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  1. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2018-19

    My, my, my. Both of those have some REAL possibilities!
  2. DIYsportsguy

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    Halas's company was called King O'Shea, and they were affiliated with Wilson. Man this thread is bringing back some memories!
  3. DIYsportsguy

    Russell Athletic Returning to the Uniform Game

    I doubt they’ll be really going after many colleges or major high schools. This will largely be good for the smaller high schools and travel teams who want high quality without the UA or Nike price tag. As an Augusta dealer, I’m thrilled.
  4. DIYsportsguy

    MLB changes 2018?

    My only experience (unfortunately) with Miller Park is on television, but I've always found it to be a pleasant looking park. The glass wall makes it look open from the televised shots.
  5. DIYsportsguy

    MLB changes 2018?

    I wish the Tigers would have got that memo about shrinking cap logos. The Marlin cap looks better with the smaller logo.
  6. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    I have a Canadiens one and love it. With the chest stripe, it has a one layer printed twill logo. I’m interested in the Leafs and Oilers ones at least if I can find them, which is impossible in Ohio. I really wish they were made more widely available. I think it’s a great option for those not willing to put out $100, and don’t want a knockoff.
  7. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    Screened CCM logo on those, too. Very odd. Must be a new version, like an authentic version the Heroes of Hockey series?
  8. DIYsportsguy

    2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    To quote a friend "I can't drink enough to think that's pretty". Those are horrible.
  9. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    Yes, I was referring to the Stahl's kits that many shops use.
  10. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    From what I was told, the Oilers lettering kits sold through Stahls (and ultimately applied by most retailers) they will be one layer printed twill. Apparently there are 6 or 7 teams that will have their letter and number kits offered this way. The others will be supplied in layered twill as always. I have no idea how EPS, Keener or the other shops who cut their own materials will handle it.
  11. DIYsportsguy

    The '68 Tigers' Mysteriously Mismatched Sleeve Numbers

    They were made by different manufacturers. If you get a good look, the left sleeve numbers are MacGregor's font, the the right sleeve ones are the standard MLB block sans serif font for front numbers. MacGregor, Wilson and Rawlings all made Tiger uniforms, and often were intermingled by the equipment staff.
  12. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    I didn't get a great look, but I think there is some Lextra happening on the "C" on the Red Wings sweater they show. I am really intrigued to get my hands on one of these. Not excited, because I expect to be underwhelmed, but intrigued.
  13. DIYsportsguy

    NHL 2017-18

    I agree, the only thing I would have wanted is to keep the flared stripe on the pants and the orange wrist roll and fingers on the gloves.
  14. DIYsportsguy

    MLB changes 2018?

    A friend with access gave me a peek. Those were the only things I saw at a quick glance. I'll second that the BP jersey is coming back, too. I heard that as well.
  15. DIYsportsguy

    MLB changes 2018?

    From what I have seen, the Nationals will have a navy jersey with the "Nationals" script. The style guide also showed the Tigers jersey now having the "D" from the hat. Hopefully that is just a printing error. The hat logo looks strange on a jersey and vice versa.