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  1. Great color scheme. I love the combination of eras on the home and away. I've never been a fan of the beach towel, though...but I get a lot of people are. However, I don't know why would have two of the same alternate...just re-colored. Also, I think the home socks would work just fine on the road (and bring out the white in the cap). Very nice work!!!
  2. I'm curious to see how you balance the colors on the back of Arizona's jersey.
  3. Your Arizona concept is phenomenal. Looking forward to the rest of this series.
  4. If you're gonna change it, I vote for the 'Spiders.'
  5. Great job with the Reds. I think they should drop the black, but you've kept it tastefully. Only complaint: the sleeves on the home...I think they should just be sleeves (with no piping). As for the Yanks, I love that you've featured the faux-flannel...I'd love to see it on the road uni (and wordmark without the white). All around, great work!
  6. Well that was easy, great job!
  7. Well done. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  8. I think the first one, great work!
  9. Of the three, definitely the middle one.
  10. I'm torn. The 97-99 Astros were the inspiration for this idea. That one had an outline...and this outline kinda unifies the workmark and the sunburst...but the non-outline one might look better. 😐 this?
  11. Or does this one work better?
  12. (duplicate)
  13. Thank you, sir.
  14. Thank you, sir.
  15. "They may indeed continue focusing on the sunburst, do you think I should drop the mantaray?" Don't drop the manta's the only 'consistency' they have.