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  1. I know I was just being an average American dude for a moment. Stepped out of the logo fanatic zone.
  2. What logo?...
  3. Rockets, mavs and magic need news everything
  4. Here in Houston we don't speak of this period of time! Huge mistake to not only go to these after back to back but also a huge mistake to trade horry cassell for Barkley
  5. That clipper logo looks better than the NBA clippers! How does that happen?!
  6. Just throw a stripe one the helmets and that's a decent uni even though the stripes on the pants are missed
  7. Have you sent these to Nike?! If anyone could and would try any of these it would be them!
  8. They use the super bowl committee logo or some alternate because they know the logos are weak so what is the deal? Roger being a control freak? Because nothing says brand from 2011 on...it just says that they aren't going to put much thought into designing anything iconic. They are acting like the madden of life. Little to no real change because...we are the brand we are the game we have no competition so who cares?!
  9. It's the 49ers I remember I guess. 80's.
  10. Heck this isn't even on hats anymore!
  11. Would love to see this used somewhere on the field or uniform because I think it's great.
  12. Can't believe we all missed this. Some how those don't feel 49erish to me. They look like they would be a perfect match for the old Arizona cardinals uniforms that had the two stripes on the pants. 49ers=3stripes and insanely thick pant stripes period.
  13. Where is the safe space in this thread?! Someone might need it soon! Haha all the names should stay the same those who have changed are a bunch of pansies. If you think about it we americans love our sports and if we choose to honor you or your people with the great honor of using you or a certain group of your people then you should applaud that rather than saying it's offensive. What's offensive is what happened to the Indians not some nicknames.
  14. We care and I think the fan base has been screaming for it since halfway through the first season of the blue pajamas! I would say at least half the fans wear ketchup and mustard gear.