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  1. Paul Lucas

    2018 MLS Kits

    We don’t speak of that day or the White (flag) kits...we got spanked 3-0. I say burn ‘em all.
  2. Paul Lucas

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    The yellow and blue really pop when paired next to the green of the grass. Thankfully, Neymar provided plenty of views from that angle.
  3. Paul Lucas

    Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (SKC Added!)

    Here, fixed it for you. Excellent work, these are all great!!
  4. Paul Lucas

    MLB by NIKE

    Hands down one of the best Rockies concepts I’ve seen. Great job!!! I also agree with @MJD7.
  5. I’m really excited to see what this collaboration will bring...from the looks of Argentina, it’s gonna be great!!! Excellent job!! (can’t wait to see DR)
  6. Paul Lucas

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Braves Updated (August 15)

    You sure did. As for for the Cardinals, you definitely did them justice, I just can’t believe they almost left.
  7. Paul Lucas

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    That’s a great look! Thanks for doing it.
  8. Paul Lucas

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    Excellent work, brother. Also, the San Diego and Cincinnati scripts look great. (wish you had given the Pirates that 1971 script) Can be seen here: 11 seconds into the video.
  9. Paul Lucas

    KC Royals Show Off 2018 Turn Ahead the Clock Uniforms

    Plot twist: they ARE “Turn Ahead the Clock,” but to the 2019 season.
  10. Paul Lucas

    KC Royals Show Off 2018 Turn Ahead the Clock Uniforms

    I love it. Should’ve flipped the colors on the helmet...but I’ll take it.
  11. I hate that they participate in this, that said, your set is definitely an improvement. Great work...throughout!
  12. Paul Lucas

    MLB changes 2018?

    Well I don’t have any talent, but I did come up with this about two years ago (this month): Apr 05%2C 6 43 53 PM.jpg?dl=0
  13. Paul Lucas

    MLB changes 2018?

    Oh, I thought it was the skyline. Lol