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  1. Leave Carolina alone! Everyone complaining that the jags changed so why would we want Carolina to change? It’s not a bad look. The jags need to just change to a glossy black helmet and then everything is whatever.
  2. One Year Uniforms

    I think the pats should go with the unis that had the huge logos on the top of the shoulders mashed up with the pants from 93 for their anniversary of the kraft dynasty.
  3. I wonder if old Tom will throw his weight around and get the jags to change their unis when they are allowed to
  4. The rams helmet in the endzone needs to be enlarged
  5. I’d say if they change the logo to a roundal then go with full stripes but the ones they have now help to balance out the helmet rather than having the back being very busy. If anything add a tiny red and light blue stripe to it
  6. Replace dark blue with red on uniforms and make Columbia blue the main color done deal...actually if you just take away the dark blue pants and jersey except for color Rush I think you’d be golden
  7. Replace dark blue with red on uniforms and make Columbia blue the main color done deal
  8. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    Wouldn’t the blue pants kinda work better with this craziness? But I do hope we see this in the SB just so the NFL can see how dumb their rules are.
  9. Rams should go all blue haha they will be the worst dressed playoff team of all time unless they grow balls and tell the nfl to suck it and come out with the same uni from last Sunday!
  10. This is exactly correct on 1-2. Oilers pretty much. So glad they are going with Columbia pants.
  11. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    What are the rams wearing this weekend?
  12. Atlantic City FC (NPSL soccer)

    It could easily be a baseball hat the ♠️ makes the A and the Chicago bear C makes the C for Atlantic City...
  13. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I agree with the early 90’s look. I was young then and loved the maroon white maroon look. Nothing fancy (until the crazy Nike neckline) just a uniform, that works with some schools and A&M is one.
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    As a buckeye fan I’m so glad they didn’t screw that game up uniform wise
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Given the blacks they’ve worn before I’d say this is ok just wish they’d go regular unis against a uniform like Wisconsin