries at the top of that. Above that, you've got a circle of suites. So the difference between the last seat in the lower bowl and the first seat in the upper bowl is more than 2 stories in height, probably 25-30'. That's a big jump. Just as an aside, when the Hornets first moved to New Orleans, I and some acquaintances got a pair of season tickets to share. 1st row, mid-court/dead center, upper bowl. By the end of the 2nd season, we were not satisfied and talked to our ticket rep, who let us try out comparably-priced seats for the playoffs that year. And so for year three, for the same price, we moved to lower bowl seats around row 10, on a corner section in the 1st section off from the sidelines. Much better, no comparison.
  13. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    Amaretto Brown Sperrys all the freakin' time-- long pants on, wear'em with socks; shorts-- no socks. Except if I have to do a lot of walking, then it's the sneakers (not New Balance) Heck I just realized there already is a near-perfect "dad uniform" picture of me on the board: DETROIT
  14. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    More like, "How Charlotte Got Damn-Ass Lucky That Tom Benson Bought the Hornets Franchise And Wanted a New Name, Freeing Up Their Old Name For The Taking"
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    THIS. That light blue and orange looks so sweet, and the homage to the actual namesake with the triangle sails and nautical flags on the shorts, just... YES!
  16. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    Are you frickin' kidding me? A "perfect minor league identity"? No one in town wanted a name change to begin with, and polls afterwards showed around 80% of people in the area disapproved of the name. "A lot of local flavor?" The name "Baby Cakes" is not even a thing; it's a derivation made up by out-of towners of a king cake baby. It would be like me going to Philly and coming up with the name "Steak Cheeses". You are right; the new ownership/management does not take themselves too seriously, to the point of making the team name a laughingstock in their own city. About the only Cakes merch you see around town is worn by hipster transplants and what I (generously) would term as "idiots".
  17. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    Yep. That's MY style. But the shirt is usually tucked in to my belted, pleated shorts (I'm an older dad with college and high school age daughters). And my polos are just about any color of the rainbow, from lime green to bright red to purple.....
  18. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    Tulane University, take note. THAT is "Olive Green". Not this:
  19. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    The Hawaiians, WFL, 1974-75: 1978 Caribous of Colorado, NASL
  20. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Evens sans Boogie Cousins, the Pelicans are on a seven-game win streak right now and moved up to currently hold the 5 seed in the West. Despite trailing the Spurs all night (at one point by 15), they came back and won the game at the end, finally taking a lead for the first time with a little over a minute left, then hanging on to win. AD for MVP!
  21. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    So, of all things, there was a rainout of the Pels-Pacers game last night in New Orleans: http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/pelicans/article_741416d2-0c70-11e8-ac02-d35b256141fe.html
  22. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Interesting observation... going back to the beginning of the Super Bowl era, how many schools have won a natty? AP poll, UPI/CNN Coaches poll, or BCS? (I'll look this number up, not do it in my head ): Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Texas, Miami, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Penn State, BYU, Southern Cal, Pittsburgh. 21 teams. If you throw in teams that made the BCS playoffs or the old BCS championship game, you add Oregon, Virginia Tech & Michigan State. 24 teams. And it doesn't go up by much if you go back further to say 1950 when the UPI started-- you add Syracuse, Minnesota, Maryland, & UCLA. 28 teams. Going back to 1936, when the AP final ranking started, and you only add TCU, Army and Texas A&M. 31 teams.